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Polling Booth in Mal Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Mal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Elenbari Tea Garden Primary School741Ellenbury Tea Garden
3Washabari Tea Garden Primary School841Washabari Tea Garden
5Washabari Old Bazar Line I.C.D.S. Centre572Washabari Tea Garden
6Mana Line S.S.K. Centre726Washabari Tea Garden
7Kalagaiti Tea Garden Primary School1134Kalagaity
8B.D.R. Busty S.S.K. Centre977Bagrakot Tea Garden
10Dara Line I.C.D.S. Centre958Bagrakot Tea Garden
11Church Line I.C.D.S. Centre945Bagrakot Tea Garden
12Bagrakote Tea Garden Primary School1075Bagrakot Tea Garden
13Chanda Colony Primary School751Bagrakot Tea Garden
14Bagarakote Tea Garden Primary School721Bagrakot Tea Garden
15N.P.G.L. Building Bagrakote835Bagrakot Tea Garden
16Leesh River Tea Garden Primary School626Lishriver Tea Garden
18Barkona Line Primary School373Lishriver Tea Garden
19Leesh River Primary School (Hope Division)697Lishriver Tea Garden
20Asha Club (Hope Division)465Lishriver Tea Garden
21Patibari Tea Garden Primary School425Lishriver Tea Garden
23Saogaon B.F.P. School525Saogaon
24Sonali Tea Garden Primary School962Saogaon Tea Garden
25Gajoldoba High School631Gojaldoba Tea Garden
27Gajoldoba Community Hall913Gojaldoba Tea Garden
28Paschim Premganj B.F.P. School942Gojaldoba Tea Garden
29Gajaldoba C.S. Adibasi Primary School790Hanskhali
30Targhera Primary School477Targhera
31Oodlabari Tea Garden Primary School645Odlabari Tea Garden
33Oodlabari Tea Garden Labour Club House908Odlabari Tea Garden
34Nabajagaran M.S.K. Centre890Dakshin Odlabari (CT)
36Bharat Sebashram Stata Plan Primary School1065Dakshin Odlabari (CT)
37Teesta Barrage Township Recreation Club922Odlabari (CT)
38Teesta Barrage Sub - Division - V (Office Room)597Odlabari (CT)
39Bidhan Vidyapith795Odlabari (CT)
40Purba Damdim Rabindra Vidyapith959Odlabari (CT)
43Oodlabari 2 No. State Plan Primary School732Odlabari (CT)
45Adarsha Vidyalaya Hindi High School1022Odlabari (CT)
47Oodlabari High School1114Odlabari (CT)
48Manabari Tea Garden Primary School619Manabari Tea Garden
50Manabari Vineer Mill Primary School811Manabari
51Turibari C.S. Primary School941Turibari
52Patharjhora Tea Garden Primary School784Patharjhora Tea Garden
54Patharjhora Tea Garden Labour Club House600Patharjhora Tea Garden
55Kharbari Line Worker Club I.C.D.S. Centre687Patharjhora Tea Garden
56Bullabari Tg Pry. School (New Building)841Ranichera Tea Garden
57Baintbari Icds Centre743Betbari Tea Garden
58Gajendra Vidyamandir High School1131Damdimhat
60Paschim Damdim Primary School772Paschim Damdim
61Damadim Tea Garden Primary School884Damdim Tea Garden
63Damdim Tg Jr. High School687Damdim Tea Garden
64Barrons Damdim - 1 Primary School504Damdim Tea Garden
66Damdim Tea Garden North Grant Primary School719Damdim Tea Garden
68Shilanand Msk666Betguri Tea Garden
69Baintgoorie Tea Garden Primary School865Betguri Tea Garden
70Chaity Tea Garden Primary School996Betguri Tea Garden
71Namji Line I.C.D.S. Centre Baintgoorie Tea Garden789Betguri Tea Garden
72Nayakaman Division Primary School837Kumlai Tea Garden
73Kumlai Tea Garden Primary School922Kumlai Tea Garden
75Goodhope Tg Jr. High School866Sisubari Tea Garden
76Good Hope Tea Garden Primary School819Sisubari Tea Garden
