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Polling Booth in Malatipur Assembly Constituency

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Malatipur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Malatipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Malatipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Uttar Bhabanipur Primary School882Uttar Bhabanipur
2Rashulapur Prathamik Vidyalaya555Uttar Rasulpur
3Ramapur Gauripur Junior Basic School1120Elam
4Ramapur Junior Haiskul(Prastabit)874Rampur
5Gorokpur Msk777Gorakhpur
6Gorakhapur Primary School1032Gorakhpur
7Nehalapur Primary School446Bhakri
9Maniknagar S.S.K990Bhakri
10Habinagar Primary School1131Bhakri
11Mahammadapur Primary School1016Mahammadpur
12Sahuragachhi Bidyanandapur Primary School923Bidyanandapur
13Sahurgachi M.N.H Juniour High School870Bidyanandapur
14Sadarpur Primary School645Sadarpur
15Sadarapur Haiskul937Sadarpur
16Suti Primary School (Myanej)941Suti
17Bidrohi Club & Librery463Suti
18Suti 2No Primary School564Suti
20Kapasiya Primary School734Kapsia
21Kapsiya M.S.K616Kapsia
22Gourhond S.S.K1054Gourhanda
23Gaudahand Primary School1011Gourhanda
24Aaladipur Junior Basic School1006Gourhanda Aladipur
25Dumaro Kalitala Primary School607Dumro
26New Chadpur Primary School1029Gourhanda Aladipur
27Sonaray Boyaliya Primary School812Boalia
28Sonaray Primary School720Boalia
29Shukrabadi E.Ke.Haimadrasa645Enayatnagar
30Enayat Nagar Pry. School884Enayatnagar
31Yugiyapada Primary School679Anandaganj
32Jitarapur Elemekebidyamandir642Jitarpur
33Jitarapur Junior Basic School647Jitarpur
34Krishnaganj Shishu Shiksha Kendr762Krishnaganj
35Paraninagar Primary School722Parani Nagar
36Uttar Paraninagar S.S.K.507Parani Nagar
37Lalaganj Junior Basic School601Lalganj
39Malatipur Primary School892Dakhin Rasulpur
40Mahadipur Primary School1127Barno
41Anupanagar Junior Basic School587Anupnagar
42Malatipur Aar.Ke.Garlas Haiskul846Malatipur
44Mirajatapur Primary School701Mirzadpur
45Batrishakala Primary School805Basudebpur
46Kashipada Primary School511Harishpara
47Gobindapada Haiskul631Aladipur
48Gobindapara Primary School524Gobindapara
50Patharaghata Primary School901Gaursanda
51Bangapal Primary School923Bangapal
52Chanduya Primary School994Chandua
53Gangadebi Junior Basic School1103Gangadebi
54Gangadebi Haiskul751Gangadebi
56Bhagbhado S.S.K743Chandua
57Sanchiya Junior Basic School596Chandua
58Dahuka Primary School735Dahuka
59Jalalapur Haiskul1104Hazaratpur
61Jalalapur Primary School734Jalalpur
62Makursui Nayapara M.S.K549Makarshui
63Jalalapur Haimadrasa855Ramkrishnapur
65Hajratpur Dakshin S.S.K(East)465Hazaratpur
66Hajratpur Dakhsin S.S.K(West)838Hazaratpur
67Hajaratapur Primary School782Hazaratpur
69Pashchim Jalalapur Primary School943Jalalpur
71Dakshin Jalalpur Primary School480Hazaratpur
72Simultola Upper Primary School1056Shimultala
73Shimulatala Primary School560Batrishkola
74Kaliganje I.C.D.S Center720Kaliganj
75Kaliganj Shishu Shiksha Kendr829Durgapur
76Damaipur Nayapada Primary School873Damaipur
78Damaipur Primary School1183Damaipur
79Chanduya Damaipur Juhhaimadrasa580Damaipur
80Yadupur Haiskul604Jadupur
82Naodapada Shishu Shikshakendr557Bhandaria
83Durgapur Primary School788Kanaipur
84Kanaipur Primary School719Kanaipur
85Ramapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr900Rampurujitpur
86Ramapur Janipur Primary School (East)891Janipur
88Balaramapur Primary School822Chandipur Darmar
90Chandrapada Primary School641Chandrapara
92Ujitapur Primary School427Ujitpur
93Baharabad Primary School472Baharabad
