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Polling Booth in Kalimpong Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Kalimpong

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalimpong Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Namchelakha Prathamik Pathshala568Kashone Khasmahal
2Samdong Prathamik Pathshala749Kashone Khasmahal
3Singtam Prathamik Pathshala562Kashone Khasmahal
4Kasyon C.P. Prathamik Pathshala1064Kashone Khasmahal
6Ramphu C.P. Prathamik Pathshala621Sangser Khasmahal
7Dewan Memorial Pathshala756Sangser Khasmahal
8Tarkhola Primary School634Sangser Khasmahal
9Mansung C.P. Primary School938Sangser Khasmahal
10Saraswati Primary School272Sangser Khasmahal
11Mansung High School Central Hall496Sangser Khasmahal
12Burmiak C.P Prathamik School982Sangser Khasmahal
13Burmaik C.P. Prathamik School (West)714Sangser Khasmahal
14Sangsey C.P. Prathamik Pathshala884Sangser Khasmahal
15Bhangey Prathamik Pathshala492Sangser Khasmahal
16St Dominic School589Sangser Khasmahal
17Sangsey Khas Prathamik Pathshala295Sangser Khasmahal
18Kharka Gaon Gramin Pustakalaya470Sangser Khasmahal
19Pramansing Prathamik Pathshala594Sangser Khasmahal
20Pedong Junior Basic School919Pedong Khasmahal
21Tender Buds School610Pedong Khasmahal
22Community Hall Pedong793Pedong Khasmahal
23Upper Dalep Prathamik Pathshala601Pedong Khasmahal
24Kritichitra Prathamik Pathshala375Pedong Khasmahal
25Dalep Junior Basic School635Pedong Khasmahal
26Pithamchin Prathamik Pathshala775Lingsay Khasmahal
27Tagathang Primary School356Lingsay Khasmahal
28Sanskrit Pathshala915Lingsay Khasmahal
29Lingsekha Tribal Prathamik Pathshala888Lingsay Khasmahal
30Kolbong Primary School404Lingsaykha Khasmahal
31Beech Kagay Primary School666Kagey Khasmahal
32Duka Prathamik Pathshala398Kagey Khasmahal
33Kagey Junior Basic School562Kagey Khasmahal
34Kagey High School662Ladam Khasmahal
35St. Mary Primary School1003Maria Khasmahal
36Upper Ladam Prathamik Pathshala849Ladam Khasmahal
37Chaturbuddi Junior Basic School710Sakiyong Khasmahal
38Cericulturer Office1011Sakiyong Khasmahal
39Sangchen Dorji Junior Basic School (Ground Floor)477Sakiyong Khasmahal
40Rammati Prathamik Pathshala776Sakiyong Khasmahal
41Pratap Prathamik School689Sakiyong Khasmahal
42Najong Prathamik Pathshala1001Sakiyong Khasmahal
43Algarah High School711Algarah Bazer D.I.F.
44Algarah Primary School822Algarah Bazer D.I.F.
45St. Anthonys Pathsala Mirik970Santuk Khasmahal
46Fulmati Prathamik Pathshala602Santuk Khasmahal
47Mul Santuk Prathamik Pathshala648Santuk Khasmahal
48Pagang Gumba High School768Paiyong Khasmahal
49Pagang Gumba Junior Basic School521Paiyong Khasmahal
51Garigaon Junior Basic School748Paiyong Khasmahal
52Sardeshwari Prathamik Pathshala927Paiyong Khasmahal
53Bidyang Prathamik Pathshala484Paiyong Khasmahal
54Dalapchand Junior Basic School727Dalapachan Khasmahal
56Lower Dalapchand Prathamik Pathshala1034Dalapachan Khasmahal
57Nokdara Prathamik Pathshala635Git Beong Khasmahal
58Gitbeong Prathamik Pathshala935Git Beong Khasmahal
59Lava Primary School727Lava Bazar D.I.F.
