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Polling Booth in Madarihat Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Madarihat

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Madarihat Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nepania I.T.D.P School511Nepania
2Bandapani T.G Primary School1084Bandapani Tea Garden
3Reti Forest Village Prathamik Vidyalaya654Riti Forest
4Bandapani Purba Line Primary School974Bandapani Tea Garden
6Garochera Bandapani Primary School367Garochera Bandapani
7Joybirpara T.G. Primary School844Jaybirpara Tea Garden
9Dheklapara T.G. Primary School718Dheklapara Tea Garden
10Nepania Dheklapara T.G. C.S. Primary School526Dheklapara Tea Garden
11Hossainabad Npgel School688Singhania Tea Garden
12Hosenabad T.G. Primary School (Singhania)770Singhania Tea Garden
13Dalmore Garobusty Multipurpose Building1055Dalmore Tea Garden
14Dalamor Garobasti Pry. School887Dalmore Tea Garden
15Dalmore T.G. Primary School1100Dalmore Tea Garden
1610 No Jyoti Club741Dalmore Tea Garden
17New Lower Div. I.C.D.S Centre950Dalmore Tea Garden
18New Lower Dibhishan S.S.K.827Dalmore Tea Garden
19Makrapara T.G. Primary School1032Makrapara Tea Garden
20Makrapara T.G. Sukti Div. Primary School1026Makrapara Tea Garden
21Tulsipara Cha Bangan Koyeli Club535Lankapara Tea Garden
22Tulsipara T.G. Primary School (New D.P.E.P. Building)671Lankapara Tea Garden
25Lankapara Bazar Hindi High School816Lankapara Hat
26Milan Club917Lankapara Tea Garden
27Lankapara Khas Multipurpose Building897Lankapara Tea Garden
28Shivmandir Ssk641Lankapara Tea Garden
30Lankapara Bazar B.F.P. School643Lankapara Tea Garden
32Lankapara Cha Bagan Prathamik Vidyalaya739Lankapara Tea Garden
34Ramjhora Bazar Hindi High School944Ramjhora Tea Garden
35Ramjhora Bazar Primary School606Ramjhora Tea Garden
36Ramjhora T.G. Primary School853Ramjhora Tea Garden
38Pragati Msk815Holapara Forest
39Uttar Ballalguri I. T. D. P. Pry. School745Ballalguri
40Dhanapati Toto Memorial High School1145Totopara
41Poargaon Itdp Primary School563Totopara
42Gergenda Eastline Primary School900Garganda Tea Garden
43Gergenda T.G. Primary School822Garganda Tea Garden
44Health Sub-Centre Garganda Cha Bagan908Garganda Tea Garden
45Government Community Hall Garganda Cha Bagan444Garganda Tea Garden
46Hantapada T.G Bagan Narth Primary School802Hantupara Tea Garden
48Hantapara Pahari Line Primary Schoo537Hantupara Tea Garden
50Hantapada Gram-Panchayet Office811Hantupara Tea Garden
51Hantapada T.G. East Line Free Primary School1025Hantupara Tea Garden
52Dhumachipada Charch Liine Primary School757Dumchipara Tea Garden
54Dhumchipara T.G. Primary School683Dumchipara Tea Garden
56Dhumchipara B. F. P School893Dumchipara Tea Garden
5812 No. Line Icds Building Dhumchipara Cha Bagan481Dumchipara Tea Garden
59Mujanai T.G. Pri. School727Mujnai Tea Garden
60Upper Line Ssk682Mujnai Tea Garden
61Bangabari Mujanai Pri.School897Mujnai Tea Garden
62Ashwini Nagar Ssk408Uttar Madarihat (CT)
63Aswini Nagar Primary School866Uttar Madarihat (CT)
64Madarihat Girls High School618Uttar Madarihat (CT)
65Madarihat B.F.P. School1025Uttar Madarihat (CT)
