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Polling Booth in Kamarhati Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kamarhati

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kamarhati Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Craig U. P. School936Kamarhati (M)
3Saraladebi Smriti G S F P School981Kamarhati (M)
4Kamarhati Sadharan Pathagar800Kamarhati (M)
5Kamarhati Urdu Primary School793Kamarhati (M)
7Madrasa Salimiya Faijal Islam School1134Kamarhati (M)
13Union Collagiate Primary School546Kamarhati (M)
14S.P.S. Janabadi Shikshan Sangstha568Kamarhati (M)
19Madrasa Salimiya Faijal Islam Girls Primary School785Kamarhati (M)
21Sagar Dutta Free High School607Kamarhati (M)
23Uday Bhila Basic Primary School718Kamarhati (M)
25Kamarhati Prabarttak Vidyapith (Boys)450Kamarhati (M)
27Saraswati Vidyamandir759Kamarhati (M)
2828 No. Ward Committee Office554Kamarhati (M)
29Deshapriya Bayamgar Primary Vidyalaya477Kamarhati (M)
30Chatra Sangha1011Kamarhati (M)
31Bani Mandir 8No Primary School602Kamarhati (M)
32Bani Mandir-2No Primary School696Kamarhati (M)
34Belgharia Tribhasha Academy High School922Kamarhati (M)
37Belgharia Texmaco Estate High School950Kamarhati (M)
39Belgharia Texmaco Estate Primary School591Kamarhati (M)
40Kishor Sangha1113Kamarhati (M)
41Ramkrishnapally Primary School758Kamarhati (M)
42Maitri Sangsad Vidyayatan700Kamarhati (M)
44Arabindo Prathamik Bidya Niketan (Balak Sangha Math)951Kamarhati (M)
45Abhyuday Sangha550Kamarhati (M)
46Nandan Nagar High School1056Kamarhati (M)
48Biswakanya Junior High School357Kamarhati (M)
54Basudebpur Pallihita Sadhani High School479Kamarhati (M)
56Banimandir 1No Primary School743Kamarhati (M)
58Basudebpur G.S.F.P. School950Kamarhati (M)
59Deshpriya Vidyaniketan (Boys) High School791Kamarhati (M)
61Banimandir 4No Primary School994Kamarhati (M)
64Social Welfare Primary School846Kamarhati (M)
68Ikbal Urdu Primary School853Kamarhati (M)
71Kamarhati Jutemills Labour Welfare School588Kamarhati (M)
73Salimiya High School559Kamarhati (M)
76Muslim U P School463Kamarhati (M)
82Baba Sitaram Vidyapith Shib Mandir High School961Kamarhati (M)
84Kamarhati High School971Kamarhati (M)
87IPP-(Viii) Matrikalyan Prakalpa-1813Kamarhati (M)
88Milani Club832Kamarhati (M)
89Yubak Sangha793Kamarhati (M)
90Ariadaha Sarba Mangala Girls High School1036Kamarhati (M)
91Ariadaha Sarba Mangala Girls Primary School1040Kamarhati (M)
96S P S UP Hindi Primary School970Kamarhati (M)
98National Urdu Primary School899Kamarhati (M)
100Nawdapara Pally Mangal Unnayan Samiti906Kamarhati (M)
101Shripati Shikshaniketan Primary School924Kamarhati (M)
103Akshay Smriti Primary School990Kamarhati (M)
105Uttarayan Club901Kamarhati (M)
1088No Ward Commitee Office843Kamarhati (M)
110Arya Vidyapith Municipal Primary School971Kamarhati (M)
111Rathtala Mangaleswar Vidyapith For Girls688Kamarhati (M)
1149 No Banimandir Primary School674Kamarhati (M)
1163No Banimandir Primary School649Kamarhati (M)
11826 No. Ward Commitee Office601Kamarhati (M)
119Model Kindar Garden Nursary School540Kamarhati (M)
122Adarsha Shishu Niketan744Kamarhati (M)
123Mohini Mills Club810Kamarhati (M)
125Vivekananda Vidyapith805Kamarhati (M)
126Belgharia Jatiya Vidyaniketan Girls High School522Kamarhati (M)
129Belgharia Mahakali Uchha Balika Vidyalaya (Natun Bhaban)1020Kamarhati (M)
130Aanandam Prathamik Vidyalaya732Kamarhati (M)
133Belgharia High School620Kamarhati (M)
134Belgharia Mahakali Uchha Balika Vidyalaya948Kamarhati (M)
138Deoyan Para Krira O Sanskriti Sangha929Kamarhati (M)
140Shishuniketan580Kamarhati (M)
142Panchanantala Bani Mandir Club1027Kamarhati (M)
1455 No Banimandir Primary School552Kamarhati (M)
149Kamarhati C.M.D.A Office988Kamarhati (M)
151The Electro Medical And Allied Industries886Kamarhati (M)
152Model Labour Welfare Centre1083Kamarhati (M)
155Ariadaha Kalachand High School616Kamarhati (M)
156Ramananda Chyariti Vidyalaya873Kamarhati (M)
161Kamarhati Ariadaha Govt. Scheme Primary School578Kamarhati (M)
171Ariadaha Association Librery812Kamarhati (M)
172Jayanti Byamagar499Kamarhati (M)
174Ariadaha Girls High School774Kamarhati (M)
179Dakshineswar High School1107Kamarhati (M)
181Dakshineswar Primary School1003Kamarhati (M)
182Shrishri Saradadebi Balika Vidyalaya1122Kamarhati (M)
188Dakshineswar Ramkrishna Librery And Reading Club1018Kamarhati (M)
189B.K. Joint Water Works Office560Kamarhati (M)
190Hiralal Memorial Womens College638Kamarhati (M)
193Railway Colony Free Primary School952Kamarhati (M)
194Adyapith Balakashram601Kamarhati (M)
196Kamarhati Paurasabha Parichalit Prathamik Vidyalaya1033Kamarhati (M)
198I. P. P.- viii Health centre Hau No.-2814Kamarhati (M)
202Belgharia Yatindas Vidyamandir (For Girls)570Kamarhati (M)
203Belgharia Yatin Das Nagar Vidyamandir(Natun Bhaban)901Kamarhati (M)
210Ramkrishna Mission Shilpapith925Kamarhati (M)
212Belgharia Jatindas Nagar Sporting Club573Kamarhati (M)
213Dip Chand Primary School594Kamarhati (M)

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