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Polling Booth in Falakata Assembly Constituency

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Falakata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Falakata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Falakata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Jogijhora Barobak Additional Primary School938Jagijhora Barabak (CT)
2Ethelbari More Primary School1021Jagijhora Barabak (CT)
3Ethelbarimore Pry. School563Jagijhora Barabak (CT)
4Jogijhora Barobak Hindi Pry. School1120Jagijhora Barabak (CT)
5Narsingpur Special Cadre Primary School991Narasingpur
6Narsingpur Prathamik Vidyalaya (Nutan)836Narasingpur
7Begam Rabeya Khatun High School625Narasingpur
8J.L. Sargi Primary School1127Mechhua Dhurabala Bathan
9Dhanirampur Special Cadre Primary School794Mechhua Dhurabala Bathan
10Ethelbari Tea Garden Primary School925Ethelbari Tea Garden
11Mojdur Club A/W Centre633Ethelbari Tea Garden
12Uttar Deomali Primary School908Deomali
13Hasiruddin M.S.K867Deomali
14Sarugram 3No. B.F.P. School985Deomali
16Fajaler Hat Anganwari Center698Dhanirampur
17Beltali A/W. Centre494Dhanirampur
18Dhanirampur 2No. State Plan Primary School1122Dhanirampur
19Jamri Jhora Primary School826Dhanirampur
20Chandikura Primary School589Dhanirampur
21Ghatpar C.S. Primary School1010Ghatpar Sarugram
22Sarugaon 1No. Junior Basic School858Ghatpar Sarugram
23Barabakjhora Primary School1070Khagenhat
24Khagenhat Nathunising High School1001Khagenhat
25Sarugaon 2No. B.F.P. School (Maha Bhandani Hat)857Khagenhat
26Fulmani SSK564Khagenhat
27Madeshiya Para B.F.P. School676Khagenhat
29Chengmaritari S.T. Primary School601Chengmaritari
30Shishabari Sarugaon State Plan Primary School687Sishabari Sarugaon
32Shantiline Anganwari Kendra587Sarugaon Tea Garden
33Repo Munda S.S.K671Sarugaon Tea Garden
34Sarugaon Tea Garden Primary School588Sarugaon Tea Garden
35Baraline S.S.K Tasati942Tasti Tea Garden
36Nangdala Line S.S.K Tasati809Tasti Tea Garden
37Tasati Tea Garden Primary School1038Tasti Tea Garden
38Mishan Line S.S.K Tasati748Tasti Tea Garden
39Dalgaon Tea Garden Primary School822Dalgaon Tea Garden
41Dalgaon Biroline I.C.D.S Centre730Dalgaon Tea Garden
42Dalgaon Gari Line S.S.K825Dalgaon Tea Garden
43Dalmani Division Primary School923Dalgaon Forest
44Alinagar Vidyapith777Alinagar
45Alinagar Spl. Cadre Primary School789Alinagar
46Bengkandi Board Free Primary School678Bengkandi
48Bengkandi Purba Para Primary School877Bengkandi
49Dalgaon 2No. Junior Basic School914Bengkandi
50Dakshin Dhulagaon Junior School781Dhulagaon
51Dhulagaon High School829Dhulagaon
52Dalgaon 1No. B.F.P. School794Dhulagaon
54Bali Mantari Karaibari Primary School1166Karaibari
55Dalgaon Garobasti Primary School579Dalgaon
56Checa Bari Primary School682Dalgaon
57Uttar Dalgaon New Basti Primary School636Dalgaon
58Hedayetnagar S.C Primary School771Hedayet Nagar
59Shanti Nagar Colony Primary School844Hedayet Nagar
60New Hedayet Nagar Primary School (Yashoda)646Hedayet Nagar
61Hedayet Nagar Child Education Centre655Hedayet Nagar
62Jateswar 1No. Gram Panchayet Office777Hedayet Nagar
63Hedayet Nagar Primary School627Hedayet Nagar
64Agrodut Sangha Maitri Pathagar636Hedayet Nagar
65Karjipara Primary School752Uttar Deogaon
67Janabalitari Primary School916Uttar Deogaon
68Shiyaldanga Primary School1154Purbba Deogaon
69Ramjan Ali SSK825Madhya Deogaon
70Deogaon 1No. B.F.P. School1059Madhya Deogaon
71Deogaon 2No. Junior Basic School1015Dakshin Deogaon
72Dakshin Deogaon Traibelpara Primary School907Dakshin Deogaon
73Paschim Deogaon Special Cadre Primary School583Paschim Deogaon
75Paschim Jharbeltali C.S. Primary School888Jhar Beltali
76Jharbeltali S.S.K894Jhar Beltali
77Shukchand Jr. Basic School650Purbba Jhar Beltali
