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Polling Booth in Mekliganj Assembly Constituency

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Mekliganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mekliganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mekliganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Chhat Dhuliya Baladiyahati Aided Primary School594Paschim Dhulia Baldiahati
2Tarun S. S. K649Paschim Dhulia Baldiahati
3142 Kamat Changrabandha Fifth Plan Primary School728Chhat Kamat Changrabandha
4Vivekananda S. S. K741Uttar Alokjhari
5Aalokzari High School1138Dakshin Alokjhari
6Alokejhari Netaji Primary School554Dakshin Alokjhari
7Uttar Hemkumari Aided Primary School1074Dakshin Bokna Bandha
8Bokanabandha Aided Primary School(Fast Phase)871Dakshin Bokna Bandha
9Baniapara S. S. K. Building749Dakshin Bokna Bandha
10Soulomari Fast Phase Aided Primary: School1072Soulmari
11183 Soulmari Netaji Subhas M. S. K.712Soulmari
12Soulomari High School959Dakshin Bokna Bandha
13Prasadiram Primary School983Soulmari
14Sharohati New Primary School729Sarhati
15Kamalananda Giri Fourth Plan Primary School805Uttar Dhulia Baldiahati
16168 Dhulia Baldiahati Karjibari 5Th Plan Primary School513Uttar Dhulia Baldiahati
17174 Dhulia Khalisa Shishu Shiksha Kendra944Dhulia Khalisa
18Dhulia Hat A. P. School819Uchal Pukhari
19Umakanta Shishu Vidyapith900Uchal Pukhari
20Uchhalpukuri Krishak Udyog High School728Madhya Dhulia Khalisa
21Chatt Jamaldaha Golapchand Primary School752Uchal Pukhari
22Dhuliya Khalisa Farsht Phese Aided Primary School771Dhulia Khalisa
23Dhuliya Baldiyahati Fourth Plan Primary School620Uttar Dhulia Baldiahati
24Dhulia Baldiahati I. C. D. S. Centre636Uttar Dhulia Baldiahati
25Chhatdhuliya Ramsundar S . C Primary School642Uchal Pukhari
27Shaltali Aided Primary School552Dhulia Khalisa
28177 Dhulia Khalisa S. S. K616Hemkumari
29Uchhal Pukuri 3No Forth Plan Primary School845Dakshin Uchal Pukhari
30Uchhal Pukuri Aided Primary School711Uttar Dhulia Khalisa
32Uchhal Pukuri 2No Scprimary School1161Purbba Jamaldaha
33Uchhal Pukuri 1No Special Kyadar Primary School814Uchal Pukhari
34Charcharabari Fourth Plan Primary School1015Dhulia Baldiahati
35Dhuliya Uchhalpukuri Fifth Plan Primary: School921Uchal Pukhari
36Kalia Memorial S. P. Primary School855Uchal Pukhari
37Balasir Ghat Aided Primary School1333Uttar Dhulia Baldiahati
38Haranath Fourth Plan Primary School842Chhota Thunkirjhar
39162 Patchara Gopalpur C. S. Primary School731Purbba Patchhara Gopalpur
40Thunakirazar Govt. Primary School546Bara Thunkinjhar
42Kharija Gopalapur Fifth Plan Primary School982Kharija Gopalpur
43Kharijajamaldah First Phase Aided Primary:School534Uchal Pukhari
45Jamaldaha 2No Aided Primary School832Buraburi Dewanabas
46Jamaldaha Tulsidebi Hayar Secondar School806Jamal Dahahat
47New Jamal Daha R. R. Primary School1080Satgharia
48Dwarikamari 2No Govt: Primary School1116Dwarikamari Khasbas
49Dwarikamari Adarsha Primary School773Dwarikamari Khasbas
50Patchhara Buraburi Aided Primary School809Buraburi Patchhara
