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Polling Booth in Monteswar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Monteswar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Monteswar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Aaushagram F.Pschool712Ausgram
2Nabagram F.P.School925Nabagram
4Pakurmuri F.Pschool734Paikurmuri
5Fulgram Jr Basic School1011Phulgram
6Belenda Adarsha High School809Belenda
7Indrapur Fpschool632Indrapuri
8Pashchim Baghasan Fp School822Baghasan
10Hosenpur Fpschool789Shushuni
11Ghradanga F.P.School906Ghoradanga
12Atashpur Fpschool608Ataspur
13Babunpur Fpschool843Baghasan
14Baghason F.P School601Baghasan
15Maldanga Rminastitution975Baghasan
16Maldanga F. P School615Khanpur
17Choto Baghason F.P School638Khanpur
18Shushuna Taramata Yogendra Vidyapith475Shushuni
21Shushuna Jr Basic School969Shushuni
22Lohar S.S.K1110Lohar
23Lohar Fpschool572Lohar
25Bharuchha Akshayakumari Fpschool737Bharucha
26Patikeldanga F.P School429Patikhaldanga
27Monteswar Uttarpara Fpschool813Monteswar
30Monteswar Jr.Basic School706Monteswar
32Monteswar Sbmhigh School670Monteswar
34Satikrishnamani Girls High Schoolul683Monteswar
35Monteswar Jokari Para F.P School874Monteswar
36Asanpur F P School927Sahapur
37Sahapur Chatuspalli F P School818Sahapur
38Ruigariya F.P.School624Ruigaria
39Dhenuya Fpschool922Dhenua
40Galatun Fpschool929Golatun
42Dhenuya Natun Fpschool598Dhenua
44Patun Fpschool675Patun
46Bhurkunda F.P School382Bhurkunda
47Denud Shankar Smriti F.P.School1155Denur
49Mausa F.P.School1010Mausa
50Mousa M.S.K649Mausa
51Gopalnagar Fp School1040Gopalnagar
52Banui Panchapalli Bidyamandir885Banui
53Paschimkharampur Fp School921Paschim Kharampur
54Rajgachhi Mamudpur F P School982Paschim Mamudpur
56Tulya Bhandarpur F P School459Tulla
58Bhanderpur F.P.School1028Bhandarpur
59Kalui Fp School859Kalui
61Bhojpur Fp School (No 1)657Bhojpur
63Swetpur F.P. School516Shushuna
64Budhpur F.P.School573Budhpur
65Kuli Shwetpur F P School806Kuli
66Panbareya Fp School742Panbarea
68Shushuniya Ranibala Bidyamandir577Shushuna
70Kaleshwar Fpschool459Kalswar
71Bhojpur F P School (No 2)687Bhojpur
72Singhali Fpschool950Sinhali
74Kamra Tajpur F P School932Kamra
75Purbakharampur F.P. School460Kharampur
76Kamra Tajpur High School753Kamra
77Jayarampur Tripalli Fpschool723Jayrampur
78Balijuri F.P. School480Balijuri
79Kusumgram Nutan F.P. School820Kusumgram
81Netaji Mukh Badhir Vidyapith580Kusumgram
83Kusumgram Tayaba Instituteion659Balijuri
85Kulut Paschimpara Fpschool810Kulut
87Kusumgram Boys Fpschool (New Building)480Kusumgram
89Kulut Dakshin Para F.P.School (Paschim)989Kulut
91Kulut F. P. School856Kulut
92Dirghanagar Fpschool594Kusumgram
94Aakbar Nagar Fpschool1059Akbarnagar
95Sarfada F.P.School437Safarda
96Tajpur Fp School1084Tajpur
97Basantapur Sharatshashi Shikshaniketan1020Mulgram
98Mulgram F.P.School846Mulgram
100Sijna Fpschool587Sijna
102Sijna Ujna Panchapara High School343Sijna
104Ujna F P School960Ujna
105Kharampur Jhikra F.P.School383Jhikra
106Bhadai Fpschool930Bhadai
107Bhagra High School723Bhagra
111Mamudpur Fpschool457Basudebpur
113Basudebapur F P School926Basudebpur
114Baruna Fp School1130Gotaildanga
115Purunia F.P. School836Purunia
116Raigram High School571Raigram
118Raigram Gondachand Fp School622Raigram
120Tayebpur Barapur F.P. School714Raigram
121Raigram Bord Fp School680Raigram
123Garsonadanga Fp School922Garsondanga
124Bandhupur F.P.School576Garsondanga
125Miragahar Fp School810Mirgahar
127Malamba Prathamik Vidyalaya1040Malamba
128Bhagabanapur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya504Bhagabanpur
129Bamunia Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1064Bamunia
130Sargachi High School937Sargachhi
131Chackchakiya Primary Vidyalaya425Mandalgram
132Bostepota Abaitanick Prathamick Vidyalaya762Mandalgram
133Haladharpur Primary School660Haladharpur
134Untia Prymary School929Ultia
135Mandal Gram High School693Mandalgram
139Mandalagram Abaitanick Prymary Schooll959Mandalgram
140Gayeshpur Abaitanick Prymary School765Mandalgram
141Gayespur High Madrasa997Mandalgram
142Karanda F P School994Khandra
143Karanda Daspara F.P. School674Khandra
144Kuljora F P School1073Kuljora
145Bara Jugram F.P School725Kuljora
146Piplon F.P. School (Uttar)879Piplan
148Ichu F.P.School (Dakshin)1104Piplan
149Khandra F P School478Khandra
151Bamuniya Fpschool616Bamunia