79Dangerbari Primary School574Purbba Jhar Beltali
81Yudhisthir State Plant Primary School1054Nabanagar
82Nabanagar 2No. Stateplan Primary School737Nabanagar
83Harinathpur Stateplyn Primary School553Harinathpur
84Harinathpur Purba Para Primary School699Harinathpur
85Kabiguru Pathagar525Harinathpur
86Swamiji Primary School782Harinathpur
87Beltali Bhandani B.F.P. School848Beltali Bhandani
88Bhandani Primary School753Beltali Bhandani
89Umacharanpur Junior Basic School1101Umacharanpur
90Chinuram Oraon SSK898Umacharanpur
91Nechharuddin Miya A/W Centre809Umacharanpur
92Umacharanpur C.S. Primary School704Umacharanpur
93Khauchandpara Special Cadre Primary School909Khauchandpara
94Khauchand Para Jr. High School785Khauchandpara
95Khauchandpara 2No. State Plan Primary School689Paschim Salkumar
96Joyshib Sangha A/W Centre Khauchandpara911Paschim Salkumar
978.5 Mile Kalibari A/W No. 269848Paschim Salkumar
98Paschim Shalkumar SSK652Paschim Salkumar
99Pashchim Shalkumar C.S. Primary School923Paschim Salkumar
100Birsha Bidyabhaban High School728Chhota Salkumar
102Chhoto Salkumar Pry. School596Chhota Salkumar
103Six Mile Pry. School679Chhota Salkumar
104Haspatal Para Additional Primary School702Badaitari
106Badaitari Ujiriya High Madrasa1195Badaitari
107Shibnathpur B.F.P. School710Sibnathpur
108Bhuban Chandra Smriti M.S.K759Sibnathpur
109Shibnathpur 2No. C.S. Primar School865Sibnathpur
110Shibnathpur Achiruddin S.S.K891Sibnathpur
111Uttar Parangerpar Junior Basic School1081Satpukuria
112Goppu Memorial High School1072Satpukuria
113Yogendrapur Junior Basic School944Satpukuria
114Rameshchandra Additional Primary School746Mairadanga
115Rabi Para S.S.K741Mairadanga
116Mairadanga Stateaplan Primary School865Mairadanga
118Mairadanga 3No. Primary School845Mairadanga
119Lachhmandabri I.T.D.P737Lachhmandabri
121Lachmandabri Nazimuddin High School797Lachhmandabri
122Lachhman Dabri B.F.P. School710Lachhmandabri
123Kunjanagar Special Cadre Primary School832Kunjanagar
124Birualine S.S.K796Kunjanagar
125Kunjanagar Up. Tarun Sangha Aww Centre688Kunjanagar
126Kunjanagar M.S.K670Kunjanagar
127Talukertari Jaymati Primary School820Talukertari
128Ramu Munda S.S.K698Talukertari
129Subal Majhi S.S.K730Talukertari
130Talukertari Prathamik School1137Talukertari
131Satpukuriya Jr. High School755Jogendrapur
132Satpukuriya Junior Basic School729Jogendrapur
1333 Rd Mile Hatkhola Anganwari Centre728Jogendrapur
135Narendranath SSK696Jateshwar (CT)
136Jateswar BF.P. School683Jateshwar (CT)
137Jateswar Girls High School606Jateshwar (CT)
138Jateswar High School587Jateshwar (CT)
139Jateswar High Madrasa728Jateshwar (CT)
140Purba Jateswar Primary School544Jateshwar (CT)
141Jateswar 3No. Prathamik Vidyalaya601Jateshwar (CT)
142Ashram Para Ider Math S.S.K555Jateshwar (CT)
144Mahamaya Special Cadre Primary School879Kathalbari
146Kanthal Bari M.S.K733Kathalbari
147Jigatari Primary School697Kathalbari
148Banibhaban Prathamik Vidyalaya838Nabanagar
149Kalibari S.S.K566Nabanagar
150Hemantamayee Primary School887Dalimpur
151Kshirerkot High School855Dalimpur
152Dalimpur Spl. Primary School849Dalimpur
153Paschim Dalimpur Binod Bihari S.S.K835Dalimpur
154Kshirerkot Junior Basic School965Kshirarkot
155Kshirerkot Jr. Girls High School795Kshirarkot
156Ghatpar Bord Free Pry. School1005Guabar Nagar
158Dalgaon Sarugaon Junior Basic School939Malsagaon
159Purba Malsagaon Pry. School791Malsagaon
160Paschim Malsagaon Prathamik Vidyalaya794Malsagaon
161Guabarnagar Dakshinpara Primary Vidyalaya810Pramode Nagar
163Guabarnagar Junior Basic School1064Pramode Nagar
164Sewafela B.F.P. School786Gokulnagar
165Baromech Para New Pry. School701Gokulnagar
166Gokulnagar Primary School (Battala)1099Gokulnagar
167Bakribari B.F.P. School981Balasundar
168Balasundar M.S.K892Balasundar
169Balasundar Special Cadre Prathamik Vidyalaya722Balasundar
