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Polling Booth in Dhupguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dhupguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dhupguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Gendrapara Tea Garden Primary School1105Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
3Gendrapara Tea Garden Gudam Line I.C.D.S680Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
4Gendrapara Tea Garden Bara Line Icds Centre776Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
5Gendra Para Hindi Primary School Bara Line757Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
7Banarhat Tea Garden I.C.D.S Centre827Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
8Maidan Line Division Icds Centre No. 477 ( Banarhat T.G.)729Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
9Banarhat Tea Garden Primary School819Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
11Banarhat Girls High School1057Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
12Banarhat High School1091Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
14Santi Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra901Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
15Banarhat P.W.D. Office739Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
16Banarhat Colony Primary School979Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
17Adarsha Bidyamandir Hindi High School1026Banarhat Tea Garden (CT)
18Karbala T.G. Primary School897Karbala Tea Garden (D)
22Karbala Tea Garden Junior Hindi High School883Karbala Tea Garden (D)
23Karabala Icds Centre789Karbala Tea Garden (D)
24Totapara Tea Garden Primary School805Totopara Tea Garden (D)
26Dudumari Primary School595Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
27Totapara Bazar Icds Centre486Gendrapara Tea Garden (D)
28Mogolkata T.G Primary School884Mogalkata Tea Garden (D)
29Mogolkata Swanirbhar Gosthi Bhaban927Mogalkata Tea Garden (D)
31Deuniapara B.F.P School793Purba Duramari (D)
33Duramari B.F.P School992Dakshin Salbari (D)
35Chandrakanta High School665Dakshin Salbari (D)
36Desh Bandhu Para Radhakanta Ssk1006Dakshin Salbari (D)
37Paschim Duramari New Primary School1037Paschim Duramari (D)
39Pramanik Para B.F.P School828Madhya Shalbari (D)
40Madhya Salbari Deunatulla Primary School737Madhya Shalbari (D)
41Rabindra Hindi Primary School676Uttar Shalbari (D)
42Shaibya Para Primary School697Uttar Shalbari (D)
43Uttar Shalbari Primary School741Chanadipa (D)
44Salbari No. 2 Junior Basic School1036Chanadipa (D)
45Moraghat F.V. Primary School (Moraghat Forest Range)485Mogalkata Forest Basti
46Forest Village Primary School289Mogalkata Forest Basti
47Laxmikanta Tea Garden Primary School637Lakshmikantapur Tea Garden
48Baniapara Chowrasta High School665Bhatiapara (D)
51Dakshin Nunkhawa Danga Primary School851Dakhin Nunkhawa Danga (D)
52Dakshin Noon Khawa Danga S.S.K.730Dakhin Nunkhawa Danga (D)
53Satishgiri Primary School1043Uttar Jhor Altagram (D)
54Bamantari B.F.P School1074Chamtimukhi (D)
56Premganj B.F.P School817Fataktari (D)
57Fataktari S.C. Primary School788Fataktari (D)
59Uttar Kathulia Special Cadre Primary School995Uttar Kathulia
60Uttar Kathulia Ssk Building1057Uttar Kathulia
61Daukimari D.N High School1147Purbba Daukimari
64Harimohan Junior Basic School863Purbba Daukimari
65Purba Daukimari Additional Primary School859Purbba Daukimari
66Madhya Daukimari State Plan Primary School1019Madhya Daukimari
67Daukimari B.F.P School1070Madhya Daukimari
68Paschim Dangapara B.F.P School1089Paschim Dangapara
69Bamantari Additional Primary School915Bamantari
70Bamantari Ssk Building1001Garialtari
71Panditpara B.F.P School917Garialtari
72Garialtari Shailabala New Primary School839Garialtari
73Chowhaddi B.F.P School1045Paschim Daukimari
