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Polling Booth in Khandaghosh Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Khandaghosh

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khandaghosh Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Irkona Basantakumar Ash Vidyapith814Irkona
3Bharichha Free Primary School781Bharichha
4Adrahati Boys Free Primary School1005Adra
5Adrahati Banowarilal Sadharan Shiksha Niketan725Adra
7Kaitara Dighir Par High Madrasa701Kaitara
8Patrahati Free Primary school589Patrahati
9Kaitara Free Primary School821Kaitara
11Mahara Gauribala Free Primary School933Mahara
13Masjidapur Free Primary School707Maszidpur
15Nabagram Free Primary School807Nabagram
16Itaru Free Primary School769Itaru
17Chalalpur Free Primary school738Parsura
18Porsura Shripanchanan Free Primary School750Parsura
19Tentulmuri Free Primary School710Tentulmuri
20Belan Billeswar High School916Belan
21Belan Free Primary School777Belan
22Gomai Free Primary School477Belan
24Shridharpur Junior Basic School789Sridharpur
25Kalna Balna Free Primary School559Kalna
26Balna Free Primary School537Balna
27Chhotomuria Free Primary School728Chhotamure
28Khano High School1039Khano
29Khano 1No Free Primary School685Khano
30Khano No. 2 Free Primary School503Khano
32Barsona Free Primary School669Khano
33Sankrai Free Primary School808Sankari
35Channa Charakdanga Free Primary School638Channa
36Channa Free Primary School876Channa
37Hitta Rameswar Junior Basic School954Hitta
38Hitta Ghoshpara Free Primary School621Hitta
39Kishorekona Nabagrami Aadarsh Vidyalaya843Kishorkona
40Kishorekona junior Basic School633Kishorkona
41Jamar Free Primary School866Hitta
42Khanajunction Free Primary School546Kishorkona
44Satinandi High School1047Satinandi
46Satinandi Free Primary School840Satinandi
47Namo Junction Free Primary School547Satinandi
48Kurmuna Free Primary School962Kurmuna
50Chandanpur Free Primary School1122Chandanpur
51Belgram Anganwari Centre430Belgram
52Belgram Daspara Free Primary School753Belgram
54Sasanga Free Primary School1050Sasanga
55Baradighi Free Primary School952Sanko
56Chandpur Free Primary School428Sanko
57Sarul Camp Free Primary School650Sanko
59Sanko Girls Free Primary School577Sanko
60Sanko Metepara Sishu sikha kendra866Sanko
61Sanko camp Free Primary School652Sanko
62Sanko Chandrashekhar High School625Sanko
64Baramuria Free Primary School(Old Building)1054Chakmuria
65Baramuria Free Primary School(New Building)983Chakmuria
66Ura Free Primary School1049Ura
68Ura Sishu Sikha kendra487Ura
69Dalimgaria Kalimata Free Primary School511Dalimgarya
70Bhunri Free Primary school879Bhuri
71Bhunri Dwijapada Jnanamayee High School797Bhuri
72Mohanpur Free Primary School662Mohanpur
73Mogalsima Junior Basic School610Mohanpur
74Shyamsundarapur Free Primary School1023Syamsundarpur
75Konarpur Free Primary School760Konarpur
76Kalimohanpur Free Primary School1103Konarpur
77Janhapur Free Primary School1044Merual
78Bhenpur free Primary School455Merual
79Merual Free Primary School631Merual
80Ketna Adarshapalli Free Primary School617Ketna
82GhoshKamalpur Free Primary School889Ghosh Kamalpur
83Raghabpur Free Primary School723Omarpur
84Jujuti Free Primary School651Jujuti
86Dadpur Free Primary School733Dadpur
87Taherpur Free Primary School442Taherpur
88Dumur Gopalpur Free Primary School648Dumur
89Shikarpur Free Primary School793Sikarpur
90Sonda Free Primary School943Sonda
91Mithapur Shridurga High School622Mithapur
92Mithapur Free Primary School577Mithapur
93Mallikpur Free Primary School886Mallikpur
94Bakta Free Primary school897Bakta
95Garamba Free primary school937Garamba
96Bhashapur Free Primary School466Dakshin Bhasapur
97Dakshin bhasapur Free Primary School316Dakshin Bhasapur
98Jayakrishnapur free primary School606Gohagram
99Gohagram Free Primary School829Gohagram
101Gopdal free primary School978Gohagram
102Nabagram F.P.School815Nabagram
103bitchkhanra Primary Vidyalaya700Bichkhara
104Banamalipur Primary Vidyalaya397Banamalipur
105Metedanga Primary Vidyalaya808Metedanga
107Lodna Primary Vidyalaya1007Lodna
109Bisna F.P. School332Lodna
110Shyamadanga Prathamik Vidyalaya562Syamadanga
111Kapsit F.P. School961Kapshit
112Barishali High School973Barisiali
113Barishali F.P. School980Barisiali
114Bamunari Primary Vidyalaya992Bamanari
115Dubarajahat F.P. School446Dubrajhat
117Dubrajhat Sishu Siksha Kendra (New Building)755Dubrajhat
119Kumirkola High School635Kumirkola
121Keleti Primary Vidyalaya575Keleti
122Rupasa F. P. School979Rupsa
123Dhrampur F. P School944Rupsa
124Naricha Satish Chandra Primary Vidyalaya716Naricha
126Nishchintapur Prathamik School506Nichintapur
128Mashila Guru Gonsai F.P. School829Masila
