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Polling Booth in Katwa Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Katwa Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Katwa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Katwa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Srisurura F.P. School941Shrisuruvra
3Goai F.P. School1056Goai
4Parulia F.P. School371Parulia
5Keshia Bandra F. P. School930Bandra
7Haripur F. P. School508Jajigram
9Jajigram F.P.School607Jajigram
10Haripur Majhipara F.P. School835Jajigram
11Panchghara Free Primary School1109Panchghara (P)
12Dangapara F P School1040Panuhat (CT)
13Panuhat GSF.P. School954Panuhat (CT)
15Panuhat R.M.D. F.P. School573Panuhat (CT)
16Panuhat Rajmahishi Debi High School475Panuhat (CT)
18Mondalhat GSFree Primary School1096Mandalhat
20Charpanuhat Bidyasagar F.P. School747Char Pataihat (P)
21Charpanuhat Vidyasagar F.P. School760Char Pataihat (P)
22Ekaihat Sita Kumari F.P. School1130Ekaihat
23Bikihat F.P. School533Bikihat (P)
24Khajurdihi R.S.Basic School621Khajurdihi
26Khajurdihi M S K569Khajurdihi
29Khajurdihi Majhipara F.P. School583Khajurdihi
30Khajurdihi F.P. School705Khajurdihi
31Khajurdihi S.S.K.854Khajurdihi
32Natungram F.P.School544Khajurdihi
34Mera Chaudhak F.P. School848Mera
35Choudhak F P School409Chaudhak
36Mostafapur F.P. School932Mostafapur
37Dakshin Mostafapur F.P. School662Mostafapur
38Aurangabad F.P. School522Arangabad
39Bijnagar F.P. School1081Purbba Bijnagar
41Rayerpara F P School681Sudpur
43Narayanpur F.P. School797Narayanpur
44Sudpur High school681Sudpur
46Sudpur Binapani F.P. School793Sudpur
47Radhakrishnapur Bagdipara F.P. School767Sudpur
48Radhakrishnapur F.P. School701Radhakrishnapur
50Tikarkhanji F.P. School754Tikarkhanji
52Nasipur F.P. School558Nasipur (P)
54Nalahati F. P. School717Nalahati
55Gopekhanji Free Primary School918Gopkhanji
56Depara F. P. School846Depara
57Karajgram Junior Madrasa F.P. School1191Karajgram
59Karajgram High School888Karajgram
62Karajgram F P School (Uttar)907Karajgram
64Srirampur F.P. School289Karajgram
65Durgagram F.P. School827Durgagram
67Gopalpur F P School980Bandmura
69Panchanantala High School985Bandmura
70Bandhmura Free Primary School(Madhya)794Bandmura
72Bandhmura Purbapara F. P. School769Bandmura
74Faridpur coloni G S F P School872Katwa (M)
75Hazrapur Pabna Colony F.P. School941Katwa (M)
76Mandalpara F.P.School849Katwa (M)
78Khepakalitala F.P.School1054Katwa (M)
79Katwa Balika Vidyalaya942Katwa (M)
82Katwa College971Katwa (M)
83Kalika F.P. School489Katwa (M)
87Vivekananda F. P. School772Katwa (M)
89Katwa Kumorpara F.P. School572Katwa (M)
92Katwa Rabindra Parishad827Katwa (M)
93Mahakuma Granthagar562Katwa (M)
95Bagdi Para F.P.School814Katwa (M)
97D.D.C. Girls Higher Secondery School832Katwa (M)
100Katwa Basic Training College1004Katwa (M)
104Keshia F. P.School842Katwa (M)
106Keshia Pashchimpara F.P.School1174Katwa (M)
107Katwa thana marketing Agri.Co-op Socity ltd885Katwa (M)
108Paharpur F.P. School985Katwa (M)
110Panchabatipara F.P. School623Katwa (M)
111Genaral Institution (ERly)F.P. School567Katwa (M)
114Katwa R.M.S. office641Katwa (M)
116Kasheshwari Girls High School809Katwa (M)
120Janaki Lal sikha sadan1075Katwa (M)
121Abasanpara F.P. School978Katwa (M)
122Sahebbagan Free Primary School954Katwa (M)
124Katwa Ramkrishna Vidyapith559Katwa (M)
128Katwa Barowaritala F.P. School724Katwa (M)
130Kathgolapara Netaji F.P. School687Katwa (M)
132D W C U A Shelter646Katwa (M)
133Gobindachand Free Primary School913Katwa (M)
134Munsibaharuddin F.P. School661Katwa (M)
135Indira Gandhi F.P. School669Katwa (M)
136Katwa Bharati Bhavan HS School820Katwa (M)
137Katwa Bharatibhaban HS School531Katwa (M)
138Katwa Harisabhapara F. P. School943Katwa (M)
141Netairaman F.P. School850Katwa (M)
143Loksamiti Khadi Karjalaya664Katwa (M)
144Charghoshhat G. S. F. P. School728Katwa (M)
146Panuhat Aadarshapalli High School1042Katwa (M)
148Srikrishna Chaitanya F.P.School754Katwa (M)
150Bera F.P. School885Dainhat (M)
152Burirbattala community centre652Dainhat (M)
153Charpataihat High School741Dainhat (M)
