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Polling Booth in Dinhata Assembly Constituency

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Dinhata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dinhata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dinhata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Najirganj R.R. Primary School988Najirganj
2Bhoramkachua Shri Panchanan Forth Plan Primary: School410Bhoram Kachua
3Kukur Kachuya Madhusudan A.P School526Kukurkachua
5Arjun Bidyapith Forth Plan Primary School954Bhulki
7Gati Kachuya Fifth Plan Primary: School660Gatikachua
8Burirhat Junior Basic School940Bhulki
10Khutamara New Primary School584Khutamara
12Balakura Junior Basic School873Uttar Purbba Balakura
14Gopinath Forth Plan Primary: School1027Bajejama Seoraguri
16Belbari Bajar New Primary School1150Petbhata Seoraguri
17Najirhat Harkumari High School792Saulmari
20Shikarpur Special Kyadar Pry. School1042Sikarpur
22Gaochulka Junior Basic School713Gaochulica
24Kumarganj Govt. Primary : School754Kumarganj
26Kumar Ganj S.S.K Centre923Hatcheko
27Sheoraguri Aided Primary School (Fast Phase)1136Seoraguri
28Manser Sheoraguri Primary: School779Mansab Seoraguri
29Chhatnotafela R.R. Pry: School746Mansab Seoraguri
31Chhatnotafela Fifth Plan Primary: School388Uttar Chhat Lotafela
32Notafela Forth Plan Primary: School627Lotafela
35Garoljhora R.R. Primary School813Bara Garol Jhora
36Shalmara High School1027Salmara
38Dighaltari Govt. Primary: School1065Dighaltari
40Dighaltari 5Th Plan Primary School726Dighaltari
41Chhoto Garoljhora Special Kyadarpry: School1096Chhota Garol Jhora
43Marneya 2Bibekananda Bidyapith Juniorbasic School796Marnia Dwitia Khanda
44Marneya Second Phase Aided Primary School1061Marnia Dwitia Khanda
45Patuyar Dera Aided Primary: School821Putradara
46Haribhanga Aided Primary School723Haribhanga Khattimari
48Shrikanta Bidyapith589Madhupur
49Marneya Fast Phase Fifth Plan Primary School907Marnia Pratham Khanda
50Bani Bidyapith Special Kyadar Primary School953Khattimari
52Marneya Part One Aided Primary School850Jitpur Pratham Khanda
53Talapaka 5Th Plan Primary School433Jitpur Pratham Khanda
54Chhoto Shakdal Junior Basic School1034Chhota Sakdal
55Basantir Hat Kumudini High School1050Chhota Sakdal
56Languliya Part -2 Baneshwari Aided Primary1106Langulia Dwitia Khanda
57Kuchni Aided Primary: School722Kuchni Pratham Khanda
59Rakhalmari Aided Primary: School837Rakhalmari
60Rakhalmari 4Th Plan Primary School744Rakhalmari
61Sulekharani Primary School574Rakhalmari
63Bara Shakdal Girls Aided Primary: School736Bara Shakdal
65Sabuj Pally High School548Bara Shakdal
66Bara Shakdal Junior Basic School1053Bara Shakdal
67Bara Shakdal R.R. Aided Primary: School1068Bara Shakdal
68Barashakdal Dakshin Aided Primary: School674Bara Shakdal
70Jitpur Part-Ii G.P. School827Jitpur Dwitia Khanda
71Durachapri Aided Primary: School931Durachapri
72Languliya Part 1 Fifth Plan Primary: School1039Langalia Protham Khanda
74Trimohini Govt. Primary School435Paraner Chhara
75Nekiganj Govt. Primary: School899Mirer Kuthi
76Gopalganj Fifth Plan Primary: School553Shimulberi
77Kharija Shakdal S.S.K. Centre524Kharija Shakdal
78Shimulbari Govt. Primary: School666Bara Shakdal
79Khochabari Second Phase Aided Primary School710Kochabari
81Khochabari High School427Kochabari
83Bil Kalaighati Fifth Primary School574Bilkalaighati
84Kharija Kalaighati A.P. School601Kharija Kalaighati
85Garbhadanga Jagabandhu Dham Aided Primary: School Roon No-2709Garbhadanga
88Shachinandan Forth Plan Primary: School751Sachinandan
89Kharubhanj Govt. Primary: School709Kharubhaj
91Sahebganj High School Roon No-2943Kharubhaj
92Bibekananda Aided Primary: School725Kharija Durganagar Pratham Khanda
