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Polling Booth in Kharagpur Sadar Assembly Constituency

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Kharagpur Sadar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kharagpur Sadar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kharagpur Sadar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Priyanath Roy Bidyaniketan (H.S)916Kharagpur (M)
6Malancha G.S.F.P School755Kharagpur (M)
8Shri Saraswati Hindi Prathamik Vidyalaya634Kharagpur (M)
10Amarajyoti Prathamik Vidyalaya801Kharagpur (M)
12Khidirapur Prathamik Vidyalaya674Kharagpur (M)
15Aryya Vidyapith No-1 Primary School854Kharagpur (M)
16Nimpura Arrya Bidyapith (H.S.)823Kharagpur (M)
17Atulamani Palitekanik High School (H.S.)986Kharagpur (M)
20Telegu Bidyapitham804Kharagpur (M)
23Atulamani G.S.F.P. School778Kharagpur (M)
24Bhagawanpur G.S.F.P School690Kharagpur (M)
25Janata Vidyalaya654Kharagpur (M)
29Bharati Vidyapith892Kharagpur (M)
34Saradamayee Primary School576Kharagpur (M)
36Shastri Shiksha Niketan961Kharagpur (M)
37Hitkarini High School (Balika Bibhag)631Kharagpur (M)
38Hitakarini High School (Balak Bibhag)999Kharagpur (M)
42Ward Memorial Church School1037Kharagpur (M)
45Anamika Primary School671Kharagpur (M)
46Sub-Health Post-Ii I.P.P. - Viii625Kharagpur (M)
48Subhash Prathamik Vidyalaya (Bangla Bibhag)586Kharagpur (M)
49Rajagram Prathamik Vidyalaya884Kharagpur (M)
50Hamabati Primary School566Kharagpur (M)
51Rajagram Adibashi Primary School888Kharagpur (M)
52Shrikrishnapur High School640Kharagpur (M)
56Subhash Prathamik Vidyalaya (Telegu)654Kharagpur (M)
58Subhashpally G.S.F.P. School716Kharagpur (M)
60Subhaspally Janakalyan Vidyayatan (Uchcha Vidyalaya)592Kharagpur (M)
63Shrikrishnapur No- 2 Primary School928Kharagpur (M)
64Parijat Sangha G.S.F.P School604Kharagpur (M)
68Bidhanchandra Ray Primary School765Kharagpur (M)
70Azizia High School657Kharagpur (M)
73Pashchim Debalpur Pulin Bihari Primary School480Kharagpur (M)
75Bholanath Shiksha Niketan719Kharagpur (M)
77Debalapur Primary School543Kharagpur (M)
78Debalpur Urdu Primary School765Kharagpur (M)
79Pirlohania Primary School702Kharagpur (M)
85Panchberia Lohania High Madrasha656Kharagpur (M)
89Panchberia Primary School577Kharagpur (M)
93Rabindra Bidya Niketan No-1 Primary School625Kharagpur (M)
96Kharagpur College642Kharagpur (M)
100Inda Balika Vidyalaya553Kharagpur (M)
102Inda Ipp-Viii (Extn) Inda Unit No-1792Kharagpur (M)
105Rabindra Bidya Niketan No-2 Primary School509Kharagpur (M)
106Inda Primary School735Kharagpur (M)
107Inda G.S.F.P. School875Kharagpur (M)
109Inda Krishnalal Shiksha Niketan615Kharagpur (M)
112Inda Bamunpara G.S.F.P School697Kharagpur (M)
113Khargeswar Prathamik Vidyalaya874Kharagpur (M)
114P.H.E. Office (Civil)547Kharagpur (M)
115Bajrang Prathamik Vidyalaya672Kharagpur (M)
116P.H.E. Office Inda (Mechanical)701Kharagpur (M)
117Sanjoal Prathamik Vidyalaya977Kharagpur (M)
121Puratan Bajar Prathamik Vidyalaya953Kharagpur (M)
