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Polling Booth in Kurseong Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Kurseong Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kurseong

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kurseong Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sonada Uccha Vidyalaya694Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
2Holly Cross Girls High School Room No-469Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
5Divya Jyoti English School365Hill Cart Road
6Naya Busty Community Hall816Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
7Degree College Sonada947Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
8Himalayan Bani Vidya Mandir Room No-772Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
9Sisu Bikash Primary School Milling346Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
10Central School( For Tibetian)1062Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
11Scot Mission Nimna Buniyadi Pathshala Room No-817Hill Cart Road
12Friends Club832Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
13I Chandraman Dhura Prathamik Pathashala.509Rongmook Ceder Tea Garden (CT)
14Upper Ceder Prathamik Pathashala1003Rongmook Ceder Tea Garden (CT)
15Cedars High School490Rongmook Ceder Tea Garden (CT)
16Sarbajanik Pry:School841Rongmook Ceder Tea Garden (CT)
17Rangmook Chiya Kaman Karyalay882Rongmook Ceder Tea Garden (CT)
18Oaks T E Factory Office855Ox Tea Garden
19Santirani High Schooll Room No. -934Sonada Khasmahal (CT)
21Munda Kothi Pry School Room991Moonda Kotee Tea Garden
23Mundakothi High School Room No.-498Moonda Kotee Tea Garden
24Bansghari Division Prathamik Pathshala Munda597Moonda Kotee Tea Garden
25Gorabari Rajahatta Prathamik Pathashala504Hill Cart Road
26Sunar Busty Primary School657Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
27Kalu Busty S.S.K. School496Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
28Raghubir Prathamik Pathashala786Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
29Busty Gaon Primary School504Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
30Margrates Hope High School729Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
31Aarubote Prathamik Pathashala892Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
32Banshghari Namsu Primary School273Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
33Lilawati Primary School840Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
34Nehure Balasun Primary School1005Ringtong Tea Garden (Margaret Hope)
35Padam Smarak Prathamik Pathashala Simbon892Gailbon (Kombal)
36Sikaridhura Primary Pathashala792Gailbon (Kombal)
37Glenabarn Chiyakaman Prathamik Pathashala545Gailbon (Kombal)
38Glenburn T.E. Factory Office.694Gailbon (Kombal)
39Singgritam Prathamik Pathashala680Singringtam
40Appar Manedanda Prathamik Pathashala587Manedara
41Lower Manedara Tribal Primary School.423Manedara
429 N0 Prathamik Pathashala Takadah Chiyakaman733Tukdh Tea Garden
43Dabaee-Pani Nimn Bunitadi Pathashala837Dawaipani
44Takadah Chiyakaman Prathamik Pathashala (Lake Division)700Tukdh Tea Garden
46Takadah Ti.Ee. Prathamik Pathashala Lobar Dibhijan886Tukdh Tea Garden
47Sigritam Junior Basic School920Lamahatta Khasmahal
48Lamahatta Uchcharatar Madhyamik Vidhyalaya880Lamahatta Khasmahal
50Lopchu Bajar Pra: School636Lapchu Khasmahal
51Lopchu Chiya Kaman Prathamik Pathashala982Lapchu Tea Garden
52Lower Lopchu Pry. School406Lapchu Tea Garden
53Garlan Unit 2 Pra: School451Peshok Tea Garden
54Garlang Sarbajanik Bhawan628Peshok Tea Garden
55Sarawati Uccha Vidhyalaya Peshok1039Peshok Tea Garden
57Chotamangwa Pry.School578Chhota Mungwa
58Baramangwa Primary School563Chhota Mungwa
59Upper Baramangwa Msk Bhawan530Chhota Mungwa
60Takling Jr.Basic School944Takling Khasmahal
