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Polling Booth in Labpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Labpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Labpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Barasangra Part Basic School917Barasangra
2Tentuldihi Primary School791Maligram
3Chhoto Sangra Satischandra Memorial High School555Chhota Sangra
4Somsa Banamaldihi Primary School852Samsa
5Nirisha High School738Nirisha
6Pargram Primary School941Salgaria
7Dhobajol Saontal Primary School972Dhabajal
8Nanubazar Primary School1020Nanubazar
10Pashowa Primary School1027Melanpur
11Mritadaspur Primary School666Sindurtopa
12Patharghata Primary School803Layekpur
13Keora-Gadadharpur J.B. School680Jinaipur
14Bhabanandapur Primary School617Keora
15Ikra Part Basic School1085Ikra
16Sahishpur Primary School691Sahispur
17Paharpur Part Basic School980Paharpur
18Dakshin Amarpur Primary School855Paharpur
19Keshaipur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya955Majhigaon
20Madhupur Primary School693Madhupur
21Gargaria Parabartita Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya954Bangjita
22Gargaria Nirupama Vidyamandir451Gargaria
23Bholagaria Ahamadiya High Madrasha913Bholagaria
24Bholagoria Ahmedia High Madrasah Vocational Section721Bholagaria
25Rasaipur Primary School996Rasaipur
26Dhanai Budhura Primary School1108Dhanai
27Digha Primary School1094Digha
28Lebra Primary School932Lebra
29Panrui Union Amjad High School (Neturi)1012Mahulara
30Panrui Junior Basic School1020Panrui
31Netaipur Primary School978Netaipur
32Paschim Sundalpur Primary School1009Paschim Sundarpur
33Nimgaria Dakshinapada High School693Meherpur
34Purba Sundalpur Sotalpolly Pry. School472Purbba Sundalpur
35Suraipur Primary School900Mahula Shul
36Palasdanga Primary School1040Palashdanga
37Sanguldihi Primary School787Sanguldihi
38Kurumsaha Part Basic School1128Kurumsaha
39Kusumyatra Primary School909Kusumjatra
40Juinta Primary School757Juita
41Ishwarpur Sarada Primary School803Iswarpur
43Ahamadpur Madrasa Sikhakendra675Ahmadpur (CT)
45Ahamadpur Jaydurga High School925Ahmadpur (CT)
47Daspara Primary School737Ahmadpur (CT)
49Ahamedpur Sri Ramkrishna High School564Ahmadpur (CT)
51Ahamadpur Primary School986Ahmadpur (CT)
52Nohana Primary School761Udha
53Tekedda Primary School565Tekadyaha
54Aahamadapur Rajat Bhushan Duta Smriti Primary School1040Bhagabatipur
55Bhagabatipur Primary School658Bhagabatipur
56Kusumdihi Primary School775Kusumdihi
57Herua Primary School544Junedpur
58Kuchuighata Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya1068Kuchighata
59Islampur Primary School725Kuchighata
60Paschimsahapur Primary School868Paschim Sahapur
61Paikpara Primary School926Paikpara
62Kagas Belia Pry School908Kagas
64Nowapara Primary School553Paschim Naoapara
65Kalyanpur Pry School884Paschim Naoapara
66Bandhura Primary School1119Bhandhura
67Bhramarkol Primary School512Bharamarkol
69Jamkola Primary School943Jamkola
70Siur R.M. High School1016Purba Siur
72Dakshin Siur Primary School745Dakshin Siur
73Babuiya Primary School764Babuia
74Goraipur Primary School338Goraipur
75Kaluraipur Primary School860Kaluraypur
76Ballavpur Primary School811Goraipur
77Garurpur Primary School1105Garurpur
78Khayerpara Junior Basic School891Khanerpara
79Chandpur Part Basic School952Dakshin Chandipur
80Gangpur Primary School736Gangpur
81Hatia High School818Hatia
83Hatia No-2 Primary School752Hatia
85Bishaypur Primary School825Bishaypur
87Bhalkuti High School952Bhalkuti
89Makura Primary School602Makura
90Layekpur Primary School1099Layekpur
92Tarulia Primary School774Tarulia
93Rangalal Mukhopadhyay Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya1030Laghosa
94Laghosha High School700Laghosa
96Kamodpur Primary School574Kamadpur
98Shaspur Primary School695Shaspur
100Mordighi Primary School789Murdighi
101Raipur Primary School608Raypur
102Dwarka Sishu Shiksha Kendra1060Danrka
103Darbarpur Primary School918Danrka
105Dwarka Mirbandh Primary School820Danrka
107Dwarka Ninmabuniyadi Primary School912Danrka
108Dwarka High School1009Danrka
109Purb-Mahula Primary School681Ganutia
110Purba Durgapur Primary School793Purba Durgapur
111Abadanga Gopeswar High School965Ganutia
113Buniadangaon Primary School432Shakpur
114Nabagram Sishu Sikha Kendra884Ganutia
115Shankhpur Primary School932Shakpur
116Sawgram Primary School804Saugram
117Saugram Primary School989Saugram
118Saugram Palpara Primary School978Saugram
119Panchpara No-1 Primary School852Miapur
120Panchpara No 2 Primary School669Panchpara
122Bara Goga Primary School893Baragoga
123Chhoto Goga Primary School921Chhota Goga
