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Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Egra Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Egra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Egra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Teantulia Shararang N N High School645Sarrang
3Sarrang Prathamik Vidyalay584Tentulia
4Tentulia Primary School922Tentulia
5Kourda Prathamik Vidyalay675Gopal Chak
7Barida Patna Prathamik Vidyalay914Barida
9Barida Prathamik Vidyalay754Barida
11Bartana Harisabha Prathamik Vidyalay658Barttana
13Barttana Board Prathamik Vidyalay1039Barttana
14Khalina Prathamik Vidyalay718Khalina
16Madhabpur Primary School457Madhabpur
17Kalyanpur S.S.K394Kalyanpur
18Boyespur Prathamik Vidyalay504Baispur
19Bataspur Primary School792Bataspur
20Dalaluya Prathamik Vidyalay (Purbangsha)1035Egra (M)
21Dalalua S.K.U.S693Egra (M)
22Dalaluya Prathamik Vidyalay (Paschimangsha)1032Egra (M)
23Aluya Prathamik Vidyalay875Egra (M)
24Bangshidharpur S.S.K895Egra (M)
25Egra Swarnamayee Girls High School599Egra (M)
27Egra J L High School (Paschimangsha)707Egra (M)
29Egra J L High School (Purbangsha)916Egra (M)
30Purushottampur Prathamik Vidyalay566Egra (M)
32Purusottampur S.S.K692Egra (M)
33Purusottampur Community Hall737Egra (M)
34Aklabad Prathamik Vidyalay910Egra (M)
35Egara SSB.College (Purbangsha)587Egra (M)
37Jagannathapur Pallimangal Prathamik Vidyalay892Egra (M)
39Adlabad Bhagabati Special Primary School782Egra (M)
41Kasba Egra Community Hall613Egra (M)
43Kashba Junior Basic School (Purbangsha)598Egra (M)
45Kasba Shitala Prathamik Vidyalay737Egra (M)
47Kainthor Highschool930Gokul Pur
48Kismat Ghatua Mahendra Primary School956Ghatua
49Harichak Prathamik Vidyalay368Harichak
50Erendabar Primary School1046Erendabar
51Mahabishra Balaram Primary School905Maha Bishra
52Mahabishra S.S.K867Maha Bishra
53Nijdanta Prathamik Vidyalay556Nijdanta
54Amipara S.S.K869Amipara
55Krishnapur S.SK564Krishnapur
56Rukminipur Kanai Lal Vidyapith858Rukminipur
57Rukminipur Primary School797Rukminipur
58Saharda Prathamik Vidyalay911Saharda
59Sultanpur S.S.K455Sultanpur
60Uttar Erenda Prathamik Vidyalay1092Erenda
61Erenda Highschool978Erenda
63Shushunia Primary School1024Shushunia
64Erenda Prathamik Vidyalay734Golagar
65Uttar Panthai Prathamik Vidyalay901Uttar Pathari
66Rajendrachak Prathamik Vidyalay902Rajendra Chak
68Keutgeria Primary Vidyalay(Khanrapara)963Urijalkar Urf Taramridha
69Onsarisha S.S.K.662Ansarisha
70Keutgeria Vidyasagar Highschool725Keutgerya
71Ultabad S.S.K.621Ultabad
72Hurkuchia Prathamik Vidyalay883Harkuchia
73Shilampur 1 No Primary School904Shilampur
74Shilampur No.2 Primary School740Shilampur
75Ultabad Shilampur Nilakantha Primary School817Uttar Silampur
76Shyampur Ashram Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalay1164Shyampur
77Bidurpur Prathamik Vidyalay1094Bidurpur
78Sahapur Prathamik Vidyalay1061Sahapur
