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Polling Booth in Kumargram Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kumargram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kumargram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhutia Basti Beat Office65Sachapho Forest
2Chuniajhora T.G. Primary School952Chunia Jhora Tea Garden
3Chunia Jhora Hindi High School679Chunia Jhora Tea Garden
4Phaskhowa T.G. S.C Primary School820Phaskhawa Tea Garden
5Jainti T.G. Staff Club652Jayanti Tea Garden
6Jainti Tea Garden Primary School733Jayanti Tea Garden
7Subba Line S.S.K.694Jayanti Tea Garden
8Limbudhura S.C. Primary School829Jayanti Tea Garden
9Harikala Primary School758Turturi Khanda
10Kainjali Basti S.C. Primary School737Turturi Khanda
11Turturikhanda M.S.K611Turturi Khanda
12Turturi Khanda Irrigation Bunglow670Turturi Khanda
13Turaturi Khanda T.G. Primary School864Tuturi Tea Garden
14Turturi Khanda T.G. Division Primary School495Tuturi Tea Garden
15Rahimabad T.G. Pry. School690Rahimabad Tea Garden
16Workers High School576Rahimabad Tea Garden
17Rahimabad Islamia Madrasa907Rahimabad Tea Garden
18Rydak F.V. New Primary School507Kartika Tea Garden
19Chiro Line Anganwari Kendra630Kartika Tea Garden
20Kartick T. G. Primary School848Kartika Tea Garden
21Bidyasagar Ssk778Kartika Tea Garden
22Rydak Cha Bagan Primary School593Raydak Tea Garden
23Jiban Xalxo Ssk567Raydak Tea Garden
25Rydak Cha Bagan Bengali Primary School496Raydak Tea Garden
26Merry Margaret Ssk882Raydak Tea Garden
27Rydak Tea Garden Labour Club634Raydak Tea Garden
28Tali Line Ssk677Raydak Tea Garden
29Rydak F.V. Primary School361Raydak Forest
30Chhipra F.V. Primary School168Raydak Forest
31Newlands T. G. Primary School431New Lands Tea Garden
32Newlands T.G. Labour Club873New Lands Tea Garden
33Newlands F.V. Primary School117Dhumpara Forest
35Newlands Maltipurpose Building590New Lands Tea Garden
36Newlands Staff Club796New Lands Tea Garden
37Kumargram T. G .N K S Club967Kumargram Tea Garden
38Kumargram F . V . Primary. School315Dhumpara Forest
39Kumargram T.G. Primary School963Kumargram Tea Garden
41Kumargram T.G. I.C.D.S Centre No.-118957Kumargram Tea Garden
42Sankos T . G . Primary School733Kumargram Tea Garden
43Got Line Ssk490Sankos Tea Garden
45Sankos T . G . Staff Club967Sankos Tea Garden
46Banda Line Ssk444Sankos Tea Garden
47Sankos M.S.K484Sankos Tea Garden
48Sankos F . V . New Primary School481Dhumpara Forest
49Mission English School819Pukharigaon
50Pukhurigram Multipurpose Building679Pukharigaon
51Durgabari S.C. Primary School1071Pukharigaon
52Uttar Haldibari B.F.P School924Uttar Haldibari
53Uttar Haldibari Jr. High School766Uttar Haldibari
54Aichhik Primary School1054Madhya Haldibari
55Bittibari New Primary School482Madhya Haldibari
56Madhya Haldibari B.F.P.School643Madhya Haldibari
57Maa Ganga Ssk658Madhya Haldibari
58Amarpur B.F.P.School800Amarpur
59New Amarpur Pry. School669Amarpur
60Jaydebpur S. P. Primary School596Jaydedpur
61Jaydevpur Jr. High School596Jaydedpur
62Jaydebpur Adrasha New Primary School312Jaydedpur
63Kumargram Girls High School1010Kumargram
64Endibari S . S . K878Kumargram
65Kumargram Madan Singh High School956Kumargram
66Sericulture Office Katabari942Kumargram
67Paglarhat B.F.P School803Paglarhat
68Dakshin Haldibari B . F . P School809Dakshin Haldibari
69Jhaubari Ssk428Dakshin Haldibari
70Chengmari Junior Basic School636Chengmari
71Sukanta Pally Msk632Chengmari
72Sahebpara B . F . P . School652Dakshin Chengmari
