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Polling Booth in Howrah Madhya Assembly Constituency

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Howrah Madhya Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Howrah Madhya

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Howrah Madhya Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Shri Mahadurga Jaiswal Vidyalaya704Haora (M Corp)
5Sir Saiyed Ahmed High School710Haora (M Corp)
7Ansarul Oloom U.P. School1072Haora (M Corp)
8Nezamia U.P. School971Haora (M Corp)
9Shyama Govt Sponsored U.P.F.P. School1051Haora (M Corp)
12Howrah Modern School1110Haora (M Corp)
15Muslim High School566Haora (M Corp)
24Howrah I.R Belilious Instittuition443Haora (M Corp)
31Tikiapara M. C.F. P School991Haora (M Corp)
34Howrah Sangha Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya648Haora (M Corp)
40Madhya Howrah Sikshalaya660Haora (M Corp)
42Phanindra Nath Kinder Garten Home593Haora (M Corp)
44Zilla Shilpa Kendra660Haora (M Corp)
46O/O Handloom Development Officer588Haora (M Corp)
52Howrah Jogesh Chandra Girls School612Haora (M Corp)
54Howrah Akshay Shikshayatan607Haora (M Corp)
56Annapurna Byayam Samiti683Haora (M Corp)
58St. Monika Kauley Memorial School1021Haora (M Corp)
60St. Anns Day School677Haora (M Corp)
64Gandhi Rashtriya Vidyalaya549Haora (M Corp)
72Shri Ramkrishna Sikshalaya1112Haora (M Corp)
76North Khurut Primary School579Haora (M Corp)
78Uttar Khurut Barwarii Surendranath Memorial Hall1109Haora (M Corp)
80Shridurga Balika Vidyalaya985Haora (M Corp)
82Howrah Deshbandhu Vidyalaya611Haora (M Corp)
85Howrah Sishumangal Nursary School And Kinder Garten369Haora (M Corp)
88Howrah Shikshasatan642Haora (M Corp)
96Ramakrishnapur Arya Balika Vidyalaya852Haora (M Corp)
101Howrah Town Hall H.M.C698Haora (M Corp)
106Siksha Bhaban ( D I Of School )712Haora (M Corp)
108Office Of The Asst. Controller Legal Metrology1022Haora (M Corp)
111Office Of The Asst. Engineer P.W.Div Corn Road Directorate670Haora (M Corp)
115Office Of The District Mass Education Officer588Haora (M Corp)
117Office Of The Sub Divisonal Controllor Food & Supply604Haora (M Corp)
119Sub Divisonal Land & Land Reforms Office 1St Floor718Haora (M Corp)
122H.M.C.I.P.P Center903Haora (M Corp)
125Rastriya Vidyalaya725Haora (M Corp)
129Shri Jain Vidyalaya817Haora (M Corp)
131Howrah Shiksha Niketan994Haora (M Corp)
136Dayananda Sarswati Vidyalaya830Haora (M Corp)
137Mordern Day School974Haora (M Corp)
138Ramkrishna Pur Balika Vidyalaya1010Haora (M Corp)
142Shibpur Ambika Hindi High School914Haora (M Corp)
145St.Monika Girls Primary School564Haora (M Corp)
147Agragami Balak Sangha919Haora (M Corp)
148Ramkrishnapur Highschool1049Haora (M Corp)
152Ramkrishnapur M.F.P. School955Haora (M Corp)
156Kasundiya Mahakali Balika Vidyalaya543Haora (M Corp)
162Ananda Sammilani Granthagar (Govt Reg.I)736Haora (M Corp)
163Gandhi Smarak Vidyalaya752Haora (M Corp)
165St. Mariyas Day School968Haora (M Corp)
167Howrah Shib O Amiya High School558Haora (M Corp)
172Howrah Deshbandhu Balika Vidyalaya794Haora (M Corp)
177Nripalchandra Upschool924Haora (M Corp)
179Howrah Vivekananda Institiution(New Building)993Haora (M Corp)
183Howrah Vivekananda Institition (Main Building)801Haora (M Corp)
187Chakraberia M F P School547Haora (M Corp)
188Miunicipal Ward Office No-42728Haora (M Corp)
194Sabuj Tirtha Nursary Vidyalaya737Haora (M Corp)
196Shibpur Chaterjee Hat Boys High School742Haora (M Corp)
198Shibpur Chaterjee Hat Girls High School825Haora (M Corp)
206Shibpur Bhabani Balika Vidyalaya869Haora (M Corp)
216Sarasibala Balika Vidyalaya (Primary)493Haora (M Corp)
218Sastitala Matri Mondop843Haora (M Corp)
222Shibpur Yogmaya Balika Vidyalaya1057Haora (M Corp)
225Baje Shibpur Shibtala Saraswat Sangha674Haora (M Corp)
227Baje Shibpur B. K .Pal Institution598Haora (M Corp)
228Baje Shibpur Shibtala Prathamik Vidyalaya675Haora (M Corp)
231Howrah High School634Haora (M Corp)
238Anjuman Tamir-E-Millat Girls High Vidyalaya897Haora (M Corp)
239Madrasa Anjuman Tamir-E- Millat612Haora (M Corp)
242Prasanna Kumari Balika Shiksalay718Haora (M Corp)
247South Howrah Model School848Haora (M Corp)
248Shibpur Anjuman High Madrasa694Haora (M Corp)
252Idara Imdadul Ghuraba865Haora (M Corp)
254Bazma Surfa Upschool (New Building)630Haora (M Corp)
256Shibpur Anjuman Library616Haora (M Corp)
259Shibpur Basti M.C.F.P. School935Haora (M Corp)
260Shibpur Hindi M F P School692Haora (M Corp)
266I C D S Project Office804Haora (M Corp)
268Shibpur Muslim Girls High School629Haora (M Corp)
273Bengal Jute Mill Uchha Vidyalaya1662Haora (M Corp)
279Kedarnath Pathsala608Haora (M Corp)
281Excise Barrack627Haora (M Corp)
283St. Monikas Girls Primary School562Haora (M Corp)
285Shibpur Hindu Girls High School599Haora (M Corp)
292Shibpur Public Library775Haora (M Corp)
294Madrasa Korania Primary School825Haora (M Corp)
29853 Polly Primary School737Haora (M Corp)
300Ramkrishna Vidyalaya766Haora (M Corp)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014