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Polling Booth in Dubrajpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dubrajpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dubrajpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Palashabuni Primary School1037Palashbumi
2Batasapur Primary School1141Bataspur
3Sriram Pur Primary School731Shrirampur
4Babuijod Primary School859Babuirjor
5Babuijod Haiskul559Gaharakuri
7Geruyapahadi Labanyamayi High School940Geruapahari
8Peanchaliya Primary School1087Penchalia
9Kadamadanga Junior Basic School1085Hariektala
10Kadam Danga Junior High School376Dhulkomra
11Isalamakudi Primary School693Ilamkuri
12Parashundi High School811Parsundi
14Aadang Primary School459Aurrang
15Pashchim Barakola Primary School730Paschim Barkola
16Tamada Primary School887Tamra
17Bheleni Primary School1074Bheleni
18Shimuladihi Primary School1047Arjjunshuli
19Jamalapur Primary School950Jamalpur
20Nabasan High School596Nabasan
22Sira Primary School799Sira
23Binodpur Primary School461Binodpur
24Barrah Junior Basic School810Barra
26Barrah High School916Barra
32Kathi Junior Basic School621Kathi
34Kankartala Pry School813Kankartala
37Rasa High School562Rasa
39Rasa Primary School994Rasa
40Kalyanpur Primary School485Rasa
41Sahapur Primary School795Sahapur
43Hajaratpur Primary School959Mundira
44Hajaratpur High School627Dakshin Hazaratur
462 No Hazaratpur Primary School588Dakshin Hazaratur
472No Hazaratpur Primary School575Dakshin Hazaratur
48Palpai Primary School580Palpai
50Bhabaniganj High School1087Palpai
51Sermara Tarapur Primary School681Sermara
52Sarsa Primary School527Puratan Nagrakonda
53Nakrakonda High School1006Naxrakanda
54Nakrakonda Junior Basic School762Naxrakanda
55Kharikabad Primary School822Kharikabad
56Naopada Highi Madrasa796Naopara
57Naopara Primary School677Naopara
58Bhaduliya Primary School752Bhadulia
60Sagar Bhanga Junior Basic School715Sagarbhanga
61Gangpur Primary Vidyalaya549Gangpur
62Haripur Primary School727Budhpur
63Budhpur Praimary School834Budhpur
64Lokapur High School1009Lokpur
65Lokepur Girls Primary School590Lokpur
67Lokapur Boys Primary School659Aliat
69Bamunibahal Junior Basic School625Gopalpur
70Amlakuri Primary School487Amlakuri
71Banakata Primary School915Putka
72Dhasuniya Primary Vidyalaya381Saljor
73Shibpur Primary School717Purbba Shibpur
74Bhaddi Primary School1018Bhaddi
75Kamalpur Primary Vidyalaya475Kamalpur
76Anandanagar Primary School771Anandanagar
77Demurtita Primary School460Demurtita
78Demuriya Junior Basic School737Demuria
79Nichinta Primary School391Nichinta
80Paratiya Primary School917Karidha
81Baraban Primary School625Bara Ban
83Baraban Junior High School663Bara Ban
84Raipur Primary School487Bara Ban
85Jahidpur Primary School651Jahidpur
86Rupushpur High School763Rupaspur
87Chuagarh Primary School455Chuagar
88Charigram Primary School657Chhora
89Chhora Primary School646Bara Ghata
90Peruya Gopalpur Junior Basic School1068Perua Gopalpur
91Mayanadal Junior Basic School1023Maynadal
92Pansuri Primary School962Pansuri
93Khayarasol Primary School886Khayrashoal
95Khayarashol Girls High School1010Khayrashoal
96Lauberiya Primary School633Laubere
98Krishnapur Primary School758Krishnapur
99Barjor Junior Basic School919Barajor
100Purbabar Kola Primary School1083Mahammadpur
101Kendragariya High School639Kendgara
103Jamrand Primary School613Jamrand
104Churar Primary School811Churar
105Bhimgarh Primary School841Bhimgara
106Matiala Primary School481Matiala
107Rasidapur Primary School935Rasidpur
109Isagara Primary School916Narayanpur
110Beledangal Primary School662Beledanga
111Namo Kinan Primary School598Bagashola
112Bagashola Primary School541Bagashola
113Ranipathar Juniyar High School964Chak Dakai
114Amajola Primary School629Amajola
115Ranipathar Junior Basic School794Ranipathar
117Panchra Kamalakingkar Junior Basic School959Panchra
119Dherobazar Primary School614Dherobazar
120Panchra High School332Panchra
122Barkuri Primary School743Barakuri
124Paigara Bishbarup Primary School1105Maheshpur
126Idilpur Primary Vidyalaya507Idilpur
127Majura Primary School1055Labarhsol
128Balita Primary School699Parulbana
129Junidpur High School726Junidpur
130Chapla Primary School424Chapla
131Bahadurpur Primary School872Bahadurpur
132Ahammadpur Primary School519Bahadurpur
133Bharra Primary School655Bharara
134Ghat Gopalpur Primary School867Gopalnagar
