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Polling Booth in Kolkata Port Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kolkata Port

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kolkata Port Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Samsia Zanana Madrasa832Kolkata (M Corp.)
5Unsudaullah Pry School986Kolkata (M Corp.)
6Bangali Bazar High School952Kolkata (M Corp.)
10Maulana Azad Memorial Girls High School933Kolkata (M Corp.)
13Laxmi Narayan Pry School802Kolkata (M Corp.)
15Dhanakheti High School939Kolkata (M Corp.)
19Meher Manzil Urdu F. P. School806Kolkata (M Corp.)
20Batikal K M C P School( Aslam Memorial )539Kolkata (M Corp.)
21Gandhi Hindi Primary School540Kolkata (M Corp.)
23Hasrat Mohani Girls High School570Kolkata (M Corp.)
24Madrasa Noorul-Uloom652Kolkata (M Corp.)
25Bangali Bazar High School Annex Bildg771Kolkata (M Corp.)
28Mirza Ghalib F. P. School946Kolkata (M Corp.)
30Maulana Azad Memorial Girls' High School674Kolkata (M Corp.)
33K M C Office Garden Reach Unit (1St-Fl Oor)648Kolkata (M Corp.)
35Mohommadia U. P. School959Kolkata (M Corp.)
39Harimohan Ghosh Collage683Kolkata (M Corp.)
40Nut Behari Das Boys High School506Kolkata (M Corp.)
41Mudiali H. S. School986Kolkata (M Corp.)
42Garden Reach Odia Pry. School753Kolkata (M Corp.)
51Ramanagar Janata Hindi Vidyalaya628Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Darul Ulum F. P. School437Kolkata (M Corp.)
58Fatepur Seva Samity880Kolkata (M Corp.)
59Fatepur Shishu Kalyan F. P. School691Kolkata (M Corp.)
61Hindi Pathashala675Kolkata (M Corp.)
62Fatepur Village Rd. K M C P School1000Kolkata (M Corp.)
69Maktab-E-Islamia810Kolkata (M Corp.)
71Nut Bihari Das Balika Vidyalaya859Kolkata (M Corp.)
78Rameshwarpur K.M.C.P School998Kolkata (M Corp.)
82Nagendra Nath Vidyalaya792Kolkata (M Corp.)
84National Primary School693Kolkata (M Corp.)
86Jana Kalyan Sangha788Kolkata (M Corp.)
87Arya Vidyalaya807Kolkata (M Corp.)
89South Eastrn Railway Probationary Officers Association Hall669Kolkata (M Corp.)
91South Eastern Rly Officer Club1017Kolkata (M Corp.)
94Kiddepur Oria High School570Kolkata (M Corp.)
95S.E.Rly.Officers Club(Badminton Court)1028Kolkata (M Corp.)
96Sambhu Vidyalaya887Kolkata (M Corp.)
97Sangha Mitra Vidyalaya(High School)879Kolkata (M Corp.)
101New Administrative Building.Cal.Port Trust872Kolkata (M Corp.)
102Arya Parisad Vidyalaya(Multipurpose.H.S.School)558Kolkata (M Corp.)
106Braithwate Company629Kolkata (M Corp.)
107Sri Saraswati Vidyalaya F.P.School .878Kolkata (M Corp.)
109Marine Eng. College Gr. Floor615Kolkata (M Corp.)
111K.M.C.P. School Ground Floor920Kolkata (M Corp.)
113Taratala Adarsha Vidyalaya(Junior) Gr.Floor958Kolkata (M Corp.)
114Taratala Adarsh Vidyalaya Primary Sec.1032Kolkata (M Corp.)
115Pandit J. Nehru Bal Siksha Sadan.991Kolkata (M Corp.)
116Hide Road Institute Of Kolkata Port Trust456Kolkata (M Corp.)
118Sramik Vidyalaya (New Building)556Kolkata (M Corp.)
120Calcutta Dock Labour Board Office975Kolkata (M Corp.)
121Ramnaayan Sikshayatan819Kolkata (M Corp.)
122Sri. J.B.Vidyalaya (1St Flr)1014Kolkata (M Corp.)
125Sri J.B. Vidyalaya688Kolkata (M Corp.)