124Manpur Primary School865Manpur
125Kuniara High School865Kuniara
126Puratan Mahugram Primary School859Puran Mahugram
127Kamarmath Primary School638Kamarmath
128Phalgram Primary School1057Phalgram
129Ghatatore Primary School973Ghattor
130Bhalash High School961Bhalas
132Ishakpur Purna Primary School931Punna
133Chowhatta Dhandanga Primary School866Chauhata
135Satish Sriti Pathagar916Chauhata
136Chowhatta High School543Chauhata
138Chowhatta C.B. School1040Chauhata
139Hirapur Primary School1052Hirapur
140Gopdighi Primary School731Gopdighi
141Kusumgaria Primary School922Kusumgaria
143Majumdardanga Primary School933Shekhampur
144Sekhmpur Sishu Siksha Kendra870Shekhampur
145Gopalpur Primary School394Shekhampur
146Kalikapur Primary School731Shekhampur
147Sambhu Mukherjee Smriti Primary School867Shekhampur
148Kirtipur Danga Primary School1003Faridpur
149Ujjwalpur Primary School762Ujalpur
150Kanaipur Primary School512Dakshin Kanaipur
151Babna Pry School338Babna
152Dubsha Primary School442Gopalpur
153Ekut Primary School1069Ekut
154Dhoyadanga Primary School800Dhoadanga
155Bheria Primary School464Bheria
156Bheria Msk801Kendia
157Tantinapara Primary School660Altor
158Arar Primary School581Uttarpara
159Mahodari High School1079Mahodari
160Rakhareshwar Primary School737Langalgram
161Malitpur Primary School1067Malitpur
162Saripa Primary School869Saripa
163Mandari Tiltikuri Primary School853Mandari
165Budura Primary School785Budhura
166Kurumba Mukundalal High School837Kurumba
168Gangarampur Primary School1081Kurumba
170Kashiara Primary School996Kashiara
171Khayerbuni High School681Palsa
172Amnahar Primary School509Amnahar
173Bipratikuri High School780Bipratikuri
174Tantbandhi Primary School442Tantbandhi
176Donaipur Primary School833Donaipur
177Purba Kadipur Primary School699Purbba Kadipur
178Indus No-2 Primary School1076Indas
179Indus Primary School663Indas
181Milanpur Primary School621Milanpur
182Kadoya Pry School539Kadoa
183Putundi Primary School884Radhakrishnapur
184Maheshpur Primary School791Maheshpur
185Ranipara Primary School1082Dwaranda
186Makaipur Primary School777Lohadda
187Purba Nowapara Primary School501Purbba Nawapara
188Dulasahapur Primary School574Surulia
189Gokulbati Junior High School506Gokulbati
190Kotolghosha Primary School789Kotul Ghosha
191Purba Sahapur Primary School545Purbba Sahapur
192Mastali Primary School968Mastali
193Paschim Kadipur Primary School588Paschim Kadipur
194Mahugram Sharatchandra Smriti Primary School765Debipur
195Mahugram Paschimpara Primary School908Madhugram
196Jagadamba J B School745Madhugram
198Labpur S.N.S.N.Girls High School848Labhpur (CT)
199Parbati Sankar Smriti Primary School758Labhpur (CT)
201Labpur Sandipan Pathsala765Labhpur (CT)
203Labpur J.L Highschool573Madhugram
205Gobindapur Indranarayan Junior Basic School793Purba Gobindapur
206Bakul S.S.K932Bakhul
207Monachitura M.S.K477Monachitura
208Laghata Saontalpara Primary School990Sarparajpur
209Kapsundi Primary School696Kapsundi
211Sha Alampur Primary School659Shahalampur
212Pushulia Primary School733Pushulia
213Nimra Primary School651Nimra
214Manikpur Primary School1062Manikpur
215Marugram Primary School1083Marugram
216Kurunnahar Puspobala Girls High School800Kurnahar
218Kurunnahar High School692Kurnahar
220Abad Primary School576Purba Ishakpur
221Namodangal Primary School920Dangal
222Ramghati Primary School1112Bagsina
223Buniadangal High School390Dangal
224Shitalgram Primary School887Sitalgram
225Bunia Primary School972Sitalgram
226Brahmanpara Primary School655Brahmanpara
227Mirati Primary School678Mirity
228Kandarkula Primary School756Kandarkula
229Balarampur Primary School658Kandarkula
231Thiba Primary School1094Thiba
233Duttabagtore Primary School893Datta Bagtor
234Bhatra-Kazipara Prathamik Vidyalaya743Bhatra
235Bagha Primary School875Bagha
236Kazipara Primary School1122Kazipara
237Kalyanpur Primary School1165Bhagabanpur
238Langalhata Primary School1038Nangalhata
239Jaychandrapur Primary School554Jaychandrapur
240Kaigara Primary School1001Kaigarya
241Kaichara Primary School872Kaichara
242Brahmanigram Primary School718Brahmanigram
243Puratan Kaluha Primary School445Brahmanigram
244Ramkrishnapur (Otodda) Primary School578Ramkrishnapur
245Bagtore Primary School716Bagtor
247Hatkaluha Badsahi High School1154Hatkaluha
248Jamna Dhrubabati Primary School1037Jamna
249Drubabati Pry School593Dhrubabati
250Haranandapur Primary School764Haranandapur
251Mahammadpur Primary School573Mahammadpur
252Fingtore Primary School728Fingtor
253Nandanpur Primary School370Nandanpur

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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