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Polling Booth in Manikchak Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Manikchak

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Manikchak Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ghadi Umeshatola Primary Vidyalaya522Gadai
3Chabi Pandittola Pry. School800Naobarar Jaigir
4Mannutola Prathamik Vidyalaya1104Naobarar Jaigir
5Gobarddhanatola Junior Basic School1166Naobarar Jaigir
6Nanditola Junior Basic School1042Sukhsena
7Kalutan Tola Primary School1004Naobarar Jaigir
8Aamatala Nanditola Haiskul1072Sukhsena
9Gaurangatola Primary School1046Harachandapur
10Domontola Kadambini Gramin Granthagar1074Sukhsena
11Giridharitola Primary School1106Sukhsena
12Bagadukara Myanejad Primary School1010Chandipur Tafir
13Balutola Primary School816Bagdukra
14Kalutanatola Primary School410Kesarpur
15Bhubanatola Primary School965Uttar Chandipur
16Baro Kartiktola Pry. Vidyalaya.878Uttar Chandipur
17Madanatola Primary School956Uttar Chandipur
18Uttar Chandipur Siniyar Madrasa921Uttar Chandipur
19Khosbartola Pry.School786Uttar Chandipur
20Oyahedulla Tola Prathamik Vidyalaya918Uttar Chandipur
21Manik Nagar Pry. School922Uttar Chandipur
22Uttar Chandipur Myanejad Primary School1082Uttar Chandipur
23Julabditola Primary School930Chandipur
24Aatasaiya Yogi Tola Prathamik Vidyalaya963Chandipurmal
25Raghunathatola Sental Spanasard Primary School996Chandipur
26Giritola Primary Vidyalaya963Chandipur
27Bhimatola Junior Basic School866Chandipur
29Dharmashilatola Primary Vidyalaya793Chandipur
30Ashoknagar Colony Pry. School711Chandipur
31Aaladiya Primary School893Mahabbatpur
32Sahebaramatola Primaryvidyalaya723Nazirpur
34Shankaratola Frejad Program Primary School590Chandipur
36Haripur Primary School1088Laskarpur
37Laskarapur Myanejad Primary School783Laskarpur
38Lakshikol Primary School840Haripur
39Jitamanapur Primary School905Jitmanpur
40Khairtala Maharapara Pry. School983Khartala
41Khayeratala Maharapara Primary School975Khartala
42Khayeratala Nurapur Haiskul 1064Biswambhar Binodpur
43Najirapur Pashchimapada Primary School670Nazirpur
44Najirapur Haiskul743Niranjanpur
45Nazirpur Managed Pry. School674Niranjanpur
46Begamaganj Spesal Kyadar Primary School862Lalbathani
47Dallutola Sishu Siksha Kendra897Nurpur
48Nurapur Pathanatola Junior Basic School788Nurpur
49Nurapur Haiskul1170Nurpur
50Nurapur Myanejad Primary School973Nurpur
52Nurpur Upper Pry. Girls School837Nurpur
53Natunatola Primary School1001Nurpur
55Shyamalalapada Myanejad Primary School711Shyamlalpara
57Baramapur Primary School871Nurpur
58Es.Ti.Bi. Haiskul973Tiarpara
59Naoda Maheshapur Primary School544Naoda Maheshpur
60Brahmanagram Myanejad Primary School896Brahman Gram
61Nurullaganj Primary School723Gobindapur
63Lalabathani Haiskul534Lalbathani
65Yogini Gram Primary School903Jognigaon
66Madhupur Primary School1130Kangsha Binodpur
67Kankaribandha Myanejad Primary School1192Talim Nagar
68Shankaratola Myanejad Primary School1052Talim Nagar
69Dhanaraj Gram Primary School646Kasimnagar
70Purani Gram Fridge Programe Pry. Vidyalaya1076Kasimnagar
