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Polling Booth in Jangipur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Jangipur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jangipur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Hilora Primary School1092Hilora
4Banshabati I.C.D.S. Centre1097Bangasbati
5Banshabati Kankatapara S.S.K Building526Bangasbati
6Bangshabati Highschool919Bangasbati
7Bangshabati Junior Basic School706Bangasbati
9Najirapur Primary School820Nazirpur
10Raturi M.S.K Building447Raturi
11Dain Primary School907Raturi
13Aaluyani Primary School571Aluani
14Ajagarpara Primary School538Ajagarpara
16Gonsainpur Primary School672Ajagarpara
18Rasunpur Primary School (Ramdoba)958Ahiron
20Ahiran Hemangini Bidyayatan High School881Ahiron
22Ahiran Padhuyapada Primary School786Ahiron
24Ahiran Chainpada Primary School718Ahiron
26Ahiran Musalman Pada Primary School987Ahiron
28Ahiran Tior Para Primary School571Ahiron
30Jehelinagar Primary School833Jehelinagar
31Alampur Primary School976Alampur
32Bangabari Primary School737Rosanpur
34Jalangapara Rabibdra Vidapite944Alampur
35Bangabadi Haiskul 2No Ghar824Bangabari
36Ghorapakhia 2No Primary School (Gangin)684Ghorapakhiagangin
38Kanupur Nabajagaran Primary School697Kanupur
42Mireragram Primary: School856Kanupur
43Kanapur Nabajagaran High School628Kanupur
45Kanupur Pry: School807Khidirpur
46Khidirapur Pry: School731Khidirpur
48Nayagram Deuli Primary School513Deuli
49Dewli K.K. Primary School889Deuli
50Gadaipur Prathamik Vidyalaya634Gadaipur
51Sonatikuri Primary School943Sonatikri
52Sonatikudi Calony Primary School1006Sonatikri
53Dewli Coloney Primary School388Deuli
54Ghodashala Primary School945Ghorsala (CT)
56Bagha Primary School885Bagha
57Takshak Primary School579Takshak
58Mangalajan Nashipur Primary School860Mangaljan
62Srikantabati High School636Srikantabati (CT)
65Bahadi Nagar Primary School599Bahadinagar
67Nista Prathamik School940Nista
69Simala Prathamik Vidyalaya740Simla
70Mathurapur Prathamik Vidyalaya403Mathurapur
71Ramajanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya948Talai
72Chuyadanga Prathamik School481Talai
73Talai Primary School760Talai
74Khoripara Primary School578Sadhua
76Kankuria Prathamik School1002Kankaria
77Banipur Prathamik School901Kankaria
79Jarur Health Sub-Centre1086Srikantabati (CT)
80Minapur Primary School Room 1863Srikantabati (CT)
82Saidpur U.N. High School513Srikantabati (CT)
86Umarapur Primary School390Umarpur
88Umarpur S.S.K.Building1037Umarpur
89Sankhalipada Primary School707Sakhalipara
90Jarur No 2 Primary School909Jarur
92Jarur Junior Basic School551Jarur
94Baindha Primary School1014Bainda
95Badada Uttarapada Pra: School482Nait Baidara
97Nait Badada Pra: School604Nait Baidara
99Sahebanagar Pra Thamik Vidyalaya306Sahebnagar
100Badala RDSen High School Room 2667Barala
102Barala RD Sen High School Room 11024Barala
103Barala 1No Primary School988Barala
104Mandalpur Primary School901Mandalpur
106Birthamba Primary School316Birthamba
107Senda Junior Basic School681Sendajamuar
109Jamuar Junior High School833Sendajamuar
110Siddhikali Pry School497Siddhikali
111Ghoshapukur Primary School834Uttar Ramna
112Ramana Primary School622Uttar Ramna
113Prasadpur SCR Juniar Basic School990Prasadpur
114Kulodi Primary School649Kulri
115Rajpara Primary School866Jangipur (M)
118Jayaramapur 1No Primary School469Jangipur (M)
120Raghunathapur Primary School Room 1845Jangipur (M)
121Raghunathapur Primary School Room 21209Jangipur (M)
122Najarul Isalam Ekademi760Jangipur (M)
123Jangipur High Madrasa Room 1551Jangipur (M)
