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Polling Booth in Hingalganj Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hingalganj

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hingalganj Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Muktarchak F.P. School941Shulkuniabad
2Sulkuni F.P. School837Shulkuniabad
3Benepota F.P. School606Shulkuniabad
4Sulkuni Uttar F.P. School690Shulkuniabad
6Paschim Bhurkunda F.P. School667Bhurkunda
8Bhawanipur Srimanta Jubilee Institution647Bhurkunda
9Dk. Sulkuni Adarsha Primary Vidhyalaya759Shulkuniabad
10Biplobi Sukanta S.S.K603Bhurkunda
11Uttar Bhurkunda F.P. School583Bhurkunda
12Angnara Tangramari Fp Scool891Chak Tengramari
13Tangramari S.S.K675Chak Tengramari
14Angnara Amar Smriti F.P. School1040Angnara
15Hasnabad Dp Institution729Simulia
17Rajnagar F.P. School875Rajnagar
18Dakshin Simulia F.P. School945Simulia
19Hasnabad Nagendra F.P. School851Hasnabad
21Kalutala Sarat Chandra Smriti Vidyalaya766Char Narayanpur
23Hasnabad F.P. School673Hasnabad
24Chak Khanpukur F.P. School876Chak Khanpukur
25Monoharpur F.P. School650Monoharpur
26Chak Khanpukur State Plan F.P. School716Chak Khanpukur
27Rameswarpur Neheru Vidyaniketan896Rameswarpur
28Dakshin Rameswarpur F.P. School1004Rameswarpur
29Champatala F.P. School381Chanpatala
30Kharur F.P. School1007Kharur
31Champatala Uttar Barunhat F.P. School770Barunhat
32Rameswarpur Adarsha Uchha Vidyalaya969Barunhat
33Sutirati Sardarpara F.P. School1016Barunhat
34Pashchim Barunhat F.P. School564Barunhat
35Madhya Barunhat F.P. School1009Barunhat
36Majhipara Sukanta S.S.K751Barunhat
37Tangra Tarapara F.P. School588Barunhat
38Barunhat Uchha Vidhyalaya748Barunhat
39Barunhat F.P. School890Barunhat
40Nibedita S.S.K1103Barunhat
41Kaji Nazrul S.S.K633Barunhat
43Dakshin Barunhat F.P. School1107Barunhat
44Katakhali Madrasha1056Kantakhali
45Kantakhali F.P. School878Kantakhali
46Baliyadanga F.P. School804Chak Patli
48Joygram Hemonta Ghoshal M.S.K566Jaygaon
49Joygram F.P. School686Jaygaon
50Paschim Ghuni F.P. School941Ghuni
51Madhya Ghuni F.P. School913Ghuni
52Purba Ghuni F.P. School997Ghuni
53Chakpatli High School1073Patlikhanpur
54Daspara Sukanta S.S.K.481Patlikhanpur
55Patlikhanpur F.P. School903Patlikhanpur
56Ghuni High School829Chak Patli
57Kholishakhali Adibasish F.P. School353Chak Patli
59Tangra F.P. School971Chak Patli
60Taragopal F.P. School859Chak Patli
61Benakhan Abdul Gaffar Khan F.P. School811Bena
62Mohishpukur Proper F.P. School388Bena
63Mahishpukur High School868Chak Patli
64Dakshin Mahishpukur F.P. School600Chak Patli
65Padua Bamankhali F.P. School708Ghoshalati
66Sriphaltala Adibasi F.P. School1011Ghoshalati
67Umanagar F.P. School944Ichhapur
68Bargachia F.P. School682Ichhapur
70Bhawanipur Central Model. High School1124Ichhapur
72Ghosalati F.P. School847Ghoshalati
73Dakshin Ghosalati F.P. School746Ghoshalati
74Gabtala F.P. School1021Ichhapur
75Parghata Bedemari F.P. School775Ichhapur
76Bedemari Arunadaya S.S.K763Bedemari
77Hularchak F.P. School685Ichhapur
78Dakhin Durgapur F.P. School905Durgapur Baylani
79Durgapur Bailani Junior High School1001Durgapur Baylani
80Dharamberia F.P. School660Dharam Baria
81Dharamberia Purbapara F.P. School1117Dharam Baria
82Bishpur High School890Bispur
83Bishpur F.P. School793Bispur
