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Polling Booth in Mathabhanga Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mathabhanga

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mathabhanga Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Tengnamari Aided Primary School781Uttar Tengnamari
2Tengnamari Government Sponsored Free Primary School699Uttar Tengnamari
3Rangapani Balasi State Plan Primary School677Uttar Rangapani Balasi
4Pashchim Ketti Fifth Plan Primary School595Ksheti
5Moranga Jatindra Nath Gope Madhyamik Siksha Kendra560Ksheti
6Kancha Khaowa Shishu Shiksha Kendra820Uttar Kachakhawa
7Ksheti High School849Ksheti
9Uttar Keti Shishu Shiksha Kendra558Ksheti
10Kharija Kheti Fourth Plan Primary School891Kharjaksheti
11Fulbari No.1 Aided Primary School852Phulbari
13Fulbari Special Cadre Primary School1216Phulbari
14Fulbari Melardanga Fifth Plan Primary School765Phulbari
15Dhaneshwarmali Smriti Primary School1076Phulbari
16Fulbari Bilaturghat First Phase Aided Primary School946Phulbari
17Nigmananda Junior Basic School979Phulbari
18Agna Aided Primary School1121Tengnamari
19Fulbari High School (Higher Secondary)738Phulbari
20Fulbari Junior Basic School668Phulbari
21Dewanabos Fulbari Fourth Plan Primary School774Phulbari
22Fulbari Jagaitari Sishu Siksha Kendra553Phulbari
23Pashchim Balasundar Fifth Plan Primary School1041Balasundar
24Balasundar Fourth Plan Primary School756Balasundar
25Balasundar Special Cadare Primary School563Balasundar
26Uttar Daribos Fulbari Fifth Plan Praimary School715Phulbari Dewanbas
27Dariboss Fulbari Special Cadre Primary School777Phulbari Dewanbas
28Dakshin Singijani New Primary School409Phulbari Dewanbas
29Singijani High School (Higher Secondary)692Singijani
30Purba Singijani Primary School832Singijani
31Singijani Government Primary School570Singijani
32West Kalibari Sishu Siksha Kendra628Singijani
33Inderkuthi Primary School839Singijani
34Dewanbos Primary School1048Dewanbas
35Mukuldanga No.1 Government Primary School769Mukul Danga
36Mukuldanga No. 2 Government Primary School653Mukul Danga
37Begarkuthi Fifth Plan Primary School866Mukul Danga
38Pashchim Bara Shoulamari Fourth Plan Primary School659Bara Saulmari
39Debnathtari Sishu Siksha Kendra647Bara Saulmari
40Barashoulmari Ashram Para Fifth Plan Primary School1070Bara Saulmari
41Changrabandha Aided Primary School699Bara Saulmari
42Mahendra Nath Barman Smrity Madhyamik Siksha Kendra536Bara Saulmari
43Debsingpara Fifth Plan Primary School711Bara Saulmari
44Bara Soulmari Rail Line Tari Primary School592Bara Saulmari
45Coochbehar Tea Estate Aided Primary School639Bara Saulmari
46Cooch Behar Tea Estate Cress House549Bara Saulmari
47Gumani High School971Lotapota
48Latapota No.1 Aided Primary School1150Lotapota
50Deodanga Aided Primary School791Bailpari
51Boulpari Forth Plan Primary School753Bailpari
52Gumani Station Fifth Plan Primary School645Lotapota
53Fashirdanga Sishu Siksha Kendra568Lotapota
54Kushiarbari Aided Primary School798Kusaribari
55Kushiarbari Haleshwar High School856Kusaribari
56Dwarikamari Fourth Plan Primary School734Dwarikamari
57South Dwarikamari Fifth Plan Primary School728Dwarikamari
58Lafabari Nabiner Dola Aided Primary School689Nabinerdola
