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Polling Booth in Goalpokhar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Goalpokhar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Goalpokhar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pashchim Balichuka F.P. School1015Balichuka Purbba
2Gharadhappa F.P. School658Chordhappa
3Ghardhappa M.S.K714Chordhappa
4Bhotar F.P. School772Bhotar
6Panjipada Colony F P School954Panjipara
7Tista Sdo Office Panjipada897Panjipara
9Niyamatapur F.P. School1038Bualmari
10Panjipada G.P.Office1030Panjipara
12Panjipada Ihbihuchch Vidyalaya630Panjipara
14Ibrahimapur F.P. School858Ibrahimpur
16Pantapada F.P. School887Satbhita (Pantpara)
17Satvita S.S.K823Satbhita (Pantpara)
18Has Kunda S.S.K1088Hanskunda (CT)
19Haskunda Health Sub.Center750Hanskunda (CT)
20Panjipara Vattenery Office758Hanskunda (CT)
21Uttar Hasakunda G.S.F.P.1177Hanskunda (CT)
22Teliapokher F P School1099Teliapokhar
24Adhikari F.P. School992Teliapokhar
25Deona F.P. School1204Deona (West)
27Ikarachala Gr Basic School789Sarnabari
29Manazok F.P. School847Deona (West)
31Manazok Helath Sub Sentar721Majhok
32Laskaraganon F.P. School837Laskargaon
33Dohapara S.S.K592Dauapara
34Dohapada F.P. School674Uttar Ukasbhasa
35Kodaligaon F.P.S430Dauapara
36Kathalbari S.S.K902Majhok
37Shantipur Colony F.P. School880Nando
38Nandazar F.P. School936Nando
39Nandajhar A T High School1052Nando
40Pokheria F.P.S1042Pokharia
42Pokheria G.P.O695Dauapara
43Gosaibhita F.P. School859Pokharia
44Piyakuri S.S.K649Pokharia
45Daraga Basti S.S.K645Pokharia Dargabasti
46Kaluvita S.S.K688Pokharia Dargabasti
47Chainpur S.S.K589Purbba Pamal
49Chhoto Patana F.P. School813Chhota Patna
51Thikribari High School1047Chhota Patna
52Nimtola S.S.K1060Paschim Pamal
54Kamalapur F.P. School1052Kamalpur
55Dakhin Baniatol S.S.K774Khargar
56Baniyatol F.P. School954Khargar
57Khagod Gram Panchayet Office930Bara Patna
58Biprit F.P. School527Biprit
60Bohar F.P. School780Bahar
61Dakaita F.P.S852Dakaita
62Podabhita F.P. School1010Jaingaon
64Koniyabhita F.P. School1119Jaingaon
65Gachinagar S.S.K1035Gachhinagar
66Gochinagar F.P. School1017Gachhinagar
67Dhepa S.S.K1037Jaingaon
68Masnavita S.S.K661Pharabari
69Masnabhita F P School602Jaingaon
70Uttar Nangla S.S.K582Jaingaon
71Nola F.P. School966Jaingaon
72Goabari Madrasa954Mahua
74Manibhita High School938Mahua
76Kulabhita F.P. School980Mahua
77Lalpokher F.P.S786Lalpokhar
78Dakshin Chunihar F P School947Chunihar
79Badabilla F.P. School878Barbila
81Mahua G P Office707Mahua
82Haribhagan S.S.K899Mahua
83Bherosthan F.P. School798Mahua
85Dakshin Doyari S.S.K.846Raypur
86Rayapur Baghabadi F.P. School966Raypur
87Gendabadi F.P. School954Raypur
88Basta F.P. School1024Basta
89Kurhela F.P.S433Basta
90Dharamapur 2No Gram Panchayet Office786Majlishpur
91Majlishpur Library911Majlishpur
92Haribasti S.S.K1057Majlishpur
93Majalishapur F.P.S.941Majlishpur
94Malduar F.P. School814Malduar
96Dighali Madrasa424Churakuti
98Churakuti F.P. School919Churakuti
100Purbachurakuti Madrasa524Churakuti
101Dharampur High School1068Dharampur
103Dharamapur Koh Aparetibh M. S. Office631Pariharpur
105Jinnatapur F.P. School591Jinatpur
107Gargach Bogladangi F.P. School784Singhanath Kalan