122Sepai Danga I.C.D.S. Centre693Kharagpur (M)
124Puratan Bajar Excise Office Cdd Kharagpur Circle1063Kharagpur (M)
126Silver Jubilee High School635Kharagpur (M)
131Kharagpur Homeopathy College753Kharagpur (M)
133Barbetia Primary School900Kharagpur (M)
134Silver Jublee Primary School340Kharagpur (M)
135Purba Gaikata Primary School966Kharagpur (M)
137Kharagpur Municipality Office913Kharagpur (M)
140N.C.C. Office 25Th (Bengal Zone)1025Kharagpur (M)
142P.W.D. Construction Office663Kharagpur (M)
144St. Marys School575Kharagpur (M)
146Thakur Panchanan G.S.F.P. School979Kharagpur (M)
148Bharati Hindi G.S.F.P. School599Kharagpur (M)
151Hijli Multipurpose High School952Kharagpur (M)
155Hijali Junior Basic School861Kharagpur (M)
157Hijli Co-Operative Colony Primary School596Kharagpur (M)
159Hijli Co-Operative Society Community Hall935Kharagpur (M)
161Rabindrapally Turipara G.S.F.P. School509Kharagpur (M)
163Arabind Primary School994Kharagpur (M)
165Talabagicha G.S.F.P. No- 2 School839Kharagpur (M)
167Talabagicha H.S. School556Kharagpur (M)
171Talabagicha G.S.F.P. No-1 School1069Kharagpur (M)
174Chhatisgarh High School654Kharagpur (M)
178Raimani Primary School973Kharagpur (M)
179Shri Bharat Primary School923Kharagpur (M)
182Shri Shri Siddheswari High School924Kharagpur (M)
183Janakalyan Primary School577Kharagpur (M)
185Andhr U.P. School678Kharagpur (M)
192Kushtha Colony Primary School529Kharagpur (M)
193Nimpura Bengali Primary School395Kharagpur (M)
194S.E. Rly. Telephone Exchange1059Kharagpur (M)
195Signal Inspector Marcylling Eyard Office330Kharagpur (M)
197Inspector Of Works (Lines) Office668Kharagpur (M)
200Inspector Of Workers (Water Works)277Kharagpur (M)
203Health Inspector Office Mathurakati841Kharagpur (M)
204Office Of The Junior Engineer Electrical Office439Kharagpur (M)
205Inspector Of Workers Office (West)788Kharagpur (M)
207Pravasundra Nabyakala Parisad642Kharagpur (M)
208Bala Bhanu School530Kharagpur (M)
209Departure Yard Office804Kharagpur (M)
210Kasturaba Prathamik Vidyalaya(Balika)633Kharagpur (M)
212Health Unit South Eastren Railway Nimpura351Kharagpur (M)
213S.E.Railway Mixed High School791Kharagpur (M)
217Andhra Bhaban579Kharagpur (M)
221Utkal Vidyapith1036Kharagpur (M)
225Mahakabi Gurajada Vidyalaya933Kharagpur (M)
229S.E. Railway Mixed Primary School(Aziza Building)864Kharagpur (M)
232Sent Yosef Charch School240Kharagpur (M)
234S.E. Railway Girls Higher Secondary School663Kharagpur (M)
238S.E. Railway Boys Higher Secondary School1050Kharagpur (M)
241S.E.Railway Mixed Primary School (Near Bus Stand)906Kharagpur (M)
243Traffic High School (H.S)652Kharagpur (M)
249Sauth Said Haiskul (Balak Bibhag)993Kharagpur (M)
251Sauth Side Primary School720Kharagpur (M)
252South Side Girls High School (H.S)663Kharagpur (M)
255Sersa Stadium843Kharagpur (M)
260S.Erailway Supervisor Training Centre971Kharagpur (M)
264Bishbaranjan Nagar Primary School525Kharagpur (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014