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Polling Booth in Mothabari Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mothabari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mothabari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Hazaritola Pry. School828Birodhi (CT)
2Nasaratatola Primary School934Birodhi (CT)
3Nayabajar High School540Birodhi (CT)
5Sultantola Rejbia Madrasah1023Panchanandapur
6Fulchandtola Pry. School723Panchanandapur
7Sarasbati Friprimary School963Panchanandapur
8Sulatanatola Fri Primary School1124Panchanandapur
9Laskaritola Primary School641Panchanandapur
10Santiramtola Libray599Panchanandapur
11Fakiratola Primary School739Panchanandapur
12Panchanandapur Sukiya Haiskul667Panchanandapur
13Dhelafoda Fri Primary School694Panchanandapur
14Jitnagar Pry. School867Panchanandapur
15Haritola S.S.K.1092Panchanandapur
16Meghutola Primary School927Panchanandapur
17Damodar Tola Fri Primary School957Panchanandapur
18Dayalitola Prathamik Vidyalaya1138Panchanandapur
19Trimohini Nutan Aajagubi Primary School1146Panchanandapur
20Chatiantala Pry. School988Shukurullapur
21Jotakasturi Harijan Primary School1050Shukurullapur
22Panchakadi Tola Haiskul950Jotkasturi
23Umedahajitola Primary School712Jot Ananta
24Piyarpur Pry. School856Jot Ananta
25Jotkosturi Chaintola Pry. School799Jotkasturi
26Daridiyara Pry. School707Jot Ananta
27Mahadebapur Primary School1028Jot Ananta
28Jagirtola Pry. School841Jot Ananta
29Bangitola Haiskul695Jot Ananta
30Gobindaganj Fri Primary School988Jot Ananta
31Janutola Pry. School780Jot Ananta
32Aakandabadiya Fri Primary School892Jot Ananta
33Bangitola Jipi Kaman Fesiliti Sentar1029Jot Ananta
34Oli Tola Primary School1120Jot Ananta
35Chaudhuritola Fri Primary School1145Mabarakpur
36Gosainhat M.S.K.653Jot Ananta
37Kachalitola Primary School921Sadipur
38Jot Anantapur Primary School877Jot Ananta
39Sadipur Fri Primary School916Sadipur
41Dieskebi Hai Madrasa1028Sadipur
42Dulalaganj Pramanik Tola Primary School624Dulalganj
43Dulalganj M.S.K.737Dulalganj
44Uttar Mohanapur Primary School726Uttar Mohanpur
45Baluyachara Haiskul804Jot Gopalkagmari
46Turtipur Pry. School899Jot Gopalkagmari
47Hariagarh Pry. School667Jot Gopalkagmari
48M. B. Durlabhapur High School998Jot Gopalkagmari
49Shibanarayanapur Primary School1120Ailpara
50Bhagabatipur Kaluyotola S. S. K.896Jot Gopalkagmari
51Bhagabatipur Primary School1038Jot Gopalkagmari
52Babala Khadi Es.Es.Ke872Babla
53Kamalapur Fri Primary School668Jot Gopalkagmari
55Aaidiyal Haimadrasa682Babla
57Mannutola Primary School896Jot Gopalkagmari
58Rathabadi Haiskul1103Mostafapur
59Bhortinawada Pry. School971Shyamdaspur
60Shyamadasapur Primary School843Shyamdaspur
61Durgamandap S.S.K781Birahimpur
62Birahimapur Haiskul484Birahimpur
63Birahimapur Gajiya Primary School1113Birahimpur
64Mothabadi Haiskul1184Bishnuprosad
65Kuriyateir Aanoyara Primary School1112Bishnuprosad
66Dharamapur Fri Primary School914Dharampur
67Masumchak Pry.School887Meherapur
68Masumachak Aajad Klab End Laibreri659Dharampur
69Meherapur Gangandhar Haiskul1047Meherapur
70Jot Doman Pry. School963Jot Doman
71Chhabil Pada Primary School949Jot Doman
72Kishtapur Fri Primary School761Gangaprasad
74Gangaprasad Em.Es.Ke1061Gangaprasad
75Gangaprasad Junior Basic School795Gangaprasad
77Debipur Primary School1053Debipur
79Gangaprasad Khadi488Gangaprasad
80Gopalaprasad Primary School866Gopalprasad
81Bagichapur Tantipada Prathamik School1035Uttar Lakshmipur
