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Polling Booth in Lalgola Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Lalgola

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Lalgola Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ilimapur No-2 Primary School646Ilimpur
2Illimpur Puthiapara S.S.K467Ilimpur
3Icrhigh Madrasa863Ilimpur
5Ramchandrapur Primary School579Neamatpur
7Riyanapur Khamarapada Primary School711Rianpur
9Panishala Natunadiyar Prathamik Vidyalaya703Panisala
11Natundiyar Primary School514Jumra Nayagram
13Natun Diyar I.C.D.S Centre1003Jumra Nayagram
14Kadamatala Primary School735Nasipur
16Nashipur Kuchidanga Fri Primary School1012Nasipur
18Janarddanpur Gavapara S.S.K332Nasipur
19Janarddanapur Madrasa882Nasipur
21Jagar Pada Primary School660Jagarpara
23Janarddanapur Fri Primary School682Janardanpur
24Janardanpur I.C.D.S Centre1054Janardanpur
25Rajanagar Podamari Primary School865Rajarampur
26Chandpur S.S.K987Rajarampur
28Haripur Junior Basic School994Rajarampur
30Chakamaharam Primary School1054Rajarampur
31Jhaudanga S.S.K333Jhau Danga
32Sarapakhiya Primary School392Sarpakhia
34Shyamapur Kshetranath Junior Basic School563Syampur
35Dihipara Chandipur S.S.K667Syampur
38Ramapal Garlas Prathamik Vidyalaya547Rampal
39Dangapara I.C.D.S Centre728Tejraypur
40Paikpara S.S.K698Paikpara
41Paikpara Free Primary School634Paikpara
43Nareshaganj Primary School975Paikpara
44Chuapukur M.S.K906Paikpara
45Chuanyapukur Junior Basic School893Paikpara
47Rajaramapur High School505Tejraypur
49Mulidanga Primary School1061Miulidanga
50Sagiya Natun Pada Primary School999Sagia
51Bathan Pada Primary School856Sites Nagar
52Jagannathapur Junior Haiskul547Jagarpara
54Charagayeshapur Primary School740Gayespur
55Siteshanagar 2No Primary School609Sites Nagar
57Siteshanagar 1No Primary School414Sites Nagar
59Kajala Primary School776Kajla
60Namuorahar Pry.School545Namoorahar
61Biramapur A. S. Vidyamandir574Nadaipur
63Biramapur Chanipada Primary School869Nadaipur
64Samaserapur Primary School755Durgapur
65Kaliyagachhi Primary School625Kaliagachhi
66Shibpur Pry.School324Nadaipur
67Mridadapur Primary School701Mridadpur
70Dewansarai S.S.K700Deoan Sarai
71Chakadihi Ganeshapur Chakapada Primary School883Ramnabag Sarai
72Laskarapur Haiskul768Amarkunda
732 No Palashbati Kaloni S.S.K503Gaukhana
74Nadaipur S.S.K505Nadaipur
75Shalika S.S.K844Nadaipur
76Nadaipur Primary School701Nadaipur
78Jayaramapur Primary School826Amarkunda
79Palashbati S.K.U.S803Amarkunda
80Durgapur Primary School989Durgapur
81Ganeshpur Pry.School621Durgapur
82Damodarapur Primary School535Krishnapur
84Mallikapur Primary School956Paharpur
86Bahadurapur Kaloni Primary School786Paharpur
89Lalagola Junior Basic School861Krishnapur
91Chanipada Primary School1027Krishnapur
93Lalagola Padma Ef.Si.Es.Lih (Milan Grih)655Krishnapur
95Bahadupur G.P.Offce592Lalgola
96Lalagola Pi.Eich.I.Afis664Lalgola
97Harijanpara Pry. School467Lalgola
98Paharpur Colony S.S.K387Paharpur
100Pahadapur 1Nomahadilal Chhapada Primary Vidyalaya850Paharpur
102Pahadapur 2No Primary School1017Paharpur
103Daragatala Primary School444Paharpur
105Khalifabad Primary School498Khalifabaj
108Chanoyapada Fri Primary School944Malatipur
110Khanduya Primary School858Bayra
112Sekhalipur Primary School549Bayra
114Boyra Mirpur S.S.K456Bayra
116Radhakrishnapur Malatipur Primary School828Radhakrishanapur