85Bailani Kalibari Charpara Sishu Siksha Kendra755Durgapur Baylani
87Bailani Adibasi F.P. School840Durgapur Baylani
89Kankaria S.S.K Centre510Kakaria
90Dhanikhali F.P. School872Dhanikhali
91Pubergheri Special Cader F.P. School (East)1103Pubergheri
92Bishpur I.C.D.S. Centre534Bispur
93Bishpur Purbapally F.P. School652Bispur
95Bishpur Rupamari Sadharan Pathagar604Bispur
96Paschim Khejurberia F.P. School991Paschim Khejurbaria
97Uttar Mamudpur S.S.K552Mamudpur
99Uttar Boltala F.P. School935Hingalganj (CT)
100Keorakhali F.P. School793Mamudpur
101Mamudpur Paschim Para F.P. School801Mamudpur
103Mamudpur High School939Mamudpur
105Hingalganj Uttar Ghoshpara F.P. School608Hingalganj (CT)
106Patherdabi Abaitanik Primary School579Hingalganj (CT)
107Hingalganj High School1036Hingalganj (CT)
108Hingalganj Ranibala Uchha Balika Vidyalaya1057Hingalganj (CT)
109Shererati F.P. School571Mamudpur
110Sahapur F.P. School852Hingalganj (CT)
111Dakhin Hingalganj G.S. F.P. School904Hingalganj (CT)
112Dakshin Hingalganj F.P. School749Hingalganj (CT)
113Nabinganj F.P. School483Sandelerbil
1144 No. Sandelerbill F.P. School970Sandelerbil
115Uttar Sandelerbill F.P. School948Sandelerbil
116Uttar Bankra Sandirdarga Naba Adarsha F.P. School998Bankra (CT)
117Bankra Paschimpara F.P. School832Bankra (CT)
119Bankra Jamadar Para I.C.D.S. Centre586Bankra Dobar
120Bankra F.P. School804Bankra (CT)
1229 No. Sandelerbill F.P. School529Sandelerbil
12411 No. Sandelerbil F.P. School700Sandelerbil
1257/10 Vetkia Sishu Siksha Kendra994Sandelerbil
126Kanaknagar S.D. Institution1067Sandelerbil
127Bankra Kazi Najrul Madhyamik Siksha Kendra883Bankra (CT)
128Bankra Dobor F.P. School1084Bankra (CT)
130Abs Modan Mohan Vidyaapith679Sandelerbil
132Amberia Adibasi F.P. School692Ambaria
133Amberia F.P. School516Ambaria
135Purba Khejurberia M.C. Institution774Purbba Khejurbaria
136Purba Khejurberia Adarsha Siksha Niketan F.P. School678Purbba Khejurbaria
137Purba Khejur Beria 1 No. F. P. School604Purbba Khejurbaria
138Uttar Rupamari Adibasi Buniadi F.P. School695Rupmari
139Uttar Rupamari Jr. Basic School657Rupmari
140Bainara Keoratali Sishu Siksha Kendra840Bainara
141Bainara F.P. School462Bainara
142Kumirmari Rupamari F.P. School638Kumirmari
143Kumirmari F.P. School566Kumirmari
144Rupamari F.P. School480Rupmari
146Halda Banstala Gobordhan Vidyapith844Rupmari
147Uttar Banstala F.P. School1122Banstala
148Dakshin Banstala F.P. School1077Banstala
149Kothabari F.P. School1034Kothabbari
150Swarupkati F.P. School713Sarapkathi
152Choto Sahebkhali F.P. School692Chhota Sahebkhali
153Dakhin Choto Sahebkhali F.P. School900Chhota Sahebkhali
154Puratan Sahebkhali F.P. School405Chhota Sahebkhali
156Nebukhali Birsha Munda S.S.K669Lebukhali
157Ketarchak Naba Adarsha F.P. School696Ketarchak
158Bhanderkhali P.C.P. Institution1076Bhandarkhali
160Paschim Bhanderkhali Dwijabar Vidya Mandir882Bhandarkhali
161Dakshin Purba Bhanderkhali F.P. School602Bhandarkhali
163Dakshin Nebukhali F.P. School1047Lebukhali
164Putia Choto Sahebkhali Brajomohan Vidyapith753Putiamathbari
166Sahebkhali Nitya Nanda High School973Chhota Sahebkhali
167Dulduli Adibasi F.P. School980Dulduli
168Dulduli Mathbari Debnarayan H.S. School723Dulduli
170Uttar Khulna Adibasi F.P.School575Khulna
171Hatgachha K.C.A. Institution857Hatgachha