66Subhash Nagar Ssk1098Uttar Madarihat (CT)
67Rabindr Nagar S. S. K.1026Uttar Madarihat (CT)
68Uttar Khayerbari Junior Basic School824Uttar Madarihat (CT)
69Meghnad Saha Nagar Ssk713Uttar Madarihat (CT)
70Uttar Chhekamari Msk761Uttar Chhekamari
71Khayerbari 1No B. F. P. School639Uttar Chhekamari
72Radhakrishna Jatiya Vidyalaya775Madhya Khairbari
73Bhanu Nepali Vidyamandir611Madhya Khairbari
74Madhy Khayer Bari I.T.D.P Pri. School777Madhya Khairbari
75Deokota Nepali High School654Purba Khairbari
76Purba Khayerbari B.F.P. School703Purba Khairbari
77Shanti I.T.D.P Pry. School683Uttar Khairbari
79Konapara Prathamik Vidyalaya791Dakshin Khairbari
80Khayer Bari High Madrasa930Dakshin Khairbari
81Lailiya Primary School796Islamabad
82Mokshedia Kharejia Madrasah Shiksha Kendra535Islamabad
83Khayerabadi Junior Basic School750Islamabad
85North Khairbari Forest Village Primary School339Khairbari Forest
86Yajneshbar Memorial Primary School757Pashchim Khayerbari
88Rangalibazna Mohan Sing High School1081Pashchim Khayerbari
89Khayerbari 2No Special Cadre Primary School793Madhya Chhekamari
91Madhy Madarihat Junior Basic School786Madhya Madarihat
93Madhya Madari Hat 1No S.S.K466Madhya Madarihat
94Dakshin Madarihat Special Cader Primary School1109Paschim Madarihat
95Dakshin Khayerbari Bord Pri. School446Purba Madarihat
97Bibekanand Bidyabhaban High School979Dakshin Madarihat
98Dakhin Madarihat Ssk558Dakshin Madarihat
99Kalimandir Ssk569Gopalpur Tea Garden
101Gopalapur T.G. Junior. Basic School590Gopalpur Tea Garden
103Dumchi Haripur I.T.D.P.Primary School587Dumchi Tea Garden
104Pradhan Para Pri School915Chapaguri
105Chapaguri Itdp Primary School569Chapaguri
106Uttar Shishubari I.T.D.P.Pri School599Uttar Sisubari
107Millpara Ssk874Uttar Sisubari
108Mujnai Jr. Basic School773Uttar Sisubari
109Shishubari High School349Uttar Sisubari
110Ambari Msk707Dakshin Rangali Baznar
111Nabinagar Pry. School1112Dakshin Rangali Baznar
112Raypara B.F.P. School512Dakshin Sisubari
114Khidirpur Rahamaniya High Madrasa920Madhya Rangali Bazar
115Khidirpur Prathamik Vidyalaya528Madhya Rangali Bazar
116Debendra Pathagar654Madhya Rangali Bazar
117Batiatari Primary School593Madhya Rangali Bazar
118Madhya Rangalibajana B.F.P.School769Madhya Rangali Bazar
119Dangapara Pri School739Uttar Rangali Baznar
120Pradhan Para Ssk924Uttar Rangali Baznar
121Birpara Girls High School1097Birpara Tea Garden
122Birpara 2 No. State Plan Primary School756Birpara Tea Garden
123Birpara Special Cadre Primary School554Birpara Tea Garden
124Birpara High School974Birpara Tea Garden
126Birpara Marowari Dharmasala528Birpara Tea Garden
127Birpara Hindi Primary School919Birpara Tea Garden
128Debigarh Pally Primary School723Birpara Tea Garden
129Shrimahabir Hindi High School602Birpara Tea Garden
133Subhashpally Primary School622Birpara Tea Garden
135Birpara College709Birpara Tea Garden
138Birpara Nepali High School959Birpara Tea Garden
140Nepali Byapatist Mission Primary School (Private)1021Birpara Tea Garden
141Barohaoda I.T.D.P. School933Birpara Tea Garden
142Lower Birbity Ssk937Birpara Tea Garden
143Shriganesh Vidyamandir492Birpara Tea Garden