61Vetenary Aid Centre Soreng1097Soriang Khasmahal
62Chegra Traibal Prathamik Pathashala696Chegra Khasmahal
63Kolbung Primary School456Kolbong Khasmahal
64Lingding Prathamik Pathashala445Lingding Khasmahal
65Yonsingh Prathamik Pathashala Rayak322Rayak Khasmahal
66Goretto Prathamik Pathashala666Hum Tukdah Khasmahal
67Bphc Takdah (Nursing Training Centre)796Hum Tukdah Khasmahal
68Griffith Higher Secondary School807Hum Tukdah Khasmahal
69Rangli Rangliot T.E. Primary School Room No.530Tukdah Forest
70Chrech House Rangli T.E. Factory590Pubong Khasmahal
726Th Mile Congress Primary School299Tukdah Forest
73Rampuria Forest Pry. School159Tukdah Forest
74Pubung Jr.Basic School574Pubong Khasmahal
75R.I. Office Pubong710Pubong Khasmahal
76Raviday Jr.Basic School701Pumong Tea Garden
77Gandhi Prathamik Pathashala1059Pumong Tea Garden
78Janakalyani Prathamik Pathashala753Pumong Tea Garden
79Butlar Prathamik Pathashala951Pumong Tea Garden
80Udai Jr.Basic School Jinglam T.E.788Pumong Tea Garden
81Sindhuray Dhura Pry. School Jinglam782Pumong Tea Garden
82Gielle Uccha Madhyamik Vidhyalaya674Gielie Tea Garden
83Gielle Community Hall756Gielie Tea Garden
84Gielle T.E.Pry.School(Unit Ii)540Gielie Tea Garden
85Allay Dhura Ssk Bhawan632Gielie Tea Garden
86Rangli G.P.Office724Teesta Valley Tea Garden
87Teesta Valley T.E. Staff Club502Teesta Valley Tea Garden
88Teesta Valley T.E.Pry.School Unit I1014Teesta Valley Tea Garden
89D.P. Side Prathamik Pathashala Teesta Valley T.E772Teesta Valley Tea Garden
90D.P. Side M.S.K. Bhawan527Teesta Valley Tea Garden
91Teesta Valley T.E. Primary Pathashalaunit-2629Teesta Valley Tea Garden
92Lower Kamjet Ssk Bhawan678Teesta Valley Tea Garden
93Rongchong Pra: School623Rong Chong Khasmahal
94Sarojini Pry. School Simalay Dhura840Mangpu Divijan
95Mangpu Division Primary School Room472Mangpu Divijan
97Sarswati Higher Secondary School (Girls Section)675Mangpu Divijan
98Sarswati Higher Secondary School452Mangpu Divijan
100Gandhi Memorial Pry. School685Reshop Bazar
101Reshep Cinchona Pry. School.723Reshop Bazar
102Deepak Pry School.952Mangpu Divijan
103Rambi Div. Pry. School Beech Kaman Room No.971Mangpu Divijan
105Simkona Sai Junior High School539Tukdah Forest
106Rachi Pry. School Laloong621Mangpu Cinchona Plantation
107Gram Seewak Prathamik Pathashala(Extension)74 Dhura585Mangpu Cinchona Plantation
108Labdah Division Pra: School894Mangpu Cinchona Plantation
109Gram Sewak Pra: School835Mangpu Cinchona Plantation
110Bordang Primary Pathashala370Labda Khasmahal
111Labdah Khasmahal Jr. Basic School (New Bld)733Labda Khasmahal
112Okaity Dhajaytar Prathamik Pathsala1089Okaity Tea Garden
113Okaity T.E. Prathmik Pathsala Room No.801Okaity Tea Garden
114Madhyamik Siksha Kendra Okaity T.E.414Okaity Tea Garden
115Sharda Primary School307Okaity Tea Garden
116Nigalay Prathamik Pathsala735Bukim Tea Garden (Tharbu) (P)
117Sisnay Prathamik Pathsala574Bukim Tea Garden (Tharbu) (P)
118Siring Gaon Prathamik Pathsala700Mirik Khasmahal (P)
119Thurbo Tea Estate Office Room No.746Mirik (NA)
120Thurbo Prathamik Pathsala Unit-1931Mirik (NA)
121Mirik Degree College515Mirik (NA)
123Mahindra Gaon Icds Centre1004Mirik (NA)
125Baghkhor Prathamik Pathsala Room No.948Mirik (NA)
126Mirik Uchha Vidyalaya Room No.735Mirik (NA)
129Thurbo High School714Bukim Tea Garden (Tharbu) (P)
130Thurbo Prathamik Pathsala Unit 2 Room No.749Bukim Tea Garden (Tharbu) (P)
132Pahilagaon Prathamik Pathsala690Mirik Khasmahal (P)
133Mirik Trible Prathamik Pathsala589Mirik Khasmahal (P)
134Laxmi Memorial Prathamik Pathsala810Mirik Khasmahal (P)
135Lapchey Danra Prathamik Pathsala519Mirik Khasmahal (P)
136Murmah Prathamik Pathsala950Marma Tea Garden
137Arohon Cluster House Murmah777Marma Tea Garden
138Khaptawali Gaon Prathamik Pathsala731Saurinibasti
