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Polling Booth in Haldia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Haldia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Haldia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Areakhali S.S.K692Erekhali
2Areakhali Primary School1033Erekhali
3Fakirchak S.S.K586Erekhali
4Anarnagar Maktab Primary School698Anar Nagar
5Kukrahati Primary School896Anar Nagar
6Kalipur Bachalu Primary School956Bachalu
7Mohanpur Primary School1249Mohanpur
8Dhekua Vivekananda Agrani Sangha High School592Dhenkua
9Harinbhasa Nibedita Balika Siksha Niketan741Harin Bhasha
10Dhekua Farukia High Madrasa484Dhenkua
12Gajipur Primary School1202Hariballabhpur
13Natpatia Primary School959Natpatia
14Hariballavpur I.C.J.C.K885Hariballabhpur
15Hariballabhpur Primary School1125Hariballabhpur
16Anarpur Ramkrishna Primary School670Anarpur
17Sahapur Primary School896Hiyatpur
18Babupur Agricultural High Scool1239Babupur
19Shrikrishnapur Primary School1099Shrikrishnapur
20Shimulberiaa Yogendra Vidyapith602Simulberya
21Raghurampur Primary School517Raghurampur
22Gobindapur Junior Basic School1144Gobindapur
23Gobindapur Purba Palli Primary School435Gobindapur
24Gobindapur Shitala Bord Primary School1105Gobindapur
25Keshabpur Primary School989Kesabpur
26Rampur Vivekananda Mission Vidyamandir600Kesabpur
27Uttar Kalinagar Primary School709Uttar Kalinagar
28Chaitanyapur Primary School1144Chaitanyapur
30Bajitpur Sitala Bord Prathamik Vidyalaya950Bajitpur
31Bajitpur Harijanpalli S.S.K512Bajitpur
32Barada Rajarampur Primary School843Barda (CT)
33Sankarpur Surendra Smriti Primary School417Shankarpur
34Manirampur Primary School764Manirampur
35Barada Sarbboday Siksha Niketan1201Barda (CT)
37Barada I.C.D.S551Barda (CT)
38Akubpur Primary School671Akubpur
40Uttar Ranichak Primary School992Uttar Ranichak
41Bhupatinagar Trilochan H.S School769Bhupati Nagar
42Ramachandrapur Janapara S.S.K827Ramchandrapur
43Haldia Masanad-Iala Balika High Madrasa1038Bijayrampur
44Raghunathpur Primary School425Raghunathpur
45Baratala Primary School438Baratala
46Ashadatalia Primary School1166Ashadtalia
47Jamalchak S.S.K1039Jamal Chak
48Doro Gobindapur Primary School528Dakshin Gobindpur
49Anantapur Desh Pran Jatia Bidyamandir823Anantapur
50Dihi-Shibaramnagar Bord Primary School1038Dihsibram Nagar
51Shridharpur Primary School1044Shridharpur
52Baishnabchak Primary School796Baishnab Chak
53Raynagar Primary School569Raynagar
54Agadoro Primary School864Agadoro
55Durgapur Primary School716Durgapur
56Khariberia Primary School840Khariberia
57Urddhabamal Primary School1236Urddhabmal
58Khanpur Khariberia Special Primary School703Khanpur
59Kashipur Prathamik Vidyalaya719Kashipur
61Goradoro Primary School917Gora Doro
62Junetia Primary School501Junate
63Krishnanagar Uchha Primary School911Krishna Nagar
64Doro-Krishnanagar Bani Mandir (Uchhamadhyamik School)640Krishna Nagar
65Banagopalpur Ishan Smriti Primary School767Bangopalpur
67Tabakhali Primary School506Tabakhali
68Guaberia Bord Primary School1129Guaberia
69Guaberia Special Primary School684Guaberia
71Gopalpur Vivekananda High School1235Gopalpur
72Bahardab Primary School862Bahardab
73Bahardad Uttar S.S.K879Bahardab
74Dundipur Primary School1162Dundipur
75Tajnagar Primary School1219Tajnagar
76Finga Primary School603Finga
77Durbaberia Primary School1126Durbbabere
78Uttar Basulia Primary School961Durbbabere
79Fatepur Primary School639Fatepur
80Tajpur Primary School653Tajpur
81Atafala Primary School1044Ataphala
82Girish Sikshaniketan Primary School974Horkhali
83Begunaberia Primary School762Begunbere
84Parbatipur Patit Paban Uchhamadhyamik School1026Begunbere
85Parbatipur Special Primary School870Parbbatipur
87Golapchak Primary School568Golap Chak
89Patharberia State Plan Primary School641Patharberia
90Patharberia Girls High School759Patharberia
91Baneswarchak Uttar Primary School1090Baneswar Chak
92Baneswarchak Dakshin Primary School473Baneswar Chak
94Jaynagar Prathamik Vidyalaya1173Jaynagar
95Jaynagar Purba S.S.K1115Jaynagar
96Madhabpur Primary School905Balarampur
97Mahammadpur Primary School919Haldia (M)
98Sijberia Primary School501Haldia (M)
99Amlat Primary School916Haldia (M)
