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Polling Booth in Hemtabad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Hemtabad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Hemtabad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mallikapur F.P. School907Mallickpur
2Basatpur F.P. School949Badkol
3Tajapur F.P. School926Tazpur
4Tajpur Ansari Para Sishu Siksha Kendra966Tazpur
5Bhatun F.P. School846Maladkhanda
6Bhatol Hat Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya(Uttar)695Bhatol
7Sebagram Higher Secondary School644Bhatol
8Dhalgaon F.P.School781Dhalgaon
9Mominatola F.P. School745Dhalgaon
10Kuliyara Sishu Siksha Kendra1177Kuliara Anantapur
11Zinukapur F.P. School958Gopalpur
12Khadi Gopalapur F.P. School869Gopalpur
13Kuliya F.P. School836Gopalpur
14Malibadi F.P. School(Dakshin)815Malibari
15Kachnabari F.P. School692Malibari
16Bhataganj F.P. School882Bhatganja
17Masalendapur F.P. School714Malibari
18Kustal Sishu Siksha Kendra614Bhatganja
19Bhatol Ansari Para Shishushiksha Kendra989Bhatol
21Runiya F.P. School(West)955Runia
22Dumuriya F.P. School763Runia
24Runiya Madhayamik Shiksha Kendra800Runia
25Makadampur F.P. School893Makdampur
26Sariyabad F.P. School1028Sariabad
27Sariyabad Madhyamik Shikshakendra1216Sariabad
28Khari Sariyabad F.P. School988Sariabad
29Ranidighi F.P. School(Amar)815Sariabad
30Paramajan Junior Basic School642Panch Bhaiya
32Pashchim Gobindapur F.P. School950Paschim Gobindapur
33Jagadishapur Zama Bana M.S.K.988Jagadishpur
34Jauniya F.P. School846Jauniya
35Dhusamal F.P. School880Dhusmal
36Jagadishpur Jhamabona Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra974Jagadishpur
37Jagadishapur F.P. School1002Jagadishpur
38Halalapur F.P. School1012Halalpur
39Domapir Shishu Shiksha Kendra848Halalpur
40Pariyal F.P. School672Parial
41Sanagano F.P. School1115Sangaon
42Bhagilata Higher Secondary School661Bhagilata
43Mahipur F.P. School1052Mahipur
44Mahuya Junior Basic School1157Keshra
45Pratappur F.P. School784Mahua
46Kantor Mathuram Dangi F.P. School968Kantar
47Mahipur Gram Panchayat Office866Kantar
48Balaigano F.P. School831Balaigaon
49Bhagatgaon F.P. School830Balaigaon
50Basiyan F.P. School1158Basian
52Fakiratola F.P. School1029Lakshmania
53Gedarpara F.P. School781Lakshmania
54Lakshaniya F.P. School910Lakshmania
56Lakshaniya Modalatuli F.P. School (Uttar)1030Lakshmania
58Shitalpur F.P. School743Shitalpur
59Ghaghra Muslim Para S.S.K998Paikpara
60Chopada Ghagara F.P. School1145Chapra
61Tangra F.P. School762Tenra
62Deepnagar F.P. School1034Dwipnagar
63Dbipanagar Aadhibasi F.P. School956Dwipnagar
64Dhoya Bishuya F.P. School846Dhoabishua
65Balihara F.P. School564Dhoabishua
66Mahigram F.P. School1095Krishnamuri
67Sukutola F.P. School897Mahigram
68Shitagram F.P. School914Sitgram
69Tiyor Dangi Shishu Shiksha Kendra666Sitgram
70Shiyalator F.P. School1114Shitalpur
71Sitgram Muslim Para Sishu Siksha Kendra835Sitgram
72Kashimapur F.P. School895Sitgram
73Barai F.P.School1042Deogan
74Ekore F.P.School928Deogan
75Makadumpur F.P. School723Deogan
76Budakamat F.P. School799Burakamat
77Ramapur Indira Uchch Vidyapith1124Rampur
79Uttar Goyalapada F.P. School768Uttar Goalpara
80Shyamacharan Madhyamik Shikshakendra700Rampur
81Maharajahat High School860Adiar
82Najirpur F.P. School1158Nazirpur
83Aadiyar F.P. School927Adiar
85Lohagada F.P. School1116Lohagara
86Arthogram F.P. School888Arthagaon
88Gayash F.P. School842Gayas
89Durgapur F.P. School374Durgapur
90Bhattadighif.P. School923Bhattagidighi
92Sahapur F.P.School863Sahapur
93Ekamba Sahapur F.P.School473Ekamba
94Lahanda Junior Basic School883Lohanda
96Gomardha F.P. School890Gomarda
97Gomardha (Naharapara) Shishu Shiksha Kendra955Gomarda
98Bahor F.P. School1017Bindol
100Bindol High School996Bahor
102Pariharapur F.P. School810Pariharpur
103Kailadangi Paschimpara Sishu Siksha Kendra933Bishrail
104Kaladangi F.P. School690Kailadangi
105Baje Bindol F.P. School586Baje Bindol
107Antara F.P. School1141Ratanpur
108Bisharail F.P. School928Bishrail