73Sahebpara Jr. High School671Dakshin Chengmari
74Hemaguri Junior Basic School663Dakshin Chengmari
75Kashiabari Ssk720Dakshin Chengmari
76Hemaguri New Primary School (Ghoramara)510Hemaguri
77Balapara F.V. Primary School171Bhalka Forest
78Khuttimari F . V . Primary School538Bhalka Forest
79Bara Daldali High School690Bara Daldal
80Boro Daldali Kalibari New Pry. School714Bara Daldal
81Gajer Dabri G . M . P . School830Ghaksapara
82Ghaksapara Ssk (Kadamtala)814Ghaksapara
83Ghaksapara S.P. Primary School (Shibbari)577Ghaksapara
84Gachhimari S . S . K422Gachaimari
85Radhanagar New Primary School767Radhanagar
86Adibasi Pry. School581Radhanagar
87Radhanagar B . F . P School588Barabisa
89Barobisha Junior Basic School809Barabisa
90Sukanta Msk854Barabisa
91Laskarpara New Additional Primary School698Laskarpara (CT)
92Lashkarpara New Pry. School748Laskarpara (CT)
93Pranesh Paul Smriti Primary School975Laskarpara (CT)
95Pranesh Paul Smriti Jr. High School626Laskarpara (CT)
96Barobisha G.E.L.C Primary School706Laskarpara (CT)
98Barobisha High School1016Purbba Chakchaka
100Swasti Sangha Primary School1065Purbba Chakchaka
101Dakshin Rampur New Primary School676Dakhin Rampur (CT)
102Dakshin Rampur Special Pry. School (Beltali)771Dakhin Rampur (CT)
103Barobisha Girls High School636Dakhin Rampur (CT)
105Chakchaka B.F.P School698Dakhin Rampur (CT)
106C.L.R.C. Kumargramduar East700Dakhin Rampur (CT)
107Purba Salbari S.C. Primary School593Purbba Salbari
108Jhijri Salbari New Pry. School604Purbba Salbari
109Salbari Primary School832Purbba Salbari
110Purba Salbari New Primary School892Bhalka
111Volka High School783Bhalka
112Volka B.F.P. School880Bhalka
113Pakriguri S . C . Primary School805Pakriguri
114Uttarpara Pry. School1014Pakriguri
115Majer Dabri High School637Baruipara
116Majherdabri Nimna Buniadi Pry. School1038Baruipara
117Pally Kalyan C.S.Primary School699Majher Dabri
118Bishnunagar Primary School690Majher Dabri
119Dhantali Adarsha New Primary School364Dhantali
120Lalchandpur B.F.P School543Lalchandpur
121Pashchim Chengmari G.M.P.School600Paschim Chengmari
122Bhupen Iswarary Ssk601Paschim Chengmari
123Paschim Chengmari G . E . L . C Primary School730Paschim Chengmari
124Marakhata Jetmal Junior High School1032Marakhata
125Marakhata Junior Basic School815Marakhata
126Jigauri Primary School682Uttar Narathali
127Simlabari Pry. School636Uttar Narathali
128Dubasree G.M.P. School814Uttar Narathali
129Pritam Singh Memorial Primary School779Uttar Narathali
130St. James Primary School969Narathali
131Khalpara Ssk389Narathali
132Jalaneswari High School1146Narathali
133Nararthali No. 1 B. F. P School895Madhya Narathali
134Madhya Nararthali Spl. Cadre Pry. School879Madhya Narathali
135Madhya Nararthali Primary School829Madhya Narathali
136Madhya Nararthali Ssk765Madhya Narathali
137Chhoto Daldali B.F.P. School774Chuota Daldali
138Chhoto Daldali Pry. School813Chuota Daldali
139Chhoto Daldali New Primary School644Chuota Daldali
141Nirobalasmriti Girls Highschool799Purbba Narathali
142Purba Nararthali Ssk686Purbba Narathali
143Purba Nararthali New Primary School1044Purbba Narathali
144Gochhimari B.F.P School952Gachaimari
145Biswanath Primary School893Paschim Chak Chaka
146Paritala Pry. School703Paschim Chak Chaka
147Telipara B . F . P .School714Telipara
148Putimari Nabajagaran Pry. School745Telipara
149Dakshin Telipara New Primary School684Telipara
150Baruni Chetana Kendra558Telipara
151Srimanta Msk754Paschim Narathali
152Nararthali No-Ii B.F.P. School701Paschim Narathali
