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Polling Booth in Kasba Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kasba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kasba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhagaban Chandra Narada Bala Khatik School968Kolkata (M Corp.)
4K.M. C Primary School798Kolkata (M Corp.)
8Kaji Nazrul Islam Institute1122Kolkata (M Corp.)
13The Children Aacademy1188Kolkata (M Corp.)
18Jugnu Primary School1016Kolkata (M Corp.)
22Aulad Hossain Islamic Academy1092Kolkata (M Corp.)
26H.K.Education School703Kolkata (M Corp.)
28Public Welfare SocietyChildren School785Kolkata (M Corp.)
30Tiljala Library979Kolkata (M Corp.)
32Hemlata U.P School1023Kolkata (M Corp.)
36Kusthia Housing Estate Association Hall858Kolkata (M Corp.)
37Manu Memorial Institution1016Kolkata (M Corp.)
43RADIANT SCHOOL655Kolkata (M Corp.)
44Tiljala Brajonath Primary Section Room No-1661Kolkata (M Corp.)
47Tiljala Brajonath Vidyapith Room-1892Kolkata (M Corp.)
48Community Centre Kusthia Housing Estate Room-21032Kolkata (M Corp.)
54Central Collegiate School752Kolkata (M Corp.)
58C.N. Roy Road Govt. Housing601Kolkata (M Corp.)
59BidhuMukhi Adarsha Vidyalaya1039Kolkata (M Corp.)
60Bengal Service Society school1064Kolkata (M Corp.)
66Netaji Vidyamandir1105Kolkata (M Corp.)
67Sunil Nagar Primary School1110Kolkata (M Corp.)
69Tiljala High School981Kolkata (M Corp.)
72Ramkrishna Institution780Kolkata (M Corp.)
75KMC Ward Office (Ward No-66)953Kolkata (M Corp.)
77K.M.C. P School1085Kolkata (M Corp.)
80K.M.C.P Primary School704Kolkata (M Corp.)
82KMCP Ward Office (Ward No-67)Kheya(R-1)893Kolkata (M Corp.)
84Helth & Community Development Centre908Kolkata (M Corp.)
88Bijoy Nagar Pry. School1014Kolkata (M Corp.)
91Tiljala Balika Vidyalaya964Kolkata (M Corp.)
96Bijoy Nagar High School1008Kolkata (M Corp.)
100Bose Pukur Sri Pravat Hindi School913Kolkata (M Corp.)
103Kalyan Sangha Vidyalaya & Club812Kolkata (M Corp.)
107Dolnacreche Day School996Kolkata (M Corp.)
108Kasba Balika Vidyalaya902Kolkata (M Corp.)
111Agrani High School For Girls1082Kolkata (M Corp.)
113Vivekanda Vidyamandir1101Kolkata (M Corp.)
115Bose Pukur Dharmatala U.P School909Kolkata (M Corp.)
119New Ballygunge Evening College(Charuchandra College)644Kolkata (M Corp.)
122Kasba Chittaranjan High School1085Kolkata (M Corp.)
127Kasba Chittaranjan Girls High School846Kolkata (M Corp.)
129Paresh Nath Balika Vidyapith Pry. Section1119Kolkata (M Corp.)
131Paresh Nath Balika Vidyapith (High School)1071Kolkata (M Corp.)
137Dhakuria Sri Ram krishna Vidyapith687Kolkata (M Corp.)
142Kasba Jagadish Vidyapith For Boys587Kolkata (M Corp.)
150Sarada Academy815Kolkata (M Corp.)
152Kasba Jagadish Vidyapith For Girls962Kolkata (M Corp.)
157Silver Point School975Kolkata (M Corp.)
159Ramchandra High School1107Kolkata (M Corp.)
162Harendra Nath Kushari (Darakanath) Vidyapith769Kolkata (M Corp.)
164Binodini Girla High School873Kolkata (M Corp.)
168Lake Point Convent School729Kolkata (M Corp.)
170Dhakuria Swimming Association667Kolkata (M Corp.)
172Nemai Sen Smriti Medical Bank1010Kolkata (M Corp.)
173Cricket Club Of Dhakuria704Kolkata (M Corp.)
175Chapalamoyee Sishu Siksha Bhawan772Kolkata (M Corp.)
178Andrews High School962Kolkata (M Corp.)
183Chapalamoyee Girls High School (New)933Kolkata (M Corp.)
187Bapuji Sishu Vidyapith962Kolkata (M Corp.)
190Acharya Prafulla Chandra Roy Polytechnic639Kolkata (M Corp.)
191Adarsha SikshayatanPry.Section943Kolkata (M Corp.)
193N.K Paul Adarsha Sikshayatan959Kolkata (M Corp.)
197Delhi Public School Ruby Park952Kolkata (M Corp.)
199KMC Ward Office Ward-107726Kolkata (M Corp.)
201Rajdanga Vidyapith833Kolkata (M Corp.)
203Bose Pukur Sishu Sikshayatan732Kolkata (M Corp.)
208Executive Engineer Office (KMDA)968Kolkata (M Corp.)
210Learnium High School860Kolkata (M Corp.)
212Ram Narayan Singha Memorial High School972Kolkata (M Corp.)
217Gayaram sishu siksha Niketan680Kolkata (M Corp.)
219Delhi Public School Rajdanga1066Kolkata (M Corp.)
221Garden High School790Kolkata (M Corp.)
224Naskar Hat F.P. School1119Kolkata (M Corp.)
230Swami Debananda Swaraswati Vidyalaya1121Kolkata (M Corp.)
232Panchannagram F. P School1095Kolkata (M Corp.)
234Ambadkar F.P. School659Kolkata (M Corp.)
240V.I.P Nagar Jr. High School620Kolkata (M Corp.)
242VIP Nagar Health Centre887Kolkata (M Corp.)
244V.I.P Netaji Nagar F.P. School510Kolkata (M Corp.)
246Adarsha Nagar Primary School924Kolkata (M Corp.)
250Ananda Pur F.P. School1046Kolkata (M Corp.)
255Hossainpur F.P.School1116Kolkata (M Corp.)
256Office Of The SAI West Bengal Small Scale Industry723Kolkata (M Corp.)
257Paschim Chowbaga F.P. School1109Kolkata (M Corp.)
259Chowbhaga F.P. School760Kolkata (M Corp.)
261Chowbhaga High School939Kolkata (M Corp.)
263Bantala Kalidevi Prathamik Vidyalaya1043Kolkata (M Corp.)
264Raj Narayan Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya1023Kolkata (M Corp.)
267ICDS OfficeAnandapur775Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on May 30, 2020