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Polling Booth in Metiaburuz Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Metiaburuz

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Metiaburuz Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kailash K.M.C.Prathamik School1116Kolkata (M Corp.)
3Ananta F.P.School845Kolkata (M Corp.)
5Moulana Azad F.P.School890Kolkata (M Corp.)
7Kachhari Bari U.P.School656Kolkata (M Corp.)
9Nadial Junior High School783Kolkata (M Corp.)
11Badartala K.M.C.P.School979Kolkata (M Corp.)
13Khanpara U.P.School865Kolkata (M Corp.)
15Kabi Nazrul Free Primarymary School945Kolkata (M Corp.)
19Satghara K.M.C.P. School835Kolkata (M Corp.)
22Lelin Memorial K.M.C.P.School828Kolkata (M Corp.)
26Satghara Junior High Madrasa837Kolkata (M Corp.)
28Sukanta Prathamik Vidyapith822Kolkata (M Corp.)
30Badartala High School834Kolkata (M Corp.)
35Panchpara U.P.School805Kolkata (M Corp.)
37Dinabandhu Das Vidyapith1070Kolkata (M Corp.)
39Ward Health Unit K.M.C ( Ward No-140)396Kolkata (M Corp.)
40Kanthal Beria Vidyapith916Kolkata (M Corp.)
44Satghara G.S.F.P.School1054Kolkata (M Corp.)
45Kanchantala K.M.C.P.School828Kolkata (M Corp.)
49Khaldhari Rehan Ali School875Kolkata (M Corp.)
50Bartala Library908Kolkata (M Corp.)
51Bartala Kmcp School704Kolkata (M Corp.)
53Bartala Girls High School1003Kolkata (M Corp.)
55Nabaratna Prathamik Vidyalaya919Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Bara Saheber Hat K.M.C.P.School954Kolkata (M Corp.)
61Rahatun Bibi K.M.C.P School836Kolkata (M Corp.)
63Telegu F.P.School1046Kolkata (M Corp.)
65Panchpara G.S.F.P.School1012Kolkata (M Corp.)
67Ward Health Centre Ward No-1381103Kolkata (M Corp.)
68Purbasha Poura Prathamik Vidyapith926Kolkata (M Corp.)
69Purbasha Poura Prathamik Vidyalaya (Office 138 No. Ward)1012Kolkata (M Corp.)
70K.M.C.Ambulence Center872Kolkata (M Corp.)
71Garden Reach K.C. Mills High School1094Kolkata (M Corp.)
75Metiaburuz College1062Kolkata (M Corp.)
77Metiaburz High School (Boys)1052Kolkata (M Corp.)
81Hazi Riausuddin K.M.C.P.School971Kolkata (M Corp.)
83Halder Para Madrasa853Kolkata (M Corp.)
85Judge Abdul Bari Primary School983Kolkata (M Corp.)
89Ward Office Ward-136681Kolkata (M Corp.)
91Slaughter Housh K.M.C.P.School541Kolkata (M Corp.)
92Sir Syed Ahmed Urdu F.P. School1059Kolkata (M Corp.)
93Moulana Md.Ali Juhur High School (Balika)688Kolkata (M Corp.)
96The National Primary School637Kolkata (M Corp.)
97Mudiali Library1057Kolkata (M Corp.)
99Santoshpur U.P.School899Kolkata (M Corp.)
102Gardenreach Madhyamik Vidyalaya997Kolkata (M Corp.)
106Giribala Balika Vidyalaya750Kolkata (M Corp.)
108Pakuria Talab Boys & Girls School835Kolkata (M Corp.)
110Kashyap Para U.P.School1002Kolkata (M Corp.)
113Metiabruz Girls High School1000Kolkata (M Corp.)
117Sir Syeed Ahamed F.P.School906Kolkata (M Corp.)
121Mondal Para F.P.School973Kolkata (M Corp.)
125Sekh Para K.M.C.P.School1016Kolkata (M Corp.)
127Sekh Para Shiksha Niketan1046Kolkata (M Corp.)
129Talpukur Ara High Madrasa861Kolkata (M Corp.)
131Hazi Ratan Multipurpase High School930Kolkata (M Corp.)
134Hazi Ratan Gsfp School835Kolkata (M Corp.)
135Dumdum K.M.C.P.School793Kolkata (M Corp.)
137Gulajaribag Isalamia Madrasa1044Maheshtala (M)
139Makalhati Abaitanick Prathamik Vidyalaya931Maheshtala (M)
143Sarboday Hindi Vidyalaya1283Maheshtala (M)
145Akra Saktigarh Rabindra Girls Vidyapith846Maheshtala (M)
147Akra Shaktigarh Rabindra Vidyapith1077Maheshtala (M)
151Akra Dutta Bagan F.P.School573Maheshtala (M)
154Akra Fatak H.A.U-Vimaheshtala Municipality853Maheshtala (M)
155Shibnagar Dashurathi F.P. Vidyalaya1077Maheshtala (M)
158Banibhaban F.P.School1114Maheshtala (M)
162Panchur F.P.Vidyalaya1067Maheshtala (M)
165Kazi Nazrul Islam F.P.School910Maheshtala (M)
166Panchur High School875Maheshtala (M)
168I.C.D.S.Center No.110 Maheshtala Municipality1061Maheshtala (M)
169Dr. Satish Chandra F.P. School926Maheshtala (M)
170Fatepur Hindi Nagari Prachar Vidyalaya973Maheshtala (M)
171B.R. Ambedkar School926Maheshtala (M)
173Alampur F.P.School968Maheshtala (M)
174Kankhuli Girls High School974Maheshtala (M)
177Alhaz Nurulhaque Mali Memorial School906Maheshtala (M)
179Laskar Para F.P.School993Maheshtala (M)
182Kankhuli High School998Maheshtala (M)
190Ramdashati Subarnamayee Das Junior Basic School801Maheshtala (M)
193Hridaynath Kayal Vidyapith1058Maheshtala (M)
196Padirhati Abitanick Prathamik Vidyalaya1062Maheshtala (M)
200Shyamaprasad Girls High School1047Maheshtala (M)
201Santoshpur Co-Operative Colony Office773Maheshtala (M)
204Abul Hasan F.P.School1080Maheshtala (M)
207Kalikanagar Labnya Vidyapith996Maheshtala (M)
209Purnachandra Abitanick Prathamik Vidyalaya986Maheshtala (M)

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