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Polling Booth in Kaliaganj Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Kaliaganj Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kaliaganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kaliaganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mitrabati F.P. School592Bhurkutpara
2Kathandari F.P.School705Kathandari
3Sadipur F.P. School1124Uttar Mirzapur
4Uttar Laxmipur F.P.School904Uttar Lakshmipur
5Bhelai S.C. High School1140Bharkul
6Purgram Junior Basic School1058Purgram
7Uttar Gouripur F.P.School542Uttar Gouripur
8Pachakandar F.P. School727Pachakandar
9Madhya Gouripur F.P. School603Madhya Gouripur
10Pandara F.P. School560Dhondarpail
11Mudafat F.P. School607Mudafat
12Jarang-Batasan F.P.School1061Batasan
13Anantapur F.P. School646Anantapur
15Dasiya Junior Basic School902Dasai
16Mahinagar F.P. School1033Mahinagar
17Mahinagar Nathua Debsharma MSK1083Mahinagar
18South Mirzapur F.P.School912Mrizapur
19Chandbari J.B.School604Chandbari Mirzapur
20Tungail Bilapada Junior Basic School1036Tungail Bilpara
21Bilapada F.P. School947Tungail Bilpara
22Purba Bhandar F.P.School870Bhandar (P)
23Pashchim Bhandar F.P. School973Bhandar (P)
24Tapasighata F.P. School582Sergram (P)
26Serabhandar Junior Basic School766Sergram (P)
28Keotan F.P. School1045Keotan
29Baghan Junior Basic School1114Mahadebpur (P)
30Baghan Kalitala High School1167Baghan
31Kunar Pur S.S.K804Kuanrpur
32Tilagano Junior Basic School760Tilgaon
34Pahdurgapur Junior Basic School1168Paschim Durgapur
35Biswanathpur F.P.School554Biswanathpur
36Ratan Junior Basic School754Paschim Rampur
38Ginni Debi Hindi High School813Kaliaganj (M)
40Chidail Junior Basic School795Kaliaganj (M)
41Chirail Junior High School743Kaliaganj (M)
42Mahadevpur F.P.School317Kaliaganj (M)
43Renukana M.S.K1075Kaliaganj (M)
44Chidail Pir Pukur F.P. School895Kaliaganj (M)
46Milanamayi Rgalas High School684Kaliaganj (M)
48Kalej Pada Prabharani F.P. School901Kaliaganj (M)
49Ramkrishna GsF.P. School1047Kaliaganj (M)
50Majlishpur F.P.School942Kaliaganj (M)
51Kaliyaganj Parbati Sundari High School764Kaliaganj (M)
53Renuprabha S.S.K1052Kaliaganj (M)
55Dhanakail Hatakhola Kachhadi Bari1062Kaliaganj (M)
56Rasidapur F.P. School1437Kaliaganj (M)
58Uttar Gobindapur Co-Operative Bank442Kaliaganj (M)
59Purb Aakhanagar F.P. School1072Kaliaganj (M)
60Amritalal F.P. School1126Kaliaganj (M)
61Sheth Kaloni G.S.F.P. School921Kaliaganj (M)
64Manmohan Girls High School1072Kaliaganj (M)
67Kaliyaganj Saralasundari Uchch Vidyalaya947Kaliaganj (M)
68Dakshin Aakhanagar F.P. School1004Kaliaganj (M)
69Mahendraganj G.M. F.P. School No 11068Kaliaganj (M)
71Kaliyaganj Blak Debhalapament Office803Kaliaganj (M)
72Hasapatalapada F.P. School1116Kaliaganj (M)
73Roy Colony F P School692Kaliaganj (M)
75Mahendraganj G.S.F.P. School No 21036Kaliaganj (M)
77Aaysistent Injiniyar Office (Pwd)860Kaliaganj (M)
78Kaliyaganj Miunisipaliti Office968Kaliaganj (M)
79Surasha F.P. School914Shursa
80Manoharapur Junior Basic School1120Manoharpur
81Balas F.P. School1045Balas
82Ramkrishnapur F.P.School1004Ramkrishnapur
83Dalimagan Junior Basic School1049Lohatara
84Dalimgaon High School776Dalimgaon
