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Polling Booth in Dum Dum Uttar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dum Dum Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dum Dum Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Pallymongal Prathamik Vidyalaya961New Barrackpore (M)
3Masunda Boys High School630New Barrackpore (M)
7Naba Barrackpore Colony Boys High School884New Barrackpore (M)
8Masunda F P School791New Barrackpore (M)
9New Barrackpore I.P.P Viii Centre786New Barrackpore (M)
11Kishalay Primary School660New Barrackpore (M)
14Manteshwari Path Bhaban837New Barrackpore (M)
16Aaloktirtha Nursari K G School766New Barrackpore (M)
17New Barrackpore Colony Girls High School967New Barrackpore (M)
20Sahara Boys High School610New Barrackpore (M)
22G C M College Of Education630New Barrackpore (M)
23Shakti Sangha831New Barrackpore (M)
27Jagrity Sangha905New Barrackpore (M)
28Debasish Prathamik Vidyalaya769New Barrackpore (M)
30Jagadish Bose Prathamik Vidyalaya628New Barrackpore (M)
33Tapati Balika Vidyapith High School749New Barrackpore (M)
38Satin Sen Nagar High School670New Barrackpore (M)
43Kodaliya Aagapur Uchya Vidyalaya688New Barrackpore (M)
45Aharampore Sahara Girls School497New Barrackpore (M)
50Kodaliya Shishupith F P School1064New Barrackpore (M)
51Ashutosh Pal Gyanatirtha Narshari K.G.School530New Barrackpore (M)
56Adarsha Shikshasadan826New Barrackpore (M)
59West Kodaliya F P School727New Barrackpore (M)
62New Barrackpore Proura Upasasthya Kendra(I.P.P-8)653New Barrackpore (M)
64Shashibhushan Dey Bidyapith666New Barrackpore (M)
66Fatullapur GSF P School873North DumDum (M)
68Fatullapur Adarsha High SchoolFatullapurBishar Para710North DumDum (M)
71Finga F P School Bisharpara619North DumDum (M)
75Saptagram Kishore Bharati Prathamik Vidhyalaya750North DumDum (M)
79Rajanikanta Shiksha Sadan1028North DumDum (M)
81Nabajiban ColonyMokshada Sundari Balika Vidyamandir1155North DumDum (M)
84Nabadarsha Co-Apa Housing Socity Limited655North DumDum (M)
86Nabadarsha Vidyalaya Nabadarsha912North DumDum (M)
87Bisharpara Prathamik Vidyalaya475North DumDum (M)
89Sri Sri Ramkrishna Vidyamandir F P School839North DumDum (M)
93Uttar Dum Dum Municipality I.P.P (Viii) Health Centre627North DumDum (M)
96Nabanagar Yuba Sangha836North DumDum (M)
97Uttar Dumdum Pourosabha Janasastha Bivag (Bivag-2)622North DumDum (M)
101Pratapgarh G S F P School740North DumDum (M)
104Sangham Pathagar893North DumDum (M)
106Super Child K G School926North DumDum (M)
108Deshbandhu Prathamik Vidyaniketan904North DumDum (M)
110Paikpara Prathamik Vidyalaya(Balika)917North DumDum (M)
114Shyamaprasad Nagar G.S.F.P School619North DumDum (M)
115Uttar Dumdum Pourasava I.P.P Viii Sub Center Paik Para560North DumDum (M)
117Panchumani Ghosh Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya914North DumDum (M)
120Patna Adhar Ghosh Smriti Vidyalaya G S F P School850North DumDum (M)
122Baikuntha Smriti J R High School686North DumDum (M)
124Uttar Patna Udbastu Pally Office Ghar764North DumDum (M)
126I.C.D.S Centre Milani Sangha691North DumDum (M)
127Ramprasad Nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya1065North DumDum (M)
128S.I Office Of School573North DumDum (M)
132Tarun Tirtha Club990North DumDum (M)
133Udaypur Haradayal Nag Adarsha Uchha Vidyalaya(Balak)1008North DumDum (M)
134Harijan Kalyan G S F P School693North DumDum (M)
1389 No Ward Committee Office794North DumDum (M)
139Tarun Sangha Club1108North DumDum (M)
140Nimta Ramkrishna Sporting Club600North DumDum (M)
142Shyamaprasad Nagar High School Gana Udyag Bhaban787North DumDum (M)
143Shyamaprasad Nagar High School904North DumDum (M)
149Kabi Nabinnagar Bijaymadhab Samanta G.S.F.P.School924North DumDum (M)
151Uttar Nimta Govt. Scheme-4 Primary School1095North DumDum (M)
157Uttar Dumdum Bidyapith (Girls)1094North DumDum (M)
161Birati High School461North DumDum (M)
162Uttar Dumdum Paurasabha Office776North DumDum (M)
164Birati G S F P School955North DumDum (M)
166Birati Mahajati Vidyamandir High School 1096North DumDum (M)
169Birati Mahajati Balika Vidyamandir High School813North DumDum (M)
172Netaji Vidyapith F.P. School946North DumDum (M)
176Gouripur Sarat Colony G.S.F.P.School930North DumDum (M)
179Sarat Academy1026North DumDum (M)
181Sarada Siksha Sadan School983North DumDum (M)
188Uttar Dum Dum Municipality I P P (Viii) Health Centre840North DumDum (M)
191Birati Vidyalaya (Boys)1002North DumDum (M)
195Shishutirtha Prathamik Vidyamandir773North DumDum (M)
197Shishutirtha Junior High School (Balika)1085North DumDum (M)
199Itkhola Kishore Sangha932North DumDum (M)
200Pupils Primary Institution1086North DumDum (M)
201Nimta Bidhan Sangha L.G.Street547North DumDum (M)
203Nimta Jibantosh Ghosh Memorial Girls High School738North DumDum (M)
206Ishan Chandra Balika Vidhyalaya1028North DumDum (M)
207Udaypur Haradayal Nag Adarsha Uchha Balika Vidyalaya603North DumDum (M)
2112No Udaypur Adarsha Vidyalaya853North DumDum (M)
212Nimta High School698North DumDum (M)
215Janakalyan Vidyayatan1044North DumDum (M)
216Kalyan Free Primary School801North DumDum (M)
217Alipur Vidyamandir630North DumDum (M)
222Majherhati Prathamik Vidyalaya900North DumDum (M)
226Majherhati Junior High School954North DumDum (M)
229Birati Abasan Community Hall991North DumDum (M)
231Uttar Dumdum Municipal Water Works.850North DumDum (M)
233Ratanlal Sarogi School1134North DumDum (M)
234Narayan Pally Primary School1119North DumDum (M)
236Durganagar Nepalchandra Vidyapith961North DumDum (M)
239Durganagar Nityananda Free Primary School562North DumDum (M)
242Shrinagar Sporting Club878North DumDum (M)
243Vivekananda Sporting Club800North DumDum (M)
244Durganagar F P School995North DumDum (M)
246Sudhindra Sishu Vidyalaya686North DumDum (M)
249Dakshin Khalisa Kota Young Star Club601North DumDum (M)
250Khalisakota Adarsha Vidyalaya841North DumDum (M)
255Vidyasagar Sporting Club(Health Sub Centre-5)924North DumDum (M)
256Ramkrishna Pally Primary School818North DumDum (M)
258Rabindra Pally G S F P School 647North DumDum (M)
261Nilam Co-Operative Housing Society Community Hall804North DumDum (M)
265Bastuhara Binapani G S F P School930North DumDum (M)

Last Updated on May 27, 2020
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