79Urdhabpur Jhatucharan Prathamik Vidyalay702Urdhabpur
80Daudpur Binapani Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalay784Urdhabpur
82Uttar Daudpur Prathamik Vidyalay766Daudpur
83Daudpur Samabay Krishi Unnayan Samity742Daudpur
84Tajpur Sammilita Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalay1119Tajpur
85Tajpur Nimna Buniyadi Prathamik Vidyalay845Tajpur
86Tajpur Vidyasagar Primary School1113Tajpur
87Nimakbar Sitalasebak Shantamoni Prathamik Vidyalay779Urdhabpur
89Kamalpur Primary Vidyalay691Kamalpur
91Bhatda Gandhi Maydan S.S.K864Bhatda
92Bhatda Board Prathamik Vidyalay1040Bhatda
93Bhatda Gadadhar Primary School781Bhatda
94Baincha Prathamik Vidyalay649Baincha
95Baincha New Nazrul S.S.K635Baincha
96Bisharpur Primary School1006Bisharpur
97Balighai Fakirdas Highschool726Mahanagar
98Tolakana Primary School887Mahanagar
99Mallikpur Primary School728Mallikpur
100Uttar Baranidhi S.S.K1127Mallikpur
101Chhotonalgeria Prathamik Vidyalay (Dakshin)887Bara Nidhi
102Khejurda Prathamik Vidyalay (Harikar Pukurpar)1123Tentuliagiri
103Nayapara Primary School739Nayapara
104Balighai Sikshasadan540Madhabpur
105Dakshinchak Srikrishna Prathamik Vidyalay476Mirjapur
106Dakshinchak Highschool936Khejurda
107Khejurda M.S.K956Khejurda
108Khejurda Prathamik Vidyalay (Khasparda)1088Khejurda
109Daudpur Prathamik Vidyalay610Daudpur
110Alipur Sukanta S.S.K547Alipur
111Ariapota Prathamik Vidyalay449Ariapota
112Kashimpur Primary School994Hosenpur
113Ailan Primary School (Purbangsha)589Usma
114Baranihari Primary School722Baranehari
115Baranihari Upper Primary School840Baranehari
116Ramkrishnapur S.S.K432Ramkrishanapur
117Sannihari Prathamik Vidyalay738Sannihari
118Chhatri Vivekananda Vidyabhaban (Purbangsha)712Chhatri
120Chhatri Harijan Primary School723Chhatri
122Chhatri Nilkantha S.S.K778Chhatri
123Chhatri 2NoPrahaladchandra Primary School(Purbangsha)644Chhatri
125Rasan Chakbandi Primary Vidyalay694Rasan
127Rasan Jagannath Primary School789Rasan
129Kudi Upper Primary School644Kudi
131Naraharipur Prathamik Vidyalay623Naraharipur
132Kamardiha Prathamik School843Kamardiha
133Benachakri Primary School1156Benachakri
134Telami Prathamik Vidyalay921Telami
135Hamarjita Prathamik Vidyalay779Hamirjita
136Satkhanda Prathamik Vidyalay717Satkhanda
137Jerthan 1 No Prathamik School927Jerthan
139Jerthan Gayaprasad Vidyapith606Jerthan
140Jerthan Purba S.S.K851Jerthan
142Jerthan 2 No Prathamik Vidyalay813Jerthan
143Kiya Prathamik Vidyalay (Paschimangsha)909Kia
144Kiya S.S.K992Kia
145Dakshin Asda Prathamik Vidyalay1094Hasimpur
146Alangiri Prathamik Vidyalay1035Alangiri
147Alangiri Radhabinod Vidyapith641Alangiri
149Alangiri Pitambar Nabatirtha Primary School907Alangiri
150Alangiri S.S.K1084Alangiri
151Panchrol Special Primary School (Dakshinangsha)782Panchrol
152Panchrol Special Primary School (Uttarangsha)589Panchrol
154Panchrol Board Primary School755Panchrol
155Panchrol Higher Secondary School (Paschimangsha)645Panchrol