74Basuar Danga M.S.K.948Paschim Daukimari
75Chowhaddi Special Cadre Primary School1098Chauhaddi
76Khattimari C.S Primary School627Uttar Khuttimari
78Adhikari Para Junior High School532Uttar Khuttimari
79Colony Para S.S.K.1001Uttar Khuttimari
80Madhya Khattimari Dhaniram Primary School1171Madhya Khuttimari
81Madhya Khattimari I.C.D.S. Centre803Madhya Khuttimari
82Kalarkhas Kalibari I.C.D.S. Centre418Madhya Khuttimari
83Chandrakanta Atirikta Prathamik Vidyalaya1115Madhya Khuttimari
84Khattimari High School832Dakshin Khuttimari
86Battali B.F.P School591Garakhuta
88Gosair Hat New Primary School438Gosairhat Forest
89Khoklong Forest Basti Primary School320Gosairhat Forest
90Gadheyar Kuthi State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya862Gadhear Kuti
91Gadheyar Kuthi Roy Para Kashiyabari S.S.K.449Gadhear Kuti
92Gadheyar Kuthi B.F.P School714Bagribari
93Bagribari Dhappar Danga M.S.K.922Bagribari
94Kurshamari State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya946Kursamari
95Charak Danga S.S.K.603Kursamari
96Bhandani B.F.P School859Bhandani
97Bihari Para S.S.K.324Bhandani
98Gadheyar Kuthi High School796Bhandani
99Dakshin Jharalta Mohar Chand Icsd Centre1126Dakshin Jharalta
100Charcharabari B.F.P School997Char Charabari
101Charchara Barii Roy Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra980Char Charabari
102Jamadar Para Junior Basic School1111Dakshin Jharalta
103Dakshin Kathulia Additional Primary School1140Dakshin Kathulia
105Chandiya Para Prathamik Vidyalaya1008Parkumlai
106Debchand Para Primary School942Parkumlai
107Chandamari B.F.P. School1056Tuklimari
108Dangapara Additional Primary School731Tuklimari
109Kalir Hat High School922Kalirhat
110Debir Danga S.P. Primary School753Kalirhat
113Niranjan Pat New Primary School1124Niranjanpat
114Gorkhutta 2 No. B.F.P. School1132Niranjanpat
115Jhar Magurmari Pradhan Para Primary School851Jhar Magurmari
116Jhar Magurmari Pradhan Para Junior High School456Jhar Magurmari
117Jhar Magurmari State Plan Primary School779Jhar Magurmari
118Harimandir Para New Primary School846Purba Magurmari
120Purba Magur Mari Junior Basic School689Purba Magurmari
122Harisher Tari Shishu Shiksha Kendra(Purba Magurmari)866Magurmari
123Vivekananda Para New Primary School862Magurmari
125Paikarpara B.F.P School(Paschim Magurmari)819Paschim Magurmari
126Paschim Magurmari Nima Buniyadi Vidyalaya1097Paschim Magurmari
127Jampara Shishu Shiksha Kendra648Paschim Magurmari
129Jordhap B.F.P School1145Uttar Altagram
130Yuba Sangha Shishu Shiksha Kendra1082Uttar Altagram
131Pradhan Para S.C Primary School699Purbba Altagram
132Ismail Miyan S.S.K.743Purbba Altagram
133Purba Alta GramNew Colony Para Primary School983Purbba Altagram
134Mallickpara Vidyaniketan High School675Paschim Mallikpara
135Altagram Bhagwan Para New Primary School775Paschim Mallikpara
137Jaldhaka Giribar Primary School983Mainatali
138Babu Para Sishu Shiksha Kendra1031Mainatali
139Maynatali B.F.P School706Mainatali
140Maynatali Water Shed1012Mainatali
141Bhatiya Para Sishu Shiksha Kendra1093Dakshin Altagram
142Dakshin Altagram C.S Primary School535Dakshin Altagram
143Jigar Danga S.S.K.830Dakshin Altagram
144Dibyajyoti Vidyaniketan High School1046Bara Gharia
145Barogharia No-2 Board Free Primary School700Bara Gharia
147Barogharia Battali Swarnamayee Primary School625Bara Gharia
149Barogharia No-1 Board Free Prathamik Vidyalaya687Bhemtia
150Bhemtiya S.S.K.509Bhemtia
152Manerdanga Community Hall873Madhya Boragari
153Madhya Boragari No-2 B.F.P School1037Madhya Boragari
154Shishu Shiksha KendraJalapada833Madhya Boragari
155Madhya Boragari State Plan Primary School895Madhya Boragari
156Madhya Boragari B.F.P School781Madhya Boragari
157Barogharia Gram Panchayet Office1005Madhya Boragari
158Damabari No-2 Special Cadre Primary School972Dambari