94Uttar Baharabad S.S.K754Baharabad
95Kajipada Primary School764Baharabad
96Goyalapada Haiskul858Goalpara
97Goalpara Ptimary School(East)338Goalpara
98Goalpara Primary School(West)536Goalpara
100Hosenapur Primary School656Hosenpur
101Makadamapur Primary School1121Khanpur
102Khanpur Balutola S.S.K. Proposed859Khanpur
103Madaihat Primary School711Madhaihat
104Khanapur Myanejad Primary School875Khanpur
105Puratan Khanapur Primary School764Khanpur
106Natun Ranaghat Primary School816Ranghat
107Holdibari Ranghat Pry. School(Uttar)785Ranghat
109Haladibadi Shishu Shiksha Kendr(East)667Elangi
111Dhanagada Hai Madrasa935Laliabari
112Elangi Primary School581Elangi
113Elangi S.S.K981Elangi
114Dhanagada Junior Basic School786Aolagachhi Chaupukuria
115Dhanagada Ranaghat High School708Laliabari
116Khemapur Primary School436Laliabari
117Khempur Upper Primary School846Laliabari
118Bishanapur Primary School842Laliabari
120Sholamari Primary School650Sholmari
122Baluyaghat Primary School Paschim1089Laliabari
123Baluaghat I.C.D.S537Kashimpur
125Dakshin Paranapur Primary School865Uttar Pranpur
126Uttar Paranpur S.S.K540Dakshin Paranpur
128Malahar Primary School832Belungaon
130Meghadumara Primary School748Meghdumra
132Kajaladighi Primary School567Meghdumra
133Chodalamani High School805Choralmani
134Chorolmoni Primary School975Choralmani
135Kaliganj Primary School780Shripur
136Kandaran Junior Basic School870Kandaran
137Kandaran College Para Primary School946Kandaran
138Samashi Kalej783Kandaran
139Darara Primary School857Shripur
140Kashimapur Mokadara Primary School508Kashimpur
142Babupara S.S.K663Kashimpur
143Chandimaheshapur Primary School1100Shripur
145Ballabhapur Fri Primary School1087Ballabhpur
147Ji.Es.E. Junior Haimadrasa887Shripur
149Aasakapada Fri Primary School916Magura
151Gobindapur Fri Primary School968Gobindapur
152Hariramapur Junior Haimadrasa645Harirampur
153Najarapur Primary School723Magurakhod
154Laskarapur Junior Haiskul1070Laskarpur
155Magura Junior Basic School891Magurakhod
157Krishnapur Kuchila Myanejad Primary School1057Magurakhod
158Shripur Anchal Haiskul1101Magura
159Katlamari Pry. School900Laskarpur
160Khedayai Fri Primary School908Kheria
162Chatar Fri Primary School845Barail
165Raninagar Myanejad Primary School891Raninagar
167Raninagar High Madrasa963Raninagar
169Kumaraganj Jr. Basic School (Uttar)1200Kumarganj
170Kumaraganj High School956Kumarganj
172Ajimgarh Primary School623Kumarganj
173Palashabana Fri Primary School1122Palashbona
175Uttar Maharajapur Fri Primary School934Maharajpur
177Mahananda Brij Primary School1021Maharajpur
178Maharajapur Kefatulla High School705Maharajpur
180Maharajpur S.S.K.987Maharajpur
181Maharajapur Junior Basic School1204Rajapur
183Madhya Rajapur S.S.K.890Rajapur
184Rajapur Fri Primary School1172Rajapur
185Maharajapur Gram Panchayet Afis868Rangamatia
186Rajapur M S K1108Rangamatia
187Chikni Primary School655Elahabad
188Elahabad Fri Primary School832Elahabad
189Sulatanaganj Haiskul1023Maharajpur
191Gokulapur Fri Primary School702Khailsana
193Golashib Ganj Fri Primary School726Nasipur
195Piragani Fri Primary School1046Pukhuria
197Pirgain M. S. K.679Pukhuria
198Kutubaganj Myanejad Primary School1051Pukhuria
199Madhy Kutubaganj Fri Primary School856Pukhuria
201Kutubaganj Gahar Hajitola Primary School904Pukhuria
203Mahananda High School954Pukhuria
205Kuchiahi Pry. School671Pukhuria
206Satamara Niu.Si.Es.Primary School545Satmara
208Satamara Junior Basic School974Satmara
209Barkal Primary School540Satmara

Last Updated on December 26, 2014