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Polling Booth in Harischandrapur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Harischandrapur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Harischandrapur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Betahal Primary School1186Sahara Bahara
2Hariharpur Junior Basic School931Betahal
3Talgram Primary School918Talgram
5Sadlichak Primary School959Sadlichak
7Sadlichak High School1094Sadlichak
8Bhuna Adibasi High School1130Maharapara
9Surjapura S.S.K672Sikatani Inlis
10Basudebpur Primary School618Basudebpur
11Timirpura Primary School1149Surjyapura Tengurpura
12Kumedpur Primary School822Uttar Kumedpur
13Nazirpur Collectory Primary School944Uttar Kumedpur
14Kankaniya Primary School1089Uttar Kumedpur
16Malsabad Primary School1177Datian
17Datiyan Primary School924Datian
19Nanarahi Primary School468Datian
21Radhikapurprimary School888Datian
22Dahara Primary School894Dahara
23Chaksatan Jr. Hihg School702Chaksatan
24Chaksatan Primary School712Chaksatan
25Swaranpur Primary School902Bildaha
26Swaranpur Jr. High School761Sharanpur
27Jayrampur Primary School618Jay Rampur
28Baijanathpur Primary School837Manoharpur
29Baijnathpur Jr. High School759Hulaspur
30Chatrak Primary School843Chhatrak
31Manoharpur Primary School1007Manoharpur
32Khuniyapahar Primary School692Sayra
34Sultan Nagar Hasina High School832Sultan Nagar
35Sultannagar Primary School984Sultan Nagar
36Dakshin Mukundapur Primary School949Khanta
38Sahapur Primary School817Sahapur
39Barduyari Junior Basic School1055Khanta
40Khanta Primary School768Khanta
41Dhanipara Azizia High Madrasa1087Bashat Dhanipara
42Raghabpur Primary School629Raghabpur
43Arjuna Junior Basic School769Arjuna
45Tetiya Primary School1058Malior
46Samukha SSK682Samukha
47Malior Primary School924Malior
48Dumuria Primary School969Malior
49Nutantola Primary School793Malior
50Mitana High Madrasa1150Malior
51Mitana High School1141Malior
52Mitna Primary School822Belshur
53Mitana Senior Madrasa944Belshur
54Paschim Bellsur Primary School991Belshur
55Nimgachhi Jalalpur Primary School1073Jalalpur
56Sonakol Primary School1133Dakshin Gouripur
57Baghua Primary School664Jalalpur
58Simultala Primary School1047Talashur
59Kharagram Primary School1037Talashur
60Uttar Talsur Primary School790Talashur
61Katlamari Primary School1152Talashur
62Dakshin Talsur Primary School729Talashur
63Puratan Talsur Primary School711Talashur
64Basta State Plan Primary School1141Nawapara
65Imamnagar Primary School672Nawapara
66Islampur Sagar High Madrasa1057Khopakati
68Khopakati Primary School1092Khopakati
70Chandpur Primary School1184Talbha Kuria
72Chandipur Primary School778Talbha Kuria
73Bhajanna Primary School736Talbha Kuria
74Uttar Bhakuriya Primary School771Uttar Bhakuria
75Uttar & Dakshin Bhakuriya High School754Dakshin Bhakuria
77Teljanna Primary School977Mihaghat
79Janakinagar Primary School639Mihaghat
80Amdol Ghat Primary School834Mihaghat
81Khidirpur Lilabati Primary School1009Daulat Nagar
83Doulatnagar Junior Basic School918Daulat Nagar
85Doulatnagar High School1052Daulat Nagar
87Talbangruya Senior Madrasa902Talbangrua
89Talbangruya Primary School887Talbangrua
91Talbangruya High Madrasa1030Talbangrua
93Hardamnagar Junior Basic School1064Hardam Nagar
94Hardamnagar High School987Hardam Nagar
96Bhairabpur Primary School816Bhairabpur
98Jagannathpur High Madrasa723Jagannathpur
100Jagannathpur Primary School1030Jagannathpur
102Tengtaghat Primary School1060Fatepur
103Bornahi Primary School950Fatepur
104Hatichhapa Pry. School883Fatepur
105Fatepur Jr. Basic School816Fatepur