108Dharampur-1 Gpo746Singhanath Kalan
109Singnath S.S.K.993Bara Singhanath
111Singnath F.P. School999Bara Singhanath
112Geranabadi F.P. School1056Bara Singhanath
113Dhulabadi S.S.K.961Bara Singhanath
114Kashibadi F.P. School587Athiala
116Gaditol Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya753Goalpokhar
117Goalpokher I.C.D.S1017Goalpokhar
118Chhayaghariya Basti S. S. K.-1829Goalpokhar
119Debitol F.P. School916Babhanbari
121Babhanbari S.S.K960Babhanbari
122Bhulakabadi Junior High School881Debiganj
123Kanchanashiri F.P. School827Goalin
124Debiganj F.P. School955Debiganj
125Tharutola I.C.D.S769Debiganj
126Baladiyapokhar F.P. School751Debiganj
128Goyalina F.P. School1102Goalin
129Goalin S.S.K925Goalin
130Kukadadah F.P.S.798Goalin
131Betabadi Icds Kendra691Chapasar
132Zadabadi F.P. School944Jharbari
134Talabadi F.P. School970Uttar Talbari
135Rajpokher F.P.S639Rajpokhar
136Burahabadi F.P. School784Konagachhi
137Hariyani SSK1153Hariano
139Lodhan Helth Sub.Cent.778Lodhan
140Goyalapokhar Lodhan High School640Lodhan
141Dakshin Lodhan Madrasa932Lodhan
142Uttar Chopadabakhari S.S.K.957Chapra Bakhari
143Choprabakhari F.P.S972Chapra Bakhari
144Chopadabakhari SSK700Chapra Bakhari
145Uttar Khojasur S.S.K770Uttar Khotasur
146Bhabarangi Madrasa591Dakshin Khotasur
147Paratapur F.P. School781Partappur
148Jagirabasti Shishu Shiksha Kendra775Athiala
149Lalkuri M.S.K821Lalkunri
150Lalakudi F.P. School799Lalkunri
151Bagagano F.P. School1031Baggaon
152Bochagadi F.P. School689Angarbhasa
154Aangarabhasha F.P. School626Angarbhasa
156Goti F.P. School900Paschim Goti
158Singdah F.P. School588Singhadah
160Intiya Kashibadi F.P. School861Intia
161Belatola Icds Center945Pachra
162Betabadi F.P. School953Paschim Keladanta
163Velagachhi F.P.S981Paschim Keladanta
164Keladanta F.P. School878Haldagaon
165Malitola F.P. School955Bhelapokhar
166Singnath S.S.K989Chhoto Singhanth
167Shripur F.P. School1054Siripur
169Dangipada High School799Dangipara
170Dangipara F.P.S685Mahisasur
171Naragun F.P. School692Nargun
174Kichakatola High School604Kichaktola
176Banabadi Kamat F.P. School559Purbba Banwari
178Sahapur F.P. School622Madhya Sahapur
180Netaji Rural Library Sahapur1098Dakshin Sahapur
181Panchara F.P. School954Madhya Sahapur
182Dakshin Sahapur F.P. School732Dakshin Sahapur
184Pashchim Dubakol M.S.K.583Purbba Dubkaul
186Dubakol F.P. School1096Bara Pokhar Dubkaul
187Kahata Fulbari F.P. School725Kokila
189Bhendabadi High School853Bhindabari
190Loha Gachhi Aadi Basipada F.P. School605Madhya Phulbari
192Dangikaimari F.P. School549Agoi
195Ukushabhasha F.P. School981Tegharia
197Sholapada F.P. School721Purbba Phulbari
199Fulbari F.P.S866Purbba Phulbari
200Koyaligachh F.P. School856Kualigachh
201Gedarigano M.S.K.926Gedrigaon
203Tilan F.P. School722Tilan
205Dehar F.P. School874Dehar
207Basantapur F.P. School1050Dakshin Basantapur
208Goagaon F.P. School1035Goagaon
211Goagaon Junior High School928Sirnia
212Bhagabanapur F.P. School552Sirnia
214Banagano F.P. School1134Bangaon
216Mariya F.P. School1068Dakshin Talbari
217Balichar Madrasa765Balichaur
219Chapua F.P. School565Chapwa
221Majagano F.P. School618Chapwa
223Thuthipokhar Madrasa874Bajibhokra

Last Updated on May 29, 2020
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