118Bilabora Kopada Gram Panchayet Afis738Lalgola
120Ramanagar Primary School921Lalgola
122Taranagar Primary School829Bil Borakpara
123Aatarashiya Primary School925Bil Borakpara
125Jotakhamar Primary School1079Lalgola
126Ramnagar Kalikapur Pry.School917Lalgola
127Sahabad Primary School551Sahabazpur
129Deshaoyali Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya879Lalgola
131Lalgola M.N. Academy (Flood Shelter)989Lalgola
133Chamapada Primary School918Lalgola
135Rahamatulla Hai Madrasa1051Lalgola
137Jilaparishad Dak Banglo543Lalgola
139Barabona Primary School980Lalgola
141Balarampur Islamiya Senior Madrasa960Krishnapur
143Balarampur Primary School758Krishnapur
145Kodalakati Naladahari Primary School525Lalgola
148Chataidubi Gopalanagar Primary School1013Bansgara
150Banshagada Primary School852Bansgara
152Uttar Latiber Pada Primary School761Bansgara
154Kalamegha Primary School (1No Ghar)919Kalmegha
156Hosnabad High School618Krishnapur
158I.C.D.S Centre Dharani Sarkarer Para1089Kalmegha
159Latiber Pada Zaubona Primary School966Kalmegha
161Bhabanipur Barakatiya Aaliya Madrasa1056Karttikpur
16340 No Bhabanipur Pry.School822Ganespur
165Manikchak Primary School769Brahimottar Manick Chak
167Bausemari Pry.School761Diyar Manick Chak
168Bhagabat Mandaler Pada Primary School567Brahimottar Manick Chak
170Diyad Manikachak Primary School987Brahimottar Manick Chak
171Manikachak Haimadrasa577Brahimottar Manick Chak
173Aashadiyadah Primary School549Krishnapur Dinurpara
175Bhagabanapur Primary School675Durbarpara
177Sanotal Pada Primary School1067Krishnapur Dinurpara
179Zaubona Primary School528Ramchandrapur
181Bishbanathapur Nandalal Primary School592Ramchandrapur
18371 No Hosnabad Pry.School744Karttikpur
184Dumuriya Pada Primary School764Karttikpur
185Narayanapur Primary School889Bajupur Madhupur
187Ekadaliya Biramapur Primary School440Upar Fatepur
189Madhupur Prathamik Vidyalaya954Ramchandrapur
19062 No Hosnabad Pry.School1014Ramchandrapur
191Namu Zaubona Primary School464Bajupur Madhupur
193Radhakantapur Primary School749Bajupur Madhupur
194Balutungi Majpara Pry.School774Bajupur Madhupur
195Chanderapada Primary School407Diar Fatepur
197Balutungi High School980Bajupur Madhupur
199Basupada Primary School1053Upar Fatepur
200Bausi Primary School964Bausi
202Jotabhikan Primary School923Jot Bhikhan
204Alighata Primary School884Sahapur
206Daulatapur Primary School815Sahapur
207Sahapur Pry.School929Sahapur
208Upar Fatepur Primary School879Upar Fatepur
210Dhulaudi High School748Diar Fatepur
211Balipara Pry.School844Diar Fatepur
212Diyad Fatepur Primary School499Diar Fatepur
214Aaidamari Krishnapur Gram Panchayet Afis1040Krishnapur Dinurpara
215Nutanagram Durbbarapada Prathamik Vidyalaya508Asharidaha
217Charabali Kanapada Primary School645Asharidaha
219Dihipada Primary School867Durbarpara
221Aaidamari Krishnapur Primary School570Krishnapur Dinurpara
223Haji Mahammadapur Dakshin Aaidamaripraimariskul849Hazi Mahammadpur
225Krishnapur Dinurapada Primary School603Radhakantapur
227Debipur Junior Basic School819Kantanagar
229Char Debipur Primary School689Dakshin Hanumanta Nagar
231Charabalipada Primary School611Dakshin Hanumanta Nagar
233Kantanagar Primary School634Kantanagar
234Kantanagar M.S.K603Kantanagar
236Kalinagar Primary School835Kantanagar
238Kupakandi Isalamiya Siniyar Madrasa570Kantanagar

Last Updated on June 01, 2020

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