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Polling Booth in Magrahat Purba Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Magrahat Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Magrahat Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sitaramapur Shikshaniketan (High School)646Sitarampur
3Aamadatala Bord Efpischool765Uttar Amratala
5Aamadatala Gonsaidas Junior High School839Uttar Amratala
6Chak Shrihari Ef.Pi. School818Uttar Amratala
7Haranandapur F. P. School898Chak Haranandapur
8Purb Ramanathapur Efpischool884Purbba Ramanathpur
9Magur Pukur Jalasi Hat Ef. Pi.School1070Chak Jalasi
10Rajapur Parui Ef.Pi.School1119Uttar Krishnapur
13Chandapur State Plan F P School963Beramara
14Rajapur Efpischool828Beramara
16Kamarapukur Efpischool889Paschim Kamar Pukuria
17Chak Shriharichakaparan Kantakhali Ef.Pi.School902Chak Parankanta Khali
20Mohanapur Kekejisi Inastitiushan1075Uttar Mohanpur
23Karimabad Ef.Pi. School658Karimabad
25Kantakhali Efpischool(Bahadurapur)743Chak Parankanta Khali
27Chak Kamal Haladar Ef.Pi. School444Chak Kamal Halder
28Chak Eeshbari Efpischool911Chak Parankanta Khali
29Dihinarayani Dhulakot Efpischool696Dihi Narayani
32Maniramapur Efpischool641Manirampur
33Baramaukhali Ef.Pi. School565Manirampur
34Maukhali Efpischool446Moukhali
36Ratna Bi.En.Junior Basic School915Ratna
37Heriya Ef.Pi.School780Heria
39Maukhali Gopinathapur Ninmabuniyadi Vidyalaya833Uttar Gopinathpur
42Madhabapur Junior Basic School969Madhabpur
44Panch Pada Ef Pi School859Panchpara
45Uttar Baganad Efpischool787Dhamua (CT)
47Dakshin Baganad Sakherahat Ef.Pi.School530Dhamua (CT)
49Tapukuriya Efpischool966Tapukur
50Hotar Jatiy Vidyalaya792Marjyada
52Hotar Bidyaniketan Ninm Buni: Vidyalaya844Hotar
54Purb Hotar Efpischool922Hotar
56Dakshin Kashi F.P.School1081Hotar
58Makhalatala Efpischool822Uttar Mukundapur
60Banibediya Efpischool1071Baniber
61Salika Ef.Pi.School1140Shyampur (CT)
64Aalida Baganad Haiskul737Shyampur (CT)
66Dhamuya Balika Vidyalaya1006Dhamua (CT)
68Dhamuya Tararat Efpischool791Dhamua (CT)
70Aalida Aadarsh Efpischool862Shyampur (CT)
71Ranganberia Fpschool1048Shyampur (CT)
73Maheshapur Haiskul777Shyampur (CT)
76Maheshapur Ef.Pi. School857Shyampur (CT)
78Kalapahadachak Efpischool1159Shyampur (CT)
79Tararat Efpischool(Purakaitapada)837Dhamua (CT)
80Bihari Efpischool536Dhamua (CT)
82Dhaniramer Chak Efpischool808Shyampur (CT)
84Mulati Harendranath Ef Pi School946Multi
86Banasundariya Suryyakant High School587Bansundaria
88Jaladhapa Ef.Pi.School1091Bansundaria
89Chandapur Efpischool1211Multi
90Garnakahati Gandhi Bidyapit1101Multi
91Kamadebapur Efpischool1025Barat Kamdebpur
93Shyamapur Badat Efpischool865Barat Kamdebpur
96Barat Kamadebapur Efpischool1123Barat Kamdebpur
98Mulati Subhash Bidyayatan721Multi
100Mulati Pi.Es.Uchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya764Multi
102Tasarala Efpischool775Tasrala
104Uttarakrishnapur Dodaliya Junior Basic School814Atparui
106Nananahat Efpischool642Nainan (CT)
110Byasapur Efpischool902Byaspur
112Kuladiya Haiskul642Kuldia
114Kuldiya F. P. .School549Kuldia
115Kuldia Baganchi F. P. School474Kuldia
117Mirjapur Efpischool861Mirzapur
120Jayapur Efpischool713Jaypur
122Hansuri High School600Hansuri
124Hansuri F.P.School871Hansuri
125Inayetapur Ef.Pi.School705Enayetpur
126Dihikalas Efpischool561Dihi Kalas (CT)
130Kalas Efpischool661Uttar Kalas (CT)