139Ashalachi Prathamik Pathsala460Saurinibasti
140Soureni Bazaar Junior Basic School658Saurinibasti
141Soureni T.E. Office468Saurinibasti
142Lower Toklang Pry. School816Purba Phuguri Tea Garden
143Soureni Mechi Prathamik Pathsala861Purba Phuguri Tea Garden
144Milikthung Prathamik Pathsala625Singbulli Tea Garden
145Lower Milikthung Prathamik Pathsala418Singbulli Tea Garden
146Noldara Primary School564New Fallodi Tea Garden(Ghyabari)
147Nimna Soureni Junior Basic School628Saurinibasti
148Soureni Busty Community Hall361Saurinibasti
149Bakulung Junior Basic School414Saurinibasti
150Manju Chiya Bagan Prathamik Pathsala995Singbulli Tea Garden
151Tingling Community Hall518Singbulli Tea Garden
152Tingling T.E. Office679Singbulli Tea Garden
153Phuguri Community Hall976Fubagdi Tea Garden
154Gayabari T.E. Prathamik Pathsala583New Fallodi Tea Garden(Ghyabari)
155Upper Singbulli Prathamik Pathshala834Singbulli Tea Garden
156Lower Singbulli Prathamik Pathshala706Singbulli Tea Garden
157Ghayabari T.E. Office870New Fallodi Tea Garden(Ghyabari)
158Deokota Gramin Pustakalaya902Purba Phuguri Tea Garden
159Putung Tingling Prathamik Pathsala904Purba Phuguri Tea Garden
160Ssk Dudhia Malabassey212New Fallodi Tea Garden(Ghyabari)
161Ssk Dudhay Barakothi129New Fallodi Tea Garden(Ghyabari)
162Lohagarh Prathamik Pathsala (Nepali Medium)932Lohagar Tea Garden
163Lohagarh Prathamik Pathsala (Hindi Medium)429Lohagar Tea Garden
164Chenga Prathamik Pathashala (Old)801Rangmohan
165Chenga Prathamik Pathashala (New)887Bara Chenga
166Panighatta Uccha Vidyalaya888Rangmohan
167Panighatta Uccha Vidyalaya Room No. 21025Panighata
168Panighatta Bazar Prathamik Pathsala Room No. 1891Panighata
169Panighatta Bazar Prathamik Pathsala Room No. 2905Panighata
170Dilaram Chiya Kaman Pra: School Beltar323Dayal Thong(D.R.)Tea Garden
171Patel Memorial Pry. School757Dayal Thong(D.R.)Tea Garden
172St. Xaviers High School1010Cart Road (CT)
173Agam Deokota Town Library686Cart Road (CT)
174Bagora Forest Village Pry. School698Mahal Diram Forest
175I.T.I. Tung844Cart Road (CT)
176Maharani T.E. Primary School716Maharani Tea Garden
177Sepoydhura Jr. Basic School984Cart Road (CT)
178St. Marys Pry. School739St.Marys
179Live Stock Office St. Marys692St.Marys
180Khaharay Junior Basic School906Kharia Busty
181Singell T.E. Pry. School850Singel Tea Garden
182Singell T.E. Welfare Club471Singel Tea Garden
183Joint Body Centre (Singel T. E. Development Comittee)760Singel Tea Garden
184St. Josph Girls Pry. School1038Kurseong (M)
185St. Alphonsus Pry. School702Kurseong (M)
186Himali Boarding School Room No.560Kurseong (M)
188Gram Sewa Samity Bhawan1018Kurseong (M)
189A.E. P.H.E. Office785Kurseong (M)
190E.E. P.H.E. Office396Kurseong (M)
191S.D.Argiculture Office844Kurseong (M)
192Kumar P.N.Roy Jr. Basic School350Kurseong (M)
193G.D.N.S Hall Kurseong773Kurseong (M)
194Darjeeling Polytechnic Institute Kurseong1083Kurseong (M)
195Gorkha Public Library785Kurseong (M)
196Pushparani R.M.H.S. School950Kurseong (M)
197Municipal Girls Pry. School321Kurseong (M)
198Scott Mission Girls School790Kurseong (M)
199Kurseong College710Kurseong (M)
200Municipal Boys Pry. School Room No.704Kurseong (M)
202D.F.O. Office (Dow Hill)709Kurseong (M)
203Ram Krishna Girls Primary School514Kurseong (M)
204Rajbari Pry. School (Gausala)990Kurseong (M)
205Subedar Busty Gram Sudhar Samity Hall466Kurseong (M)
206Sub-Divisional Office (I & W Deptt.)966Kurseong (M)
207Snow View Scout Building Ground Floor647Kurseong (M)
208Snow View Scout Building (First Floor)1024Kurseong (M)
209Gate Primary School582Kurseong (M)
210Block Live Stock Development Office638Kurseong (M)
211Monteviot T.E. Office601Montiviot Tea Garden
212Springside T.E. Factory Office984Sinprasaid Tea Garden
213Nalanda Niketan Educational Institute793Ambootia Tea Garden