170Jaychandpur Modakapara Primary Vidyalaya413Jaychandpur
172Falakata B.Ed College611Jaychandpur
173Bhutnirghat Mahila Uchcha Vidyalaya1119Jaychandpur
174Bhutnirghat High School543Bhutnir Ghat
177Shingpara Pry. School593Bhutnir Ghat
178Baradoba Pry. School1100Baradoba
179Baradoba Junior Basic School1163Baradoba
180Swyambar Bhawan1000Parangarpar (CT)
181Shishusadan Stateplyan Primary Vidyalaya1055Parangarpar (CT)
182Shishu Kalyan Sadan Junior High School899Parangarpar (CT)
183Station Para S.S.K866Parangarpar (CT)
185Khalisamari Additional Primary School651Parangarpar (CT)
186Parangerpar S.S.K718Parangarpar (CT)
187Falakata College633Parangarpar (CT)
189Horekrishna Nagar Pry. School897Parangarpar (CT)
190Purba Baganbari Primary School619Baganbari
192Baganbari Junior Basic School638Baganbari
194Kshudiram Bidyamandir517Falakata (CT)
196Yadabpally High School579Falakata (CT)
197Jadabpalli S/C Pry. School592Falakata (CT)
199Saradanandapally Primary School886Raichenga
200Sat Raichenga Board Primary School811Falakata (CT)
202Falakata Girls High School523Falakata (CT)
203Subhash Girls High School880Falakata (CT)
204Subhashpally Prathamik Vidyalaya727Falakata (CT)
206Bibekanandapally Prathamik Vidyalaya805Falakata (CT)
207Falakata Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya719Falakata (CT)
208Subhash Colony Anganwari Kendra785Falakata (CT)
209Gope Nagar Gsf900Falakata (CT)
210Paschim Falakata Primary School599Falakata (CT)
212Sonali Sangha421Falakata (CT)
213Milan Sangha742Falakata (CT)
214Pashchim Parangerpar Junior Basic School986Chuakhola
215Purba Chuakhola Primary School750Chuakhola
216Chuakhola Special Cadre Primary School928Chuakhola
218Ashutosh Pally Angwanwari Kendra1038Chuakhola
219Ashutosh Pally Primary School991Chuakhola
220Chartorsha Stateplan Primary School744Raichenga
222Bangshidharpur Primary School967Bangshidharpur
223Bangsidharpur New Primary School886Bangshidharpur
224Raichenga Assam More S.S.K868Raichenga
225Raichenga Junior Basic School978Raichenga
226Kalipur Bandherpar Primary School1157Kalipur
227Kalipur Special Cadre Prathamik Vidyalaya1036Kalipur
228Raichenga No. 2 Primary School558Raichenga
229Raichenga Vidyaniketan High School749Raichenga
230Gop Nagar Anganwari Kendra771Dakshin Parangarpar
231Dakshin Parangerpar Bord Free Prathamik Vidyalaya1130Dakshin Parangarpar
232Kadambini Tea Garden Junior Basic School513Kadambini Tea Garden
234Kadambini S.S.K1063Kadambini Tea Garden
235Amarpally Anganwari Centre530Raichenga
236Irrigation Barrack Falakata (Rt Shed)626Raichenga
237Pashchim Raichenga New Primary School (Ajaynagar)880Raichenga
238Anganwari Centre No. 218668Raichenga
239Deshbandhu Para Shrishchandra Primary Vidyalaya934Raichenga
240Deshbandhu Para Aww Centre729Raichenga
241Arabinda Para Anganwari Kendra1132Raichenga
242Sirubari Additional Pry. School644Sirubari
243Sirubari 2No. B.F.P. School912Sirubari
244Jogendranagar New Pry. School618Jogendranagar
245Yogendra Nagar High School633Jogendranagar
247Mejbil State Plan Primary School967Mejbil
248Mejbil Hindi Tribal Primary School995Mejbil
249Shilbari Patlakhawa B.F.P. School600Mejbil
251Paschim Kathalbari Bala Sundar Primary School491Paschim Khatalbari
252Paschim Kanthalbari Additional Primary School1013Paschim Khatalbari
253Pashchim Kathalbari C.S. Primary School664Paschim Khatalbari
255Purba Kathalbari G.P. Office720Paschim Khatalbari
256Marichjhapi Pry. School543Paschim Khatalbari
257Shilbari Hat High School (Hs)698Purba Kathalbari
258Palash Pry. School687Purba Kathalbari
259Shilbari Hat R.R. Primary School776Purba Kathalbari
260Sanjoy Bazar Sishu Siksha Kendra723Purba Kathalbari
261Purba Kanthalbari SSK1022Purba Kathalbari
262Purba Kanthalbari Prathamik Vidyalaya774Purba Kathalbari

Last Updated on December 26, 2014