157Rayda Prathamik Vidyalay1109Tamalda
158Bilbara S.S.K720Bilbara
159Baya Prathamik Vidyalay521Baya
160Kalyanpur Prathamik Vidyalay1150Kalyanpur
161Dhusurda Primary School657Dhusarda
162Bagmari Prathamik Vidyalay682Baghmari
164Gahabi Prathamik Vidyalay695Gahabi
165Aruya S.S.K672Aruyan
166Kasbagola 1No Prathamik Vidyalay857Jhanajhari
168Kasbagola FO B Highmadrasa789Kasbagola
170Kasbagola 2No Primary Vidyalay726Kasbagola
172Purushottampur Primary School458Purushotampur
173Malida Primary School580Malida
174Telami Highschool672Telami
176Khodkul Primary School1048Khodkol
177Ranisai Prathamik Vidyalay919Krishanapur
178Sahara High School939Sahara
179Alipur Primary School568Alipur
180Sahara Pallishri Primary School928Sahara
181Satkania Harijan Primary School723Shatkanai
182Dakshin Shipur Primary School835Shipur
183Shipur Keshabeswar High School761Shipur
184Sinduria Kripasindhu Primary School824Sindwria
185Dalbard Shunia Prathamik Vidyalay726Shwnia
186Harihar Shunia Primary School720Shwnia
187Tahalia Ramkrishna Smriti Prathamik Vidyalay690Tahalia
188Pandua S.S.K634Pandua
189Chorpalia Shri Shri Basanti Vidyapith673Charpalia
190Chorpalia Primary School738Charpalia
191Negua Sundar Narayan High School977Nagua
192Ramchandrapur Prathamik Vidyalay479Ramchandrapur
193Shikrachakdai Prathamik Vidyalay762Shikra Chakadei
194Amdai Prathamik Vidyalay (New)1022Amdai
195Aamdai Kaderia Primary School1034Amdai
197Khalshutia Prathamik Vidyalay666Khal Shutia
199Purunda Sarbamangala Primary School (Uttarangsha)726Puranda
201Mirjapur Primary School701Mirjjapur
202Barada Magunicharan Junior Basic School383Barda
204Barada Magunicharan Upper Primary School767Barda
205Solpatia Prathamik Vidyalay432Sholpatia
206Amadpur Primary School571Amedpur
207Akandi Junior Basic School1086Akandi
208Bhatshalia Prathamik Vidyalay855Kunarpur
209Negua R B C Pathshala910Nagua
210Nutiberh Primary School761Nagua
211Radhapur Prathamik Vidyalay1058Nagua
212Jagulia Primary School505Jagulia
213Arjuni Prathamik Vidyalay841Arjjoni
214Hansaria Prathamik Vidyalay712Hansaria
216Manikadighi Primary School598Manika Dighi
217Chaulda Basuli Primary School441Chaulda
218Nischinta Gramchandi Primary School742Biharipur
219Bilachaulda Prathamik Vidyalay1004Bilchaulda
220Hatbarhpatna S.S.K254Hatbarpatna
221Jumki High School879Donabinda
222Jumki Primary School748Jamki
223Shimulia Bard Prathamik Vidyalay929Biswanathpur
224Chirulia Prathamik Vidyalay637Chirulia
226Chirulia Bibartan Vidyapith897Chaknath
227Baligeria Madan Mohan Aadarsha Vidyapith805Jagannathpur
228Kalshapota Primary School740Chatla
229Bolkushda Prathamik Vidyalay836Bolkushda
230Bolkushda Upper Primary School729Bolkushda
231Nehalia Primary School710Chatla
232Chatla Primary School (Purbangsha)840Chatla
233Chatla Haripara Primary School538Chatla
235Bahalia Prathamik Vidyalay667Bahalia
237Bamunia Primary School507Bamunia
238Khurutia Nimnabuniadi Vidyalay524Khurutia