93Bodh Mohan Sishu Siksha Kendra491Kharija Durganagar Pratham Khanda
94Jagabandhu Forth Plan Primary: School1090Kharija Durganagar Dwitia Khanda
96Sahebganj Jr. High School909Sahebganj
97Sahebganj Junior Basic School730Sahebganj
98Shri Panchanan New Primary: School1102Sahebganj
99Sahebganj Govt: Primary: School1002Sahebganj
100Kalmati Govt. Primary School702Kalamati
102Kalmati No 2 Forth Plan Primary: School1185Kalamati
104Kalmati High School1002Kalamati
105Kalmati Agragami S.S.K Centre754Kalamati
107Bakshitari Aided Primary School993Kalamati
108Atiyaldanga Special Kyadar Primary: School763Atialdanga
110Badalgir Bibekananda Special Kyadar Primary: School699Badalgir
112Bamanhat Girls Junior Basic School1007Lauchapra
113Dakshin Lauchapra Fifth Plan Primary: School797Lauchapra
114Bamanhat High School733Lauchapra
116Bamanhat Jr. Basic School649Lauchapra
118Turukkata Gobinda Forth Plan Primary: School1053Turukkata
119Baushmari Special Kyadar Primary: School650Lauchapra
121Mahakalerhat High School873Durganagar
122Patharsan Durganagar R.R. Primary: School784Patharsan
123Ramkrishna Vidyapith972Patharsan
124Patharsan Madhaikal Kalibari Forth Plan Pry. School619Patharsan
126Batasurkuthi Special Kyadar Primary: School985Batasurkuthi
127Hokadaha Part-I Special Cader Primary: School822Hokadaha Pratham Khanda
129Chhat Gopalganj Fifth Plan Primary School508Chhat Gopalganj
130Jay Gopalganj Fifth Plan Primary School856Hokadaha Pratham Khanda
132Abutara Aided Primary: School769Baniadaha
134Byaparir Bari Aided Primary: School670Kismat Dasagram
136Moktarer Bari High School1099Kismat Dasagram
138Dashgram Gobrachharatraibal Spl.Cadre Primary: School1142Dashgram Gobra
139Kishamat Dashgram New Primary School647Kismat Dasagram
140Tiyadaha Junior Basic School753Tiadaha
142Kishamat Dashagram Govt. Primary: School1165Kismat Dasagram
143Ranir Hat Forth Plan Primary: School1151Tiadaha
144Gorkharpar Fifth Plan Primary: School1021Kismat Dasagram
145Kharija Dashgram Govt. Primary School442Kharija Dakurhat
146Kishamat Mokrari S.S.K.Centre703Kismat Mokarari
148Pashchim Dashgram Gobrachhara Fifth Plan Pry.School1000Kismat Mokarari
149Dashgram Gobrachhara Forth Plan Primary School784Kharija Dasagram
150Kharija Baniyadaha Aided Primary :School690Kharija Baniadaha
152Abutara G.S.F. Primary: School1139Nandina
153Nandina Rabindra S.S.K.Centre1125Nandina
154Kharijabaniyadaha Shibertang Fifth Plan Primary:School985Kharija Baniadaha
155Piknidhara Aided Primary: School (Fast Phase)872Chhat Piknidhara
156Nayarhat Junior Basic School660Piknidhara
158Nandina Govt. Primary: School1037Nandina
160Nandina M.S.K423Nandina
161Natkobari Special Kyadar Primary: School1117Karala
162Karala Govt. Primary School1061Karala
163Kaliganjer Hat New Primary: School1045Karala
164Nayarhat High School1021Kharija Dakurhat
166Rasamanta 5Th Plan Primary School577Bhabaniprasad
168Tutiyar Kuthi Junior Basic School741Tutiarkuthi
170Khamar Baksi New Primary School781Khamar Boxi
171Khatamari Aided Primary School1056Khatamari
172Hokadaha Part-Ii 1St Phase Aided Primary: School907Lalaganjer Kuthi
173Jayagirbalabari Forth Plan Primary: School1007Jaygir Balabari
175Mira Shishu Mahal S.S.K. Centre715Jaygir Balabari
177Chaudhurihat Bibekananda Bidyamandir849Khitaber Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
178Khitaberkuthi Part 2 Aided Primary: School1095Khitaber Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
179Sadiyaler Kuthi Aided Primary: School899Sadialer Kuthi
181Jhikri Junior Basic School705Jhikri
183Khatamari Govt. Primary School668Khatamari
185Nagarer Bari State Plan Primary: School572Nagarerbari
187Nagarer Bari Fifth Plan Primary: School534Nagarerbari