85Dalimagan F.P. School1036Dalimgaon
86Uttar Shankarapur High School1058Uttar Shankarpur
87Chalksibananda F.P.School579Chak Shibananda
88Rampur F.P. School785Purba Rampur
89Lakshipur Junior Basic School911Lakshmipur
90Uttar Kachna SSK443Lakshmipur
91Daulatbati F.P.School731Dhankail (P)
92Dhanakail F P School961Dhankail (P)
93Lakshipur Mahimachandr Uccha Vidya Bhaban817Madhya Durgapur
94Hariharpur F.P.School1204Ganeshbati
95Nashir Hat Junior Basic School575Nasirhat
97Mujiya F.P. School686Uttar Gobindapur
98Hajaratapur F.P. School696Hazratpur
99Deogan F.P. School1089Deogaon
101Chopra Jotjamal F.P.School784Dhanipukur
102Bagduyar F.P. School468Bagduar
103Udagano F.P. School676Udgaon
104Balahar F.P. School641Balahar
105Mirjagarh F.P.School702Chandgaon
106Radhikapur Haiskul902Radhikapur
108Bhabak Gauripur F.P. School1050Bhabak
109Harekrishnapur Vidyasagar F.P.School1137Harekrishnapur
110Harekrishnapur F.P. School983Bhabanipur
111Bagcha F.P. School674Bagcha
112Jagdala SSK331Jagdala
113Chakdilal F.P.School853Chak Dilal
114Malajum F.P. School812Suknandighi
115Faridpur F.P. School796Faridpur
116Purba Durgapur F.P.School1076Faridpur
117Paligano F.P. School1041Paligaon
118Joydevpur SSK459Chak Bhabanipur
119Baikunthapur F.P. School803Baikunthapur
120Puriya F.P. School1040Puria
121Puriya Maheshapur Uccha Vidyalaya910Puria
123Kujia F.P.School958Kujia
124Aataghara F.P. School1064Atghara
125Singtaid Junior Basic School917Rasidpur (P)
126Balarampur J.B.School619Sintair
127Tarangapur N.K. High School905Tarangapur
128Purba Tarangapur F.P.School946Tarangapur
130Aanaun F.P. School675Anaun
131Paschim Anaun F.P.School636Anaun
132Badan F.P. School857Baidan
133Bochadanga Junior Basic School944Haldibari
134Dakshin Bhabanipur F.P. School473Dakshin Bhabanipur
135Dakshin Krishnapur F.P.School812Dakshin Krishnapur
136Gogra F.P. School376Gogra
137Pakuria F.P. School903Mahatair
138Fatepur C.D.High School945Fatepur
139Fatepurj.B. School989Fatepur
140Dhamaja Junior Basic School923Dhamja
141Khanpur F.P.School505Khanpur
142Chandail F.P. School954Chandail
143Taranganpur Badal Haralal Rgalas High School563Baral
144Bheur Junior Basic School487Bheur
146Shibapur Junior Basic School1011Shibpur
147Madhabpur F.P.School947Madhabpur
148Kashidana F.P. School676Kashidanga
149Sahapur F.P.School1052Lahanda
150Dhabail F.P.School892Dhabail
151Paschim Gogara F.P.School685Baje Dhabail
152Chandagano F.P. School926Chandgaon
153Maruadangi F P School1115Maruadangi
154Mustafanagar Juhbehskul1105Mustafanagar
155Natuyadangi Jr Basic School504Natuadangi
157Bhuanihara Jr Basic School1023Bhuinhara
159Hatapada F.P. School991Hatpara
160Raipur F.P.School565Raypur
161Banigano F.P. School697Banigaon
162Fulatti S.S.K696Banigaon
163Madhya Kunor S.S.K1011Kunore
164Paschim Kunor F.P.School1026Kunore
165Rautagao F.P. School1078Rautgaon
166Kunor F.P.School837Dharmapara
167Malagano Junior Basic School1116Malgaon
169Malagano T.M.O Ucchamadrasa732Malgaon
170Malgaon Malitola F.P. Schhol759Malgaon
171Pahargano F.P. School913Pahargaon
172Mahesha Dangi F.P.School669Mukundapur
173Raghunath Pur F.P. School1133Raghunathpur
174Rainagar J.B.School844Raghunathpur
175Jinagano High School939Jinua
