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Polling Booth in Manbazar Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Manbazar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Manbazar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Manbazar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kusumajodiya Junior High School1118Kusumjuria
2Fufundi Primary School503Phuphundi
3Palagan Primary School864Palgan
4Chakalata Bhagabandh High School807Chakalta
6Tilgora Primary School699Chakalta
7Manpur Primary School1079Manpur
8Hijuli Haiskul854Daldali
10Daladali Junior Hai School (Garlas)709Daldali
11Em.Ji.Kalej Lalapur534Bhagaband
13Jabajabigoda Primary School989Bhagaband
14Magudiya Nutan Primary School713Manguralalpur
16Magudiya Es Esbiemvidyapith762Manguralalpur
18Pratapapur Primary School1025Manguralalpur
19Keshyatand Primary School842Nawadi
20Noyadi Primary School630Nawadi
21Ledadi Primary School625Ledadi
22Rangametya Prathamik Vidyalaya596Rangamatya
23Badagram High School1048Baragram
25Sarachakalata Primary School658Chak Gopalpur
26Dandudi S.N. High School876Dandudi
27Bariyarapur Primary School806Bariarpur
28Aamalatoda Primary School587Amlatara
30Hatikundar Primary School (Nutan Bilding)559Hatikundar
32Chatumadar Mahatma Gandhi Vidyapith539Chatumatar
34Karanadi Primary School708Karandi
35Nishchintapur Primary School814Nishchintapur
36Chakanada Primary School746Nishchintapur
37Bamunadi Niu Primary School807Chandatiri
38Konapada Junior Basic School621Konapara
40Saurang Primary School755Saurang
41Hariharapur Primary School1105Hariharpur
42Balakadi High School933Saurang
43Kenda Junior Basik School644Kenda
44Kenda Balika Uchch Vidyalaya701Kenda
45Kenda Balika High School1061Kenda
46Panipathar Junior Basic School859Panipathar
47Punuda Prathamik Vidyalaya654Punura
49Darodi Junior Basic School943Palma
50Palama Primary School750Palma
51Peanchada Primary School855Penchara
53Makadaka Primary School864Makarka
54Bindudi Primary School727Panipathar
55Kuchung Primary School552Kuchung
56Chandra Board Primary School594Chandra
58Chandra New Primary School677Chandra
60Dhabani Primary School1061Rajakhanda
61Rajnowagarh D.P.M. H.S School751Noagarh
62Rajnoyagor Boyes Primary School416Noagarh
63Aanandabajar Primary School646Deorang
65Bharatadi Primary School832Bharatdi
66Babuijore Primary School471Babuijor
67Kudukatopa Haiskul893Kuruktopa
69Amakocha Primary School552Kuruktopa
70Daharadi Primary School578Matha
71Matha Junior Basic School1070Matha
72Belagoda Primary School612Pirra
73Pirrah Primary School610Pirra
75Raghudi Primary School864Pirra
76Dharamapur Prathamik Vidyalaya872Dharampur
77Jamabad Haiskul638Jambad
78Jambandh New Primary School648Jambad
79Jamabad High School634Jambad
80Jambandh Board Primary School637Jambad
81Maheshapur Primary School752Maheshpur
83Bansa D.M. High School572Bansa
84Bansa Primary School598Bansa
86Kada Primary School830Kaira
87Delang Primary School948Delang
88Buglidih Junior Basic School1031Delang
89Gagada Primary School573Gagda
90Ramaidi Primary School741Ramaidi
91Bhutam High School815Bhutam
92Nirbhayapur Primary School599Kaira
93Napada Balika Primary School720Lapara
94Napada High School906Lapara
95Napada Highi School837Lapara
96Damodar Pur Primary School708Damodarpur
98Mudidi Primary School511Laulara
99Bandhbahal Primary School704Laulara
100Tatadi Pra. School664Tatari
102Kendadi Primary School907Kendadi
103Puncha Namopara Primary School1049Puncha
