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Polling Booth in Ketugram Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Ketugram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ketugram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mouradanga F.P. School742Chechuri
2Chenchuri F.P. School410Chechuri
3Subipur F.P.School484Chechuri
4Chakta Adarsa Sadharan Vidyapith936Chakta
5Chakta Purbapara F.P. School382Chakta
6Chakta F.P. School641Chakta
8Majhina F.P. School604Majhina
9Mouri Majhina F P School569Mauri
10Haldi FP.School339Haldi
11Kushutia F.P. School687Kushutia
12Ichapur F.P. School692Ichhapur
13Ichapur Mahula F.P. School831Mahula
14Ankhona F.P. School1004Ankhona
15Ankhona High School565Ankhona
18Ankhona Majhipara F.P. School986Ankhona
19Murutia F.P. School715Murutia
21Moregram Uttarpara F.P. School936Morgram
22Moregram F.P. School734Morgram
23Moregram Dr. Z.H.M High Madrasa869Morgram
25Kantadihi F.P. School938Kantadihi
27Kulutia F.P. School883Kulutia
29Berugram Bandhab Vidyapith751Berugram
32Sadipur F.P. School430Berugram
33Chinishpur High Madrasa669Chinispur
35Biruri F.P. School914Biruri
36Kojalsa F.P. School529Kojalsa
38Srigram GCVidyamandir715Shrigram
40Kechunia F.P. School634Kachutia
41Maheshpur F.P. School1086Kachutia
42Agardanga High Madrasa787Agardanga
44Agardanga F.P. School666Agardanga
4535No I.C.D.S. Centre Of Kachutia940Kachutia
46Kachutia F.P. School772Kachutia
48Malgram F.P. School876Malgram
49Arna F.P. School502Amgaria
51Amgoria Gopalpur RGMInstition836Amgaria
52Amgoria Annada Prasad Smriti F.P. School755Amgaria
55Ujalpur F.P. School557Ujalpur
57Kurmadanga F.P. School399Kurmadanga
59Sultanpur F.P. School926Kurmadanga
60Sripur F.P. School935Sripur
62Sripur Harijan F.P. School413Sripur
64Kandra Renuka Rani Dhar F.P. School653Kandara
66Kandra JM High School651Kandara
68Madhya Kandra S.S.K. Building770Kandara
70Kandra Purbapara F.P. School494Kandara
72Kandra Dakshinpara F.P. School783Kandara
74Kandara Junior Grils High School641Kandara
75Gopalpur F.P. School790Gopalpur
76Gopalpur Lalita Sundari Girls High School592Gopalpur
78Murgram F.P. School779Murgram
81Katundidanga F.P. School564Katandidanga
82Hosenpur F.P. School891Murgram
84Beninagar F.P. School723Beninagar
85Komarpur F.P. School701Komarpur
87Dakshin Komarpur F.P. School672Komarpur
89Khalipur Senior Madrasa463Khalipur
91Khalipur F.P. School790Khalipur
92Bamundi F.P. School1070Bamundi
94Masundi Pashchimpara F.P. School663Masundi
95Masundi F.P. School830Masundi
97Bahara F.P. School760Bahara
98Rajoor Uttarpara F. P.School604Rajur
100Rajoor Bandhab High School987Rajur
102Raikha F.P.school826Raikhan
104Khanji Q.A A.High School693Khanji
108Argoon F.P. School862Argun
110Khaspur F.PSchool1036Khaspur
112Ehiapur F.P. School899Ehiapur
113Kantari Purba Para F.P. School1019Ehiapur
114Kantari F.P. School589Ehiapur
116Dadhia Gopaldas High School963Dadhia
117Dadhia Dakshinpara F.P. School818Dadhia
118Ratanpur F.P. School748Dadhia
119Gonnaserandi High School939Serandi
120Gonna Serandi FP.School916Serandi
121Palita High school1139Palita
123Palita Adibasi F.P. School794Palita
124Banshra F.P. School761Palita
125Narenga F.P. School709Narenga
126Nowapara Ghatkuri F.P. School360Noapara
127Chakda F.P. School421Chakdaha
128Bhandargoria F.P.School713Ghatkuri
129Ganful F.P. School320Ganful
130Bakalsa F.P. School897Bakalsa
131Kulai High School540Kulai
133Jamalpur F.P. School440Jamalpur
134Kulun F.P. School370Jamalpur Chak
135Malun F.P. School464Kulai
136Kanchra F.P. School636Kanchra
138Pandugram F.P. School603Pandugram
140Pandugram Junior High School744Pandugram
142Khatundi High School612Khatundi
145Mitratikuri M.S.K. Building806Mitratikuri
146Pairakandi F.P. School453Hatpara
147Khenaibanda G.N. Bidyamandir816Khenaibanda
149Teoda Ef Pi School501Teora
150Rasui F.P. School754Billeswar Rasui
152Billeswar High School717Billeswar Rasui