176Kaludanga F.P.School854Kaludanga
177Khatasa Junior Basic School1087Khatsa
178Hamidpur F.P.School474Hamidpur
179Beurazadi F.P. School770Beurjhari
180Balaband F.P.School559Balabanda
181Palaibadi F.P. School881Palaibari
183Dakshin Raghunathpur F.P.School890Raghunathpur
184Sahebghata N.N High School630Gangua
185Randhuni Para F.P.School899Shoasi
186Palihar F.P. School1333Palihar
187Palihar Hanspukur F.P.School788Palihar
188Khadipada F.P. School960Delwarpur
189Dilalapur (Basantitala) F.P. School1034Delwarpur
190Dilalpur F.P. School(Amsari)1058Delwarpur
191Purb Goyalagano Junior Basic School1049Purba Goalgaon
192Chandipur F.P. School1011Chandipur
193Baruna F.P. School1116Baruna
194Kuria F.P.School477Kuria
195Dakshinagobindapur Junior Basic School655Dakshin Gobindapur
197Kushgram Santal F.P. School684Kushgram
198Kachana F.P. School649Kachna
200Madhupur F.P.School554Raghabpur
201Aatiya Junior Basic School1126Atia
202Zapoil F.P. School889Jhapail
203Medinipur F.P.School653Medinipur
204Maziyar F.P. School1025Majhiar
205Kahil F.P.School897Majhiar
206Rupahar F.P. School(Uttar)1108Rupahar
207Uttar Rupahar Sishu Siksha Kendra630Rupahar
208Rupahar F.P. School (Dakshin)975Rupahar
209Sarai Sishu Siksha Kendra859Sarai
210Pah Mahadebapur F.P. School1036Paschim Manoharpur
211Boro Piplan Free Praimary School863Piplan
212Joynagar Free Primary School1127Piplan
213Mahishabathan F.P. School910Mahisbathan
214Birathai G.P. Office332Piplan
215Deokhanda F.P. School673Ghughudanga
216Baniapukur Free Primary School535Baniapukur
217Bhupalapur High School920Paschim Shankarpur
219Bajitapur F.P. School788Birghai
221Paschim Manoharapur F.P. School946Kanaipur
222Rishipur Free Primary School757Rishipur
223Bosman Para Free Primary School823Basmanpara
224Biraghai F.P. School960Birghai
225Budhor Free Primary School493Budhor
226Goyalagan Aadibasi F.P. School995Paschim Goalgaon
227Kumardangi Sishu Siksha Kendra1120Kumardangi
228Paradha F.P. School945Pardha
229Cheramati F.P. School1031Cheramati
230Gopalpur Free Primary School455Gopalpur
231Poyalator F.P. School1145Poaltair
232Noyapada F.P. School1057Sijgram
233Aatiyakundi F.P. School1065Sijgram
234Bharatpur Sishu Siksha Kendra890Sijgram
235Bhagdumur Free Primary School1118Bhagdumair
236Sijgram Junior Basic School514Gaitar
237Malancha Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya1150Chhatian
238Harigram Free Primary School740Harigram
239Kachimuha F.P. School767Kachimuha
241Siyagram F.P. School751Siagram
242Narayanpur Free Primary School1139Chhota Narayanpur
243Kurial Free Primary School660Kurial
244Kanaipur Free Primary School1032Barabarua
245Gudul Sishu Siksha Kendra835Barabarua
246Baruya F.P. School1054Barabarua
248Kashibati Bibekanand Vidyapith994Bhomra
249Sonadangi Free Primary School948Bhomra
250Rayapur F.P. School1145Bhomra
251Rangapukur Free Primary School728Bhomra
252Bamangram Purba O Dakshin Bamangram Adibashipara713Bamangram
254Dah Goyalapada F.P. School(Dakshin)1070Dakshin Goalpara
255Dhulliaban Free Primary School728Dakshin Goalpara
257Goalpara Panchpukur Sishu Siksha Kendra631Dakshin Goalpara
258Taherpur High School730Taherpur
259Taherapur F.P. School812Taherpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014