77Chakala Basti Primary School (New Building)1110Khasjangal-II
78Kuthi Line S.S.K.345Ranichera Tea Garden
79Ranichera T.G. Primary School822Ranichera Tea Garden
80Western Dooars Primary School821Ranichera Tea Garden
81Sylee Tea Garden Primary School500Syli Tea Garden
83Sylee Junior Hindi School587Syli Tea Garden
84Sylee Prem Nagar Ssk Chel Division874Syli Tea Garden
85Meenglass Tea Garden Primary School1100Menglass Tea Garden
86Munshi Line I.C.D.S. Centre779Menglass Tea Garden
87Bhuttabari I.T.D.P. Primary School736Menglass Tea Garden
88Dalimkote Tea Garden Primary School637Dalingkote Tea Garden
90Mal Nady Tea Garden Primary School609Malnadi Tea Garden
91Gurjangjhora Tea Garden Primary School667Gurjang Jhora Tea Garden
93Toonbari Tea Garden Primary School732Tunbari Tea Garden (P)
94Fatkanjote Primary School576Haihai Pathar Tea Garden I(P)
95Raja Tea Garden Primary School671Haihai Pathar Tea Garden I(P)
97New Glencoe Tea Garden Primary School1157New Clenco Tea Garden (P)
98New Glencoe Tea Garden Ssk1012New Clenco Tea Garden (P)
99Rungamuttee Tea Garden Spring Field Primary School447Rangamati Tea Garden
101Rungamuttee Tea Garden Primary School1123Rangamati Tea Garden
103Ranikhola Ssk Centre599Rangamati Tea Garden
104Chaibasha Tea Garden Primary School755Rangamati Tea Garden
105Rungamuttee Tea Garden Naya Kaman Division Primary School872Rangamati Tea Garden
106Needam Tea Garden Primary School783Nidam Jhora Tea Garden
108New Mal Railway Accademy584Haihai Pathar Tea Garden I(P)
109Mal Adarsha Vidya Bhaban990Mal (M)
113Subhasini Girls High School816Mal (M)
114Satkar Samity477Mal (M)
115Forward Club753Mal (M)
116Mal Hindi C.S. Primary School529Mal (M)
118B. L. High School Mal1062Mal (M)
119Mal 2 No. State Plan Primary School714Mal (M)
121Mal R.R. Primary School802Mal (M)
124New Mal Jn. Primary School954Mal (M)
126Zilla Parishad Dak Bunglow649Mal (M)
128Sanghamitra Club702Mal (M)
129Veterinary Hospital Mal732Mal (M)
130Ananda Vidyapith High School1102Mal (M)
131Mal Mission Primary School858Mal (M)
132Tesimla B.F.P. School1179Tesimala
133Tesimla I.T.D.P. Primary School931Tesimala
134Omar Ali High School551Tesimala
135Multipurpose Building Paschim Hai Hai Pathar1092Haihaipathar
136Purba Hai Hai Pathar M.S.K.937Haihaipathar
137Sardar Para N.A. Primary School608Demkajhora
138Thapa Busty N.A. Primary School744Demkajhora
139Hai Hai Pathar B.F.P. School938Haihaipathar
140I.C.D.S. Centre Purba Hai Hai Pathar1081Haihaipathar
141Baradighi High School610Nichchalsa
143Bhotdanga S.T. Primary School1001Nichchalsa
144Nepuchapur Tea Garden Primary School856Nipuchhapur Tea Garden
146Senpara Gadadhar B.F.P. School688Purba Damdim
148Nepuchapur Busti B.F.P. School657Nipuchhapur
149Baintgoorie Busty B.F.P. School854Nipuchhapur
150Daroga Busty B.F.P. School895Kantadighi Kumarpara
152I.C.D.S. Centre Ghumti Para744Kantadighi Kumarpara
153Banshbari B.F.P. School810Kumali
154Kantadighi Kumar Para High School962Neora
155Neora Nudy T.G. Crech House1080Neoranadi Tea Garden
156Neora Nadi Tea Garden Primary School627Neoranadi Tea Garden
158Kantadighi Kumarpara Special Cadre Primary School888Dakshin Kantadighi Kumarpara
159Sarkar Para N.A. Primary School619Kumali
160Rajadanga Non Formal S.S.K.794Rajadanga
161Kodalkati S.P. Primary School880Kodalkati
162Missionary School876Kodalkati
163Penda Mohammad High School507Uttar Chengmari