214Kumaltar Community Hall974Ambootia Tea Garden
215Ambootia Pry. School468Ambootia Tea Garden
216Simon Levelt School836Ambootia Tea Garden
217Old Himul Office Sirisay727Ambootia Tea Garden
218Makaibari T.E. Office677Makai Bari Tea Garden
219Makaibari T.E. Primary School626Makai Bari Tea Garden
220Iswarimaya Pry. School Pankhabari528Punkhabari
221Longview Kothidara Pry. School816Longview Tea Garden
222Longview T.E. Pry. School718Longview Tea Garden
223Bhelacoop Community Hall581Longview Tea Garden
224Bandakheti Pry. School821Longview Tea Garden
225Ssk Chautish303Longview Tea Garden
226Dudhia Pry. School Room No.1049Jamadar Bhita Khasmahal
228Marionbari T.E. Factory Office714Punkhabari
229Community Hall Garidhura978Garidhora (M.Bari)Tea Garden
230Amrit Busty Community Hall486Garidhora (M.Bari)Tea Garden
231Jyotisnamayee Jr. Basic School928Simulbari Tea Garden
232Simulbari T.E. Factory Office932Simulbari Tea Garden
233Bhagat Hindi Pry. School Painikumari597Pairikumari
234Nalanda Bidhya Mandir688Simulbari Tea Garden
235Sukna Forest Village Pry. School Room No.766Sukna
237Malootar T.E. Pry. School824Malotar Tea Garden
238Simring T.E. Pry. School705Spring Sidi Tea Garden
239Norbung T.E. Pry. School683Nurbang Tea Garden
240Sepoydhura T.E. Community Hall737Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden
241Chunabhatti Pry. School876Cart Road (CT)
242Mithai Dara Renuka Kanya Uchha Vidhyalaya953Cart Road (CT)
243Tindharay T.E. Pry. School707Tindharia Tea Garden
244B.M. Pry. School908Cart Road (CT)
245Boys Primary School Tindharay754Cart Road (CT)
246R.C. Junior Basic School958Cart Road (CT)
247Jogmaya T.E. Factory Office407Dhayabari Tea Garden
248Selim Hill T.E. Factory Office278Selim Hill Tea Garden
249Naya Kaman Primary School472Selim Hill Tea Garden
250Netaji High School Room No.1057Cart Road (CT)
252Navin Tamang Memorial Pry. School Ratnaydang515Rohini Tea Garden
253Rohini T.E. Pry. School903Rohini Tea Garden
254Gitangay T.E. Pry. School261Gitingy Tea Garden
255Sharada Prathamik Pathashala568Lizziepur Tea Garden
256Saraswati Primary School675Lizziepur Tea Garden
257Jangpana T.E. Pry. School657Jungpana Tea Garden
258Gandhi Memorial Jr. Basic School827Cart Road (CT)
259Mahanadi Adarsha Sramik Kalyan Kendra660Mahanadi Tea Garden
260Mahanadi Adarsha Sramik Kalyan Kendra (Hall Ghar)428Mahanadi Tea Garden
261Giddhapahar Jr. Basic School931Cart Road (CT)
262Giddhapahar Rural Library878Gidda Pahar
263Branch Secretariat Office Gta Kurseong912Cart Road (CT)
264Gourishankar T.E. Office1049Cart Road (CT)
265Kothidara Primary School394Rohini Tea Garden
266Naya Busty Pry. School415Gidda Pahar
267Majua Pry. School470Majua Tea Garden
268St. Johns Pry. School. Room No-431North Shibkhola Tea Garden
270Bhanu Primary School461Majua Tea Garden
271Upper Mamring Jr. Basic School540Upper Mamring Khasmahal
272St. Ignatius Pry. School718Lower Mamring Khasmahal
273Lower Toryok Primary School634Toryak Khasmahal
274Upper Toryok Tribal Pry. School595Toryak Khasmahal
275Mahaldiram T.E. Pry. School623Mahal Diram Tea Garden
276Sittong Khas Pry. School Room No.804Sittong Khasmahal
278Sittong Tribal Pry. School723Sittong Khasmahal
279Chhula Primary School744Selpu Khasmahal
280Latpanchar High School714Sittong Forest
281Latpanchar Cinchona Plantation Primary School Room No.703Sittong Forest
283Karmath Primary School357Sittong Forest
284Panchabati High School881Barasit Tong Khasmahal
285Sittong G.C.P. Primary School774Mangpu Cinchona Plantation
286Lower Rolak Primaryy School665Rolak Khasmahal
287Lanku Primary School890Lonku Khasmahal
288Samardanga Primay School185Sivoke Forest
289Sevok Primary School675Sivoke Forest
290Kalijhora Bazaar S.B. Primary School521Sittong Forest

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