133Lal Bahadur Sastri Vidyapith.562Kolkata (M Corp.)
135Maulana Azad Urdu School C.P.T Drivers Qtrs. Club Room1029Kolkata (M Corp.)
137Hossain Shah Memorial Pry Gsfp School727Kolkata (M Corp.)
138C.P.T.Remount Rd. Inst. Ground Floor770Kolkata (M Corp.)
141Hossain Shah Girl'S School (Gr. Floor)939Kolkata (M Corp.)
142Grace International School788Kolkata (M Corp.)
144Kidderpore Miloni High School Gr. Floor Room-1837Kolkata (M Corp.)
146Bidya Bharati School 1St Flr806Kolkata (M Corp.)
148Sri Jagannath Vidyapith Gr. Floor486Kolkata (M Corp.)
150K M C P School Goragacha595Kolkata (M Corp.)
152Takshal Vidyapith (Ground Floor)554Kolkata (M Corp.)
156Khidderpore Muslim High Sch.959Kolkata (M Corp.)
157Adarsha Hindi H.Sch.470Kolkata (M Corp.)
159K.M.C.P.Sch.(Day) Gr. Fl.-2864Kolkata (M Corp.)
162Loyla High School917Kolkata (M Corp.)
163Mother Hall719Kolkata (M Corp.)
169Sir Syed Gr.Of Sch.(Sri S.Hall)1053Kolkata (M Corp.)
171Shaheed Aminuddin Pr. School Gr.Floor872Kolkata (M Corp.)
173Allama Md. Ekbal Girls High School(Gr.Floor)971Kolkata (M Corp.)
176Jawharlal Nehru Vidyapith 1St Flr.986Kolkata (M Corp.)
182Khidderpur Muslim Jr. High School 1St Floor835Kolkata (M Corp.)
184Mominpore U.P.School624Kolkata (M Corp.)
186Joseph Day School638Kolkata (M Corp.)
188K.M.C.P. Mayur Bhanj978Kolkata (M Corp.)
189J.C.Ghosh Polytechnic Gr.Floor Room-1(Old Bldg.)836Kolkata (M Corp.)
198Harijan Sevak Vidyalaya1005Kolkata (M Corp.)
199Harijan Jnanprakash Vidyalaya Ground Floor826Kolkata (M Corp.)
203K.M.C.P.School (Day) Ground Floor991Kolkata (M Corp.)
207K.M.C.P. School701Kolkata (M Corp.)
210Lotus Day School879Kolkata (M Corp.)
212Sussex T.M.Pr. School818Kolkata (M Corp.)
213Kabitirtha Vidyalaya846Kolkata (M Corp.)
216Hemchandra Library609Kolkata (M Corp.)
217Bankim Ghosh M.G.High School628Kolkata (M Corp.)
225Sarat Ch.Paul Girls' School944Kolkata (M Corp.)
226Kidderpore A.P.Vidyalaya(S.Pathagar)951Kolkata (M Corp.)
227Malabiya Vidyalaya855Kolkata (M Corp.)
228Kidderpore Banga Vidyalaya774Kolkata (M Corp.)
230Lajpat English Institute822Kolkata (M Corp.)
231Kidderpore Academy High School966Kolkata (M Corp.)
233Kidderpore College1000Kolkata (M Corp.)
236Kidderpore M.Sangha (Inside K.Park)699Kolkata (M Corp.)
237Nmb Rehabilitation Trust(Annex)Marine House730Kolkata (M Corp.)
240Pwd Officealipore Sub Division 3 Commissiariat Road Hastings1007Kolkata (M Corp.)
241Kmc Community Hall Shah Rajab Road937Kolkata (M Corp.)
243Marine House(Eastern Gate Entrance)572Kolkata (M Corp.)
245Watganj G.S.F.P. School1000Kolkata (M Corp.)
247Gulabi Tea Ware House918Kolkata (M Corp.)
250Central Medical904Kolkata (M Corp.)
251Dr. Z. Haque Memorial Health Centre 670Kolkata (M Corp.)
258Corporation Primary School (Day)468Kolkata (M Corp.)
260Office Of The Asst.Engineer P Wd871Kolkata (M Corp.)

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