51Barauni Haribasar Fourth Plan Primary School856Chhota Jamaldaha
52Dwarikamari 1No Govt. Primary School677Dwarikamari Ratanpur
54Jamaldaha Junior Basic School582Madhya Jamaldaha
56Jamaldaha Fast Phase Aided Primary School1090Bhogjan
57Doradabudi Govt Primary School794Dora Dabri
58Doradabri S. S. K621Dora Dabri
59Chitiyar Danga I.C.D.S Center754Jamaldaha
60157 Jamaldaha S. S. K.619Jamaldaha
61Kamat Changrabandha State Plan Primary School628Andaran Panisala
63Bokanabandha Netaji Fourth Plan Primary School952Dakshin Bokna Bandha
65Panishala Special Kyadar Primary: School630Madhya Panisala
66152 Panishala S. S. K.822Madhya Panisala
67Kamat Changrabandha Junior Basic School879Kamat Chandrabandha
68Taramohan Fifth Plan Primary School1061Kamat Chandrabandha
69141 Kamat Chyangrabandha Fifth Plan Primary School1005Uttar Panisala
71Panishala Aided Primary School665Panisala Dwitia Khanda
72Chyangrabandha Junior Basic School369Nagar Changrabandha (CT)
74Gandhipathshala Junior Basic School356Nagar Changrabandha (CT)
75Changrabandha Higher Secondary School673Nagar Changrabandha (CT)
77Bhotbari S C Primary School982Andaran Nijtaraf
78Mekhliganj Bhotebari 151 Panisala S. S. K.655Uttar Bhotbari
79Bhot Bari 2No A.P. School1146Uttar Nijtaraf
81Bhaktibala Fourth Plan Primary: School1040Uttar Bhotbari
82Bhotebari Govt. Primary School832Paschim Nijtaraf
83147Purba Bhotbari Basakeratari 5Th Plan Primry School975Andaran Nijtaraf
84Battala S S K815Uttar Bhotbari
85Lothamari Aided Primary School(Fasht Phase)923Lotamari
86147 Bhotbari I C D S Center832Uttar Bhotbari
87Uttar Nijataraf Aided Primary School857Madhya Nijtaraf
8840 Nijataraf Fifth Plan Primary School1001Madhya Nijtaraf
90Rup Singh Fourth Plan Primary School920Andaran Bhotbari
91Kalyan Kumari A P School664Mekliganj (P)
92Mekhaliganj College1066Chhota Nijtaraf
93Joyhari Aided Primary School1145Chhota Bhotbari
9472 Nijtaraf Aided Primary School938Dakshin Bhotbari
9525 Tistapayesti S. S. K.520Tista Nadir Payasti
96Bokshiganj Payasthi A. P. School691Andaran Bajejama
97Boalmari Govt. Primary School551Dakshin Khasbas
98Bibiganj Junior Basic School1122Bajejama Khasbas
99Bakshi Bibi Ganja Junior Basic School1126Uttar Baksiganj
100Basarajbala 5Th Plan Primary School415Basarajbala
1012 No Boxiganj A.P School966Uttar Baksiganj
102Abdul Kader High School - 1697Chhota Haldibari
103Kakpara I.C.D.S Centre454Uttar Khasbas
104Chota Haldibari Fourth Plan Primary Schoo763Chhota Haldibari
105Barerdanga Junior Basic School565Chhota Haldibari
10634 No. Khasbosh Kherajuddin N.S. Primary School544Madhya Baksiganj
10735 No. Khasbosh 5Th Plan Primary School662Madhya Khasbas
108Pran Majumdar State Plan Primary School1144Pran Majumder
109Bakshigunja 1No Govt : Primary School743Madhya Khasbas
110Basrajbala Aided Primary: School1087Basarajbala
111Oyabul Ull Aalam Junior Basic School1111Chhota Haldibari
112Haldibari Nabakishor High School543Bara Haldibari (P)
113Pramanik Para Praimary School693Bara Haldibari (P)
114Uttar Bara Haldibari Amabagan Fifth Plan Primary School920Banikanta
115Wahabul-Ul-Ullam-Jr. High School995Bara Haldibari (P)
