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Polling Booth in Harirampur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Harirampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Harirampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Saiyadpur F.P. School748Kurmanpur (I)
2Saiyadpur Shishu Madrasa879Kurmanpur (I)
3Saiyadpur Nayapara F.P. School593Bhabanipur Bejpukur (I)
4Namtor Jathigram Sadharan Pathagar666Bhabanipur Bejpukur (I)
5Balihara F.P. School404Bhabanipur Bejpukur (I)
6Aasal Banagram F.P. School771Bimalpara (I)
7Khayerbari Shishu Shiksha Kendra503Bimalpara (I)
8Shyamganj F.P. School879Palbhabanipur (I)
9Sukandighi SSK1020Purba Saiyadpur (I)
10Bartaki Gram F.P. School945Purba Saiyadpur (I)
11Nagpara F.P. School592Namtor (I)
12Chhatraghati F.P. School809Balihara (I)
13Mobarakpur F.P. School893Asal Banagram (I)
14Chopa F.P. School766Khayerbari (I)
15Palbhabanipurf.P. School623Bartakkigram (I)
16Jathigram Junior Basic School555Bartakkigram (I)
17Kharuya F.P. School745Bartakkigram (I)
18Bamandanga Icds483Nagpara (I)
19Baldu F.P. School786Chhatraghati (I)
20Baldu SSK679Kanaipur (I)
21Chandipur Highi School437Chopa (I)
22Chahatpur SSK943Palbhabanipur (I)
23Lahuchar High School1045Jathigram (I)
24Yamuna I.C.D.S.Sentar782Phulat (I)
25Gokarna F.P. School627Bamandanga (I)
26Kalibari Fasiyabad F.P. School787Baldu (I)
27Fasiyabad F.P. School550Baldu (I)
28Muskipur S.S.K. Center783Chahatpur (I)
29Borogram Rajbanshi F.P. School835Chahatpur (I)
30Uttar Muskipur F.P. School1058Lahuchar (I)
31Gokarna Gram Panchayet Office1068Jamuna (I)
32Khanjapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1151Gokarna (I)
33Khanjapur Msk734Fasiabad (I)
34Mushan F.P. School675Fasiabad (I)
35Binair F.P. School546Abjalpur (I)
36Bagbari F.P. School505Baragram (I)
37Bagbari Msk1003Muskipur (I)
38Shashadangi F.P. School524Baragram (I)
39Uttar Gopalpur F.P. School800Baragram (I)
40Nahit F.P. School968Sigram (I)
41Jotagouri F.P. Sachool1099Musan (I)
42Bora F.P. School553Binair (I)
43Shyamdas Icds579Bagbari
44Khordabattali F.P. School508Bagbari
45Naogan F.P. School542Shasha
46Shirshi F.P. School565Haripur
47Mahapara Icds866Nahit
48Dangramishwar Chandra High School852Jotgauri
49Khoya Nakor F.P. School691Bora
50Benailf.P. School913Bora
51Mehendipara Junior Basic School888Naogaon
52Manoharpara F.P. School966Naradas
53Kokil F.P. School643Shirshi
54Birahar F.P. School665Shirshi
55Karanjabadi Ef. Pi. School895Dangram
56Gandhanai F.P. School968Chhatrabhog
57Kesharail F.P. School1051Jothisya
58Bahadurpurf.P. School1037Jotbasanta
59Sonahan F.P. School918Barakasba
60Pundari F.P. School917Kokil
61Pundari High School881Kadimabad
62Mayahar F.P. School962Karanjabari
63Brahmanagram F.P. School910Gandhnai
64Bramhamgram Icds1073Kesrail
65Pannapur F.P. School660Lakshmipur
66Kakihar F.P. School1052Sonahan
67Golagaon F.P. School615Pundari
68Nazrul Smriti Jr. High School605Pundari
69Bagichapur Ef. Pi. School665Krishna Charan
70Dolagao F.P. School706Tularam
71Mollahar SSK635Brahmangaon
72Nendra F.P. School870Asrafpur
73Gurakhair F.P. School904Kakihar
74Kabitirth Bidyaniketan850Ranthail
75Bagichapur Gram Panchayet Office725Bagichapur
76Hajari Pada Ef. Pi. School795Bagichapur
77Hajaripara SSK884Dolgaon
78Kalsi F.P. School421Mollahar
79Dhanaipur F.P. School623Nendra
80A.S.D.M. Highschool983Gurkhair
81Ukhali F.P. School716Gurkhair
82Bibekanand Bidyabhaban647Harirampur (CT)
83Harirampur Cmd Girls High School703Harirampur (CT)
84Sundail F.P. School670Harirampur (CT)
85Sundail Msk1026Kalsi
86Betna Ramkrishnapur High School827Dhanaipur
87Malpukuriya F.P. School703Dhanaipur
88Marora F.P. School1078Ukhli
89Manohara F.P. School810Harirampur (CT)
90Chhotamahendra F.P. School692Harirampur (CT)
91Mahendra F.P. School677Sundail
92Italghati SSK626Godal
93Beluhar F.P. School864Ramkrishnapur
94Jagdola F.P. School800Bhebrahar
95Cheuti Mahespur F.P. School789Marara
96Malsarapur F.P. School634Monohara
97Jhinaikuri F.P. School917Jaganail
98Bairhatta F.P. School617Mahindra
99Kasba F.P. School948Mahindra
100Bahir Dhanjar F.P. School1051Mahindra
101Maliyan Dighi F.P. School1041Jagdalla
102Ranidighi High Madrasa1060Cheuti Mahespur
103Chakbasul Icds962Bairhatta
104Gourdighi SSK560Bairhatta