71Nimanagar Primary School462Kasimnagar
72Puranigram Phasead Program Primary School848Saidpur
73Mathurapur Myanejad Primary School992Mathurapur
74Mathurapur Napitppara I.C.D.S Centre791Mathurapur
75Karmutola Prathamik Vidyalaya672Mathurapur
77Mathurapur Shilpi Parishad Klab Ebang Gramin Granthagar1004Mathurapur
78Mathurapur Biesesuchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya1029Mathurapur
79Mathurapur Tilak Sundari Girls High School866Arazi Mathurapur
80Bochahi Primary School890Mathurapur
81Utasabatola Juh Basic School782Mathurapur
82Dakshin Kamalapur Primary Vidyalaya811Kamalpur
84Dharmmutola Prathamik Vidyalaya922Mathurapur
85Kamalapur Myanejad Primary School825Kamalpur
87Pulinatola Primary School1119Paschim Chandipur
88Ballitola Myanejad Primary School706Paschim Chandipur
89Gumanitola Pry School806Paschim Chandipur
90Bhutani Chandipur Haiskul1068Paschim Chandipur
91Sukadebatola Primary Vidyalaya836Chandipur Tafir
92Piyaritola Primary School957Dakshin Chandipur
93Chirasabuj Pathagar842Paschim Chandipur
94Tetarutola Junior Basic School730Dakshin Chandipur
95Dakshin Chandipur Skus792Dakshin Chandipur
96Jittutola Pry.School775Dakshin Chandipur
97Chandipur Myanejad Prathamik Vidyalaya735Dakshin Chandipur
98Pashchim Narayan Pur Haiskul756Duani Tafir
99Bhutni Khasmahal Pry. School840Paschim Narayanpur
100Karttikatola Essiprimaryvidyalaya722Paschim Narayanpur
101Mahendratola Prathamik Vidyalaya1101Paschim Narayanpur
102Brojolaltola Pry. School605Paschim Narayanpur
103Kariya Sulatanapur Primary School915Karia Sultanpur
104Manikachak Taun Laibreri1078Karia Sultanpur
105Ugritola Primary School1008Ugritola
106Manikachak Shikshaniketan Uchch Madhyamik Vidyalaya1144Ugritola
107Bankipur Siesprimary School942Bankipur
108Ramanagar Shiban Tola Primary School717Kamalpur
109Narayanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1076Narayanpur
110Ramanagar Primary School901Kamalpur
111Narayanpur Char Pry. School527Narayanpur
112Manikachak Haiskul730Manikchak
113Manikchak Nb High Madrasha919Manikchak
114Torabalitola Myanejad Primarybidyahniuhsetaaap843Ugritola
115Tolabalitola Primary School718Ugritola
116Kishanatola Primary School956Manikchak
117Radhutola Junior Basic School1018Manikchak
118Haddatola Primary School854Manikchak
120Kurabanitola Prathamik Vidyalaya586Nawada
122Sekhapura Pashchimapada Primary School1018Sekhpura
123Sekhapura Juh Basic School931Sekhpura
124Sekhpura Madhyapara S.S.K.818Sekhpura
125Sekhapura Hai Madrasa745Chandpur
126Bangalagram Prathamik Vidyalaya926Gangaprasad
127Mohana Lakshipur Primary School887Lakshmipur
129Naoda Primary Vidyalaya975Enayetpur
130Enayetpur High School973Enayetpur
131Enayetpur High School Attached Pry School1074Enayetpur
132Mira Gram Primary School783Miragram
134Enayetpur E.A.High School Attached Pry. School808Enayetpur
135Enayetpur E.A. High School652Enayetpur
137Bishanapur Shriramapada Primary School910Bishanpur Srirampara
138Sahebanagar High School912Purbba Saidpur
140Naridiyara Nutanatola Primary School700Bhakta Ballabhpur