61Sampu Junior High School904Lolay Khasmahal
62Loley Junior Basic School720Palla Khasmahal
63Baidhyanidhi Primary School615Palla Khasmahal
64Mool Pala Primary School475Palla Khasmahal
65Gitdabling Junior Basic School936Git Dubling Khasmahal
66Chyangdung Primary School457Git Dubling Khasmahal
67Pakang Junior Basic School535Pakhand Khasmahal
68Dabling Primary School428Git Dubling Khasmahal
69Pochak Prathamik Pathshala614Git Dubling Khasmahal
70Information & Cultural Office627Kalimpong (M)
71Sub-Divisional Food And Supply Office502Kalimpong (M)
72Girls High School798Kalimpong (M)
76S.U.M.I Robertson Memorial Primary Section802Kalimpong (M)
78W.B.S.E.B. 10 Mile Kalimpong Supply555Kalimpong (M)
80C.S.T. School724Kalimpong (M)
84Pranami Balika Vidya Mandir821Kalimpong (M)
87Springdale Academy1004Kalimpong (M)
89D.G.H.C. Community Hall423Kalimpong (M)
90Chest Clinic789Kalimpong (M)
91Municipal Junior Basic School904Kalimpong (M)
95Jubilee High School667Kalimpong (M)
96Kumudini Homes721Kalimpong (M)
99East Main Road Prathamik Pathshala797Kalimpong (M)
101Sai Institute Of Education & Research533Kalimpong (M)
103Development Primary School643Kalimpong (M)
104Government Junior Basic School1078Kalimpong (M)
107St. Augustine School Ground Floor595Kalimpong (M)
109Rockvale Academy715Kalimpong (M)
111Government High School824Kalimpong (M)
113P.H.E. Water Works Office General Room1017Kalimpong (M)
116Basantamaya Junior Basic School687Bhalukhop Khasmahal
117Sangsey Border Primary School640Bhalukhop Khasmahal
118Champa Maya Junior Basic School522Bhalukhop Khasmahal
121Community Hall Mandal Gaon962Bhalukhop Khasmahal
122Nasey Prathamik Pathshala385Kalimpong Khasmahal
123Poshyor Prathamik Pathsala423Kalimpong Khasmahal
124Ringkingpong Prathamik Pathshala1040Kalimpong Khasmahal
125Saraswati Prathamik Pathshala682Kalimpong Khasmahal
1277 Mile Junior Basic School662Kalimpong Khasmahal
128Purbong S.S.K. Centre504Kalimpong Khasmahal
129Himul Kendra Upper Tanek745Kalimpong Khasmahal
130Tanek Basty Primary School756Kalimpong Khasmahal
131Tashiding Junior Basic School727Kalimpong Khasmahal
132S. S. K. Centre 3 1/2 Mile380Tashiding Forest
133Rambhi Prathamik Pathshala681Rambi Bazar D.I.F.
134Rambhi Junior High School495Rambi Bazar D.I.F.
135Tarzam Primary School294Turzam Forest
136Tista High School749Tista Bazar D.I.F.
139Malli Bazar Prathamik Pathshala833Bhalukhop Forest
140Baluwa Khani Prathamik Pathshala485Mangwa Forest
141Kabigaon Prathamik Pathshala764Samether Khasmahal
142Samthar Junior High School727Samether Khasmahal
143Lower Dong Prathamik Pathshala595Najok Forest
144Dong Primary School (Old R. C. Mission School)620Suruk Khasmahal
145Yangri Free Primary School813Yang Makum Khasmahal
146Panbu Prathamik Pathshala616Yang Makum Khasmahal
147Makum Prathamik Pathshala652Yang Makum Khasmahal
148Tamyang Prathamik Pathshala432Paringar Khasmahal
149Nabgaon Prathamik Pathshala520Nobgaon Khasmahal
150Mine Prathamik Pathshala530Nobgaon Khasmahal
151Lungrep Primary School389Nobgaon Khasmahal
152Barbot Prathamik Pathshala624Paringar Khasmahal
153Chunabhatti Prathamik Pathshala664Chunabhati Bazar D.I.F.
154Mongpong Forest Busty Prathamik Pathshala641Mangwa Forest
155Nimbong Prathamik Pathshala937Nimbong Khasmahal
156Geshok Prathamik Pathshala430Nimbong Khasmahal
157Dalapchand Prathamik Pathshala560Nimbong Khasmahal
158Pemling Prathamik Pathshala850Pemling Khasmahal
159Reyon Prathamik Pathshala360Pemling Khasmahal
160R.B. Yonzon Memorial Gramin Library1043Singi Khasmahal
161Lower Samalbong Prathamik Pathshala558Samalbong Khasmahal
162Shankar High School872Samalbong Khasmahal
163Loley Gaon Primary School413Lulagaon
164Aldara A.D.A.C. Veterinary Office291Lulagaon
165S. H. G. Cluster House642Bong Khasmahal
166Saraswati Rudra Junior Basic School462Bong Khasmahal
167Bong Prathamik Pathshala997Bong Khasmahal
168Kamshi Forest Busty Prathamik Pathsala287Kamsi Forest
169Ganesh Junior Basic School452Bong Khasmahal
171Primtam Junior Basic School848Yokprintam Khasmahal
