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Polling Booth in Itahar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Itahar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Itahar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Godahar Ef.Pi. School663Gorahar
3Gorahar Junior High School1145Gorahar
4Bariol Junior Basic School1047Bariol
6Bajitapur Ef.Pi. School949Bajitpur
7Damadoliya Ef.Pi. School825Damdalia
9Khasara Ef.Pi. School720Khasra
10Kharasota Ef Pi School1076Haripur
11Indran Ef.Pi. School1106Indran
12Surun Ef.Pi. School1005Shurun
14Pajol Ef.Pi. School969Pajol
16Kotar F. P. School848Kotar
18Balijol Uchch Vidyalaya977Balijol
20Keotal Ef.Pi. School873Keotal
22Ujani Ef.Pi. School660Keotal
23Keotal Uttar S. S. K (Dohal)752Keotal
24Dakshin Palaibadi Ef.Pi. School976Palaibari
25Uttar Palaibadi Ef.Pi. School663Palaibari
27Abhi Nagar Ef.Pi. School773Abhinagar
28Belul Ef.Pi. School634Belul
29Hasuya Juh Basic School972Hasua
31Bahuti Ef. Pi. School1040Behati
32Rajagram Haiskul693Bajgram
33Bogun F.P.S506Bagun
34Chandi Gram F.P.S614Chandigram
35Balapur Ef.Pi. School905Chandigram
36Dharanda EmEsKe747Malinagar
37Sadapur F.P.S612Sadapur
38Dharanda Ef.Pi. School1100Dharanda
39Chandol Ef.Pi. School1163Chandol
40Chandol F P S1121Rahai
41Durgapur Garlas High School1141Mahashunda
42Kamalai Ef. Pi. School973Kamalai
44Durgapur Junior Basic School766Durgapur
46Zupadi Kali EsEsKe1038Paharajpur
47Bekidanga Ef. Pi. School1001Paharajpur
48Aataghariya Traf.Pi.School927Chitor
49Dakshinal Ef. Pi. School1127Dakshinal
50Tongtongiya S.S.K437Dakshinal
51Sonapur Junior Basic School911Sonapur
52Bajedaskinnal F.P.S617Baje Dakshinal
53Betor Ef.Pi. School896Purba Nagua
54Uttar Maheshapur Ef.Pi. School1175Nadhna
55Aaladhanda Ef.Pi. School632Aldhanda
56Dularbhapur Ef.Pi. School912Mohagachi
58Bhatinagram Ef.Pi. School330Bhatingaon
60Bhaganail EsEsKe1079Bhagnail
61Bhaganail Ef.Pi. School916Bhagnail
62Aasharafapur Ef.Pi. School863Asrafpur
63Mahanandapur Ef.Pi. School774Mahamadpur
65Nandanagram Ef.Pi. School1137Nandangaon
66Chundamardi Junior High School844Parbbatipur
67Pabartipur Laskarapur Ef.Pi. School574Parbbatipur
68Laskarpur F.P.S657Uttar Jamalpur
69Purb Naguya Ef.Pi. School606Purba Nagua
70Shridharapur Ef.Pi. School1091Sridharpur
72Shibaramapur High School1022Sibrampur
73Mahinagar S.S.K565Mahinagar
74Patirajapur Junior Basic School1000Simuldanga
75Bhelagachhi Ef.Pi. School858Bhelagachi
76Narihat Junior Basic School1111Dhigaldanga
77Sandhiya Ef. Pi. School1081Sandia
78Fatepur Shyamapur Traf.Pi.School994Fatepur Shyampur
79Gunirajapur Ef.Pi. School1083Kokna
80Dhamadhol Ef.Pi. School802Dhamdhol
81Sujal Kulator F.P.S917Sujal
82Kashibati Tilna S.S.K434Bishnupur
83Tilana Ef.Pi. School766Tilna
84Sahabhita Ef.Pi. School1107Sahabhita
85Osaman Pur Ef.Pi. School920Osmanpur
86Chabhot Ef.Pi. School620Chabhat
88Bhadrashila Junior Basic School999Bhadrashila
90Suliya Para F.P.S584Itahar (CT)
91Itahar Ef. Pi School936Itahar (CT)
92Itahar High School1026Itahar (CT)
94Itahar Uttarapada Ef. Pi. School679Itahar (CT)
96Porasa Ef.Pi. School635Porsha
98Paik Pada Ef.Pi. School775Paikpara
99Nirbhayapur Ef.Pi. School800Bidhibari
100Bagbari S.S.K981Bagbari
101Chaluniya Ef.Pi. School802Chalnia
103Shripur Ef. Pi. School1101Sripur
104Banbol F.P.S881Banbol