101Sutahata Janakalyan Shiksha Niketan826Haldia (M)
103Basulia Dakshin Palli Primary School1073Haldia (M)
105Nandarampur Primary School860Haldia (M)
106Dhanberia Primary School809Haldia (M)
107Purba Shrikrishnapur Basulia Trailakyanath Milan Vidyapith787Haldia (M)
109Haripur Haripriya Primary School1037Haldia (M)
110Bhagyabantapur Primary School1080Haldia (M)
112Pana Primary School889Haldia (M)
114Chanpi Primary School783Haldia (M)
115Doro Rajarampur Bord Primary School916Haldia (M)
118Haladia Gov Sponsored Ten Class Sekendari School987Haldia (M)
120Basudebpur Debendra Primary School1090Haldia (M)
123Ramnagar Bord Primary School955Haldia (M)
124Jagannathchak Primary School887Haldia (M)
125Raghunathchak Primary School595Haldia (M)
126Bhuniarayachak Kaliprasad Prathamik Vidyalaya1040Haldia (M)
127Purbabrahmnchak Bamacharan Prathamik Vidyalaya1150Haldia (M)
128Alichak Primary School1224Haldia (M)
129Rupnarayan Chak Primary School846Haldia (M)
130Salukkhali Primary School640Haldia (M)
131Jhikurkhali Primary School1168Haldia (M)
133Kumarchak Karnadhar Smriti Vidyalaya848Haldia (M)
135Kumarchak Primary School926Haldia (M)
137Raja Ramamohan S.S. Niketan938Haldia (M)
139Ananda Bhairabi Durgachak518Haldia (M)
141Durgachak Uttarapalli Primary School1050Haldia (M)
142Iti Durgachak560Haldia (M)
144Durgachak G Block Primary School795Haldia (M)
147Chhayanat (Aditoriam)1049Haldia (M)
148Haldia High School1119Haldia (M)
150Durgachak New Purnabasan F. Block Primary School1014Haldia (M)
151Vidyasagar Primary School856Haldia (M)
152Basudebpur Paschimapalli Primary School630Haldia (M)
154Haldia Punarbasan High School964Haldia (M)
155Khanjanchak Primary School561Haldia (M)
157Durgachak Punarbasan Primary School619Haldia (M)
159Paranchak Uchha Madhyamik Vidyalaya544Haldia (M)
161Haldia Dock Institiusan620Haldia (M)
165W.B.S.E.B.Recreation Club Housing Complex491Haldia (M)
167Doro Shobharamapur Maktab Prathamik Vidyalaya653Haldia (M)
169Doro Kashberia Primary School1233Haldia (M)
170Doro Teantulberia Shyamray Primary School792Haldia (M)
173Debhog Milan Bidyamath Primary School576Haldia (M)
175Debhog High School(Primary Section)973Haldia (M)
178Sholat Mahendra Primary School819Haldia (M)
179Solat Mahendra Balika Vidyabhaban632Haldia (M)
180Geanoyadab Mahendra Primary School968Haldia (M)
182Ramakrishna Sishu Shikshaniketan913Haldia (M)
184Dih Ghasipur Board Primary School879Haldia (M)
187D.Ghasipur Madrasa794Haldia (M)
189Dih Ghasipur Special Primary School1061Haldia (M)
190Chakdwipa Andulia Free Primary School960Haldia (M)
191Monichak Primary School786Haldia (M)
192Chakdwipa High School688Haldia (M)
193Barhsauthanchak Primary School676Haldia (M)
194Chakdwipa Free Primary School632Haldia (M)
196Balughata Primary School942Haldia (M)
197Brajabinodchak Primary School416Haldia (M)
198Banabishnupur Primary School746Haldia (M)
199Rayraniachak Primary School715Haldia (M)
201Ramgopalchak Bharati Bidyamandir925Haldia (M)
203Ramsundarchak Primary School953Haldia (M)
205Barghasipur High School1089Haldia (M)
207Debhog Shyamacharan Milan Vidyapith895Haldia (M)
208Tentulberia Primary School1012Haldia (M)
209Bhabanipur Santisree Vivekananda Kanya Balika Vidhyalaya749Haldia (M)
210Poura Pathbhaban814Haldia (M)
212Hatiberia Arunchandra High School742Haldia (M)
214Vivekananda Gov Sponsored High School1023Haldia (M)
215Debhog Purba PrathamikVidyalaya Gandhinagar729Haldia (M)
218Esemable Of God Churchtownship Secter-5622Haldia (M)
220Sentjeviers Primary School(C.P.T.Unit)642Haldia (M)
222C.P.T State Primary School759Haldia (M)
224Sentjeviers Primary School(I.O.C Unit)989Haldia (M)
226Kendria Vidyalaya981Haldia (M)
228Pitambarchak Primary School1135Haldia (M)
229Radhaballabhchak Primary School441Haldia (M)
231Kishorpur Primary School721Haldia (M)
233Jadabchak Primary School680Haldia (M)
236Doro Shobharam Pur High Schoolbrajanath Chak839Haldia (M)
238Rajarchak Primary School609Haldia (M)
239Brajanathchak State Plan Primary School848Haldia (M)
244Sentjeviers Highi School1102Haldia (M)
247Mahaprabhur Chak Primary School735Haldia (M)

Last Updated on May 29, 2020

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