189Nagarer Bari Angan Oyari Centre758Nagarerbari
190Nagarerbari S.S.K1087Nagarerbari
191Chander Kuthi Junior Basic School580Chanderkuthi
193Chander Kuthi High Madrasa938Chanderkuthi
195Nagarerbari Govt. Primary: School955Khitaber Kuthi Pratham Khanda
196Seuti Part- 1 Aided Primary: School914Seuti Pratham Khanda
198Meghnarayaner Kuthi Special Kyadar Primary: School852Megh Narayaner Kuthi
200Kishamat Karala Fast Phase Fifth Plan Primary: School1031Kismat Karala Pratham Khanda
201Kishamat Karala Second Phase C.S. Primary: School344Kismat Karala Dwitia Khanda
203Sukarurkuthi Jr. Basic School689Shukarur Kuthi
204Shukarurkuthi High School716Shukarur Kuthi
206Shukarurkuthi Forth Plan Primary: School575Shukarur Kuthi
208Seuti-Part-Ii Aided Primary School832Bhonathpur
209Seuti-Ii S.C Primari School882Seuti Dwitia Khanda
210Baskotal Special Kyadar Primary: School748Baskotal
212Kurshahat High School1057Tharaikhana
214Shukarur Kuthi South New Primary School1148Tharaikhana
216Nagar Kursha Fifth Plan Primary School1128Seuti Tritia Khanda
217Ruiyer Kuthi Uttar Para Forth Plan Primary:School707Ruier Khuthi
219Nazrul S.S.K Ruerkuthi Kuthibari919Ruier Khuthi
220Kamdeberpat N. P. School918Ruier Khuthi
221Ruiyer Kuthi R.R. Primary: School625Ruier Khuthi
223Bhetaguri Lalbahadur Shastri Bidyapith (High)747Kharija Baladanga
225Chaupathi High School (Bhetaguri)593Kharija Baladanga
227Kharija Baladanga Forth Plan Pry. School702Kharija Baladanga
228Baladanga C.S. Primary School710Kharija Baladanga
229Jarabari High School639Jarabari Pratham Khanda
231Jarabari Junior Basic School794Jarabari Pratham Khanda
233Kharkhariya Junior Basic School1088Kharija Barakura
234Basgirer Dham Aided Primary: School977Putimari
237Kuchni Part-Ii Primary School551Kuchni Dwitia Khanda
238Kharkhariya Haridham Forth Plan Primary: School550Khar Kharia
240Karishal Forth Plan Primary : School862Putimari
242Kanaiyar Path Junior Basic School1092Koalidaha
244Najir Bhita Forth Plan Primary: School847Koalidaha
246Aji Miah Junior Basic School1026Dinhata (P)
248Garkura 5Th Plan Primary School1079Dinhata (P)
250Dinhata College1069Dinhata (P)
251Bhangni Part-1 N.P. School1033Bhangri Pratham Khanda (CT)
253Netaji Sangha Sishu Sikha Kendra759Bhangri Pratham Khanda (CT)
255Satkura Govt. Pry: School791Satkura
257Kharija Rakhalmari S.S.K744Kharija Rakhalmari
259Bhangni Part -2 Uttar Das Para Primary: School1094Bhanghi Dwitia Khanda
260Bhangni Part-Ii Govt. Primary: School(Bamantari)738Bhanghi Dwitia Khanda
262Nigamananda Saraswata Vidyalaya1099Bhanghi Dwitia Khanda
264Dwipchand Janaki Teoyari Junior Basic School724Chhoto Atiabari
266Sharat Chandra Smriti Bidyapith792Bhanghi Dwitia Khanda
267Nigamananda Shiksha Niketan Girls High School928Bhanghi Dwitia Khanda
269Chhota Atiyabari Primary School1008Chhoto Atiabari
270Bhangni Burirpath Govt. Primary School775Nagar Bhangni
271Baranachina South Forth Plan Primary: School1090Dinhata (M)
272Dinhata Girls High School495Dinhata (M)
274Rajendra Bidyapith978Dinhata (M)
276Dinhata R.R. Primary: School642Dinhata (M)
279Rabinda Vidyapith504Dinhata (M)
280Jnadadebi Girls High School654Dinhata (M)
281Dinhata High School (H.S.)927Dinhata (M)
284Rajkumar Girls Junior Basic School660Dinhata (M)
285Gopal Nagar M.S.S.High School712Dinhata (M)
288Dinhata Shonidebi Jain High School (H.S.)891Dinhata (M)
291Prafullya Nalini Guha Pry. School173Dinhata (M)
295Yogesh Chandra Saha Junior High School893Dinhata (M)
297Station Para High School756Dinhata (M)
300Zuripara No2 New Primary: School552Dinhata (M)
302D.R.M.C. Dinhata712Dinhata (M)
304Bara Boalmari Tobako Research Station C.T.R.I.254Dinhata (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014