172Uttar Hatgacha Sukdev Smriti S.S.K.627Hatgachha
174Khulna Bachhar Para Yoga Nanda F.P.School851Khulna
175Khulna P.C. Law. Vidyalaya831Khulna
176Khulna Bibhutibhusan Smriti F.P. School941Khulna
177Dakshin Khulna F.P.School821Khulna
178Dakshin Hatgachha Jr. Basic School1111Hatgachha
179Hatgachha Bhadu Sardar Smriti F.P.School702Hatgachha
180Sitalia High School800Sitalia
181Purba Sitalia F.P. School525Sitalia
182Paschim Sitalia Adibasi F.P.School1016Sitalia
183Sitalia F.P. School983Sitalia
184Golabari SSK702Sitalia
185Chanralkhali F.P. School812Sahebkhali
186Paschim Pukuria Bhabani F.P. School847Pukuriachak
187Dakshin Sahebkhali F.P. School858Sahebkhali
189Pukuria F.P. School1028Pukuriachak
190Uttar Ramapur F.P. School749Ramapur
191Deuli Uchha Vidyalaya583Deuli
193Ramapur I.C.D.S. Centre1008Ramapur
194Panchapally Digambar Sinha Vidyatan988Deuli
195Chanralkhali Siksha Bhaban951Charalkhali
196Ramapur Karikarpara S.S.K606Ramapur
197Pubra Ramapur Adibasi F.P. School758Ramapur
198Ramapur F.P. School595Ramapur
199Paschim Ramapur F.P. School718Ramapur
200Dakhin Chanralkhali F.P. School1034Charalkhali
201Chanralkhali Adibasi F.P. School724Charalkhali
202Kanthalberia F.P. School906Kathal Baria
203Kanikati Naba Adarsha F.P.844Kanaikati
204Kanaikati Hatkhola F.P. School1026Kanaikati
205Sridharkati F.P. School ( Junior Basic School)513Shridhar Kati
207Sridharkati Nabarun F.P. School795Shridhar Kati
208Malekanghumti Mistripara F.P. School929Malekanghumti
209Sridharkati Vivekananda Madhyamik Siksha Kendra570Malekanghumti
210Sridharkati Spl. Cader School755Shridhar Kati
211Uttar Gobindakati Adibasi F.P. School790Shridhar Kati
212Gobindakati Siksha Niketan875Shridhar Kati
213Dakshin Gobindakati Sishu Siksha Kendra815Shridhar Kati
214Malekanghumti Madhyapara F.P. School862Malekanghumti
216Dakhin Malekan Ghumti Ramkrishna Vidyaniketan791Malekanghumti
218Madhabkati Ramapur F.P. School470Madhabkati
219Madhabkati Patghara F.P. School588Patghara
220Patghara P.K.S. High School623Patghara
222Madhabkati Adibasi F.P. School549Madhabkati
224Dakshin Patghara F.P. School1070Patghara
225Patghara Pallisri Sishu Siksha Kendra634Patghara
227Jogeshganj Uchha Vidyalaya515Jogesganj
229Madhabkati Junior Basic School741Madhabkati
231Jogeshganj Tipligheri Sishu Siksha Kendra613Jogesganj
232Paschim Jogeshganj F.P. School848Jogesganj
233Dakshin Jogeshganj Dakshin Para Paschim Hemnagar F.P. School1072Jogesganj
234Dakshin Jogesganj F.P. School542Jogesganj
235Jogeshganj Adarsha F.P. School858Jogesganj
236Haribari F.P. School (Paschim Hemnagar)832Hemnagar
238Hemnagar Uchha Vidyalaya858Hemnagar
240Kalitala Parghumti F.P. School603Parghumti
241Parghumti Barnaparichay Sishu Siksha Kendra596Parghumti
242Paschim Kalitala F.P. School1018Kalitala
243Parghumti F.P. School (1463)982Parghumti
244Kalitala High School921Kalitala
245Haridaskati F.P. School1008Kalitala
246Dakhin Kalitala F.P. School987Kalitala
248Purba Parghumti F.P. School628Parghumti
249Parghumti Derojeo Sishu Siksha Kendra1098Parghumti
250Shibnagar F.P. School974Parghumti
251Samsernagar F.P. School736Samsernagar
252Samsernagar 95 I.C.D.S. Centre746Samsernagar
253Samsernagar Basumati F.P. School1012Samsernagar
254Samsernagar Birshamunda F.P. School670Samsernagar

Last Updated on May 29, 2020