152Bonpur Fpschool1017Banpur
153Katsihi Basic School370Katsihi
154Fajalpur F.P.School617Fazalpur
155Dheurchanda F.P.School803Dheur Chanda
156Maynampur F.P.School979Fazalpur
157Jamna High School (Uttar)807Jamna
158Isna F.P.School827Bishnupur Chak
159Debpur Madhyamik Bidyamandir862Debpur
161Deoyaniya Annadaprasad Fpschool1028Dewani
163Barandala F P School680Barandala
165Dhamachiya Fpschool761Dewani
166Mangalpur Junior Basic School958Purbba Mitani
167Shelia F.P.School473Shele
168Maraipiri F.P.School516Maraipiri
169Asuri F.P.School478Ashuri
170Laskarpur Fpschool654Laskarpur
171Ganganiya F.P.School617Gangania
172Kule Laskarpur F.P.School1154Kule
173Kule Nutan F P School1050Kule
174Karuri Abaitanick Prymary School577Barari
175Barari Abaitanick Prymary School916Barari
176Mirjapur Abaitanick Prymary School710Barapalashan
178Barapalashan Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya766Barapalashan
180Barapalashan High School680Barapalashan
183Dihipalashan Abatanick Prymary School810Dihipalashan
184Kantabari Abitanick Prymary School565Kantabari
185Dhanyakherur Fpschool973Dhanya Kherur
186Sihigram F P School740Sihigram
188Madhyamgram F.P. School798Majhergram
189Mirpur F.P.School709Purulia
190Madhyamgram P.M. Higher Secondary School522Majhergram
192Ganguriya Fpschool545Ganguria
193Sonagachhi F.P.School583Sonagachhi
194Deoyangadi F P School869Piagram
195Bhelia F.P. School736Piagram
196Muruliya Fpschool871Murulia
197Purguna Fp School1130Pursuna
198Amatia F P School982Ganguria
199Gabrupur F.P. School319Gabrupur
200Basatpur F.P.School546Basatpur
201Shikarpur Rukashpur Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya605Rukashpur
202Mahishpur Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya889Mahishanga
203Mahishdanga Abaitanick Prathamik Vidyalaya1083Mahishanga
204Bitra High School789Bitra
206Sahajadpur Abaitanick Prymary School713Sahazadpur
207Sontla Mahishdanga High School716Bishnupur
209Farakapur Abaitanick Primary School795Bishnupur
210Ranihati Abaitanick Prymary School606Ranihati
211Bishnupur Fpschool890Bishnupur
212Barkona Fpschool804Barkona
213Rewa Bhandul Fpschool1084Melna
215Banagram F.P.School478Banagram
216Kantipur Fpschool607Kantipur
217Kalyanpur F.P.School484Kalyanpur
218Bijur M.S.K603Bijur
219Bijur Boys Fpschool559Bijur
221Kandarpapur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya557Jabui
222Jabui Fpschool547Jabui
224Jabuidanga F.P.School1102Jabui
225Bijur Girls Fpschool1047Bijur
227Nanna Mrinalini Debi Primary School1036Nanna
228Bilbari Abityanik Primary School854Bilbari
229Dakhalpur Abityanik Prathamik School508Dakhalpur
230Paharhati Baburam Girls High School626Gargeswar
231Dhunui Gargeswar Abaitanik Primary School1038Dhunai
232Bishkopa Abitanik Primary School1006Bishkopa
233Begunia Freeprimary School1036Begunia
234Kazidanga F.P. School279Begunia
236Joteram F.P. School764Begunia
237Ashapur Primary School975Ashapur
238Munsidanga Abaitanik Prathamik School989Begunia
239Khorad Amina High School575Jhikra
240Ahira Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya759Ahira
241Jhikra Fpschool561Jhikra
243Satgachia Bazar Madhyamik Vidyalaya634Satgachhia
246Kanthalia F.P School1071Satgachhia
247Satgachia Meghamala Abaitanik Primary School760Satgachhia
248Satgachia C.L.R.C557Satgachhia
249Baradulepara S.S.K1063Satgachhia
250Bharkhanda Fpschool778Satgachhia
251Gowaldingi F.P. School540Goaldingi
252Harakali Abaitanik Prathamick Vidyalaya925Harkala
253Satgachia Sridharpur Abinash Institution992Shridharpur
254Shridharpur Fpschool1064Shridharpur
256Sarra F.P. School490Shridharpur
257Shantidanga F.P School405Harkala
258Siddharia Abaitanik Prathamik School642Siddharia
259Makra F.P.School716Makra
260Tikaipur 2 No Abitanik Primary Vidyalaya651Rayati
261Chototikaipur F.P. School620Bohar
262Hamunpur Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya841Bohar
263Golampara Abitanik Primary Vidyalaya756Bohar
264Minapur F.P.School1086Bohar
265Jakra Abaitanik Prathamik School626Jakra
267Sonadanga Abitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya670Bohar
268Bohar Abitanik Prathamik School860Bohar
269Bohar High School833Bohar
271Chakbalaram Abitanick Primary Vidyalaya976Chak Balaram
272Krishnabati F.P. School651Moshra
273Bara F.P. School1043Chak Balaram

Last Updated on June 04, 2020
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