82Chandapur Fri Primary School827Uttar Chandrapur
84Uttar Lakshipur Haiskul658Uttar Lakshmipur
85Laxmipur Michutola Jr. Basic School663Uttar Lakshmipur
86Bhakatatola Fri Primary School949Uttar Lakshmipur
87Chamatola Primary School867Uttar Lakshmipur
88Khanapur Primary School1030Uttar Lakshmipur
89Uttar Laxmipur Pry. School767Uttar Lakshmipur
90Aalam Tola Jr. Basic School1076Uttar Lakshmipur
91Loharam Tola Primary School888Uttar Lakshmipur
93Kahala Primary School1107Uttar Lakshmipur
94Hosenabad Diyada Primary School1079Purbba Hosenabad
95Bhikhari Hajitola Primary School929Mathabari
96Debipur Diyada Primary School914Dakshin Debipur
97Satanga Pada Primary School803Tap Protappur
99Aamalitala Fri Primary School815Tap Protappur
101Jotakabil Fri Primary School785Jotkabil
102Sarafattola Pry. School395Jotkabil
103Mothabari Jr. Girls School573Mathabari
104Mothabadi Bord Primary School828Mathabari
105Mahendra Lakshmi Chowdhurypara Pry. School1013Mathabari
106Aabbasaganj Hai Madrasa978Mathabari
107Mothabadi Dallu Mandalatola Primary School1076Mathabari
109Chak Pratapapur Fri Primary School970Chak Protappur
110Chackpratappur Jr. High School751Pratappur
111Meherdibiswastola Pry. School1032Pratappur
112Hosenabad Fri Primary School1045Purbba Hosenabad
113Hossenabad Krishi Samabay Samity820Purbba Hosenabad
114Natun Pataladanga Primary School703Purbba Hosenabad
115Shripur Primary School628Madanpur
116Khanapada Elachaniya Primary School1151Purba Sripur
117Chhot Mahadipur Primary School1052Chhota Mahadipur
119Mahabbatapur Prathamik School1166Dakshin Debipur
120Achinatala Hai Madrasa952Dakshin Debipur
121Etoyaritola Pry. School1014Daskathia
122Shripur Shibu Tola Primary School1155Daskathia
123Guru Tola Primary School1128Shripur
124Bagadadatola Primary School1145Shripur
125Tofi Girls Primary School937Hamidpur
126Isalamapur Jr. Basic School966Hamidpur
127Nabakishoratola Primary School455Hamidpur
128Nayagram Model M.S.K.728Nayagram
129Nayagram Fri Primary School1019Nayagram
130Nayagram Baishnabanagar S. S. K.867Nayagram
131Rajnagar R.I. Office826Nayagram
132Rajanagar G. P. Community Hall858Nayagram
133Aalinagar Myanejad Primary School819Alinagar
134Nabarup Sishu Siksha Niketan908Nurnagar
135Nabinagar Mgd. Primary School1117Nabinagar
137Aalinagar Haiskul654Alinagar
138Rustamanagar Primary School860Alinagar
140Alinagar Hazinagar Pry. School917Alinagar
143Fatepur S. S. K860Jot Dhani
144Baragachhi Myanejad Primary School1184Bairgachhi
145Purba Nabinagar Pry. School763Jotparan
146Paschim Nabinagar Pry. School497Nabinagar
147Jamei-Hoseniya Si.Aar Hai Madrasa (Uttar)871Nabinagar
149Jotparam Pry. School652Jotparan
150Jot Param Junior Haiskul745Jotparan
151Ramashankaratola Primary School800Sultanganj (P)
152Tetrutola Pry. School798Sultanganj (P)
153Haji Dil Mahah Bagan Badi Primary School607Sultanganj (P)
155Bhabanipur Es.Si. Primary School1019Sultanganj (P)
156Guduagram Pry. School904Sultanganj (P)
157Kaliyachak Baburahat Primary School1004Kaliachak
158Baburhat Upper Pry. School589Baliadanga (CT)
160Dogachhi Si.Es. Primary School1024Sultanganj (P)
161Nityanandapur Pry. School830Sultanganj (P)
162Kaliachak College690Sultanganj (P)
163Sulatanaganj Sab Sentar1126Sultanganj (P)
164Sulatanaganj Health Sab Sentar845Sultanganj (P)
165Sulatanaganj Myanejad Primary School348Sultanganj (P)
166Sultanganj Kutubkhana Icds Centre857Sultanganj (P)

Last Updated on June 03, 2020
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