132Kalas Uchch Vidyalaya730Dihi Kalas (CT)
135Belagachhiya Ef.Pi.School800Belgachhia
136Mohanapur Nadiya Efpischool664Dakshin Mohanpur
137Mohanpur S. S. K.665Dakshin Mohanpur
138Charagachhiya Efpischool1157Dihi Kalas (CT)
140Khanpur I. C. D. S. Center626Dihi Kalas (CT)
141Suripukur Efpischool1076Dihi Kalas (CT)
142Mollarachak Eeshbaripur Efpischool539Mallarchak Ishwaripur
144Magrahat Anglo Oriental Institution765Belaria
145Beladiya Efpischool529Belaria
147Purb Beladiya Efpischool549Magrahat (CT)
149Aajamakhali Efpischool741Azam Khali
150Mollar Chak Efpischool752Dakshin Kashi
153Harishankar Bankipur Arjunapur Ef.Pi.School628Dakshin Kashi
155Uttar Bilandapur Efpischool760Bilandapur (CT)
158Bilandapur Efpischool745Bilandapur (CT)
159Mamudapur Ef.Pi.School619Mamudpur
161Magarahatamusalimaeyanglooriye Haiskul688Mamudpur
163Magrahat Girls High Madrasha840Mamudpur
164Mollar Chak Sanggramapur Efpischool684Swangrampur (CT)
166Sarbanandapur Bilandapur Ef.Pi.School741Maitala
169Sarbanandapur Ef.Pi.School893Sarbanandapur
170Radhanagar Bi.En. Em. High School830Uttar Radhanagar
172Madhusudanapur Efpischool853Uttar Radhanagar
173Radhanar Efpi.School736Uttar Radhanagar
175Magarahat Shtetaplyan Efpischool769Magrahat (CT)
176Radhanagar F.P. School652Magrahat (CT)
179Arjjunapur Efpischool(Saha Pada)714Magrahat (CT)
181Arjunapur Efpischool(Musalaman Pada)887Magrahat (CT)
183Harishangkarapur Special Ef.Pi.School754Harisankarpur
185Harisankarpur Sadharan Pathagar558Harisankarpur
187Haludabediya Efpischool834Harisankarpur
189Purb Karamanuraj Fpschool890Harisankarpur
191Karamanuraj High School623Harisankarpur
193Kantapukur Nonatala Efpischool707Harisankarpur
195Makhaliya Efpischool695Ramchandranagar
197Dulalapur Ef.Pi. School624Ramchandranagar
199Ramanagar Efpischool886Ramchandranagar
202Gokarni M.S.K.922Gokarni
204Gokornee Junior Besic School1230Gokarni
206Gorkani Rural Laibreri976Gokarni
207Gokarni Sardar Para I.C.D.S Center509Gokarni
208Benipur High School616Benipur
209Roynagar F. P. School555Benipur
211Ghanashyamapur Efpischool538Ghanashyampur
213Gotabediya Efpischool995Shyamnagar
215Shibapur Pallimangal Junior High School821Jugdia
217Yugadiya Fpschool911Jugdia
219Pashchim Yugadiya Efpischool951Jugdia
223Uttar Yugadiya Efpischool1175Jugdia
225Saligaria F.P. School712Jugdia
227Medhagni Payaranai Efpi School987Jugdia
228Aatasura Efpischool1092Purba Kamarpukuria
230Maitirhat F. P. School861Purba Kamarpukuria
231Purb Kamarapukur Efpischool564Purba Kamarpukuria
232Udel Chandapur Efpischool744Kanta Pukuria
234Pashchim Udel Chandapur Efpischool731Urel Chandpur
237Taladi Efpischool729Taldi
238Daaiji Mallavpur F. P. School564Taldi
239Katapukuriya Efpischool507Kanta Pukuria
240Aabad Chandapur Eseske462Abad Chandpur
241Trilok Patrerachak Ef.Pi.School490Ishwaripur
242Eeshbaripur Efpischool758Ishwaripur
243Dhanapota Efpischool(1No Ghar)734Dhanpota
245Dhonpota S. S. K.883Dhanpota
247Paranakhali Efpischool861Paran Khali
249Bishbeshbarapur Mukundapur Ef.Pi.School512Bishweshwarpur
251Bisweswarpur M. S. K.728Bishweshwarpur
252Daaiji S. S. K.492Dakshin Mukundapur
253Chhot Mukundapur Efpischool724Dakshin Mukundapur
254Bankaradand Efpischool866Bankadwar
255Katakina Eeshbaripur Efpischool1085Katkina Ishwaripur

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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