159Dambari New Parimary School (Kala Chand Para)611Dambari
160Dangdhari Special Cadre Prathamik School759Dakshin Khairbari
162Dakshin Khayerbari High School987Dakshin Khairbari
163Sonardanga S.P Primary School949Dakshin Khairbari
164Patkidah Junior Basic School748Patkidaha
165Patkidaha Islamiya High Madrasa627Patkidaha
166Dakshin Dangapara Junior Basic School968Dakshin Dangapara
167Dambari B.F.P School1109Dakshin Dangapara
168Sukanta Mahavidyalaya (Collage)660Dhupguri (M)
170Bairatiguri No-1 S.C Primary School889Dhupguri (M)
171Kalibari S.P. Primay School885Dhupguri (M)
172Uttar Bairatiguri New Primary School726Dhupguri (M)
173Dhupguri High School918Dhupguri (M)
176Dhupguri Regulated Market Administration Hall904Dhupguri (M)
177Dhupagudi Garlas High School758Dhupguri (M)
180Bairatiguri High School908Dhupguri (M)
183Bairatiguri No-2 C.S Primary School865Dhupguri (M)
185Suhrid Sangha O Pathagar (Near Dhupguri Hospital)844Dhupguri (M)
186Suhrid Sangha Pathagar (West)824Dhupguri (M)
187Uttar Bodagari Special Cadre Primary School1137Dhupguri (M)
188Uttar Boragari Jr. High School994Dhupguri (M)
189Dhupguri C. L. R. C. Office376Dhupguri (M)
190Dhupguri Municipality Marriage Hall798Dhupguri (M)
191Dakshin Bairatiguri S.P. Primary School982Dhupguri (M)
193Ghoshapada Baratigudi Niu Primary School990Dhupguri (M)
194Zilla Parishad Dak Bangalow727Dhupguri (M)
196Milani Pathagar876Dhupguri (M)
197Dakshinayan Club O Pathagar734Dhupguri (M)
199Netaji Para New Primary School997Dhupguri (M)
200Dhupguri R. R. Primary Vidyalaya752Dhupguri (M)
201Dhupagudi Mauja Prathamik Vidyalaya965Dhupguri (M)
204Dhupguri Ward No-1 S.P Primary School803Dhupguri (M)
206Dhupguri Ward No. 1 Jr. High School504Dhupguri (M)
207Gosairhat Forest Village Primary School643Sonakhuli
209Mallick Sova Special Cadre Primary School660Mallik Sobha
210Sarat Chandra S. S. K.668Mallik Sobha
211Gosair Hat Rajamohan High School1043Mallik Sobha
212Mallick Sova B.F.P School1042Mallik Sobha
213Purba Mallick Para High School674Purbba Mallikpara
214Purba Mallik Para B. F. P. School582Purbba Mallikpara
216Diptari Shishu Shiksha Kendra1068Purbba Mallikpara
217Rajdhani Bari Additional Primary School1062Uttar Gosairhat
218Uttar Gosairhat Anushilan Club-Shishu Shiksha Kendra701Uttar Gosairhat
220Dakshin Gosanirhat Special Cadre Primary School839Dakshin Gosairhat
221Amiruddin M. S. K.784Dakshin Gosairhat
222Garkhuta No-3 B.F.P School761Dakshin Gosairhat
224Kajipara Shiksha Niketan C.S Primary School652Kazipara
225Kaji Para S. S. K. (Near Fishery)719Kazipara
226Gadang High School743Kazipara
228Purba Dangapara New Primary School617Purbba Dangapara
229Sabuj Sathi S. S. K.694Purbba Dangapara
230Gadang No-1 . Grampanchayet Office1117Purbba Dangapara
231Khalaigram B.F.P School824Khalaigram
232Mallik Para S. S. K.850Khalaigram
234Khalaigram 2 No. C. S. Primary School731Khalaigram
235Bhotpara Special Cadre Primary School662Bhotpara
236Bhotpara M. S. K.1065Bhotpara
237Sishu Sangha I. C. D. S. Centre785Khalaigram
238Gadang 2No Junior Basic School991Kathapara
240Pally Unnayan Pathager981Gadang Dwitia Khanda
241Gadang Mahamukti New Primary School1159Gadang Dwitia Khanda
242Jurapani High School1030Jurapani
245Pundibari C.S. Primary School1046Pundibari
246Salbari High School810Paschim Salbari
249Kayeter Kamat Chandra Mohan Primary School926Paschim Salbari
250Purba Salbari Nabakanta New Primary School745Purbba Salbari
251Jhar Salbari S. P. Primary School987Purbba Salbari
252Jhar-Salbari Chhaoyafela Additional Primary School1125Jhar Salbari
253Barohalia State Plan Primary School861Jhar Salbari
255Gakul Special Cadre Primary School841Purbba Salbari
257Bharat Sarani Primary School1060Purbba Salbari

Last Updated on May 27, 2020
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