104Puncha Board Primary School738Puncha
105Puncha Balika Uchha Vidyalaya583Puncha
106Puncha Balika High School648Puncha
107Puncha Harijan Primary School955Puncha
108Panrui Primary School861Panrui
109Laulara Aar Si Ekademi547Laulara
110Laulara R.C.Academy584Laulara
111Dhadaki Primary School733Dhadki
112Dhadki Primary School604Dhadki
113Narendrapur Primary School576Narendrapur
114Bagada High School777Bagda
115Bagda C.K.Vidyapith755Bagda
116Kuandhudaka Primary School706Kundhurka
117Ramakundhi Primary School712Ramkundi
118Saragora Primary School1044Saragarya
119Rasudi Primary School622Agaya
120Barghutu Primary School597Agaya
121Gopalpur High School751Gopalpur
122Gopalapur High School683Gopalpur
123Kanada Junior Basic School620Kanara
125Bhagabandh High School989Bhagaband
126Laharia Primary School920Laharia
127Bauri Goda Primary School596Kendbani
128Rabindra Pathachakra Govt.Sponsored Library(Chandanpur)427Chandanpur
129Gholkur Primary School631Gholkund
131Chhirudi High School866Panruda
133Chhirudih Balika Primary Vidyalaya867Chhirudi
134Raghunathpur Primary Vidyalaya592Raghunathpur
135Aarali Raghunathapur Aadibasi High School895Arali
136Poradih Junior Basic School567Poradi
138Brahmattar Primary School530Simakanali
139Debagram Primary School747Debgram
140Badada Primary School657Badra
142Badra High School1004Badra
143Jaykalla Primary School1114Joykalla
144Gorardi Primary School864Pakbirra
145Pakbirrah Primary School685Pakbirra
146Bishpuria Primary School834Bishpuria
147Lakhara High School835Lakhra
148Raghunathapur Primary School863Birdang
149Mishra Deuli Primary School896Deuli
150Bijayadi Madhyamik Vidyalaya636Birjidi
151Baliguma Primary School509Baliguma
152Tukya Primary School746Tukya
153Mohandih Primary School432Durku
154Kamata Primary. School1109Kamta
155Damada Junior Basic School551Damda
156Damda Jr.High School750Damda
157Keshya Primary School873Kesya
158Jangidiri Nutan Primary School850Jangidiri
159Tudang Primary School1033Turang
160Kuda Niu Primary School649Kuda
161Kuda Puratan Primary School498Kuda
162Dakakendu Nutan Primary School567Kuda
163Dakakendu Puratan Primary School597Kuda
164Kudamashol Primary School867Kurmasol
165Mahada High School741Mahara
166Baidyanathpur Primary School421Mahara
167Pundru Primary School617Punrra
168Jamboni Primary School543Punrra
169Kapadara Primary School866Kaparra
170Kadama Primary School1035Kadma
171Janada Primary School705Janra
172Bamni Higher Secondary School779Bamni
174Hullung Primary School620Hullung
175Nathurdi Primary School541Chakya Alias Bhabanipur
176Mazihida Nyashanyal Basic School679Majhihira
177Putkadi Madhyamik Sikshya Kendra730Majhihira
178Kesharagadiya Primary School676Keshargaria
179Maruagora Primary School507Hutudi
180Bagadega Primary School995Bagdega
181Bari Shashibhushan High School601Bari
183Kungurdi Primary School460Kunardi
184Ghasatodiya Primary School777Ghastoria
185Sugatard S. S. K.599Jabla
186Jabala Junior Basic School958Jabla
187Khatchiri Primary School401Khatchiri
188Kasigora Primary School1043Matyala
189Metyala Primary School523Matyala
191Jamagadiya Primary School1056Jamgoria
192Dayaldih Primary School349Dayaldi
193Gopalanagar Gram Panchayet Afis986Gopalnagar
194Gopalanagar Aashutosh Hah Seh School863Gopalnagar
195Sindurapur Primary School1012Sindurpur
196Manakocha Primary School958Behanchabari
197Nadiha Primary School696Nadiha
198Jitujudi Debashish High School(H.S.)614Jitujori
200Jitujudi 1No Primary School664Jitujori
