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Polling Booth in Krishnaganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Krishnaganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Krishnaganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kadaghata Primary School787Kadaghata
2K.C.D.M.High School999Kadipur
3Kadipur Bord Primary School895Kadipur
4New Huda Digambarpur Primary School766Digambarpur
5Huda Digambarpur Primary School827Digambarpur
6Digambarpur Primary School642Pratappur
8Bishnupur Primary School874Bishnupur
9Khalboalia High School729Bishnupur
10Mukundapur Primary School688Mukundapur
11Lalabahadur Smriti Primary School1116Khal Boalia
12Gobindapur Primary School761Gobindapur
14Col. Biswas Primary School763Shyam Nagar
15Maheshachandrapur Primary School475Mahesh Chandrapur
16Uttar Gede Primary School1015Gede
17Gede Haldarpara Primary School1104Gede
18Gede (Gadia) Primary School979Gede
20Kunechandpur Primary School385Chandpur
21Bijayapur Primary School853Bijoypur
22Uttar Matiari Primary School1000Matiari
24Harishnagar Primary School737Matiari
25Raghunandanpur Primary School598Matiari
26Matiari Banpur High School986Matiari
28Banpur Fulbari Primary School893Banpur
29Chandpur Primary School675Fulbari
31Dulepara Primary School755Banpur
33Fulbari Primary School815Fulbari
35Malighata Primary School778Taldaha
37Taldaha Primary School983Taldaha
38Teghari Primary School461Teghari
39Mathurapur Primary School686Mathurapur
40Gopipur Primary School471Gopipur
41Adityapur G.S.Primary School699Adityapur
42Dewanerber Primary School590Adityapur
44Adityapur Daspara Icds Centre870Adityapur
45Goari Primary School1015Goari
46Kharbagan Primary School950Majhdia
47Majdia Boys Primary School1078Majhdia
48Majdia Relabajar High School681Majhdia
50Ichhamatipara S S K450Majhdia
51Shibmohini Kanya Vidyapith740Majhdia
52Majadiya D.C.Bhaduri Girls Primary School574Majhdia
54Majdia Daspara Primary School1090Majhdia
55Kuthirpara Primary School827Majhdia
56Joyghata Primary School1114Jayghata
58Joyghata Majdia Junior Basic School1040Maghdia
60Manoharapur Primary School1088Jayghata
61Ghughragachhi Primary School787Ghuguragachhi
63Shyamnagar Primary School847Shyam Nagar
64Sishirnagar Primary School1146Shyam Nagar
65Swarnakhali P.V.High School1031Chak Shyamnaar
67Swarnakhali Primary School798Chak Gutra
69Bhagabanpur Primary School727Bhagabanpur
71Shakdaha Aadibasi Primary School983Shakdaha
72Shakdaha High School855Shakdaha
73Durgapur Satyamay Junior Basic School820Durgapur
75Puratan Durgapur Primary School766Durgapur
76Ratikanta Msk623Durgapur
77Satyanagar Primary School450Durgapur
79Krishnaganj S A R Farm Office Building456Songhata
80Chowgachha Jr. High School837Chau Gachha
82Kutirpara Primary School1098Chau Gachha
85Shonghata Primary School634Songhata
87Babalaban Primary School1036Chandan Nagar
88Nidhirpota Primary School895Chandan Nagar
89Kumarapur Primary School720Kumarpur
90K C Girls High School669Chandan Nagar
92Chandananagar R.D.P.Institute859Chandan Nagar
94Anil Smriti High School1073Chandan Nagar
95Krishnaganj G.S Primary School639Krishna Ganj
96Krishnaganj G S Primary School605Krishna Ganj
97Khantura Shrishrima Junior Basic School797Khatura
99Pabakhali Primary School775Pabakhali
101Sri Sri Mahanananda High School976Shibnibas
103Krishnapur Primary School615Krishna Pur
105Rajendr Smriti Primary School556Krishna Pur
107Sukantapalli Primary School877Helenchi
109Hiranapur Primary School419Helenchi
110Taraknagar Primary School985Helenchi
112Tungi Primary School733Tungi
114Majdia Srl College744Tungi
116Dongaghata Primary School834Tungi
118Indira Gandhi Primary School641Tungi
119Naghata Primary School860Tungi
120Puntikhali Primary School668Putikhali
122Dharamapur Primary School897Dharmmapur
123Nalupur Jr. High School883Nalupur
124Nalupur Primary School649Nalupur
125Harekrishna Kongar Primary School843Bhajanghat
126Bhajanghat High School962Bhajanghat
127Bhajanghat Primary School903Bhajanghat
129Nonaganj Primary School569Bhajanghat
130Gopalpur Surendrapur Primary School1075Itabaria
131Itaberia Board Primary School974Itabaria
132Chitrashali Aashram Balika Vidyalaya1039Dhakuria
133Chitrashali Bidyaniketan624Jaypur
134Chitrashali Prathamik Vidyalaya558Jaypur
136Chandanpukur Primary School855Jaypur
138Jaypur Raycharan Primary School1024Jaypur
139Hemayetpur Primary School604Jaypur
