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Polling Booth in Kumarganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kumarganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kumarganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Keshavpur F.P.School603Takipur
3Kajal Tair S.S.K791Latkeshabpur
4Madhavpur Cherapara F.P.School823Madhabpur
5Madhabpur F.P.School764Madhabpur
6Lalchandrapur F.P.School880Lalchandrapur
8Sarbamangala High School 1101Bachhuria
10Baikunthapur F.P.School730Baikunthapur
11Jor Kuriya F.P.School641Chak Shibpur
12Damodarpur F.P.School547Damodarpur
13Belasthali Durgatali S.S.K579Belasthali
14Mushipukur S.S.K624Belasthali
15Bhadra F.P.School958Kumargara
16Hariharpur F.P.School960Mahakhair
17Abeshkuri High Madrasa969Ratinathpur
18Antal F.P.School802Antal
19Chalun High School 714Sahara
21Sidlim S.S.K490Sidilim
22Yanchi F.P.School789Janchi
23Chakshree F.P.School793Chakshri
24Banihari High School 729Banihari
26Mathurapur F.P.School857Mathurapur
27Katkihari Madrasa 854Chhilimpur
28Chalun Junior Basic School791Nitpur Prasadpur
29Chaloon Santal F.P.School828Nitpur Prasadpur
30Kurumashur F.P. School ( W. )834Kurumsur
32Mirjapur F.P.School776Mirzzapur
33Parbatipur F.P.School699Taraju
34Shankarpur F.P.School818Shankarpur
35Atash F.P.School662Atash
36Mastafapur F.P.School1000Mastafapur
37Mostafapur Sarat Chandra High School714Shibpur
38Buri Dighi F.P.School ( Natun ) 821Durgaramchak
39Partti Para F.P.School1133Nazirpur
40Fulbari High School 631Dhonail
42Fulbari Tetrail F.P.School496Phulbari
44Palasa F.P.School798Palsa
45Mohanpur F.P.School841Hazichak
46Aausa F.P. School796Mahendri
47Pulinda F.P.School896Pulinda
48Uday F.P.School970Uday
49Panchagram F.P.School (Natun)782Panchagram
51Shibpur F.P.School684Shibpur
52Jagadishpur F.P.School1055Jagadishpur
53Chalunda F.P.School689Chalunda
54Nehemba High School1093Nehamba
55Nil Hari F.P.School819Nehamba
56Baram Gokulpur F.P.School441Bhabanipur
58Shrirampur F.P.School 951Shrirampur
59Ashokgram F.P.School778Ashokgram
61Udhura Prananathpur F.P.School608Udhura Prananathpur
62Narail F.P.School1086Chandura
63Dhomutha Faridpur F.P.School565Faridpur Domotha
65Achalahar F.P.School699Faridpur Domotha
66Purba Bishunupur Kazi Nazrul Islam S.S.K774Faridpur Domotha
67Roypur F.P.School1020Kamar Khair
68Rampur F.P.School793Chakashan
69Purba Bishnupur F.P.School804Purbba Bishnupur
70Elendari High School908Elendari
72Safanagar G.P.Office922Safa Nagar
73Safanagar F.P.School982Safa Nagar
74Kumarganj High School960Kumarganj
75Sonarpara F.P.School578Kumarganj
76Sahajadpur F.P.School522Sahazadpur
77Shialpara Anganwadi Centre945Kumarganj
78Safanagar High School1131Azadpur
79Chandganj F.P.School719Tara
80Buribar F.P. School478Buribar
81Tara (S.C) F.P.School964Tara
82Amuliya F.P.Schoolamuliya953Amulia
83Harishchandrapur F.P.School537Harischandrapur
84Kulahari F.P.School775Kusumtara
85Dakshin Kulahari F.P.School627Kulahari
86Kulahari High School570Kulahari
87Kanura F.P. School ( Kanura )698Kanura
88Subarnasahid F.P. School652Subarnasahid
89Katla F.P.School819Katla
91Sundarpur Jaydebpur Girls High Madrasa945Sundarpur
92Daudpur F.P.School740Daudpur
93Rasulpur Flood Seltar ( Uttar Rasulpur )676Uttar Rusulpur
94Angina F.P.School663Angina
95Bad Angina F.P.School592Badangina
96Barait F.P.School1078Barait
97Daudpur - 1 F.P.School ( Krishnapur )762Krishnapur
98Fakirganj Junior Basic School928Raynanda
99Samjia F.P.School680Samjia
100Balupara S.S.K.561Samjia
101Nabagram F.P.School1053Samjia
102Basanti Hedayatulla High Madrasa1149Bhomar
104Palashi S.K.U.S Ltd.911Chak Jayanti