105Aashadighi F.P. School670Bairhatta
106Nilgombhir F.P. School857Kasba
107Bhitar Masum Prathamik Vidyalaya1064Bahirdhanjor
108Rasulpur F.P. School1028Bimalanandapur
109Chengra Pischala F.P.School578Maliari
110Sardarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya801Chakla
111Vior F.P. School730Jafarpur
112Vior S.S.K.707Fayezullapur
113Badalpur High School610Raynagar
114Paschim Chandipur Prathamik Vidyalaya1041Bhitarmasun
115Kelna F.P. School666Rasulpur
116Rajapur F.P. School997Alipur
117Mahugram Prathamik Vidyalaya1047Sardarpur
118Dighi Banshihari F.P. School311Bighva
119Naopara F.P. School906Bhaior
120Jurahar S.S.K.997Mungarail
121Chandhmukh F.P. School1091Badalpur
122Dashul Prathamik Vidyalaya609Kelna
124Raghabnagar F.P.School1033Mahugram
125Damapukur Prathamik Vidyalaya865Gopalpur
126Mokrampur Prathamik Vidyalaya790Baragram
127Chandipukur F.P. School783Baragram
128Sihol F.P.School735Chandmukh
129Sihol High School982Dasul
130Dhutura Prathamik Vidyalaya343Uttar Lakshmipur
131Belpukur High Madrasha837Raghabnagar
132Ellahabad High Madrasha693Jagannathpur
133Kamarpukur Jr. Basic Shool1095Uttar Amarpur
134Abutahar F.P. School744Jamar
135Chhot Karai Prathamik Vidyalaya904Banipara
137Daudpur Prathamik Vidyalaya820Dhutura
138Korai Kaloni Prathamik Vidyalaya1086Jaharpur
139Majhapara F.P.School1054Elahabad
140Baraban Junior Basic School769Elahabad
141Panchrai Prathamik Vidyalaya735Elahabad
142Shibpur S.K.U.S. Ltd.598Chhota Karai
143Dhitail Junior Basic School688Barajhara
144Dhitail S.K.U.S.1160Karai
145Haripur High Madrasha484Karai
146Shibpur Prathamik Vidyalaya704Karai
148Joydebpur S.S.K.948Bataskuri
149Hatpukuria Prathamik Vidyalaya917Sahananda
150Buniadpur High School887Barahara
151Aaligara Prathamik Vidyalaya808Dhiltail
153Kail Prathamik Vidyalaya1025Sibpur
154Sayestabad Prathamik Vidyalaya889Sibpur
155Kanur Prathamik Vidyalaya366Sibpur
156Gouripara Prathamik Vidyalaya1117Mirzadpur
157Karkha Prathamik Vidyalaya995Rasidpur
158Amai Prathamik Vidyalaya899Aligara
159Thingur Prathamik Vidyalaya723Aligara
160Sarai-Buniadpur Prathamik Vidyalaya985Kail
161Banshihari Balika Vidyalaya800Sayestabad
162Buniadpur F.P. School923Chhota Khidirpur
163Sarai Buniadpur F.P. School803Gauripara
165Barail Buniadpur F.P. School1031Amai
166Sherpur S.S.K.1110Thingur
167Khushipur Prathamik Vidyalaya916Buniadpur
168Narayanpur Prathamik Vidyalaya973Buniadpur
169Khidirpur Prathamik Vidyalaya692Buniadpur
170Kamal Pur Prathamik Vidyalaya747Buniadpur
171Saraihat Prathamik Vidyalaya849Barail
172Sarai Nalpukur Prathamik Vidyalaya823Barail
173Chaksadulla Prathamik Vidyalaya924Serpur
174Dhumsadighi F.P.School655Khusipur
175Ghasipur Prathamik Vidyalaya1044Narayanpur
176Dumanipara Prathamik Vidyalaya1150Khidirpur
177Kalyani F.P.School718Kamalpur
178Kushakari K.B.B.S.High School1109Malam
179Mirpur Junior Basic School952Sarai
180Gobindapur S. S. K.875Chak Sadulya
181Habeli Icds1049Shyampur
182Andharmanik S. S. K.597Ghasipur
183Sudarshan Nagar J.S.Prathamik Vidyalaya792Jotnasir
184Sudarshan Nagar P.H.H. Vidyachakra856Kalyani
185Samaspur Prathamik Vidyalaya1097Kuskari
186Dilkanthi Prathamik Vidyalaya948Kuskari
188Rupahata Prathamik Vidyalaya697Puria
189Shrirampur Prathamik Vidyalaya562Andhar Manik
190Patra S. S. K.939Panjarpara
191Daulatapur High School546Panjarpara
193Daulatpur F.P. School586Dilkhanthi
194Mahammadpur F.P. School577Dilkhanthi
195Padmahar Prathamik Vidyalaya821Rupahata
196Kesharghata Prathamik Vidyalaya1007Chhota Faizullapur
197Sisha Prathamik Vidyalaya1066Biralipara
198Ganguria Prathamik Vidyalaya676Ganguria
199Jabrahar Prathamik Vidyalaya622Daulatpur
200Dilkanthi Isalamapur Prathamik Vidyalaya881Mahammadpur
202Deuriya F.P.School816Baharail
203Deuria Icds672Banamalipur
204Bagduar Santal Prathamik Vidyalaya705Shisha
205Hiyaldaha F.P.School1074Ganguria
206Mirahati Prathamik Vidyalaya915Jadupur
207Dakshin Gopalpur F.P. School593Bilbarail
208Amilas Prathamik Vidyalaya592Bilbarail
209Deogan Adibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya793Baje Haripur
210Bagduar Prathamik Vidalaya878Deuria
211Bagduar M.S.K.649Bagduar

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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