201Jitujuri 2No Primary School833Jitujori
202Kadalagoda Primary School990Kundru
203Rajagram (Shuandigoda) Primary School652Rajgram
204Chelyama Rajagram Primary School526Chirubhita
205Shyamapur Primary School792Syampur
206Benchaboni Primary School567Behanchabari
207Patharakata Primary School1045Pathorkata
208Gonsaidi Primary School521Gonsaidi
209Budhapur Primary School724Maheshpur
210Menidi Primary School668Tushyama
211Patharakata Nutan Primary School1074Patharkata
212Barameshya Primary School946Barmesya
213Gobindapur Primary School973Gobindapur
214Dhuliyapada Niu Primary School880Dhuliapara
215Ramanagar Haiskul850Amlatora
216Dhagora Primary School496Lauduha
217Dumuriya Primary School707Dumaria
218Kalupara Primary School623Goalapara
219Palmi Primary School810Palmi
220Loto Primary School587Loto
221Benagoria Primary School396Benagoria
222Mukundapur Primary School295Mukundapur
223Patamgora Primary School997Barsagen Alias Patamgora
224Chandada Higher Secondary School841Chandra
226Shriramaghutu Primary School818Bagaldhara
227Pairachali Primary School735Payrachali
229Banakati Prathamik Vidyalaya708Bankati
230Khairboni S.S.K471Bagaldhara
231Simachaka High School525Jaysingpur
232Uparditola Koldi Primary School638Dheka
233Basudi Primary School1104Basudi
234Akshayapur Primary School901Akshyapur
235Keshyatoda Primary School610Sanoda
236Banakata Prathamik School984Bankata
237Manabajar Bauri Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya794Manbazar (CT)
238Manbazar-1 C.L.R.C.1023Manbazar (CT)
239Charki Primary School580Manbazar (CT)
240Manbazar Namopada Primary Vidyalaya897Manbazar (CT)
242Manbazar Bord Primary School1064Manbazar (CT)
243Manbazar Radhamadhab Institution1005Manbazar (CT)
245Baludi Primary School989Baludihi
246Manabhum Mahavidyalaya846Jharbagda
247Zadabagada Junior Basic School879Jharbagda
248Nipyaniya Junior Basic School583Nipenya
249Kumardih Primary School529Kumardi
250Chanpati Prathamik Vidyalaya496Chapati
251Swarupdi Primary School433Krishnanagar Alias Swarupdi
252Makadakendi Primary School776Makarkendi
253Sijadih Primary School645Sijadi
254Bhalubasa Prathamik Vidyalaya586Bhalubasa
255Bhalubasa S.S.K.599Bhalubasa
256Radhamadhabapur Prathamik Vidyalaya868Radhamadhabpur
257Chepuya Primary School969Chepua
258Kashidi Si.Aar.Si.Ji.Vidyapith1082Bhalubasa
259Daha Primary School920Daha
260Rangatand Primary School859Rangatanr
261Piyalasol Primary School767Pialisol
262Tentla Primary School419Tetla
263Ichadi Primary School763Ichadi
264Doladeandya Primary School427Doldenrya
265Bankata Primary School668Bankata
266Bishari Primary Vidyalaya1102Bisri
267Madhupur Primary School768Madhupur
268Gobindanagar Primary School434Gobindanagar
269Patharamahada Pi. Di. Ji. Em. Haiskul982Golkidi
270Badatod Primary School704Bartor
271Salpara Primary School637Damda
272Pedda Primary School508Pedda
273Bhramarpur Primary School789Anandapur
274Manapur Prathamik Vidyalaya814Manpur
275Gaidumur Primary School986Sukapata
276Gudatupa Prathamik Vidyalaya969Hatilada Gurtupa
277Banakanali Primary School622Banmohara
278Hariharpur M.S.K.786Bhunasol
279Udayapur Primary School854Sonardang
280Dhanada Gram Panchayet Afis657Banmohara
281Dhanada Aashramik Vidyapith871Dhanara
282Nunani Primary School479Bar Nuniyani
283Kelyaradi Primary School794Kelyardi
284Baghakhundi Primary School218Baghkundi
285Pirorgoria Pry. School963Pirargarya
286Nagadagoda Primary School891Nagdagora
287Jamada Primary School742Jamda

Last Updated on December 26, 2014