116Kashiabari Jayanti Nagar Fifth Plan Primary School739Bara Haldibari (P)
117Kashiabari I.C.D.S. Centre451Bara Haldibari (P)
1182No Kashiyabari Junior Basic School648Bara Haldibari (P)
120Uttar Shantinagar Fifth Plan Primary School811Bara Haldibari (P)
121Joram Para I.C.D.S. Centre647Bara Haldibari (P)
122Payamari Milan Sangha State Plan Primary School718Bara Haldibari (P)
123Payamari Special Cader Primary School1045Bara Haldibari (P)
124Kashiabari 1No Aided Primary School995Bara Haldibari (P)
125Sardar Para N.P School Haldibari (D.P.E.P)787Bara Haldibari (P)
126Jhakuyapara R B M Primary School893Bara Haldibari (P)
127Uttar Shantinagar S.S.K946Bara Haldibari (P)
128Pourasabhar Communiti Hall700Haldibari (M)
129Purba Para New Primary School727Haldibari (M)
130Kshudiram Pally Rameshwar Dayal Primary School795Haldibari (M)
131Dharanagar Coloni Shtet Plan Primary School824Haldibari (M)
132Arabinda Smrithi R.R. Primary School885Haldibari (M)
133Baladanga Junior Basic School606Haldibari (M)
135Haldibari High School904Haldibari (M)
136Haladibadi Paschimpara Fifth Plan Primary School992Haldibari (M)
137Uttar Para State Plan Primary School1072Haldibari (M)
138Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalaya910Haldibari (M)
139Banachand Junior Basic School720Haldibari (M)
140Gangadoba Fourth Plan Primary School777Bara Haldibari (P)
141Goalibai Fifth Plan Primary School899Bara Haldibari (P)
142Baladanga Shimultala S.C Primary School950Bara Haldibari (P)
143Danga Para A.P School958Bara Haldibari (P)
144Dakshin Barahaldibari Special Kyadar Primary School838Bara Haldibari (P)
145Khal Para N.P. School800Bara Haldibari (P)
146Baksiganj Andaran Khasboss Fifth Plan Primary School899Bara Haldibari (P)
147Bara Haldibari Pathanpara Govt. Primary School717Bara Haldibari (P)
148Fringir Hat Class Five Primary School678Bara Haldibari (P)
149Fatemamud Junior Basic School671Paschim Fate Mamud
150Jandas Forth Plan Primadry School763Paschim Samilabas
151Khasboss Bajejma Aided Primary School924Chhat Jamaldaha
15219No Jnanadas Fifth Plan Primary School767Jnandas
153Madrasa More I.C.D.S. Centre699Jnandas
154Bhandanir Hat S. S. K.812Dakshin Chhota Haldibari
155Hudumdanga A. P. School936Madhya Hudumdanga
156Dewanganj Fifth Plan Primary School736Jangalbas
157Shamilabosh J.B. School705Purbba Hudumdanga
158Pashchim Hemkumari Aided Primary School927Madhya Hudumdanga
159Dewanganj Shishu Shiksha Kendra983Madhya Hudumdanga
160Netaji A.P. School964Madhya Hudumdanga
161Vivekananda Vidyapith Fourth Plan Primary School796Madhya Hudumdanga
162Burigram G. P. School746Kamat Bandi
163Naltiapara Fourth Plan Primary School377Kamat Bandi
164Daripattyani Aided Primary School915Mekhliganj
165Daripattani S.S.K424Kamat Bandi
166Par Mekhaliganj S.C. Primary School1008Jyan Kanta Adhikari
167Gyalengar Hat Govt. Primary: School1158Daribas
168Dewanganj High School909Nagar Sahebganj
169Saheb Ganj Tanti Para Primary School724Bajejama
170Jangalbosh Fifat Plan Primary School687Purbba Jangalbas
171Kawasati Anganwari Kendra568Purbba Jangalbas