106Fatepur Junior Basic School1033Fatepur
108Pemai Primary School742Fatepur
109Bhaluka Primary School931Bhaluka
110Bhaluka Mahaldarpara Primary School1136Bhaluka
112Degun Primary School745Bhaluka
113Manipur Primary School850Bhaluka
115Parbhaluka Primary School310Parbhaluka
116Chitholiya High Madrasa1043Chithalia
117Ilam Primary School490Ilam
119Maslandapur S.S.K.617Maslandapur
120Bejpura Kalikapur Junior Basic School797Bejpura
121Bejpura High School899Bejpura
123Dubol Primary School861Dubol
124Daulatpur Junior Basic School874Daulatpur
126Daulatpur High School978Daulatpur
127Dahuya Primary School498Gaushpur
129Boral Primary School775Latasi
130Latashi Primary School1197Latasi
131Oyahedpur State Plan Jonuior High School819Gaushpur
132Matilal Primary School1066Mali Pakar
133Kananpara Primary School577Daulatpur
134Milangarh Primary School916Daulatpur
135Satbhiti Upper Pry. School630Daulatpur
136Joharpur SSK650Daulatpur
137Matiyari Managed Primary School537Mali Pakar
140Kamalabari Primary School1119Talgachhi
141Talgachhi Primary School711Talgachhi
143Talgaghi Sr. Madrasha1030Talgachhi
144Kariyali Primary School (Dakshin)1098Kariali
146Mashaldaha Gan-Pat Roy High School1140Mashaldaha
147Mohariya Primary School321Mohanpur
149Mohanpur SSK694Mohanpur
150Mohanpur Managed Pry. School1095Mohanpur
151Sonapur Primary School1148Mashaldaha
152Mahantapur Primary School631Kariali
153Alinagar Primary School687Gangnadia
154Gangnadia Primary School894Gangnadia
156Bangruya Bhabanipur Primary School957Bhabanipur
158Khijiriya Bangruya Primary School960Bangrua
159Khijiria Pry. School(West)888Bangrua
160Rampur Primary School725Dakshin Rampur
161Rampur Upper Pry. School768Dakshin Rampur
162Baghmara Primary School1005Kharangapur Jabra
164Mahendrapur High School978Dakshin Mahendrapur
165Alipur Pry. School594Dakshin Mahendrapur
166Tildangi Pry. School780Bansaria
167Mahendrapur Primary School800Dakshin Mahendrapur
169Jhikdanga Primary School477Jhikadanga
170Konar Primary School1079Konar
171Miskinpur Primary School758Lakshmanpur
172Laxmanpur Pry. School985Lakshmanpur
173Khokara Primary School768Khokhra
174Bhingol High School759Bhingol
176Kanuya Bhabanipur Primary School638Isadpur
177Konua Bhabanipur High School758Isadpur
178Kanuya Bhabanipur K.B.K.R. High Madrasa747Isadpur
179Rahamatpur Pry. School924Isadpur
180Baradangi S.S.K.581Baradangi
181Kolha Junior Basic School999Bairat
182Bairat Primary School1106Bairat
184Pipla High School885Pipla Kasimpur
185Kashimpur Pry. School528Pipla Kasimpur
186Pipla Pry. School761Pipla Kasimpur
187Bhajamohan Junior Basic School853Uttar Harishchandrapur
189Haldibari Primary School886Uttar Harishchandrapur
190Harishchandrapur Garlas Primary School728Uttar Harishchandrapur
191Radhanagar Pry. School1048Uttar Harishchandrapur
192Harishchandrapur High School1015Uttar Harishchandrapur
195Harishchandrapur High School Sanlagna Primary School1118Uttar Harishchandrapur
196Gargari Primary School977Uttar Harishchandrapur
197Baraduyari Junior Basic School1024Narayanpur
198Narayanpur Primary School717Narayanpur
199Bhatta Primary School983Janaki Nagar
200G.D. College1031Uttar Harishchandrapur
201Shimla Primary School774Dakshin Harishchandrapur
202Bitol Primary School1013Santoshpur
203Golamore S.S.K861Nabagram
204Gangor Primary School1157Gangor
205Mungol Primary School824Mungol
206Rangaipur Primary School763Rangaipur
207Rangaipur M.S.K.929Rangaipur
208Maranga Tola I.C.D.S.Centre880Rangaipur
209Khejurbari Dhumsadangi Pry. School1232Khejurbari

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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