105Ramdanga F.P.S702Ramdanga
106Balaramapur Ef.Pi. School1139Balarampur
107Gothlu F.P.S669Tiarbati
108Banakud Ef.Pi. School876Banshthupi
109Khamaruya Ef.Pi. School620Khamrua
111Sohair EmEsKe1070Sohair
112Dighana Ef.Pi. School994Digna
113Chakala Ef.Pi. School730Sohair
115Gheda Ef.Pi. School1019Ghera
116Hatagachhi Ef.Pi. School574Dhulahar
118Dharampur F.P.S714Dhulahar
119Daulatapur Ef.Pi. School616Dhulahar
121Banagram F.P.S479Banagram
122Beluya Ef.Pi. School900Belua
123Mohanbhuban F.P.S607Mohanbhuban
124Kumedapur Ef.Pi. School716Kumedpur
125Shrimantapur Ef.Pi. School577Srimantapur
126Dolideul Chak Ef.Pi. School926Dalideul Chak
127Gopinathapur Ef.Pi. School928Gopinathpur
128Lalaganj Ef.Pi. School778Lalganj
129Gosaipur F.P.S514Gosaipur
130Madhabapur Ef.Pi. School865Nalbhiti Madhabpur
131Gulandar High School1007Gulandar
132Kashibati Ef.Pi. School1025Gulandar
133Pukuriya F.P.S875Phkhuria
134Gulandar Pokharia S.S.K1020Gulandar
135Mahanandapada Ef.Pi. School1028Bausa
136Pader Gram Ef.Pi. School897Parergram
137Barabella F.P.S565Barabella
138Parergram M.S.K937Parergram
139Paraharipur F.P.S1061Para
140Paschim Durlabhpur F.P.S986Pashim Durlabhpur
141Mukundapur Ef. Pi. School657Mukundapur
143Bhabanipur F.P.S518Shyampur
144Shyamapur Ef. Pi. School870Subarnapur
145Basudebapur Ef. Pi. School1026Basudevpur
146Chudaman Haiskul507Churaman
147Gouripur Rastala S.S.K852Gauripur
148Manainagar Ef. Pi. School588Manainagar
150Chandanapur Traf.Pi.School659Chandanpur
152Kamaradanga Traf.Pi.School1043Kapasia
153Kalimoni Laxmipur F.P.S894Kamardanga
154Radhanagar Ef. Pi. School826Jamalpur
155Titiha S.S.K825Titiha
156Jamalapur Ef. Pi. School769Jamalpur
158Kapashiya Haiskul972Kapasia
160Kapashiya F.P.School459Kapasia
162Namuniya Ef. Pi. School809Kapasia
164Nomuniya Dakshin S.S.K1076Kapasia
165Kalomatiya Em Es Ke831Chhilimpur
166Chhilimapur Ef. Pi. School736Chhilimpur
167Chhilimpur Junior High School927Chhilimpur
168Koyarapur Ef. Pi. School919Mirzadighi
169Barot Ef. Pi.School424Barhatti
170Thilabil Ef.Pi. School863Thilbil
171Kachuya Ef.Pi. School604Barot
174Biranagar Traf.Pi.School345Birnagar
176Bagaduma Ef.Pi. School694Bagduma
177Bagaduma Bishtupur Ef. Pi. School1058Bagduma
178Maranai High School865Rajkot
180Shishoi Adibasipara F.P.S939Shishai
181Mirjadighi Ef. Pi. School859Mirzadighi
182Basaratapur EmEsKe904Basratpur
183Aamapada Ef. Pi. School1020Bangar
184Banggar Junior Basic School780Bangar
186Kaliganj F.P.S644Kaliganj
187Malanchi Ef. Pi. School624Malanchi
188Ghretotala F.P.S516Ghritatala
189Tharaish Ef. Pi. School631Tharais
190Madhuban F.P.S575Tharais
191Jotanarottamapur Ef. Pi. School1114Halimpur
192Dakshin Shyamapur Ef. Pi. School981Dakshin Syampur
193Kasaba Ef. Pi. School847Kasba
194Jayahat High School914Jayahat
196Golahat Chakala Ef. Pi. School691Jayahat
197Jagdal F.P.S602Jayahat
198Aiho F.P.S818Chhoto Bahadol
199Bahadol F.P.S812Bahadol
200Nahanipur Ef. Pi. School596Maghiapara
202Badara Janakalyan Haiskul1048Baidara
203Iluya Para F.P.S929Baidara
204Gopalanagar Ef. Pi. School839Bhusan Gachhi
206Barobhita Ef.Pi. School751Khesra
207Khesara Ef. Pi. School741Kasba
209Sonadangi Ef. Pi. School571Khesra
210Uttar Sonadangi S.S.K772Khesra

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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