153Paschim Nararthali Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya774Paschim Narathali
154Mangal Sing Memorial Pry. School993Paschim Narathali
155Kamakhyaguri Mission Higher Secondary School977Dakhin Narathali
156Gajendra Junior Basic School813Dakhin Narathali
157Haribol Smriti Pry. School563Dakhin Narathali
158Tentultala Primary School1048Dakhin Narathali
159Kamakhyaguri Shibbari Primary School773Dakhin Narathali
161Saheed Khudiram College862Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
163Vivekananda Vidyapith809Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
164Oxford School708Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
165Kamakhyaguri Uchha Balika Vidyalaya667Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
166Durgabari Anaganwari Kendra825Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
167Kamakhyaguri Uchcha Vidyalaya762Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
169Kamakhyaguri No. 1 R.R. Primary School610Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
170Charaktala Vivekananda Natya Mancha821Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
171Netaji Colony Junior Basic School737Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
172Netaji Jr. High School625Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
173Madhya Kamakhyaguri Primary School632Madhya Kamakhyaguri
174Madhya Kamakhyaguri (Lashkarpara) Ssk762Madhya Kamakhyaguri
175Madhya Kamakhyaguri Lalit Smriti Primary School734Madhya Kamakhyaguri
176Dakshin Kamakhyaguri Nimna Buniadi School730Madhya Kamakhyaguri
177Dakshin Kamakhyaguri M.S.K768Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
178Dakshin Kamakhyaguri Pally Unnayan Pry. School514Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
179Dakshin Kamakhyaguri New Primary School625Dakhin Kamakhyaguri
181Nurpur S . C . Primary School1119Nurpur
182Turturi Juniyar Basic School942Turturi
183Elizabeth New Pry. School391Turturi
184St. Xaviers High School596Dhalajhora
185Dhaowlajhora Basti Primary School840Dhalajhora
186Rampur Special Kedar Primary School530Uttar Rampur
187Simlabari Guild Mission Primary School798Damsibad
188Damsibad New Pry. School754Damsibad
189Loknathpur Highschool1163Loknathpur
191New Simlabari Primary School557Simlabari
192Panbari Dangi I . T . D . P . Primary Vidyalaya835Dangi
193Panbari Mishan Primary School574Panbari
194Baniyadabri Mission Primary School1142Baniadabri
195Jitpur Mission Primary School920Jaypur
196Baniagoan Mission Primary School720Baniagaon
197St. Alois Hindi Pry. School611Baniagaon
198Pukhuria Mission Primary School1044Samuktola (CT)
200Kadampur T.D.Primary School708Kadampur
201Saontalpur Mission High School929Samuktola (CT)
202Jyotirmoyee Sishu Siksha Kendra836Patotola
204Shaktinagar Primary School853Patotola
205Gandhi Shatabdi Hindi Primary School722Samuktola (CT)
206Shamuktala Junior Basic School964Patotola
208Garokhuta Primary School776Garokhuta
209Sukanta Sishu Siksha Kendra1030Samuktola (CT)
210Vivekananda Sishu Siksha Kendra (Samuktala Basti)906Samuktola (CT)
211Dhaowlajhora T.G. Primary School (Hindi Midiam)621Dhaola Jhora Tea Garden
213Dhowlajhora Tea Garden Praimary School ( Bangla Midiya)1067Dhaola Jhora Tea Garden
214Kohinoor T.G. Primary School775Kohinur Tea Garden
215Saldhura Sishu Siksha Kendra482Kohinur Tea Garden
216Dangi Colony Sishusiksha Kendra1114Kohinur Tea Garden
217Dangi New Primary School515Kohinur Tea Garden
219Kohinoor Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra881Kohinur Tea Garden