172Jyoti Junior High School666Slokbhir Khasmahal
173Kaffer Gaon Primary School521Pemling Forest
174Purano Kaffer Primary School452Kaffir Khasmahal
175Krishna Diwas Pathshala755Kanke Bong Khasmahal
176Pudung Junior Basic School345Pudung Khasmahal
177Gram Sudharak Pustakalaya906Pudung Khasmahal
178Nirmaya Primary School693Pudung Khasmahal
179Mani Memorial School1029Sindibong Khasmahal
181Nainakumari Pathshala829Sindibong Khasmahal
183Gaondhoj Memorial School890Dungra Khasmahal (CT)
185Club Ghar Chisopani872Dungra Khasmahal (CT)
186Jambak Junior Basic School569Dungra Khasmahal (CT)
187Tshering Nursery School831Dungra Khasmahal (CT)
188Seed Farm Junior High School886Dungra Khasmahal (CT)
189Gangotri High School803Icha Khasmahal
190Balyuwa Primary School739Icha Khasmahal
191Pashupati Primary School1053Icha Khasmahal
192Ramkrishna Primary School775Icha Khasmahal
193Pardi Prathamik Pathshala725Homes St.And Graihms Khasmahal
194Dr. Grahams Homes Medical Centre519Homes St.And Graihms Khasmahal
196Dr. Grahams Homes Genaral Store691Homes St.And Graihms Khasmahal
197Dr. Grahams Homes Farm451Homes St.And Graihms Khasmahal
198Bindu Primary School674Paten Godak Khasmahal
199Godak Primary School970Paten Godak Khasmahal
200Todey Junior Basic School1033Today Tangta Khasmahal
201Tangta Primary School571Today Tangta Khasmahal
202Jaldhaka Higher Secondary School862Paten Godak Khasmahal
203Community Hall Parentar472Paten Godak Khasmahal
204Parentar Primary School1086Paten Godak Khasmahal
206Tungsung Prathamik Pathshala550Paten Godak Khasmahal
207Rongo Higher Secondary School738Rango Forest
209Rongo Inspection Banglow580Rango Forest
210Dhap Gaon Primary School801Rango Forest
211Garibas Junior Basic School657Thousum Forest
21246 Dhura Primary School697Thousum Forest
21352 Block Primary School640Thousum Forest
215Dalgaon Prathamik Pathshala750Thousum Forest
21645 Block Primary School701Thousum Forest
217Kumai Primary School700Kumai Tea Garden
218Kumai Chiyakaman Factory Primary School626Kumai Tea Garden
220Kopis Forest Basty Prathamik Pathshala914Kumai Forest
221Kumai Chiya Bagan Prathamik Pathshala (East)568Kumai Tea Garden
223Lower Kumai 2 No. Line Primary School719Kumai Tea Garden
224Benu Krishna Prathamik Pathshala824Samsing Khasmahal
225Samsing Khashmahal Junior Basic School1053Samsing Khasmahal
226Bhalukhop Primary School621Kumai Tea Garden
227Kuwapani Primary School551Pashiting Khasmahal
228Faparkheti Primary School641Pankhasari Khasmahal
229Sherpa Gaon Primary School599Pankhasari Khasmahal
230Pangkhasari Primary School552Pankhasari Khasmahal
231Badey Primaryi School299Pankhasari Khasmahal
232Samabeong Primary School590Samabiyong Tea Garden
234Upperr Fagu Tea Estate Primary School510Upper Fagu Tea Garden
235Upper Fagu Godam Gaon Primary School573Upper Fagu Tea Garden
236Nim Primary School995Nim Khasmahal
237Suntaley Primary School254Nim Khasmahal
238Pasiting Prathamik Pathshala237Pashiting Khasmahal
239Mangzing Primary School530Pankhariabordak Khasmahal
240Lungsel Primary School472Pankhariaborak Khasmahal
241Pubung Primaryi School603Pankhariaborak Khasmahal
242Krishna Chandra Junior High School443Pankhariaborak Khasmahal
243Gheesh Forest Village Primary School212Noam Forest
244Dalim Primary School502Dalingma Khasmahal
245Ambiyok Primary School957Ambeok Tea Garden
246Gairi Gaon Primary School512Gorubathan Khasmahal
247Gorubathan High School590Gorubathan Khasmahal
248Gorubathan Junior Basic School821Gorubathan Khasmahal
249Block Seed Farm875Gorubathan Khasmahal
250Sanatan Baidik Primary School625Lower Fagu Tea Garden
252Mal 4 Primary School355Mal Forest
253Lower Fagu T.E. Primary School536Lower Fagu Tea Garden
255Mission Hill T.E. Primary School543Gorubathan Khasmahal
257Sakham F V. Primary School503Noam Forest
258Juddhabir Junior Basic School1004Mal Khasmahal
259Minglass Forest Village Primary School364Mal Khasmahal
260Community Hall Sombaray617Upper Fagu Tea Garden
261Babari Primary School712Upper Fagu Tea Garden

Last Updated on May 30, 2020