125Jangipur High Madrasa Room 2844Jangipur (M)
126Brindaban Bihari Vidyapith Primary School586Jangipur (M)
129Jangipur High Madrasa Room 31008Jangipur (M)
130Jangipur High Madrasa Room 4909Jangipur (M)
132Chhottakalia Junior Basic School921Jangipur (M)
134Chhotakaliya Primary School1058Jangipur (M)
136Gopalchandra Memorial Primary School966Jangipur (M)
137Enayetnagar Primary School1042Jangipur (M)
138Kadikola Primary School923Jangipur (M)
140Jangipur High School 1No Ghar841Jangipur (M)
142Jangipur High School 2No Ghar964Jangipur (M)
143Mirdhapada Primary School794Jangipur (M)
145Mahammadpur Primary School550Jangipur (M)
148Mallapara Mahammadpur Pry. School928Jangipur (M)
149Jangipur Taun Klab Primary School1061Jangipur (M)
150Victoriya Primary School Room 1359Jangipur (M)
152Victoia Prathamik Vidyalaya Room 2886Jangipur (M)
153S.D.O Recreation Club Jangipur693Jangipur (M)
155Shishu Tirth Bharati Primary School830Jangipur (M)
157Gujirpur Primary School648Jangipur (M)
158Balighata Junior Basic School824Jangipur (M)
159Balighata Junior Basic School Room 2660Jangipur (M)
161Raghunathaganj Girls High Schoolroom 1745Jangipur (M)
163Raghunathganj Girls High School Room 2765Jangipur (M)
165Myakenji Park Primary School1022Jangipur (M)
167Raghunathaganj High School (Natun Bilding) Room 1528Jangipur (M)
169Raghunathaganj High School (Natun Bilding)698Jangipur (M)
171Raghunathganj High School (Purono Bilding) Room 1646Jangipur (M)
173Raghunathaganj Haiskul (Puratan Badi) Room 2793Jangipur (M)
174Bajar Pada Primary School670Jangipur (M)
17640 No Shmashanaghat Basti Primary Vidyalaya449Jangipur (M)
178Darabeshapada Prathamik Vidyalaya784Jangipur (M)
179Jangipur Irigeshan Sab Dibhishan No1Afis769Jangipur (M)
180Aailer Upar Primary School682Jangipur (M)
183Pratappur Primary School896Basudebpur (P)
184Ramakantapur Primaryskul921Ramkantapur
187Jagadanandabati Primary School891Jagadanandabati
189Sujapur Junior Basic School1083Sujapur (P)
191Charka Primary School963Charka (CT)
193Barsimul Primary School559Charka (CT)
195Piyarapur Primary School683Charka (CT)
197Dafarapur Primary School1076Dafarpur (CT)
200Rawjapara Primary School Room 1389Dafarpur (CT)
202Dafarpur Masjidpara M.S.K Building642Dafarpur (CT)
204Dipchar Primary School422Raninagar Dwipchar
205Dafarpur Saharapara S.S.K. Building775Char Dafarpur
207Dafarapur Purb Primary School Room 2767Dafarpur (CT)
209Dafarapur Purb Primary School Room 3628Dafarpur (CT)
211Raninagar High School1019Diar Raninagar
215Raninagar Pashchimpara Primary School Room 1690Raninagar
217Raninagar Pashchimapada Primary School Room 21027Raninagar
218Raninagar Primary School923Raninagar
220Rajanagar Primary School1081Rajnagar
221Maldoba P. K. High School844Rajnagar
223Jethiya Primary School927Jethia
225Bakunthapur Primary School856Nutanganj
227Nutanaganj Junior Basic School406Nutanganj
230Mirzapur Primary School1013Amgachhi
232Mirzapur D P High School Room 1587Mirzapur (CT)
234Mirzapur D P High School967Mirzapur (CT)
235Mirzapur J.N. Balika Vidyalaya Room 1540Mirzapur (CT)
237Bijaypur Primary School326Bijoypur
239Baidpur Primary School792Baidpur
240Nowda Prathamik Vidyalaya Room 11026Ramchandrabati
243Khojarpara Prathamik Vidyalaya893Ramchandrabati
244Gankar Junior Basic School586Gankar
247Aradanga Primary School518Panchanpara
248Dhalo Junior Basic School937Dhalo
250Santoshpur Primary School674Santoshpur
252Pashai Primary School453Pasai
253Kanchanpur S.S.K. Building902Bagpara

Last Updated on May 30, 2020
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