Polling Booth in Jorasanko Assembly Constituency


Polling Station No. Polling Station Total Voters Area
1 Maheswari Vidyalaya (Boys-Section) 458 Kolkata (M Corp.)
3 Maheswari Balika Vidyalaya 607 Kolkata (M Corp.)
4 Phul Chand Mukim Chan Jain Dharamsala 421 Kolkata (M Corp.)
15 Mukram Kanodia C.P.Model School 457 Kolkata (M Corp.)
23 Marwari Balika Vidyalaya 531 Kolkata (M Corp.)
26 Sree Didoo Maheswari Panchyat Vidyalaya 668 Kolkata (M Corp.)
27 K.M.C.P. School 871 Kolkata (M Corp.)
46 Sri Daulatram Nopani Vidyalaya 907 Kolkata (M Corp.)
50 Singhi Bagan H.S. School (For Girls) 541 Kolkata (M Corp.)
54 Rabindra Bharati University Hall 609 Kolkata (M Corp.)
58 Girish Park Friends United Club(Girish Park) 774 Kolkata (M Corp.)
60 K.M.C. Ward Office(Inside Girish Park) 572 Kolkata (M Corp.)
61 Peary Charan Girls School 613 Kolkata (M Corp.)
63 Goenka Hospital Building 745 Kolkata (M Corp.)
68 Ramnarayan Singh Memorial H.E. School 537 Kolkata (M Corp.)
70 Rajendra Vidyalaya 580 Kolkata (M Corp.)
75 Calcutta Training Academy 849 Kolkata (M Corp.)
82 Scottish Church College(B.Ed Building) 956 Kolkata (M Corp.)
83 Holy Child Institution 832 Kolkata (M Corp.)
86 Rammohan College For Women 588 Kolkata (M Corp.)
87 Jaiswal Vidyamandir 772 Kolkata (M Corp.)
92 Raghumull Arya Vidyalaya 1042 Kolkata (M Corp.)
99 Calcutta Academy 567 Kolkata (M Corp.)
107 St.Pauls School 596 Kolkata (M Corp.)
111 Victoria Institution(School) (Primary Bldg.) 636 Kolkata (M Corp.)
120 St. Pauls College 655 Kolkata (M Corp.)
125 Mitra Institution(Main) 625 Kolkata (M Corp.)
130 Vidyasagar College 446 Kolkata (M Corp.)
131 Arya Kanya Maha Vidyalaya 635 Kolkata (M Corp.)
138 Metropolitan Institution 544 Kolkata (M Corp.)
143 City College(Eastern Side) 722 Kolkata (M Corp.)
145 Childrens Happy Home 624 Kolkata (M Corp.)
146 Vidyasagar College For Women 450 Kolkata (M Corp.)
152 Brahma Boys H.S.School 777 Kolkata (M Corp.)
157 Basu Bigyan Mandir(Lecture Hall) 888 Kolkata (M Corp.)
158 Hindu Academy 613 Kolkata (M Corp.)
159 Science College(Main Building) 655 Kolkata (M Corp.)
166 Sri Vishudananda Saraswati Vidyalaya 538 Kolkata (M Corp.)
170 Marcus Square Maidan Tent 683 Kolkata (M Corp.)
172 Burrabazar Yubak Sabha 833 Kolkata (M Corp.)
178 Kmcp School 827 Kolkata (M Corp.)
184 Solid West Management Office(Ward No.-39) 378 Kolkata (M Corp.)
190 Sanskrit College (Bharati Bhawan) 602 Kolkata (M Corp.)
193 Seth Surajmall Jalan Girls College 704 Kolkata (M Corp.)
195 Hindu School 537 Kolkata (M Corp.)
200 Sanskrit Collegiate School 723 Kolkata (M Corp.)
204 Md. Layek Jubelee Institution 510 Kolkata (M Corp.)
207 City Collegiate School 609 Kolkata (M Corp.)
214 Sri Sanatan Dharma Vidyalaya 550 Kolkata (M Corp.)
217 Sabitri Pathsala 669 Kolkata (M Corp.)
223 Kolkata Municipal Corporation Primary School 895 Kolkata (M Corp.)
224 Sabitri College 502 Kolkata (M Corp.)
226 Saraswat Kshatriya Vidyalaya 563 Kolkata (M Corp.)
234 Anjuman Imdadia Primary School 743 Kolkata (M Corp.)
237 Sri Digambar Jain Vidyalaya 441 Kolkata (M Corp.)
244 Panjab Seva Samity 440 Kolkata (M Corp.)
249 Shyamdeo Gopiram Bhotika Dharmasala 657 Kolkata (M Corp.)
252 Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Vidyalaya 670 Kolkata (M Corp.)
261 Seals Free College 713 Kolkata (M Corp.)
275 Md.Jan H.E.School 484 Kolkata (M Corp.)
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Polling Booth in Jorasanko Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jorasanko