60Pashchim Lafabari Fifth Plan Primary School778Lafabari
61Lafabari Fourth Plan Primary School822Lafabari
63Sawderbos Special Cadre Primary School835Sauderbas
64Sauderbos Aided Primary School773Dwarikamari
65Uttar Dwarikamari Fifth Plan Primary School757Dwarikamari
66Putimari Aided Primary School733Purbba Putimari
67Dakshin Putimari Fifth Plan Primary School843Purbba Putimari
68Bara Shimulguri Government Primary School921Bara Simulguri
69Bara Simulguri Rathineswar Sishu Siksha Kendra519Bara Simulguri
70Khopaduli Special Cadere Primary School440Khopa Dhuli
71Bhelakopa No.2 Govt. Primary School955Bhelakopa
72Batalachandra Primary School1133Bara Simulguri
73Sukhandighi Government Primary School674Baghmara Sukhan Dighi
75Ghoksadanga Pramanik High School997Bara Simulguri
77Unishbisha Girls Aided Primary School748Bara Simulguri
79Shrimanta Balika Vidyalaya571Bara Simulguri
81Chhota Shimulaguri Fast Phase Aided Primary School769Chhota Simulguri
83Brishaketu Dharmeshwari Girls High School818Chhota Simulguri
85Purba Ruidanga Forth Plan Primary School1008Ruidanga Pratham Khanda
86Ruidanga Chaturvuj Sishu Siksha Kendra938Ruidanga Pratham Khanda
87Aatpukuri High School761Atpukhari
88Atpukuri Ruidanga Refuji Rehabilatization Primary School666Atpukhari
89Pashchim Dauyaguri Forth Plan Primary School940Dauaguri
90Purba Dauyaguri Forth Plan Primary School1009Dauaguri
91Chhat Dwarikamari Fifth Plan Primary School518Chhat Dwarikamari
92Ramthenga Government Primary School887Ramthenga
93Madan Mohon Primary School825Ramthenga
94Ramthenga High School758Ramthenga
96Ramathenga Vivekananda Shishu Shiksha Kendra617Ramthenga
98Bara Shoulamari Aided Primary School1050Ramthenga
99Uttar Rangamati Government Primary School898Rangamati
100Rangamati Bidyasagar Sishu Siksha Kendra961Rangamati
101Dauaguri Nazrul Shishu Shiksha Kendra856Dauaguri
103Ruidanga Rebati Raman Shishu Niketan737Ruidanga Pratham Khanda
104Ruidanga Girls Aided Primary School717Ruidanga Pratham Khanda
105Ruidanga Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra737Ruidanga Pratham Khanda
106Paschim Paradubi Payasti Fifth Plan Primary School681Angarkata Paradubi
108Angarkata Paradubi High School1109Angarkata Paradubi
110Baraibari Mansai Char Fifth Plan Primary School1153Baraibari
111Tapur Danga Forth Plan Primary School650Angarkata Paradubi
113Maharaja Nripendra Narayan Primary School848Angarkata Paradubi
114Angarkata Khaterbari Fifth Plan Primary School1024Angarkata Khaterbari
115New Mathabhanga High School1088Matiar Kuthi
116Manabari Government Primary School388Bherbheri
117Bherbheri Manabari Fifth Plan Primary School689Bherbheri
119Khalaigaon State Plan Primary School886Khalaigaon
120Taurikata Forth Plan Primary School570Taurikata
122Dolanger Kuthi Fourth Plan Primary School628Dolanger Kuthi
123Bhanur Kuthi Primary School656Bhanur Kuthi
124Uttar Baraibari Fifth Plan Primary School716Baraibari
126Purba Angarkata Paradubi Fifth Plan Primary School946Angarkata Paradubi
127Unishbisha Harimandir First Phase Primary School551Unish Basa
128Baburdanga Fifth Plan Primary School743Unish Basa
129Unishbisha Station Bazar Primary School826Unish Basa
131Nayarhat Mahakali Junior Basic School668Unish Basa
