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Polling Booth in Entally Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Entally

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Entally Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Entally Academy983Kolkata (M Corp.)
6Beacon English School598Kolkata (M Corp.)
8Kmc Health Unit And Community Hall820Kolkata (M Corp.)
11White House530Kolkata (M Corp.)
16Kolkata Municipal Corporation Primary School867Kolkata (M Corp.)
20Anjuman Girls Higher Secondary School563Kolkata (M Corp.)
24Anjuman Mafidul Islam Girls High School1071Kolkata (M Corp.)
33Anjuman Girls Primary School587Kolkata (M Corp.)
39Entally Hindu Balika Vidyamandir910Kolkata (M Corp.)
43Mahabir Institute Of Education And Research559Kolkata (M Corp.)
47Central Calcutta Politechnic507Kolkata (M Corp.)
49Kailash Chandra Hindu Girls School724Kolkata (M Corp.)
54Govt.Tailoring Institute789Kolkata (M Corp.)
57Sarada Bidya Bhavan (Secondary Section)615Kolkata (M Corp.)
58Rationing Office Central Zone Muchipara.302Kolkata (M Corp.)
59Joseph Day School839Kolkata (M Corp.)
62Mariam Day School1016Kolkata (M Corp.)
64Holy Child Girls High School655Kolkata (M Corp.)
72Bengal Library Association683Kolkata (M Corp.)
74Baptist School For Girls508Kolkata (M Corp.)
76Carry High School688Kolkata (M Corp.)
79Sampark Community Hall643Kolkata (M Corp.)
84Nitika Don Bosco672Kolkata (M Corp.)
88Bhutnath Mahamaya Institution236Kolkata (M Corp.)
92Bibi Bagan Muslim Girls School951Kolkata (M Corp.)
94Seva Kendra Kolkata Community College1003Kolkata (M Corp.)
97Sarat Chandra Sur Institution655Kolkata (M Corp.)
103Loreto St. Merrys School& Training College525Kolkata (M Corp.)
108Loreto Convent School668Kolkata (M Corp.)
114Motijhil Basti Kalyan Shiksha Sadan1036Kolkata (M Corp.)
116Motijhil Free Primary School(Urdu Med)504Kolkata (M Corp.)
121Shree Hindi Vidyalaya809Kolkata (M Corp.)
123Jeeva Shiva Miss. Kiran Ch.Girls H.S.School912Kolkata (M Corp.)
127K.M.C Primary School(Near Mayors T.B.Clinic)453Kolkata (M Corp.)
130Sanat Roy Chowdhury Institution747Kolkata (M Corp.)
135Tangra Prathamik Vidyayatan1073Kolkata (M Corp.)
143St.Sebastian School588Kolkata (M Corp.)
145Panchkari Radharani Adarsha Vidyalaya682Kolkata (M Corp.)
153Bhutnath Mohamaya Girls School582Kolkata (M Corp.)
159Pei Mei Chinese School982Kolkata (M Corp.)
164Kolkata Municipal Corporation Garage755Kolkata (M Corp.)
168K.M.C. Vidyalaya804Kolkata (M Corp.)
175Janakalyan Shiksha Mandir High School953Kolkata (M Corp.)
180D.N. Dey Homeopathic College625Kolkata (M Corp.)
184Purbanchal Prabhati Sangha FP School363Kolkata (M Corp.)
189Khanaberia Free Primary School999Kolkata (M Corp.)
190Saheber Aabad Free Primary School636Kolkata (M Corp.)
192Boinchtala Upendranath Vidyamandir532Kolkata (M Corp.)
196K. M. C. P. School899Kolkata (M Corp.)
200Cristopher Road.Govt.Spon.H.S.School(Girls)686Kolkata (M Corp.)
205Kmc Community Hall 2Nd Building765Kolkata (M Corp.)
208Calcutta Pavlov Hospital Doctors Quarter587Kolkata (M Corp.)
211Debi Pankajini Free Primary School372Kolkata (M Corp.)
214Kmc Community Hall (1st Building)750Kolkata (M Corp.)
216Holy Cross Convent School895Kolkata (M Corp.)
219Gobra Kazi Nazrul Satabarshiki Sikhshasadan764Kolkata (M Corp.)
225Grace Ling Liang English School637Kolkata (M Corp.)
233K.M.C.P.School587Kolkata (M Corp.)
237Kolkata Municipal Corpration882Kolkata (M Corp.)
241Krishmount School944Kolkata (M Corp.)
244Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Vidyalaya664Kolkata (M Corp.)
253Tiljala Boys & Girls High School1001Kolkata (M Corp.)
256Topsia Primary School696Kolkata (M Corp.)

Last Updated on May 29, 2020