109Krishnapur F.P.School1132Krishnapur
110Balia Dighi F.P.School941Balia
111Badabar F.P. School936Barabar
112Kashidangi Free Primary School906Balia
113Uttar Maujagano F.P. School986Mojgaon
114Dakshin Mouj Gaon Free Primary School795Mojgaon
115Khoksha Jr Basic School1040Khoksa
116Subarnapur Free Primary School1088Imadpur
117Mukundapur Junior Basic School627Mukundapur
119Potol Free Primary School536Shibpur
120Dodara F.P. School1061Darra
121Debinagar F.P. School888Serpur
122Bagrol Serpur Free Primary School887Serpur
123Serapur F.P. School914Khoksa
125Rolgram Free Primary School1153Daudpur
126Kokada F.P. School802Kokra
127Bamuha F.P. School942Bamuha
128Bamuha Tapasili High School791Bamuha
129Gobindapur Junior Basic School1014Sonabari
130Gobindapur Free Primary School929Gobindapur
131Khalasi F.P. School1170Khalsi
132Dhurail Free Primary School904Dhurail
133Paharpur S.S.K866Bahin Paharpur
134Bahin Pahad Pur F.P. School826Bahin Paharpur
135Mahishagano F.P. School829Mohishgaon
136Bamda F.P. School943Bamra
137Shimuladanga F.P. School1017Molani
138Santara F.P. School743Santara
139Birgram F.P.School849Birgram
140Aasamanahat F.P. School750Asmanhat
141Jatapur F.P.School545Jatapur
142Bharatapur High School988Bharatpur
143Manik Pada F.P. School1124Manikpara
144Tilan F.P.School1083Tilan
145Chanagar Gramapanchayet Office736Chainagar
146Chainagar F.P.School835Chainagar
147Bahala Junior Basic School1069Bahala
148Kastarai F.P.School950Karaidangi
149Madhy Bishnupur F.P. School1120Bishnupur
150Bishnupur G.P. Office931Bishnupur
151Bamair F.P. School1036Bamair
152Rasanpur F.P.School577Rosanpur
153Sunair F.P. School821Sunair
154Baharail F.P.School877Baharail
155Kalua F.P. School1172Kalua
156Turiban F.P. School1000Turibar
157Bhogram Siniyar Madrasa1115Joyrambati
158Basudeb Pur F.P. School850Basudebpur
159Shitalpur F.P.School1031Sitalpur
160Basudebpur Asgaria Madrasha1041Kachan
161Rahugram F.P. School1098Raghugaon
162Titihi F.P. School1094Titihi
163Malon F.P. School1007Malon
165Bhanail F.P. School1072Bhanail
166Poaltore S.S. K857Hatjugat
167Dariman Pur Bhanumati S.C.High School893Nishirol
168Naoda F.P. School1107Naoda
169Naoda G.P.Office904Naoda
170Surang Pur F.P. School1041Surangapur
171Atrai S.S.K629Atrai
172Anantakota F.P. School1122Bajitpur
173Krishnabati F.P. School862Krishnabati
174Ghagara F.P. School1015Ghagra
175Rampur F.P.School914Rampur
176Bidishail F.P. School1011Krishnapur
177Patoir Jr.Basic School1052Krishnapur
178Ratibati F.P.School1102Beltair
179Dehuchi High School615Dehuchi
180Mahajanbari F.P.School850Mahajambari
181Araji Kashimpur S.S.K1117Arazi Kasimpur
182Kantor F.P. School849Kantor
184Paschim Kashimpur F.P.School724Kasimpur
185Chhoto Kantore I.C.D.S Centre854Kantor
186Hemtabad Bl & Lro Office1052Kasimpur
187Hemtabad Primary School1079Hemtabad
188Hemtabad Adarsha Vidyalaya1145Hemtabad
189Sonabandh F.P.School1157Sonabanda
190Badaibadi S.S.K.1155Baribari
191Ranahatta F.P. School809Ranhatta
192Giashil F.P.School794Giashil
193Kakad Sing F.P. School1194Kakarsing
195Dudhanda Alok Tertha Vidyapith1010Dudhanda
196Mahipur F.P.School1100Mahipur
197Harinarayanapur F.P. School826Harinarayanpur
198Minapara F.P.School1096Minapara
199Samaspur Uchch Vidyalaya1145Goalpara
200Ramnathpara F.P.School1136Samaspur
201Kismat Shimla S.S.K1002Ramnathpara
202Dhoyarai F.P. School1065Dhoarai
203Nahusora S.S.K1164Nahusara
204Bangalabadi Junior Basic School1038Bhatsia
206Agapur F.P.School1136Balaigaon
207Beltoli M.S.K1126Islampur
208Isalamapur F.P. School (Purba)1041Islampur
209Dodhikotbari F.P.School1108Dadhikotbari
210Dakshin Krishnapur S.S K901Dadhikotbari
211Aatakora F.P. School898Tilia
212Gutin Junior Basic School836Gutin
214Bangal Badi High School999Nurpur
216Kamalapur Binagram F.P. School960Dakshin Kotagaon
217Lakhidanga F.P.School689Shasan
218Shasan R.N. High School981Shasan
219Balufara F.P. School1121Durllabhpur
220Panjarpara S.S.K1061Shasan

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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