154Chardainhat GSF.P. School702Dainhat (M)
155Purba Khasmahal FP.School999Dainhat (M)
156Shantalal F P School923Dainhat (M)
157Dr.Sudhamay Chandra Junior High School515Dainhat (M)
158Bhausing Mallikbati F P School986Dainhat (M)
159Paikpara Hemchandra Prathamik Vidyalaya1127Dainhat (M)
160Dainhat Girls High School645Dainhat (M)
162Dainhat high school956Dainhat (M)
164Udayanagar F.P. School1024Dainhat (M)
165Dainhat Community Health care Centre613Dainhat (M)
166Durgadasi F P School946Dainhat (M)
167Pataihat F.P. School1076Dainhat (M)
168Najrul F P School489Dainhat (M)
169Amritalal Aadarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya974Dainhat (M)
170Kshetpur Palashi F.P. School780Char Brajanathpur
172Charkabirajpur F P School269Kabirajpur
173Makhaltor High School786Raghunathpur
174Charsahapur F P School411Sahapur
175Kalikapur F.P. School770Kalikapur
177Sahapur F.P. School832Sahapur
178Nutangram F P School340Sahapur
179Charbishnupur I.C.D.S. Kendra517Kalikapur
180Agradwip Boyes F.P. School1051Agradwip
181Agradwip Girls F.P. School978Agradwip
182Agradwip S.S.S. Niketan835Agradwip
184Babla Danga F.P. School1239Agradwip
185Saheb Nagar F.P. School1122Agradwip
186Agradwip union Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya1042Gazipur
189Gazipur F.P. School614Gazipur
190Beleghata F.P. School674Gazipur
191Gazipur Muslim Para F.P.School419Gazipur
193Chhotokulgachhi F.P. School988Chhota Kulgachhi
194Barakulgachhi F P School589Bara Kulgachhi
195Palta Gachhi F.P. School1027Bara Kulgachhi
196Garagachha F.P. School702Garagachhi
197Shuyagachhi F.P. School789Suagachhi
198Khaspur F.P. School825Khaspur
200Deasin Vivekananda Vidyapith378Deasin
202Khedapara F P School316Deasin
203Ramdaspur F P School729Ramdaspur
205Kumri F.P. School414Kumri
206Jamuna Patai F.P. School403Jamuna Patai
207Nowdapara F.P. School594Parasurampur
208Islampur High School822Islampur
209Nowapara F.P. School869Nawapara
210Paikpara F.P. School695Paikpara
211Akhra F.P. School728Akhra
213Akhra High School726Akhra
214Bishnupur F.P. School632Bishnupur
215Jagadanandapur F.P. School888Jagadanandapur
217Amdanga F P School597Amdanga
219Musthuli F.P. School960Musthuli
221Ghoranash F.P. School547Musthuli
222Ghoranash High School956Ghoranas
225Natungram F.P. School729Karui
227Kurchi Purbapara F.P. School441Kurchi
228Kurchi F.P. School1057Kurchi
229Mejiyari Chanchalabala Balika Vidyalaya780Kurchi
230Panjoa F.P. School1004Panjoa
232Karui F.P. School778Karui
234Karui Purba Para F.P. School948Karui
236Karui High school486Karui
238Dona F.P. School715Dona
239Mejhiari Satishchandra Smriti High School863Mejhiari
240Deriapur F.P. School722Deriapur
241Palsona Sishu Siksha Kendra925Palashani
242Palsona F.P. School598Palashani
243Palsona Goyalpara F.P. School628Palashani
245Auria Charuchandra Dutta Vidyaniketan718Auria
246Auria F.P. School452Auria
248Auria Danga F.P. School748Auria
249Kuara F.P. School859Kuara
251Kuaradanga F.P. School829Kuara
252Kuara Doltala F P School917Kuara
253Shila F.P. School732Shila
255Ronda F.P. School698Ronda
257Postgram F.P. School951Postgram
258Nandigram Jr.basic School516Nandigram
260Mulgram F.P. School670Mulgram
262Chanduli F.P. School684Chanduli
264Chanduli High school1040Chanduli
266BakSa F P School551Sribati
268Sribati High school458Sribati
269Nutangram F.P. School759Nutangram
270Multi F.P. School901Multi Krishnanagar
272Purbba Mulati Krishnanagar F.P. School678Multi Krishnanagar
274Singi Kashiramdas Smriti Pathagar944Singi
275Singi F.P. School790Singi
276Singi Kashiramdas F P School1057Singi
278Malancha F.P. School387Malancha
279Chhoto Meigachhi F P School1035Chhota Meigachhi
280Barameigachhi F P School590Bara Meigachhi
281Okarsha High school718Okarsha
283Gourdanga F P School781Gaurdanga
285Shimulgachhi F P School581Simulgachhi
286Panchpara High Madrasa1109Bhatna Pekua
287Pekua F P School1062Bhatna Pekua
288Chandpur F P School600Chandpur
289Mallikpur F P School518Mallikpur
290Lohapota F P School542Chandpur
292Amul F P School707Amul
294Ghumuria F P School581Ghumuria

Last Updated on December 26, 2014