221Uttar Mahakalguri Primary School716Mahakalguri
223Mahakalguri Mission Haigh School1015Mahakalguri
224Dakshin Mahakalguri Udayan Primary School807Dakshin Mahakalguri
226Chepani Sukanta Msk683Chepani
227Chepani Mahakal Special Cadre Pry. School`648Chepani
228Chepani High School962Purba Chepani
229East Chepani Primary School546Purba Chepani
231Mahakalguri Gram Panchayet Office739Purba Chepani
232Mahananda Primary School937Purba Chepani
233Paschim Chepani New Pry. School787Paschim Chepani
234Paschim Chepani No. Ii Pry. School796Paschim Chepani
235Paschim Chepani 3No B.F.P School558Paschim Chepani
236Kalatan Sishu Siksha Kendra568Bara Chakibas
237Badachaukir Bas I.T.D.P Primary School610Bara Chakibas
238Badachaukir Bas Juniyar Basic School933Chhota Chakirbas
239Chepani 1No B.F.P.School1084Bakla
240Chepani Sishu Siksha Kendra800Chepani
241Bidyeswari Sishu Siksha Kendra463Chhipra
242Chipra New Primary School977Chhipra
243Majid Khana High School1109Tatpara
244Taleshwarguri No.2 B.F.P School976Taleswarguri
245Tatpara Taleswarguri New Pry. School1138Taleswarguri
246Kamarpara Juniour Basic School826Uttar Majid Khana
247Uttar Majidkhana Adarsha Pry. School593Uttar Majid Khana
248Taleswarguri High School838Uttar Majid Khana
249Yashodanga Junior Basic School715Jashodanga
250Uttar Jasodanga New Pry. School857Jashodanga
251Yashodanga High School1112Jashodanga
252Tatpara Special Cadre Primary School927Tatpara
253Tatpara R. R. Primary School725Tatpara
255Dakshin Boragari New Primary School913Boragari
256Boragari B . F . P School814Boragari
257Dakshin Kumarijan Sc Pry. School389Kumarijan
258Paschim Kumarijan S. C. Primary School901Kumarijan
259Bhatibari No.2 S.P. Primary School712Bhatibari
260Vivekananda Sishu Siksha Kendra (Bhatibari)512Bhatibari
261Bhatibari 1No. Special Cadre Primary School776Bhatibari
262Kumarijan No.1 B.F.P School802Kumarijan
263Bhatibhari High School Attached Pry. School778Chilurghat
264Uttar Bhatibari Girls Haigh School607Chilurghat
265Bhatibari Uchha Vidyalaya804Uttar Bhatibari
266Uttarbhatibari Special Cadre Primary School691Uttar Bhatibari
268Thanupara B.F.P School1089Thanupara
269Paschim Khalishamari New Primary School656Paschim Khalishamari
270Khalisamari Board School765Purba Khalishamari
271Purba Khalisamari Kazi Nazrul Msk640Purba Khalishamari
272Purba Khalisamari Junior Basic School780Paschim Khalishamari
273Uttar Chikaliguri Special Kedar Primary School1025Uttar Chikliguri
274Uttar Chikaliguri New Primary School800Uttar Chikliguri
275Kumarijan No. 2 B.F.P School678Kumarijan
276Dakshin Thanupara Pry. School484Kumarijan
277Paschim Chikaliguri S . C . Primari School1029Paschim Chikliguri
278Swamiji Primary School1112Purba Chikliguri
280Chikaliguri High School685Purba Chikliguri
281Chikliguri Bfp School972Purba Chikliguri
282Madhyaparokata Junior Basic School972Dakshin Parokata
283Madhyaparokata Govt. Colony Primary School926Madhya Parokata
284Uttar Parokata R. R. Primary School738Uttar Parokata
285Parokata High School616Uttar Parokata
286Uttar Parokata No.2 Nimna Buniyadi School761Uttar Parokata
287Parokata Shishushiksha Kendra Tetul Tala1015Uttar Parokata
288Uttar Parokata Multipurpose Building712Uttar Parokata
289Madhya Parokata New Primary School751Madhya Parokata
291Brajer Kuthi B.F.P.School599Brajerkuthi
293Dakshin Parokata Primary School947Dakshin Parokata
294Parokata Gram Panchayet Office1106Dakshin Parokata
295Parokata 1No B.F.P.School722Dakshin Parokata

Last Updated on June 01, 2020