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Polling Booth in Habra Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Habra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Habra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Baluigachhi F. P School946Baluigachhi
2Baluigachi Paul Para F. P School832Baluigachhi
3Mathurapur F. P School822Mathurapur
5Narayanpur S.S.K1132Purbba Narayanpur (CT)
7Narayanpur High School989Purbba Narayanpur (CT)
8Dakshin Narayanpur S. S. K1158Purbba Narayanpur (CT)
9Nabapally Praimary School878Purbba Narayanpur (CT)
10Dariasudi F. P School785Dariasudi
12Lakshmipul High School840Lakshmipul
14Lakshmipul Junior Basic School603Lakshmipul
16Maligram F.P. School927Maligram
17Ichchhapur Junior Basic School605Ichhapur
19Dhabdhara F. P School971Dhap Dhara
20Rautara Mahendra Memorial High School463Rautara
24Basirhati F. P School607Basir Hati
25Kola F. P School877Kola
26Hirapol Primary School974Hirapol
27Bamihati Junior Basic School1134Bamhati
28Jioldanga F. P School845Jioldanga
30Anowarberiya Junior Basic School954Anarbaria (CT)
31Anowarberiya Adarsha F. P. School985Anarbaria (CT)
33Mahatma Sisir Kumar Adarsha Vidyapith1090Jashur
34Atulia Netaji Adarsha Vidyapith High School771Atle
36Dakshin Sarai Junior Basic School816Dakshin Sarai
40Haydarbeliya F. P School729Hades Bele
42Chingri Hati F. P School1042Prithiba
43Narayankati F. P. School526Dakshin Sarai
45Kultala F. P School588Bamhati Raghabpur
47Kumar Gokul Chandra Memorial High School697Prithiba
48Prithiba Junior Basic School790Prithiba
49Tentulberia S.S.K649Prithiba
52Marakpur F. P School727Chakkultala
54Udayan Pally Pathagar989Prithiba
55Baheragachhi United Institution1039Marakpur
56Baruihati Junior Basic School767Marakpur
60Nangla F. P School960Kharo
61Mahisha Machhlandapur Junior Basic School898Mahisha Machhlandapur
62Panch Ghariya F. P School686Panchghara
64Tunighata Adarsha Vidyapith598Tunighata
66Dakshin Nangla Balika Vidyalaya984Kashipur
67Mahisha Machhlandapur Agradut Prathamik Vidyalaya924Mahisha Machhlandapur
69Nabapally G. S. F. P School394Ankhola
70Ankhola G. S. F. P School1115Ankhola
71Dakshin Nangla G. S. F. P School777Kashipur
73K. M. R Institiution649Mahisha Machhlandapur
75Rudrapur Uttarpara Shishu Shiksha Kendra944Rudrapur
77Bijaynagar G. S. F. P School1095Kumra
78Kumra Paruipara F. P School834Kumra
79Rudrapur Kashipur Junior Basic School932Kashipur
81Swamijipally F. P. School713Mahisha Machhlandapur
82Kumra G. S. F. P School754Kumra
83Dakshin Nangla K.U Institution503Kashipur
86Baghadanga F. P. School599Rudrapur
87Baghadanga Paruipara F.P. School644Rudrapur
88Sonakeniya Junior Basic School697Sonakene
90Bayarghata F. P School1054Boyerghata
91Abad Makaltala F. P School904Sonakene
92Nabapally Bidyabithi Uchcha Vidyalaya1137Sonakene
93Rajballavpur Adarsha F. P School751Rajballabhpur
95Rajballavpur High School929Rajballabhpur
96Rajballavpur Ghoshpara S.S.K867Rajballabhpur
97Ashwininagar Adarsha G. S. F. P School882Salua
98Saltiya Rajendranath Prathamik Vidyalaya562Saltia
101Saltiya Fultala Junior Basic School1087Phultala
103Baogachhi Kashibala Vidyapith High School704Baugachhi
105Goyalbati Junior Basic School679Gohalbati
112Fultala Rashbihari F. P School1041Phultala
114Salka F. P School1127Nangla
115Shimulpur Nabin Chandra G. S. P. F School679Simulpur
118Saluya Baogachhi Junior Basic School683Nangla
119Uttar Nangla F.P. School759Nangla
120Ayara Daharthura Junior Basic School612Habra (M)
122Belgharia F. P School878Habra (M)
123Purba Daharthuba F. P School865Habra (M)
125Kadambini Smriti Ef Pi School1137Habra (M)
127Hatthuba Kalibala Kanya Vidyapith748Habra (M)
129Hatthuba Adarsha Vidyapith991Habra (M)
131Kamarthuba Vivekananda Vidyapith1098Habra (M)
133Saptapally Deshbandhu Balika Vidyalaya751Habra (M)
135Kamarthuba Nibedita Balika Vidyalaya856Habra (M)
137Subhash Bidyabithi Nursari And K. G School677Habra (M)
139Nandabasi F. P School1037Habra (M)
142Habra Model High School921Habra (M)
143Uttar Habra R. P. School1094Habra (M)
148Kamini Kumar Girls High School821Habra (M)
150Ramkrishna Prathamik Vidyalaya824Habra (M)
152Prafullanagar Bidyamandir574Habra (M)
156Neherubag F. P School545Habra (M)
158Nripendra Bidyamandir677Habra (M)
162Shrima Bidyamandir615Habra (M)
164Banipur Baniniketan High School774Habra (M)
166Shrima Junior Basic School824Habra (M)
169Shishu Bidyamandir High School859Habra (M)
173Banipur Ledy I.T.I1094Habra (M)
176Banipur Mahila MahaVidyalaya1058Habra (M)
179Banipur Bidhan Chandra Adarsha Vidyapith835Habra (M)
181Dakshin Habra High School780Habra (M)
183Lalita Bidyamandir Prathamik Vidyalaya651Habra (M)
185Pal Para F. P School774Habra (M)
187Kaipukur Kamarpota F. P School889Habra (M)
191Shiksha Sadan F. P School591Habra (M)
195Deshbandhu F.P. School786Habra (M)
196Shrikrishna Shikshaniketan F. P School811Habra (M)
198Habra Municipal Office591Habra (M)
200Habra Udbastu F.P. School996Habra (M)
202Hijalpukur Junior Besic School761Habra (M)
204Purbanchal High School893Habra (M)
206Akrampur High School776Habra (M)
208Akrampur Junior Basic School1073Habra (M)
209Shrinagar F. P School839Habra (M)
211Sukanta Smriti Pathagar937Habra (M)
212Nivedita Bhaban916Habra (M)
213Nagarthuba Adarsha Shikshaniketan898Habra (M)
215Habra Girls High School1083Habra (M)
216Shrinagar Bastuhara F. P School906Habra (M)
221Habra High School785Habra (M)
224Habra Large Size Agriculture Co-Oparetive Ltd.594Habra (M)
225Shripur F. P School859Habra (M)
228Habra Group Of Elactric Supply Office(Plm)679Habra (M)
232Joygachhi Netaji G.S.F.P. School648Habra (M)
233Joygachhi Govt. Colony R. P School908Habra (M)
235Joygachhi Shyamaprasad Bidyayatan1098Habra (M)
239Joygachhi Adibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya882Habra (M)
2422 No Gram Seba Sangha Junior Basic School912Barasat (M)

Last Updated on May 29, 2020