132Mahakali Nayarhat Khijendra Nath Barman High School610Unish Basa
133Unishbisha Special Cadre Primary School932Unish Basa
135Patakamari Junior Basic School824Patakamari
137Patakamari Rajendranath High School1100Chheramari
138Panikhawa 2 No. Special Cadare Primary School (Harimandir)676Panikhawa
140Chheramari Forth Plan Primary School917Chheramari
141Gayabari Aided Primary School782Gaybari
142Shildanga Madhyamik Siksha Kendra510Gaybari
143Shildanga Junior Basic School1096Sildanga
144Akhrarhat Kharikabari Special Cadre Primary School494Angarkata Khaterbari
145Kharikabari Junior High School675Angarkata Khaterbari
146Purba Shildanga Primary School830Sildanga
147Panikhawa Junior Basic School400Panikhawa
148Ruidanga Part - 2 Govt. Primary School386Ruidanga Dwitia Khanda
149Sutarpara Fourth Plan Primary School732Sutarpara
151Dharimara Fourth Plan Primary School754Dharimara
152Dhalguri No. 1 Government Primary School1105Dhalaguri
153Dhalaguri No. 1 Government Primary School750Dhalaguri
154Dhaloguri No. 2 Primary School508Dhalaguri
155Premerdanga Dewan Barman High School495Shalmara Pratham Khanda
156Shalmara No. 1 Primary School858Shalmara Pratham Khanda
157Premerdanga Indranath Government Primary School568Khatimari
159Khattimari First Phase Aided Primary School718Khatimari
161Khattimari Birendra Barman High School537Singimari
162Shubhar Pathar Forth Plan Primary School1014Subharpathar
164Aatharokota Kalapani Sishu Shiksha Kendra532Atharakotha Kalpani
165Aatharokota Kalapani High Madrasa582Atharakotha Kalpani
166Feshya Bari Government Primary School488Pheksabari
167Ghughumari Shishu Shiksha Kendra1098Kshenpara
168Dakshin Dumniguri Primary School768Dumniguri
170Chhat Sitkibari Forth Plan Primary School677Chhat Chhitkibari
171Jhowguri Fifth Plan Primary School676Jhauguri
172Bhogmara Aided Primary School749Bhogmara
173Purba Bhogmara Primary School865Bhogmara
174Charakerdanga Special Cadre Primary School883Bhogmara
175Paschim Bhogmara Fifth Plan Primary School1133Bhogmara
176Rasbari Kabirdanga Fifth Plan Primary School885Runibari
177Runibari Mandirmohan Primary School681Runibari
178Nishimoyee Junior Basic School904Runibari
180Channamadar Ekramiya High Madrasa752Chhannamadar
182Kodalkheti Harachandra High School692Kanibilkankanguri
183Kodal Ksheti Junior Basic School745Kodalksheti
184Gandeswari Sishu Siksha Kendra545Kodalksheti
185Khokobari Parbananda Primary School900Khokobari
186Nalangibari Junior Basic School755Purbba Nilangibari
187Maharani Gayetri Devi Primary School666Purbba Nilangibari
188Nishiganj Nishimayee High School648Purbba Nilangibari
190Purba Chakiyar Chhara Fifth Plan Primary School966Chakiar Chhara
192Sitkibari Roadside Primary School1117Chhitribari
193Sitkibadi Junior Basic School675Chhitribari
194Nishimoyee High School605Chhitribari
195Sonatali Balicharan Primary School435Brahmottar Sonatali
196Nripen Shishu Shiksha Kendra552Purbba Bhojaner Chhara
197Bhojonerchhara Fourth Plan Primary School619Kodaldhoa
198Kodaldhoya Junior Basic School757Kodaldhoa
199Bhojonner Chhara Fifth Plan Primaryschool691Purbba Bhojaner Chhara
200Paschim Chakiyar Chhara Fifth Plan Primary School635Chakiar Chhara
202Daibhangai Aided Primary School1106Daibhangi
203Andaran Pakhihaga Government Primary School820Andaran Pakhihaga