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jorasanko Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Maheswari Vidyalaya (Boys-Section)458Kolkata (M Corp.)
3Maheswari Balika Vidyalaya607Kolkata (M Corp.)
4Phul Chand Mukim Chan Jain Dharamsala421Kolkata (M Corp.)
15Mukram Kanodia C.P.Model School457Kolkata (M Corp.)
23Marwari Balika Vidyalaya531Kolkata (M Corp.)
26Sree Didoo Maheswari Panchyat Vidyalaya668Kolkata (M Corp.)
27K.M.C.P. School871Kolkata (M Corp.)
46Sri Daulatram Nopani Vidyalaya907Kolkata (M Corp.)
50Singhi Bagan H.S. School (For Girls)541Kolkata (M Corp.)
54Rabindra Bharati University Hall609Kolkata (M Corp.)
58Girish Park Friends United Club(Girish Park)774Kolkata (M Corp.)
60K.M.C. Ward Office(Inside Girish Park)572Kolkata (M Corp.)
61Peary Charan Girls School613Kolkata (M Corp.)
63Goenka Hospital Building745Kolkata (M Corp.)
68Ramnarayan Singh Memorial H.E. School537Kolkata (M Corp.)
70Rajendra Vidyalaya580Kolkata (M Corp.)
75Calcutta Training Academy849Kolkata (M Corp.)
82Scottish Church College(B.Ed Building)956Kolkata (M Corp.)
83Holy Child Institution832Kolkata (M Corp.)
86Rammohan College For Women588Kolkata (M Corp.)
87Jaiswal Vidyamandir772Kolkata (M Corp.)
92Raghumull Arya Vidyalaya1042Kolkata (M Corp.)
99Calcutta Academy567Kolkata (M Corp.)
107St.Pauls School596Kolkata (M Corp.)
111Victoria Institution(School) (Primary Bldg.)636Kolkata (M Corp.)
120St. Pauls College655Kolkata (M Corp.)
125Mitra Institution(Main)625Kolkata (M Corp.)
130Vidyasagar College446Kolkata (M Corp.)
131Arya Kanya Maha Vidyalaya635Kolkata (M Corp.)
138Metropolitan Institution544Kolkata (M Corp.)
143City College(Eastern Side)722Kolkata (M Corp.)
145Childrens Happy Home624Kolkata (M Corp.)
146Vidyasagar College For Women450Kolkata (M Corp.)
152Brahma Boys H.S.School777Kolkata (M Corp.)
157Basu Bigyan Mandir(Lecture Hall)888Kolkata (M Corp.)
158Hindu Academy613Kolkata (M Corp.)
159Science College(Main Building)655Kolkata (M Corp.)
166Sri Vishudananda Saraswati Vidyalaya538Kolkata (M Corp.)
170Marcus Square Maidan Tent683Kolkata (M Corp.)
172Burrabazar Yubak Sabha833Kolkata (M Corp.)
178Kmcp School827Kolkata (M Corp.)
184Solid West Management Office(Ward No.-39)378Kolkata (M Corp.)
190Sanskrit College (Bharati Bhawan)602Kolkata (M Corp.)
193Seth Surajmall Jalan Girls College704Kolkata (M Corp.)
195Hindu School537Kolkata (M Corp.)
200Sanskrit Collegiate School723Kolkata (M Corp.)
204Md. Layek Jubelee Institution510Kolkata (M Corp.)
207City Collegiate School609Kolkata (M Corp.)
214Sri Sanatan Dharma Vidyalaya550Kolkata (M Corp.)
217Sabitri Pathsala669Kolkata (M Corp.)
223Kolkata Municipal Corporation Primary School895Kolkata (M Corp.)
224Sabitri College502Kolkata (M Corp.)
226Saraswat Kshatriya Vidyalaya563Kolkata (M Corp.)
234Anjuman Imdadia Primary School743Kolkata (M Corp.)
237Sri Digambar Jain Vidyalaya441Kolkata (M Corp.)
244Panjab Seva Samity440Kolkata (M Corp.)
249Shyamdeo Gopiram Bhotika Dharmasala657Kolkata (M Corp.)
252Sri Jain Swetambar Terapanthi Vidyalaya 670Kolkata (M Corp.)
261Seals Free College 713Kolkata (M Corp.)
275Md.Jan H.E.School484Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on May 30, 2020

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