135Pakuriya Primary School712Gopalnagar
136Belbuni Primary School509Gopalnagar
137Gunadoba Primary School669Khayerban
138Banahari Primary School515Banahari
140Rupshimul Madhyamik Siksha Kendra847Panditpur
142Majuriya Primary School397Milanchak
143Kaithanpur Primary School1100Kaythanpur
144Adampur Primary School967Adampur
145Lakshminarayanpur Kamalamayi High School506Lashmi Narayanpur
146Punglapur Primary School592Punglapur
147Rampur Primary School583Rampur
148Pratap Pur Primary School768Pratappur
149Kapastore Primary School631Kapastari
150Agoya Primary School577Agoa
151Balijuri Primary School419Baljuri
152Balijuri High School880Baljuri
153Belsara Junior Basic School1044Kailakuri
154Mangalpur Primary School926Mangalpur
155Kamalpur Primary School727Kamalpur
156Panditpur Kashidas Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya709Daulatpur
157Kukhutiya Primary School701Kukutia
158Mahula Primary School537Kukutia
159Bonbundra Primary School524Bandundra
160Kukhutiya High School646Kukutia
161Chandipur Primary School791Kukutia
162Bankati Primary School781Meje
163Ranjanbajar Prathamik Vidyalaya909Dubrajpur (M)
165DubarajapurR.B.S.D High School850Dubrajpur (M)
169Shri Shri Saradeshari Girls High School737Dubrajpur (M)
171Dubarajapur Pashchim Para Radhakrishna Primary School813Dubrajpur (M)
173Kamodakinkar Mukhopadhayay Smriti Primary School1083Dubrajpur (M)
174Dubarajpur Girls High School708Dubrajpur (M)
176Rabindra Aangshik Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya815Dubrajpur (M)
178Kalupara Primary School962Dubrajpur (M)
180Islampur Abdul Memorial Primary School984Dubrajpur (M)
182Mehedi Community Hall974Dubrajpur (M)
184Shri Shri Sarada Bidyapith Junior Basic School555Dubrajpur (M)
186Sarojini Smriti Primary School817Dubrajpur (M)
188Dubrajapur Shshu Vidyapith802Dubrajpur (M)
190Isalamapur Purb Primary School1068Dubrajpur (M)
192Bhaluka1No Mayurakshi Sauth Kyanal Dibhishan989Dubrajpur (M)
193Gokarul Tarasundari Junior Basic School764Gokrui
195Gargara Primary School377Gargara
196Madanpur Primary School670Dakshin Madanpur
197Domnai Primary School727Domaai
198Rasulapur High School430Rasulpur
199Rasulapur Primary School858Chanpanagari
200Jalalapur Primary School843Jalalpur
201Bajitpur Sishushiksha Kendra372Jalalpur
202Hetampur Raj High School1055Kendula
203Hetamapur Rani Braja Bala(No-2) Junior Besic School759Ashatganja
205Hetamapur K.C. College838Hetampur
207Kendula Primary School715Kendula
208Kendula Helth Subcentre645Kendula
209Satakenduri Primary School568Satkenduri (P)
210Pachhiyara Primary School1024Pachhiara
211Lohagram Primary School727Lahagram
213Jashpur G P Office557Pachhiara
214Yashpur High School1019Jashpur
216Bodakuri Primary School609Bodakuri
217Ghodatori Primary School900Kantari
219Yashapur N.B.School611Lahagram
221Salunchi Primary School799Barasalunchi
223Khoj Mahammadpur Primary School608Khoj Mahammadpur
224Ramapur Primary School988Khoj Mahammadpur
225Dhagram Primary School810Dhagram
226Aauliya Gopalapur Primary School599Dakshin Gopalpur
227Rengna Primary School699Rengna
228Budh Gram Sishushiksha Kendra647Rengna
230Taruliya High School435Tarulia
232Taruliya Primary School710Metegaon
233Jhirul Pry School892Jhirul
234Amuri Sishu Shiksha Kendra386Jhirul
235Dhagaria Primary School798Uttar Daha
236Tiledanga Primary School624Kanaipur
237Jofalai Haiskul1098Jophlai
238Debipur Char Primary School416Debipur
239Palashadanga Primary School809Palashdanga
241Loba Madhyamik Siksha Kendra543Loba
242Loba Babupur Primary School611Loba
243Barari Primary School566Barari
244Kota Primary School974Kota
246Fakirabera Primary School794Kota
247Kamalapur Primary School701Khoj Kamalpur
248Khagadabajar Primary School348Khagra
249Bhaluka Tapan Smriti Primary Iskul367Bhaluka
250Bodhagram Primary School851Bhudhgram
252Ganra Primary School680Ganra
254Ganra Paduma High School743Paduma
255Kandighi Primary School564Ghoropara
256Bidaipur Primary School488Bidaipur
257Shibarautara Primary School581Shibrautara
258Sekendarapur Primary School441Sekendarpur
259Basahari Primary School908Basahari
260Khandagram Primary School571Khandagram
263Kumar Shirsha Primary School517Sirsa
264Kalusirsha Primary School631Sirsa
265Kakari Primary School717Basahari
266Deuchakaddang Primary School727Kalyanpur
267Ghoga Primary School634Ghoga
268Aaroa Primary School587Aroan

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