129Natungram F.P. School454Napara
130Bapuji Harijan Primary Vidyalaya911Napara
131Shashanga High School917Shashanga
133Atkulla F.P. School712Atkulya
134Gaitanpur Shri Shri Mahaprabhu Primary School905Gaitanpur
135Gaitanpur Charmana F.P. School551Gaitanpur
136Shalun High School1051Salun
137Salun F.P. School376Salun
138Padua F.P. School381Padua
139Tildanga F.P. School944Salun
140Kamalpur Girishachandra F.P.School738Kamalpur
141Kamalpur Khalpara F.P. School1000Kamalpur
142Polempur Prathamik Vidyalaya426Kamalpur
144Polempur Paschim Para Sishu Siksha Kendra825Kamalpur
145Udayakrishnapur F.P .School688Kamalpur
147Daichanda F.P Vidyalaya1131Kamalpur
148Huriya Public High School699Huria
149Huria F.P. School594Huria
150Kulchaura Chhatimpur F.P .School779Kulchaura
151Khudkuri F.P. School947Khundkuri
152Keshabpur Sishu Siksha Kendra506Keshabpur
153Keshabpur F. P. School684Keshabpur
155Shankari Uttarpara F.P .School673Shankari
156Shankari High School969Shankari
158Sankari Dakshinpara F.P. School957Shankari
159Palashadanga Kunjanagar F.P. School709Palashdanga
160Owania F.P. School996Wania
161Owania KhorKol F.P. School815Krishnanagar
162Mayur F.P. School343Maur
163Shikarpur F.P. School534Shikarpur
164Telua Shikarpur F.P. School965Teluya
165Ulakunda F.P. School716Ulkunda
166Ektarpur PrimaryVidyalaya842Onari
168Nurpur Prathamik Vidyalaya466Onari
169Oari Uchchya Vidyalaya989Onari
171Ujjalpukur F.P. School461Onari
172Alipur F.P. School1055Alipur
173Khejurahati F.P. School866Khejurhati
175Aradanga Amarapur Primary Vidyalaya935Aradanga
176Hamirpur F.P. School403Hamirpur
177Khandaghosh Tanti Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya1010Khadaghosh
179Khandaghosh Bindubasini F.P. School557Khadaghosh
181Khandaghosh High School1142Khadaghosh
183Khandaghosh Upper Primary School631Khadaghosh
184Karimpur F.P. School502Karimpur
185Berugram Tapashili F.P. School703Berugram
187Bedugram F.P. School1073Berugram
189Baharaga Riya F.P. School985Berugram
190Kalna F.P. School709Kalna
192Amral High School888Amral
194Daiyar F.P. School425Daiyar
195Dahuka Girish F.P. School802Sadhanpur
196Sulatanapur F.P. School907Sultanpur
197Punsur F.P. School791Punshur
198Shibarambati Prathamik Vidyalaya548Shibrambati
199Bowai High School802Bonwai
201Bowai F.P. School855Bonwai
202Bowai Dakshinpara F.P. School470Bonwai
203Narayanapur F. P. School670Chak Narayanpur
204Khantikar Hazi Najrul Vidyapith1086Khantikar
205Enayetanagar F.P. School677Enayetnagar
206Gayeshapur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya732Gayespur
207Ukharid F. P. School1044Ukhrid
208Ukharid Fri Primary School1004Ukhrid
209Ukharid B.R.Ambedkar F.P. School852Ukhrid
210Ukharid Harijan F.P. School969Ukhrid
211Kuley F.P. School1125Kule
212Chagram High School656Chagram
214Chagram F.P. School963Chagram
215Saranga F.P. School708Saranga
217Tarul F.P. School401Ukhrid
218Angram F.P. School600Angram
219Krishnapur Kukura F.P. School768Krishnapur Kukra
220Keudia Latifpur F.P. School958Keudia
222Chhatimapur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya616Jubila
223Chhatimapur F.P. School722Jubila
224Sanko Prathamik Vidyalaya686Jubila
225Durgapur F.P. School530Jubila
226Jubila Prathamik Vidyalaya852Jubila
228Sagrai Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya851Sagrai
229Chak Badulia F.P. School570Sagrai
230Badulia Kabi Sukanta F.P. School911Badulia
232Badulia F.P. School899Badulia
234Aahladipur F.P. School812Aladipur
235Taraposh F.P. School927Taraposh
236Jarul F. P. School741Jarul
237Amila F.P. School860Amilia
238Kantapukur F.P. School908Kantapukur
240Shunia F.P Vidyalaya1019Shunia
241Puriha F.P. School624Puriha
242Jheniya F.P Vidyalaya666Kamdebpur
243Gopalpur F.P. School621Gopalpur
244Kaiyar F.P Vidyalaya830Kaiar
246Guir Kanija Nur Mahammad High Madrasa1015Guir
248Guir F.P. School906Guir
249Amba F.P. School673Amba
250Amba Gopinathpur F.P. School470Chatogopinathpur
251Torkona F.P. School728Torkona
252Pitambarpur F.P. School582Torkona
253Torkona Jagabandhu High School860Torkona
254Arin Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya633Arin
255Bara Gopinathpur F.P. School360Bara Gopinathpur
257Shankarapur F.P. School964Shankarpur
258Induti F.P. School917Induti
260Bamunpukur Primary School953Induti
261Purbachak F.P. School556Induti
262Muidhara F.P. School991Muidhara
263Gopalabera High School876Gopalbera
265Gopalbera F.P. School723Gopalbera
266Dowargram F.P. School479Doargan
267Amraichandi F.P. School736Amra
268Kendur High School1004Kendur
270Kendur Adarsha F.P. School701Kendur
271Rautara Primary Vidyalaya845Rautara

Last Updated on May 30, 2020
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