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Polling Booth in Kushmandi Assembly Constituency

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A long time Congress loyalist and Rahul Gandhi’s young Congress group member, Jyotiraditya has left the party. As of 11th March, Scindia has joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence Read More…

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Kushmandi Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kushmandi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kushmandi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Minapara F.P. School957Minapara
2Krishnapur F. P. School947Krishnapur
3Parameswarpur Uchha Vidyalaya1003Parameshwarpur
4Anantapur F.P.School958Anantapur
5Balapukur F.P.School662Balapukur
6Kuniya F.P.School763Akcha
7Bagdol F.P.School867Porabagdol
8Jamini Para S.S.K765Naogan
9Samashiya F.P.School1066Bateshwar
10Goyalgaon F.P.School1053Goalgaon
11Ukhaliya F.P.School1030Ukhalia
12Nijo Uttarpara F.P.School612Nituttarpara
13Rajapur F.P. School759Mastahar
14Chapra F.P. School608Chapra
15Dehat F.P. School725Dehata
16Ghatsha F.P.School998Jotsudam
17Ghatsa New Setup Juniar High School692Ghatsa
18Saraihat Bajedinor F.P.School1043Saraihat Bajedonor
19C.L.R.C. Office992Ukhalia
20Mahishbathan F.P.School820Mahishbathan
21Khagail T.N.S. High School680Khagail
22Langal Bhanga F.P.School890Langal Bhanga
23Ruyanagar F.P.School891Beldanga
24Rupain S.S.K.760Rupain
25Deul F.P.School1088Deul
26Gopalpur F.P.School579Gopalpur
27Borail F.P.School594Barail
28Isnail F.P.School933Isnail
29Nayapara F.P.School805Nayapara
30Manikor F.P.School708Manikor
31Manikore High School542Manikor
32Nambhor F.P.School720Nabhor
33Daharol F.P.School810Daharol
34Upadail S.S.K677Upadail
35Baluchar Balarampur F.P.School1016Titihi
36Molla Para F.P.School1005Pashim Mollapara
37Kachra F.P.School817Berail
38Kachra High School803Deokhanda
39Poradangi F.P.School1048Poradanga
40Jaherpur S.S.K532Raghabpur
41Dehabanda F.P.School658Dehabanda
43Aadyakhand F.P.School844Adyakhanda
44Mahator F.P.School504Mahator
45Ekdala Bairhatta F.P.School616Ekdala Bahirhata
47Korabula Satash Gram High Madrasa460Silimpur
48Kharika Dighi F.P.School854Kharikadighi
49Pachadighi F.P.School735Pachadighi
50Berail F.P.School815Berail
52Bilandabati F.P.School1077Deulabari
53Bhaktipur S.S.K.321Bhaktipur
54Sarala B.N.S.High School801Sarala
55Sarala F.P. School895Sarala
56Hansrail S.S.K902Kashimpur
57Kuanyor Bari F.P.School719Kunabari
58Shiyala F.P.School830Chapapara
59Tejihar F.P.School557Tejihar
60Aminpur Junior Basic School781Aminpur
61Belpukur F.P.School686Jarail
63Kapihar F.P. School475Jajihat Hadipur
64Chak Dhapara F.P.School847Chakdhapara
65Paptahar F.P. School661Paptahar Bhaktipur
66Tildanga F.P. School988Katasan
67Nurpur F.P. School390Nurpur
68Abuhar F.P.Schoo753Abuhar
69Amlahar S.S.K.604Amlahar
70Kalikamora F.P.School601Kalikamora
71Narayanpur Barobhita F.P. School692Narayanpur
72Puinala Mahagram F.P.School1172Puinala
73Barogharia Junior Basic School499Sibrampur
74Deulbari F.P.School753Deulbari
75Rasulpur F.P.School742Rasulpur
76Rampur F.P.School847Rampur
77Bhajana F.P.School1051Bhajna
78Mangalpur Angawari Centre421Nambhail
79Mirapara F.P.School835Mirapara
80Banihari F.P. School650Banihari
81Basail F.P.School618Ibrahimpur
83Chapahat F.P.School1099Chapahat Bairhatha
84Lakshmipur F.P.School793Lakshmipur
86Kushmandi High School826Kushmundi
88Kushmandi F.P. School1081Kushmundi
89Khagrakuri F.P. School442Kushmundi
90Kushmandi P.H.E.1050Kasba
91Singtor F.P.School820Kasba
92Samasiya Junior Basic School758Samsia
94Basulahar F.P.School739Kasba
95Baragachhi F.P. School852Baragachhi
96Mangalpur High School994Uttarpara
97Bara Krishnapur F.P.School521Bara Krishnapur
99Nahit High School1039Nahit
100Uttar Nahit F.P.School902Gilapukur
101Nahit F.P. School933Nahit
102Dhakdhol High School733Dhakdhol
103Dhakdhol F.P. School824Ujil