240Teghari Primary School442Teghari
241Lalpur Prathamik Vidyalay665Lalpur
242Paniparul Mukteswar Uchhavidyalay724Paniparul
244Baincha Primary School527Paniparul
245Pashcim Paniparul Prathamik Vidyalay1146Paniparul
246Debidaspur Gandhi Harijan Primary School657Debidaspur
248Kapasda Shitala Primary School633Paniparul
250Chirkunpada Primary School528Paniparul
251Chandalda Narayani Primary School638Chandalda
252Sarisha Primary School1121Sarisha
253Aranga Mahendra Prathamik Vidyalay857Uttar Aranga
254Aranga Vivekananda S.S.K781Aranga
255Paniparul Primary School813Paniparul
256Lalpur Mukteswar Girls Haighschool944Paniparul
257Kultikri Prahallad Vidyapith (Singha Para)1103Kultikri
258Kultikri Harekrishna Prathamik Vidyalay581Kultikri
260Khagada Pallishri Highschool1108Khagda
261Khagda Prathamik Vidyalay1088Khagda
262Chhotokhagda Primary School582Khagda
263Dubda Deshapran Birendra Vidyapith1146Dubda
264Dubda Deshapran Prathamik Vidyalaya1033Dubda
265Dubda 2No Uttam Charan Prathamik Vidyalay802Dubda
266Dubda Saradamayee Primary School1115Dubda
267Dubda 1No Prathamik Vidyalay837Dubda
268Dubda Bani Vidyapith1030Dubda
269Asti Primary School864Asti
270Geria Prathamik Vidyalay961Garia
271Gholdubda Prathamik Vidyalay673Dubda
272Ghol Dubda S.S.K642Dubda
273Shnakapada Prathamik Vidyalay678Dubda
275Rasulpur Dakshinbar Prathamik Vidyalay1003Rasulpur Dakshinbar
276Sanbheri Kalu Roy Primary School683Sanbheri
277Chhoto Rasulpur Prathamik Vidyalay (Jelepara)931Chhota Rasulpur
278Baranalgeria Jogendra Primary Vidyalay(Maiti Para)1139Bara Nalgerya
279Baranalgeria New Primary School898Bara Nalgerya
280Atbati Annapurna High School715Atbati
281Chhotonalgeria Primary Vidyalay(Uttarangsha)Haripara843Chhota Nalgerya
282Naskarpur Bhubaneswari Prathamik Vidyalay964Naskarpur
283Ganeswarpur Prathamik Vidyalay (Giri Para)958Ganeshwarpur
284Ganeswarpur Bhagbat Prathamik Vidyalay (Payrapara)943Naskarpur
285Egra Patna Prathamik Vidyalay (Karapara)1057Egra Patna
286Mahespur Ramakanta Prathamik Vidyalay (Maitipara)866Maheshpur
287Beta Hat Primary School527Maheshpur
288Shyamharibar Samabay Adarsha Vidyalay1068Shyamhari Bar
289Shyamharibar Primary School948Shyamhari Bar
290Shyamharibar Tripalli Primary School840Shyamhari Bar
291Basudebpur Sabuj Sanggha (Pathagar)796Basudebpur
292Uttar Basudebpur Primary School645Basudebpur
293Basudebpur Haripriya Institiution538Basudebpur
294Basudevpur Primary School674Basudebpur
295Jinandapur Primary School872Jinandapur
296Bhabanichak Highschool (Uchcha Madhyamik)897Basudebpur
297Bhabanichak Raghunath Primary School726Basudebpur
298Basudebpur Kiranmaye Primary School959Basudebpur
299Naskarpur Basudebpur Matilal Prathamik Vidyalay1030Basudebpur
300Chirulia Srinathchandra Vidyapith1000Chirulia
301Dulalpur Prathamik Vidyalay1041Dulalpur
302Dulalpur Benepukur S.S.K730Dulalpur
303Bachchhipur Primary School520Dulalpur
304Motaghat S.S.K(Patra Para)712Mota Ghata

Last Updated on December 26, 2014