165Rajadanga S.P. Primary School1134Uttar Majhgram
166Rajadanga B.F.P. School951Dhalabari
168Barogharia No. 1 B.F.P. School1108Bara Gharia
169Salbari B.F.P. School1129Bara Gharia
170Rajadanga M.S.K.668Anandapur
172Anandapur Tea Garden Primary School816Anandapur
174Anandapur T.G. I.C.D.S. Centre No. 81679Anandapur Tea Garden
175Mech Busty Forest Village Primary School429Apalchand Forest
176Shologhoria Forest Village Primary School636Apalchand Forest
177Kailashpur Tea Garden Primary School849Uttar Hanskhali
179Uttar Hanskhali B.F.P. School Chengmari Gate720Dakshin Hanskhali
181National Hindi High School763Dakshin Hanskhali
183Uttar Hanskhali B.F.P. School1183Dakshin Hanskhali
184Sidabari N.A. Primary School1044Dakshin Hanskhali
185Sishutirtha S.S.K.325Apalchand
186Gochimari N.A. Primary School890Gochimari
187Neolabasti B.F.P. School781Gochimari
188Golabari Special Cadre Primary School461Chengmari Forest
190Dolaigaon B.F.P. School560Paschim Dolaigaon
192Chengmari (W.M.E.) High School919Purbba Dolaicaon
193Koraibari Primary School1138Purbba Dolaicaon
194Chengmari Sahe Bbari Primary School792Purbba Dolaicaon
195Srikrishna M.S.K.828Purbba Dolaicaon
196Jogesh Chandra Tea Garden Additional Primary School (Division)778Jogesh Chandra Tea Garden
197Jogesh Chandra I.C.D.S. No. 611939Jogesh Chandra Tea Garden
198Jogesh Chandra Tea Garden Primary School636Jogesh Chandra Tea Garden
200Baidyadanga B.F.P. School699Uttar Khalpara
201S.S.K. Centre Rahamatari874Dakshin Majhgram
202Chatra B.F.P. School847Jhar Majhgram
203Bhandari I.C.D.S. Centre552Jhar Majhgram
204Chikanmati Primary School578Chikanmati
205Debijhora High School960Kranti
207Debijhora B.F.P. School899Kranti
209Dakshin Majhgram B.F.P. School950Dakshin Majhgram
210Saripakuri B.F.P. School960Uttar Saripakuri
212Baikunthapur Mouyamari Primary School993Dakshin Khalpara
214Chengmari B.F.P. School1085Uttar Khalpara
215Nagaradanga Primary School551Uttar Saripakuri
217Khalpara B.F.P. School817Uttar Khalpara
218Lataguri High School (H.S.)536Lataguri (CT)
220Lataguri B.F.P. School925Lataguri (CT)
221Lataguri Girls High School665Lataguri (CT)
223Uttar Matiali N.A. Primary School840Uttar Matiali
225Jharmatiali B.F.P. School739Jhar Matiali
227Jharsalbari No. Ii Golabari Primary School747Uttar Matiali
229Majhabari S.T. Primary School736Uttar Matiali
231Aadabari Special Cadre Primary School824Adabari
233Dakshin Jhar Matiali B.F.P. School885Uttar Matiali
235Laxmir Vita Primary School827Chak Maulani
236Netaji Prathomik Vidyalaya1089Chak Maulani
237Moulani Rail Gate Primary School1065Dakshin Chak Maulani
238Galindr Nath Hai School (Dakshinangsh)642Dakshin Chak Maulani
240Dakshin Matiali B.F.P. School395Dakshin Matiali
241Dakshin Matiali Junior High School804Dakshin Matiali
242Bidyeswari Primary School684Dakshin Matiali
244Bidurer Danga B.F.P. School724Bidurerdanga
246Sat Sangha Ashram B.F.P. School1137Purbba Sangapara
247Basusuba High School653Basusuba
249Mouamari Krishnanagar B.F.P. School567Purbba Mauamari
250Dakshin Saripakuri New Primary School629Dakshin Saripakuri
251Nitai Das Smriti M.S.K.457Chapadanga
252Dhantala Junior High School1004Chapadanga
253Pashchim Sangopada Primary School649Chapadanga
254Dakshin Chengmari Primary School928Dakshin Chengmari
255Dakshin Saripakuri State Plan Primary School1138Dakshin Saripakuri

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