105Palashi F.P.School789Palashi
106Angina Borait F.P. School414Neona
107Kalna Rajdhara F.P.School603Kalna
109Balta F.P.Schoolbalta665Balta
110Jakhirpur F.P.School1020Jakhirpur
111Jakhirpur High School980Jakhirpur
112Kakoti Mahabubiya Senior Madrasa895Kakoti
113Kalna Bholanathpur F.P.School640Char Khanda
114Chakmohan F.P.School1014Chak Mohan
115Menapur Adabishi F.P.School803Menapur
116Arab Badkanai High Madrasa Badkanai1016Enatullapur
117Enatullyapur Santal F.P.School531Munsipur
118Manjurichak Raikhan High School( West Part )1134Uchat
120Uthrail F.P.School Badkanai1117Haripur
121Jakhirpur G.P.Office ( Tulat )582Tulat
122Tulat F.P. School718Tulat
123Dangarhat High School881Mamudpur
125Khanpur Mamudpur F.P.School Agachha681Agachha
126Khanpur Mamudpur F.P.School511Khanpur
127Tilna F.P.School728Tilna
128Ramkrishnapur Brahmapur F.P.School949Brahmapur
129Gopalganj R.N.High School929Jantihari
130Keshurail F.P.School757Latimirzapur
131Madhya Ram Krishnapur F.P.School822Uchhana
133Bafra F.P.School768Gouripur
134Barahar Rural Library1026Chak Gopal
135Chakramray Nakkati F.P.School837Chak Ramray
137Balupara Coloni Nibedita Balika Vidyalaya1083Balupara
138Gopalganj F.P.School773Balupara
139Dhadalpara Junior Basic School905Dhadalpara
140Biswanathpur F.P.School577Bishwanathpur
142Chandpur F.P.School455Chandpur
143Tajpur F.P. School777Tazpur
144Kuraha Junior Basic School1096Kuraha
145Bhour Gram Panchayat Office1002Majhina
146Maymon Singh Colony F.P.School784Bhour
147Churail Krishnapur F.P.School976Chural Krishnapur
148Udaypur F.P.School432Harispur
149Bhaur F.P.School910Bhour
150Dishnagar F.P.School980Disnagar
151Sitahar F.P.School940Sitahar
152Sitahar Mulgram High School994Mulgaon
153Jhara F.P.School1148Jhara
154Deor F.P. School618Biprabhag
156Chhatma F.P.School930Chhatma
157Kharail Chandpur F.P.School765Kharail
159Ram Krishnapur Junior Basic School748Dakshin Ramkrishnapur
160Mahadebpur F.P.School ( Rasulpur )1184Mahadebpur
161Chausha F.P.School957Rasulpur
162Dior Panaulla High School499Dior
164Jarlai F.P.School910Tirali
165Shyamnagar F.P.School631Shyamnagar
166Netradanga F.P.School1046Prasadpur
167Pariyal Dharmapur F.P.School1083Chhatintair
168Chakbaram F.P.School602Chak-Barham
170Beltara Junior Basic School1135Beltara
171Chak Behatair F.P.School580Chak Bhabani
172Radhanagar F.P.Schoo970Radhanagar
173Baram High School382Baram
174Pirojpur Prathamik Vidyalaya825Pirozpur
175Kantakol F.P.School911Katakol
176Muglishpur F.P.School1099Muglishpur
177Gobindapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1094Gobindapur
178Amritpur F.P.School987Amritapur
179Udail F.P.School1002Udail
180Mohana F.P.School707Mohana
181Gayeshpur S.S.K.476Chak Bhagaban
182Gramtala F.P.School756Gramtala
183Khamar Bodra F.P.School572Kharmar Bodra
184Bhagabatipur F.P.School1092Matizapur
185Khamar Matijapur F.P.School893Khamar Matizapur
186Mahammadpur F.P.School1006Gholdara
187Radhakrishnapur High School1063Radhakrishnpur
188Madhabpur S.C. Junior High School837Madhabpur
189Madhabpur F.P. School354Madhabpur
190Ajhair Prathamik Vidyalaya854Ajhair
191Nahera Anganwadi Centre476Nahara
192Batun Gram Panchayet Office843Pasoya
193Banshipur Prathamik Vidyalaya627Bansipur
194Batun F.P.School1044Batun
195Batun 2 No F.P.School1150Batun
196Paikpara F.P.School997Paikpara
197Bhakla F.P.School1062Bhakla
198Chandmua F.P.School531Chak-Bansi
199Dakshin Keshabpur Adhibasi F. P. School931Gopalpur
200Saiyadpur B. M. A. H. S.711Saidpur

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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