140Probhatnagar Primary School623Jaypur
141Jaynagar Basic Primary School631Jaypur
142Kakmari Junior Basic School986Jaypur
143Harihar Nagar Primary School1002Jaypur
144Nutan Gram Primary School686Jaypur
145Kalamari Primary School795Jaypur
146Muchifulabari Primary School1068Muchi Fulbaria
147Bererpara I.C.D.S.Centre594Itabaria
148Itaberia Purbapara Primary School991Itabaria
150Dakshinpara Radhasundari Palchoudhury Vidyapith1009Dakshinpara
153Majidpur Primary School779Dakshinpara
155Belepara Primary School1069Dakshinpara
156Chapari Ashramtype Abasik Govt. Spon. High School1019Dakshinpara
157Gholar Para Junior Basic School856Betna
158Durgabari Primary School411Betna
160Bhairabchandrapur New Primary School793Bhairab Chandrapur
161Bhairabchandrapur High School587Raypur
162Tarinipur Primary School807Tarinipur
163Betna Puratanpara Primary School807Betna
164Betna High School811Betna
165Betna Natunpara Primary School642Betna
166Batikamari Board Primary School947Huda Chapra
167Kalipara Primary School521Gobindapur
170Loknathpur Primary School1082Chak Dakshinpara
171Dakshin Batikamari Primary School1021Kalipara
172Gobindpur Board Primary School923Gobindapur
173Hanskhali High School751Gobindapur
176Gobindapur Sardarpara Primary School655Gobindapur
177Gobindapur Colony Primary School692Gobindapur
179Gobindpur Colony G.S.F Primary School565Gobindapur
181Gobindapur-Jaldapara Primary School866Gobindapur
182Ghagharchar Primary School974Dahar Buinchha
183Dahar Buincha Primary School657Dahar Buinchha
185Kalinagar Primary School576Nutangram
186Nutangram Primary School815Nutangram
188Benali Durgacharan High School803Benali
191Benali Board Primary School1035Benali
192Parbatikamari Converted Junior Basic School878Ber Gram
193Bergram Primary School943Ber Gram
194Ber Hanskhali Primary School833Ber Gram
196Par Hanskhali Primary School1053Hanskhali
197Hanskhali Samabay Vidyapith1024Hanskhali
199Kantakhali Primary School738Hanskhali
200Ghoshnagar Primary School634Payradanda
201Taraknagar Jamunasundari High School723Payradanda
203Payradanga Primary School1153Payradanda
206Mayurhat Govt Sponsored Free Primary School600Mayurhat
210Shibchandrapur Primary School956Sibchandrpur
211Payradanga Raypara Primary School899Payradanda
212Ramdulalpur Primary School674Kautaknagar
214Gaurnagar Primary School636Payradanda
216Kautuknagar Primary School922Kautaknagar
217Bangshinagar Primary School876Kautaknagar
219Gazna Pashchimpara Primary School763Gazna
221Gazna Board Primary School669Gazna
223Pepulberia Board Primary School562Pipulbaria
224Mobarakpur Primary School591Mobarekpur
225Paschim Pipulberia Primary School746Pipulbaria
227Gazna Anchalik Vivekananda Bidyamandir933Gazna
229Chunari Bajitapur Primary School618Bajitpur
231Naoda Kamalpur Primary School952Chunari
233Purba Chunari Primary School719Chunari
234New Naodakamalpur Primary School961Naoda Kamalpur
235Fatepur Primary School1083Fatepur
237Ghosh Kamalpur Primary School492Kamalpur
238Garapota Purbapara Primary School727Garapota
240Garapota G.S.F Primary School784Garapota
241Shyamnagar Debendrra Smriti Primary School842Shyamnagar
243Bathangachi Sardarpara Primary School814Sanatanur
244Bathangachhi Primary School801Sanatanur
245Garapota High School1042Garapota
248Garapota Yuba Sangha Primary School743Garapota
250Chhutipur Primary School768Bhatghata
251Khamar Shimuliya Primary School520Purba Khamar Simulia
253Patua Primary School968Patua
255Khamar Shimuliya High School793Purba Khamar Simulia
257Naopukuriya Primary School924Naopukuria
259Badkulla 1No Gram Panchayet Office730Badkulla (CT)
261Ashrampara Primary School1019Badkulla (CT)
263Badkulla United Academy995Badkulla (CT)
265Surabhisthan Bhubanmohini Girls High School852Badkulla (CT)
268Patuli Primary School1114Patuli (CT)
270Mandabghat Primary School906Mandabghat
272Parua Primary School586Parua
274Bapujinagar High School795Parua
275Snehalata Bidyapith Primary School1006Dosatina
276Purandarpur Primary School1030Purandarpur
277Kaya Adarshashiksha Niketan802Kaya
278Dosatina Converted Junior Basic School516Panch Baria
280Garuapota Primary School908Garuapota
282Mousumi Adarsha Primary School556Panch Baria
284Bajpukurpara Feeding Centar680Panch Baria
285Badkulla 2No Gram Panchayet Office1130Panch Baria
286Badkulla Fanibhushan Vidyapith745Badkulla (CT)

Last Updated on June 01, 2020
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