204Andaran Pakshihaga Girls Aided Primary School855Andaran Pakhihaga
205Pakshihaga Junior High School1020Pakhihaga
206Pakhihaga No. 2 Government Primary School599Pakhihaga
208Chhat Pakhihaga Fifth Plan Primary School837Chhat Pakhihaga
209Uttar Daibhangi Fifty Plan Primary School797Uttar Daibhangi
210Subodh Mandal Madhyamik Siksha Kendra556Chhat Pakhihaga
211Kurapota Forth Plan Primary School738Chhat Pakhihaga
212Balasi Netaji First Phase Aided Primary School948Balasi
213Purba Balasi Saraterdanga Forth Plan Primary School854Balasi
214Kalagaon Primary School1019Kalagaon
215Mahimer Kuthi Special Cadare Primary School809Mahimer Kuthi
216Hajarahat Harishchandra High School912Bhangamore
218Battala Sishu Siksha Kendra866Bhangamore
219Bhangamore No.1 Govt. Primary School831Bhangamore
220Bhangamore No.2 Government Primary School833Bhangamore
221Dhaneswari Midhyamik Siksha Kendra803Bhangamore
222Khaterbari Government Primary School604Khaterbari
224Baradola Khaterbari Aided Primary School917Khaterbari
225Khaterbari North Fifth Plan Primary School564Khaterbari
226Khaterbari Sishu Siksha Kendra1073Khaterbari
227Khaterbari Deshbandhu First Phase Aided Primary School701Khaterbari
229Baishguri Kalakranjan Government Primary School1098Baisguri
230Fakirer Kuthi Fourth Plan Primary School1061Bherbheri Manabari
232S. G. S. Y. Training Hall Chhat Khaterbari (Durga Mandir)808Chhat Khaterbari
233Chhat Khaterbari Fifth Plan Primary School831Chhat Khaterbari
234Mathabhanga College996Pachagar (P)
236Pachagar Junior Basic School475Dangkoba
237Uttar Dangkoba Forth Plan Primary School712Dangkoba
238Kunjabehari Junior Basic School1020Bara Kaoardoba
239Bara Kawardara Sudhirertari Sishu Siksha Kendra773Bara Kaoardoba
240Kawardera West Fifth Plan Primary School628Bara Kaoardoba
242Purb Baishguri Forth Plan Primary School646Baisguri
243Tekunia Talla Primary School649Tekonia
244Baishguri High School814Baisguri
245Baishguri West R. R. Primary School975Baisguri
246Pachagar Aided Primary School864Pachagar (P)
248Bazle Miyar Tari Sishu Siksha Kendra995Pachagar (P)
249Mathabhanga Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya460Mathabhanga (M)
250Pachagar Coloni Fifth Plan Primary School749Mathabhanga (M)
252Pachagarh First Phase Primary School936Mathabhanga (M)
254Chhabirunnechha Junior Basic School1066Mathabhanga (M)
255Mangilal Bhadani Hindi High School608Mathabhanga (M)
256Mathabhanga Girls High School543Mathabhanga (M)
258Mathabhanga New Town Subhash Pally Fifth Plan Primary School794Mathabhanga (M)
259Nazrul Sadan Mathabhanga655Mathabhanga (M)
260Mathabhanga First Phase Aided Primary School1088Mathabhanga (M)
261Mathabhanga Harijan Basti Government Sponsored Free Refuge Rehabilitization Primary School812Mathabhanga (M)
262Ramkrishna Vevekananda Refuge Rehabilitization Primary School970Mathabhanga (M)
263Mathabhanga Aided Primary School564Mathabhanga (M)
265Bherbheri Manabari First Phase Primary School964Mathabhanga (M)
266Mathabhanga Vivekananda Vidyamandir968Mathabhanga (M)
268Sub-Divisional Information & Cultural Office Mathabhanga806Mathabhanga (M)

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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