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Polling Booth in Howrah Dakshin Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Howrah Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Howrah Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kachhari Barid Primary School1020Haora (M Corp)
3Unasani Converted Basic Primary School1678Haora (M Corp)
5Unasani High School1209Haora (M Corp)
9Subhashapalli Primary School971Haora (M Corp)
10Shyamasundar F. P. School701Haora (M Corp)
18Gadafa F.P.School514Haora (M Corp)
221No. Maukhali Primary School905Haora (M Corp)
242 No Maukhali Primary School606Haora (M Corp)
25Marafatulla Primary School886Haora (M Corp)
27Goyalbati F.P.School645Haora (M Corp)
29South Institute Dakshin Purba Railway1018Haora (M Corp)
31Santragachi Rly. Colony High School959Haora (M Corp)
35Shrikalyan Vidyamandir886Haora (M Corp)
38Kuntabala Primary Vidyalaya1097Dhuilya (CT)
41Duilya Milan Mandir Granthagar1143Dhuilya (CT)
44Kamalini JiesEf.Pi. School812Dhuilya (CT)
46Dakshin Duilya Primary Vidyalaya1068Dhuilya (CT)
49Duilya Panchapada Uccha Vidyalaya644Dhuilya (CT)
52Duilya Bord Prathamik Vidyalaya938Dhuilya (CT)
56Raman Jarh Prathamik Vidyalaya637Dhuilya (CT)
58Jhorehat Public Library545Jhorhat (CT)
59Prabhu Jagatbandhu College685Jhorhat (CT)
60Jhorehat Raj Rajeswari Primary School592Jhorhat (CT)
62Jhorehat Fakir Chand High School756Jhorhat (CT)
64Jhorehat Fakir Chand G.S.F.P. School892Jhorhat (CT)
65Kamrangu Bishalakshitala Primary School826Kamranga (CT)
67Dakshin Duilya High School916Kamranga (CT)
70Hatgachha F.S.F.P. School834Hatgachha (CT)
74Jhorehat Mukta Mancha616Hatgachha (CT)
76Surath Mohan Paul Shikhayatan953Panchpara (CT)
78Duilya Panchpara Board Primary Vidyalaya581Panchpara (CT)
80Panchpara Tapshili Primary Vidyalaya859Panchpara (CT)
81Panchpara Chunavati Primary School988Panchpara (CT)
83Panchpara Adarsa Vidyalaya995Panchpara (CT)
85Panchpara Sadharan Vidyalaya615Panchpara (CT)
87Panchpara High Madrasa701Panchpara (CT)
88Hazi Akbar Ali Kazi Primary School1393Panchpara (CT)
89Panchpara Board Primary Vidyalaya1055Panchpara (CT)
92Chandrabati Prathamik Vidyalaya706Podara (CT)
98Podra G.S.F.P. School946Podara (CT)
101Podra Shibtala Pry. Vidyalaya822Podara (CT)
105Podra Board Primary School687Podara (CT)
107Podra Mahakali Junior High School920Podara (CT)
110Podara Mahakali Primary School1164Podara (CT)
113Howrah Homes Pry. School760Haora (M Corp)
115Tarun Sangha Library745Haora (M Corp)
117Tarun Sangh Primary Vidyalaya915Haora (M Corp)
119National Place Primary School821Haora (M Corp)
121Surendranath Balika Vidyalaya519Haora (M Corp)
125Uttar Bakasada G.S.F.P. School1102Haora (M Corp)
127Bakasara Purnachandra Free Pry. School1438Haora (M Corp)
130Shantinagar Primary School Bakulatala1238Haora (M Corp)
131Santinagar Bhasa Bikash Kendra2064Haora (M Corp)
133Al Amine Ecadami682Haora (M Corp)
134Dakshin Thana Makua Primary School1662Haora (M Corp)
135Lichu Bagan Madhyamik Siksha Kendra1152Haora (M Corp)
139Maulana Mahammad Ali Juhar Primary School934Haora (M Corp)
140Goaberia Junior High School(Shalimar Paints)908Haora (M Corp)
145Thana Makua Model High School644Haora (M Corp)
150Sabuj Sangha Club1064Haora (M Corp)
151Bakasara High School862Haora (M Corp)
159Kusum Kumari F. Primary School844Haora (M Corp)
162South Baksara Shibtala Primary School1210Haora (M Corp)
163Batore Primary School1070Haora (M Corp)
169Dakshin Bakasara Primary School1659Haora (M Corp)
172Dakshin Bakasada Primary School (Madrasa)1622Haora (M Corp)
175Santragachi Motilal Neheru Smriti Vidyalaya (High)1160Haora (M Corp)
179Meris Kindar Garten School381Haora (M Corp)
181Kedaranath Vidyamandir1348Haora (M Corp)
182Bani Niketan Hal826Haora (M Corp)
184Santragachhi Kedarnath Institution645Haora (M Corp)
195Santragachhi Kedaranath Inastitiushan (Primary)876Haora (M Corp)
197Batore Municipal Free Primary School1029Haora (M Corp)
200Batore Muncipal Outdoor Dispensary719Haora (M Corp)
202H.M.C Borough Office-V817Haora (M Corp)
204Padmapukur Ramakrishna Vidyamandir (High)688Haora (M Corp)
207Jamunabala Balika Vidyalaya822Haora (M Corp)
215Municipal Ward Office789Haora (M Corp)
217Shrimat Swami Pragananda Saraswati Vidyalaya1014Haora (M Corp)
218B.E. College F.P. School1015Haora (M Corp)
221Madel Hindi School750Haora (M Corp)
222B. Garden Chittaranjan Adarsha Vidyamandir1659Haora (M Corp)
227Aandul Rod Aadarsh Vidyapith505Haora (M Corp)
230West Bengal Shramik Mangal Kendra690Haora (M Corp)
234Lokbharati Primary School785Haora (M Corp)
236Yashodamayee Vidyalaya844Haora (M Corp)
241Mazerahat Balika Vidyalaya1199Haora (M Corp)
244Office Of The Sub-Astt. Engg. P.W.D. (Elec.Sec)965Haora (M Corp)
245B.E. College Model School1337Haora (M Corp)
246B.E College Institute Hall1051Haora (M Corp)
247Shalimar Hindi Primary School1016Haora (M Corp)
249Shripatishriramalu Memorial Andhra PrathamikaVidyalaya890Haora (M Corp)
252Madrasa Aasrafiya952Haora (M Corp)
253Madrasa Ghousia Faizul Koram Vidyalaya1280Haora (M Corp)
254Gulisthan Madel School624Haora (M Corp)
255Shalimar Hindi High School705Haora (M Corp)
258Howrah Municipal Corp. Offece Boro Commitee-Iv1021Haora (M Corp)
261Saradamani Balika Vidyalaya906Haora (M Corp)
263Giribala Health Centre727Haora (M Corp)
265S.E. Rly. Institution1022Haora (M Corp)
266Shibapur Dinabandhu College1012Haora (M Corp)
268Shibpur Dinabandhu Institution(Main)767Haora (M Corp)
272Shri Shiksha Sadan (Hindi)407Haora (M Corp)
276Shibapur Aadhunik Hindi Vidyalaya1491Haora (M Corp)

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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