141Kaliganj Ef.Pi.Primary School678Purbba Saidpur
142Sayadapur Primary School808Purbba Saidpur
143Chhoto Dharampur Pry. School946Purbba Saidpur
144Salabataganj Primary School1091Salabatganj
145Salabat Ganj Bishnuprasad Shishushiksha Kendr1211Bishnuprasad
146Chauki Junior Basic School1161Chauki Mirdadpur
147Pachisha Shyamapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1091Chauki Mirdadpur
148Shyamapur Prathamik Vidyalaya936Chauki Mirdadpur
150Pali Pally Pathagar669Chauki Mirdadpur
151Khanapur Myanejad Primary School564Salabatganj
152Kalindri Uchch Madhyamik School1111Islampur
153Damodar Pur Primary School1013Islampur
154Natun Dharamapur Primary School1158Enayetpur
155Barobagan Sishu Siksha Kendra371Nawada
156Ramachand Tola Primary School888Enayetpur
157Dharampur Madhyamik Siksha Kendra992Dharampur
158Dharamapur Myanejad Primary Vidyalaya573Dharampur
159Mirapur Panchanan Primary Vidyalaya844Dharampur
160Jesaratatola Primary School1039Khanpur
161Nasutola Primary School496Khanpur
163Aashbin Tola Primary School957Khanpur
164Balutola Prathamik Vidyalaya1073Gopalpur
165Sahabatatola Primary School708Gopalpur
166Uttar Elahitola Pry. Vidyalaya670Gopalpur
167Uttar Elahitola Py. Vidyalaya682Gopalpur
168Hilasamari Kalitola Myanejad Primary School953Gopalpur
169Hukumatatola Myanejad Primary School1145Gopalpur
170Doulattola Pry. School1003Gopalpur
171Kamaltipur Pry. School956Gopalpur
172Chandipur Junior Basic School1020Uttar Chandipur
174Nathinagar Prathamik Vidyalaya736Uttar Chandipur
176Shobhanagar Haiskul935Uttar Chandipur
177Distrikat Institute Af Edukeshan End Trening614Uttar Chandipur
179Madiya Spesal Kyadar Prathamik Vidyalaya603Madia
181Madiya Sarada Vidyapith1110Madia
182Bhabanipur Pi.Pi. Prathamik Vidyalaya994Bhabanipur
183Shobhanagar Gram Panchayet Afis897Bhabanipur
185Dakshin Bhabanipur Ssk720Bhabanipur
186Bhabanipur Myanejad Primary School749Bhabanipur
187Pirpur New C.S Primary School1109Bhabanipur
188Nasirachak Primary School1107Bhabanipur
189Mohanapur Myanejad Primary School965Khaskol Chandipur
190Kauyakhand Primary School923Khaskol Chandipur
192Naghariya Hai Eyatachad Prathamik Vidyalaya680Phulbaria
193Nutan Naghariya Myanejad Primary School968Nagrai
195Natun Nagharia Ssk907Nagrai
196Naghariya High School802Phulbaria
198Dandashalla Prathamik Vidyalaya594Phulbaria
200Balupur Spesal Kyadar Primary School617Balupur
202Milki Gram Panchayet Afis877Milki (CT)
204Natuntola Ssk1134Atgama
205Milki High School1115Milki (CT)
207Milki Haieyatachadabranch Primary School836Bhabanipur
208Shyamapur Kaloni Prathamik Vidyalaya787Milki (CT)
209Milki High Eyatachad Primary School1088Milki (CT)
210Atgama Ssk775Atgama
211Aatagama Es.Si.Prathamik Vidyalaya746Atgama
213Naraharipur Prathamik Vidyalaya688Atgama
214Annadamohanpur Pry. School791Anandamohanpur
215Bhartitary High School605Basudebpur
216Bhagabanapur Primary School1030Ichhlampur
217Khasakol Myanejad Primary School904Khaskol Chandipur
219Khasakol Prathamik Vidyalaya892Khaskol Chandipur

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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