172Bajejama A.P.School786Basa Mansingkumar
173Bajejama I C D S Center809Uttar Daribas
174Singha Para Special Kyadar Primary School376Mekliganj (M)
175Tista Payasti A.P .School678Mekliganj (M)
176Harijon A . P . School573Mekliganj (M)
178Uttarparakali Para Fifth Plan Primary School529Mekliganj (M)
179Indira Girls High School657Mekliganj (M)
180Mekhaliganj Hayar Secondari Schoo460Mekliganj (M)
181Hindi A. P School966Mekliganj (M)
182Swidish Mission Primary School785Mekliganj (M)
183Fulkadaburi 1No Aided Primary School529Fulkardabri
185Fulakadaburi 2No Govt.Primary School845Uttar Fulkar Dabri Bajejama
187Fulakadaburi Special Kyadar Primary School815Andaran Kharkharia
188Andaran Kharkharia A. P. School569Fulkardabri Kasiabari
190Nalartari Fourth Plan Primary School827Chhota Fulkar Dabri Kharkharia
191Bagdokra Govt. Primary School967Bagdokara
1921No. Bhotebari A P School645Bhotbari
19395 Fulkadabri 5Th Plan Primary School576Fulkardabri
194Nabin Chandra High School594Purbba Fulkardabri
195Bhotbari Central Sponsored Primary School1068Dakshin Fulkardabri
196Satir Ghater Par Ramnidhi High School822Kharkharia
197Satirghaterpar Junior Basic School382Uttar Upanchauki Kuchlibari
198Dhapra Hat Junior Basic School1154Andaran Kuchlibari
199Andaran Kuchlibari 5Th Plan Primary School827Andaran Kuchlibari
200120-Jamaldaha Balapukuri 4Th Plan Primary School827Bara Kuchlibari
201107 Barakuchlibari S. C. Primary School941Uttar Jamaldaha Balapukharia
202Upan Chauki Kuchlibari Hayar Secondary School703Bajejama Kuchlibari
203Uponchouki Junior Basic School663Bajejama Kuchlibari
204Kashiyabari Harakanta Fourth Plan Primary School936Upanchauki Kuchlibari
205Jaburabari A. P. School693Upanchauki Kuchlibari
206Jigabari Junior Basic School921Chhota Jikabari
207118 Jikabari 5Th Plan Primary School693Jikabari
208Brahmattar Kuchalibari C.S. Primary: School1050Paschim Upanchauki Kuchlibari
209Uponchowki Kuchlibari A P School807Purbba Upanchauki Kuchlibari
210Choto Kuchlibari 5Th Plan Primary School1092Chhota Kuchlibari
211Uponchowki Jaburabari A P School691Upanchauki Kuchlibari
212Andaran Kuchalibari C . S . Primary School726Tista Nadir Payasti
213Tistapayesti S. P. Primary School1019Uttar Andaran Kuchlibari
214Daskshin Hemkumari Govt. Primary School764Hemkumari
215East Hemkumari Govt. Primary School1061Hemkumari
216Aametulla Govt. Primary School608Hemkumari
217Hemkumari Patoyari Para Junior Basic School888Hemkumari
218Hemkumari Aided Primary School722Hemkumari
219Golapdi 4Th Plan Primary School561Hemkumari
220Dhairya Narayan Junior High School696Hemkumari
221Rifiuji Para Harimandir Anganwari Kendra856Hemkumari
222Hemkumari High School637Dakshin Pran Majumder
223Basunia Para Fifth Plan Primary School886Dakshin Bajejama
224Jangalbosh J. B. School572Hemkumari
225Tattaram Fifth Plan Primary School553Hemkumari
226Shalmara Anganwari Kendra879Hemkumari
227Rafikul Islam Govt. Girls Primary School565Hemkumari
22824 No. Samilabosh 5Th Plan Primary School223Samilabash
229Prahallad M.S.K1101Hemkumari

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