104Raghunathpur Choragachhi F.P.School989Arazi Panishala
105Panishalahat F.P.School974Nijuttarpara
106Karanji Oldscheme Senior Madrasa681Karangi
107Karanji F.P. School629Karangi
108Betahar F.P.School746Betahar
109Uttar Karanji F.P.School972Karangi
110Nakarna F.P.School973Arazi Minapara
111Mandahar F.P.School707Mandahar
112Makail F.P.Schoo1085Makail
113Keshabpur F.P.School1155Keshabpur
114Balaspur F.P.School707Balaspur
115Maulai F.P.School495Maulai
116Uttar Udaypur F.P.School960Udaypur
117Basil Jhagrapara F.P.School865Purbba Basail
118Maheshpur S.S.K.301Maheshpur
119Angariban Putahari F.P.School376Saraipur
121Chausha F.P.School644Chausa
122Chousha High School770Chausa
123Udaypur F.P.School878Udaypur
124Satimari F.P.School727Chandipur
125Chandipur M.S.K.747Chandipur
126Chandpur F.P.School1069Ayera
127Kandah F.P.School790Kandaha
129Mahishakuri F.P.School710Mahishakuri
130Balarampur F.P.School374Balarampur
131Salekkuri F.P.School590Salekkuri
132Sherpur F.P.School840Serpur
133Mahipal Dighi High School949Mahipaldighi
134Pukur Para Roypur S.S.K508Pukurpar Raypur
135Bhelakuri F.P.School558Bhelakuri
136Saragoda Kapuriya F.P.School760Kapuria
137Bagduma F.P.School556Bagduma
138Kakair F.P.School746Kakair
139Panchhata F.P.School918Panchhata
140Gobrabil F.P.School644Gobrabil
141Chandail F.P. School534Chandail
142Madhavpur Barogachhi F.P.School539Madhabpur Baragachhi
143Ramchandrapur F.P.School837Panchanagar
144Dikul Junior Basic School1061Dikul
145Berol F.P. School 942Alampur
147Lohaganj High School735Chakmaha
148Chhota Damodarpur F.P.School1012Chhota Damodarpur
149Yadavpur F.P.School1002Jadabpur
150Nimakuri Dangapara F.P.School649Bighor
151Durgapur S.S.K932Durgapur
152Mithapukur F.P.School483Khamrail
153Maligaon F.P.School835Maligaon
154Mahabullapur F.P.School989Katalhat
155Lohaganj F.P.School534Lohaganja
157Kantabari High School952Gangajit
158Mallikpur F.P.School1081Mallikpur
159Shingfarka F.P.School738Singfarka
161Kanthalhat Hosseinpur F.P.School698Kathalhat Hosenpur
162Tarultala F.P.School548Kantaban
163Hosenpur F.P.School936Kathalhat Hosenpur
164Bashpara F.P.School719Kathalhat Hosenpur
165Pathanpara F.P.School680Katatair
166Katatair F.P.School809Katatair
167Hatat Colony Icds Centre403Katatair
168Bhoral F.P.School762Bhoral
169Jafarpur F.P.School715Jaydebpur
170Sukdevpur F.P.School1006Shukdebpur
171Sukdevpur High School476Shukdebpur
172Uttar Sukdevpur Adibashi F.P.School910Shukdebpur
173Jaydevpur Junior Basic School1125Jaydebpur
175Pargaon F.P.School874Pargaon
176Akachha F.P.School520Akchha
177Debipur F.P.School 823Naodapara
178Dakshin Debipur F.P.School813Debipur
179Mahipur F.P.School710Mahipur
180Maharajpur Janakalyan Tantubay Samiti1011Patan
182Jalalpur F.P.School361Jalalpur
184Jalalpur Colony S.S.K844Jalalpur
185Thengapara High School 1004Boaldaha
186Boyaldaha F.P.School1050Boaldaha
188Purba Thengapara S.S.K645Thengapara
189Maharajpur Thengapara F.P. School 550Maharajpur
191Niranjan Ghosh Smriti Vidyapith1061Kadighat (P)
193Maharajpur F.P.School573Maharajpur
195Narayanpur Santal F.P.School984Narayanpur (P)
196Duba Narayanpur F.P.School562Patan
197Malipara Tapasili Upajati High School844Patan
198Narayanpur Junior Basic F.P.School583Narayanpur (P)
200Narayanpur Lakshitala F.P.School824Narayanpur (P)
202Mahurkismat F.P.School1125Mahurkismat
203Ramdevpur F.P.School977Ramdebpur
204Hekendar F.P.School604Fayezpur
205Jahangirpur F.P.School988Jahangirpur
207Hosenpur Khojapur F.P.School630Khozapur
208Dafarpur Adibashi F.P.School633Dafarpur
209Kasba F.P.School617Kasba
210Sultanpur F.P.School859Sultanpur
211Nandair F.P.School974Nandair
212Shrinathbati F.P.School1068Enayatpur
213Tilchhara Anganaoyari Kendra785Shikarpur
214Kashimpur F.P.School912Mahurkismat
215Keshavpur F.P.School932Keshabpur
216Keshabpur Shibmandir Icds Centre1160Keshabpur
217Minapara Adhibasi F.P.School756Damina
218Shyampur F.P.School668Chakrapanipur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014