144Bhanubhakta Nepali Primary School696Birpara Tea Garden
145Deokota Nepali Primary School1068Birpara Tea Garden
146Mahakalpara Ssk678Birpara Tea Garden
147Baburamline Ssk718Birpara Tea Garden
148Rahim Pur Cha Bagan State Plan Primary School974Rahimpur Tea Garden
149Sarugaon 3No. Primary School1124Sarugaon
150Nepania Special Cadre Primary School787Sisha-Jumrha (CT)
152Howrahdhura S.S.K1208Sisha-Jumrha (CT)
153Dimdima T.G. Primary School621Dimdima Tea Garden
155New Line Ssk722Dimdima Tea Garden
156Shantipara Division Ssk617Dimdima Tea Garden
157Nichline Ssk1126Dimdima Tea Garden
158Birpara T.G. Multiperpose Building787Birpara Tea Garden
159Birpara Cha Bagan Primary School849Birpara Tea Garden
160Birpara Cha Bagan Hindi Prathamik Vidyalaya635Birpara Tea Garden
162Birpara T.G. Jateswar Div. Primary School784Birpara Tea Garden
164Nangdala T.G. Primary School675Nangdala Tea Garden
165Mission Line Icds Centre645Nangdala Tea Garden
166Nangdala T.G. Primary School (New D.P.E.P Building)890Nangdala Tea Garden
168Moraghat Naya Line Icds Centre - 621090Maraghat Tea Garden (D)
169Moraghat Tg Primary School1142Maraghat Tea Garden (D)
171Binnaguri Tg Primary School970Binaguri Tea Garden (D)
174Munda Line Icds Centre574Binaguri Tea Garden (D)
175Binnaguri Tg Basti Line Ssk858Binaguri Tea Garden (D)
176Itdp Primary School908Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
177Huldibari T.G Primary School964Haldibari Tea Garden (D)
179Huldibari Icds Centre1140Haldibari Tea Garden (D)
180Huldibari Tg Msk1066Haldibari Tea Garden (D)
182Teleparatg Primary School1101Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
184Golai Lain Icds Centre1021Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
185Telipara Tg New Line Icds Centre385Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
188Nalanda Shishuniketan Primary School772Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
189Icds Centre Near Gram Panchayat Office697Telipara Tea Garden (D) (CT)
190Binnaguri High School748Binaguri Tea Garden (D)
192Sakoajhora Nepali Basti Primary School563Sakojhora (D)
193Sakoajhora 1No Bfp School997Pradhanpara
194Kaluarpar Mm Bfp School997Pradhanpara
195Jogijhora Additional Primary School1061Pradhanpara
196Sakoajhora 2No Bfp School1036Pradhanpara
197Aangrabhasha Bangshibadan High School1118Sajnapara
200Moharer Ban Bfp School957Uttar Dangapara
201Nabin Chandra Smriti Primary School651Dakshin Sakojhora
202Uttar Danga Para Primary School1018Uttar Dangapara
203Guild Mission Primary School912Uttar Dangapara
204Gairkata R.R. Pry. School1010Gayerkata Tea Garden (D)
205Gairkatatg Primary School794Gayerkata Tea Garden (D)
206Gairkata Tg Hindi Jr School1121Gayerkata Tea Garden (D)
207Bigha Line Icds Centre902Gayerkata Tea Garden (D)
208Gairkata High School1141Gairkata (CT)
210Gairkata Hindi Primary School1103Gairkata (CT)
211Ajay Ghosh Smriti Primary School1088Gairkata (CT)
212Purba Gairkata Additional Primary School932Gairkata (CT)
214Kongan Nagar Ssk867Gairkata (CT)
215Amabadipa Pry. School452Gairkata (CT)
216Chaupathi Cs Primary School1059Sakojhora (D)
218Nibedita Ssk995Sakojhora (D)

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