154Charkhi Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya507Charkhi
156Barenda F.P. School696Charkhi
157Choto Maliha F.P.School609Komdanga
158Bad Maliha Ef.Pi. School999Maliha
159Kopa Mahatmagandhi Ah Primary Vidyalaya990Kopa
160Taipur F.P. School396Taipur
161Gurpara F.P. School662Gurpara
162Bhomorkol F.P. School593Gurpara
164Kaudi Ef Pi School409Kauri
165Dakshin Dihi F.P.School664Dakshindihi
167Roundi Surendranath Junior Highschool360Srirampur
169Roundi F.P. School443Srirampur
171Dhandalsa F.P.School771Nirol
173Nirol Junior Girls High School564Nirol
175Nirol High School702Nirol
177Nirol Purbbapada Prathamik Vidyalaya943Nirol
178Kandanag Ef Pi School466Kandanag
179Loharundi F.P. School477Loharundi
180Panchundi F.P. School1056Pachandi
182Ketugram Ef.Pi.School1124Brahmadanga
183Ketugram F.P. School1141Ketugram
184Ketugram Sir A.T.M. Institution539Ketugram
189Ketugram Badyapara F.P. School674Ketugram
191Murundi Ef Pi School1116Murundi
192Balutia F.P. School970Balutia
194Goalpara F.P. School709Birahimpur
196Birahimpur F.P. School622Birahimpur
198Baharan Jaydurga High School911Baharan
200Baharan Boys F.P. School698Baharan
202Gangatikuri A.N. Bidyamandir1009Gangatikuri
204Gangatikuri Dakshinpara F.P. School1055Gangatikuri
205JhamatpurF.P. School1027Jhamatpur
206Anantapur Ef Pi School660Anantapur
207Mougram F.P. School825Maugram
209Mougram High School677Maugram
212Kalyanapur Ef Pi School347Kalyanpur
213Bishnupur Ef Pi School394Bishnupur
214Ratanapur Ef Pi School1055Maugram
215Nutanagram Ef Pi School970Nutangram
216Natungram Junior High School586Nutangram
218Narayanapur Ef Pi School711Kamalabari
219Raghupur Ef Pi School449Raghupur
220Sujapur Aai Si Di Es Sentar991Sujapur
221Sujapur Ef Pi School1004Sujapur
222Charsujapur S.S.K841Char Sujapur
224Charsujapur F.P. School1180Char Sujapur
225Siluri F.P. School630Shiruli
227Naliyapur Dattabati Dhibar Ef Pi School486Dattabati
228Dakshin Keugudi Primary Vidyalaya (Iunisef)1030Keuguri
229Keuguri F.P. School846Keuguri
232Naliapur F.P.School443Naliapur
234Paschim Sujapur F.P. School324Paschim Sujapur
235Sitahati High School859Sitahati
236Naihati Prathamic Vidyalaya1033Naihati
238Uddharanpur G.S.F.P. School602Uddharanpur
240Benepada Arabind Prathamik Vidyalaya868Uddharanpur
241Sankhai F.P. School636Sankhai
243Enayetapur Ef Pi School509Enayetpur
244Begunakola Ef.Pi. School564Begunkola (P)
244Begunakola Ef.Pi. School564Begunkola (P)
245Nabagram Ef.Pi. School1124Nabagram
246Kankudahati Ef Pi School774Kankurhati
247Shibloon A.C.M Institution856Shiblun
249Gomai F.P. School918Gomai
251Ambalagram Ef Pi School978Ambalgram
252Belun Ef Pi School574Ambalgram
253Chakkhanduliya Ef Pi School340Chak Kharulia
254Senapada Jaharalal Neheru Ef. Pi. School1039Senpara
255Puruliya Mahendr Vidyapith1075Purulia
256Puruliya Ef.Pi.School551Purulia
258Baura F.P. School675Baura
260Churpuni Paschimpara F.P. School1069Churpuni
261Rajua Churpuni Amala Vidyapith756Churpuni
263Rajua F.P. School828Churpuni
265Koshigram Union Institution925Kashigram
267Koshigram Daspara F.P. School955Kashigram
268Koshigram Gorokshatala F.P. School496Kashigram
269Nanagar F.P. School798Nanagar
271Khanyerahat F.P. School548Khanerhat
272Jatinpur Free Primary School833Churpuni
273Chandrakota F.P. School489Srikhanda
275Ganguli Danga F.P. School564Srikhanda
277Kadampukur F.P. School784Srikhanda
279Srikhanda Dulepara F.P. School945Srikhanda
280Srikhanda High School500Srikhanda
282Srikhanda Muslimpara F.P. School803Srikhanda
283Chandrabhushan Aadarsha F.P. School842Srikhanda
285Ushangini Girls High School1032Srikhanda
287Chittaranjan Pathmandir848Srikhanda
288Debakundu Ef Pi School940Debkunda
289Baghtona F.P. School741Baghtona
290Bannagra F.P. School672Baghtona
291Nahata F.P. School872Nahata

Last Updated on May 30, 2020
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