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Polling Booth in Dabgram Phulbari Assembly Constituency

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Dabgram Phulbari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Dabgram-Phulbari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dabgram-Phulbari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhanubhakt Primary School267Junglee Mohal
2Shalugara High School787Junglee Mohal
5Betgara Shishu Bikash Kendra207Dabgram (P) (CT)
7Betagada Shishu Shikshakendr996Dabgram (P) (CT)
8Majhua Upajati Primary School210Dabgram (P) (CT)
9Samaranagar Primary School954Dabgram (P) (CT)
10Samaranagar Shishu Shiksha Kendr940Dabgram (P) (CT)
11Simulguri S. S. K.670Dabgram (P) (CT)
12Kholachand Fapari Primary School631Junglee Mohal
14Chhot Fapadi Primary School789Junglee Mohal
15Eaktiashal Mahipal B.F.P. School946Dabgram (P) (CT)
18Sent Tereja Memorial School342Dabgram (P) (CT)
20Ektiyashal Community Hall678Dabgram (P) (CT)
21Netaji Subhash Sishu Vidyapith607Dabgram (P) (CT)
22Fokosh Singh M. S. K.629Dabgram (P) (CT)
25Jayakant State Plan Pra: School934Dabgram (P) (CT)
27Dabagram 2 Gram Panchayet Afis879Dabgram (P) (CT)
29Pragati Prayas Pry. School798Dabgram (P) (CT)
32Jermel Acadamey Majhabari735Dabgram (P) (CT)
33Majhabari S. S. K.760Dabgram (P) (CT)
37Future Foundation Acadamy Room No. 1991Dabgram (P) (CT)
39Sab Helth Sentar-33 Es.Em.Si.789Dabgram (P) (CT)
40Shnti Nagar Jr. High School710Dabgram (P) (CT)
41Santinagar Primary School523Dabgram (P) (CT)
42Loknath Vidyamandir762Dabgram (P) (CT)
44Dakshin Santinagar Hindi Primery School1121Dabgram (P) (CT)
45Dakshin Shantinagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra518Dabgram (P) (CT)
48Hatiya Danga Primary Vidyalaya598Dabgram (P) (CT)
50Matangini Shishu Niketan1050Dabgram (P) (CT)
53Bimal Smriti Bidyamandir Room No. 3890Dabgram (P) (CT)
55Hatiyadanga Jr. High School864Dabgram (P) (CT)
57Badibhasha Shishu Shiksha Kendr729Dabgram (P) (CT)
59Jabarabhita BiEfPi School719Dabgram (P) (CT)
62Thakur Nagar Shishu Shiksha Kendr1055Dabgram (P) (CT)
63Thakurnagar Vidyasagar S. S. K.1052Dabgram (P) (CT)
64Dabagram Nauapara B. F. P. School891Dabgram (P) (CT)
66Bakravita S. S. K.1115Dabgram (P) (CT)
67Ram Nagar Majdur Busty Hindi Pry. School787Dabgram (P) (CT)
68Chaturagachh Junior High Schooi971Dabgram (P) (CT)
71Indiragandhi Shishuniketan997Dabgram (P) (CT)
73Ambikanagar Prathamik School966Dabgram (P) (CT)
77Chaturagachh B.F.P. School630Dabgram (P) (CT)
79Shishu Shiksha Kendr Shantipara (Purb)963Dabgram (P) (CT)
81Kamarangagudi Bi.Ef.Pi. School1027Dabgram (P) (CT)
82Shrinagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra1146Dabgram (P) (CT)
86Podazad Bi.Ef.Pi. School1069Dabgram (P) (CT)
88Paresh Nagar Primary School825Siliguri (M Corp.)
90Community Centre S.M.C. Vidyachakra Colony1081Siliguri (M Corp.)
93Dasharathapalli EnEfPrimary School1002Siliguri (M Corp.)
95Munshi Premchund College1070Siliguri (M Corp.)
98Prakash Nagar N. F. Primary School1033Siliguri (M Corp.)
100I C D S Center No-50 (Smc)1043Siliguri (M Corp.)
101Ramaikabal Hindipraimari School663Siliguri (M Corp.)
104Lakshimaya SiEsPrimary School930Siliguri (M Corp.)
109Thakur Panchanan Barna Primary School857Siliguri (M Corp.)
112Jayadhar Ray Spesal Kyadar Primary School576Siliguri (M Corp.)
114Ekatiyashal Bi. Ef. Pi. School867Siliguri (M Corp.)
117Ektiasal Junior High School1120Siliguri (M Corp.)
119Pateswary Primary School828Siliguri (M Corp.)
123Bakunthapur Prathamik Vidyalaya965Siliguri (M Corp.)
125Pateshwari Junior High School549Siliguri (M Corp.)
126Shiwmangal Hindi High School986Siliguri (M Corp.)
132Tileswari Adhikari Highi School937Siliguri (M Corp.)
135Ektiashal Mohipal Primary School1097Siliguri (M Corp.)
136Aasrafi Urdu Pra: School942Siliguri (M Corp.)
1425 No Boro Afis Es.Em.Si648Siliguri (M Corp.)
144Buddhabharati Haiskul965Siliguri (M Corp.)
151Shrikrishn Pranami Bidyaniketan998Siliguri (M Corp.)
154Hayadarapada Junior Basic School562Siliguri (M Corp.)
156Haiderpara Girls Junior High School602Siliguri (M Corp.)
160Sukantanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya878Siliguri (M Corp.)
166Sbami Pranakrishn Ekademi1012Siliguri (M Corp.)
171Saradapalli Primary School658Siliguri (M Corp.)
175Aamtala Community Hall580Siliguri (M Corp.)
179Ghogomali Junior Basic School943Siliguri (M Corp.)
182Ghegomali High School975Siliguri (M Corp.)
184Sab Helth Sentar-5EsEmSi Niranjan Nagar437Siliguri (M Corp.)
185Niranjan Nagar Cummunity Hal1089Siliguri (M Corp.)
189Pathmahal Badurbagan550Siliguri (M Corp.)
190Ramkrishna Sisutirtha School657Siliguri (M Corp.)
195Shahid Colony Pry. School633Siliguri (M Corp.)
200Bhaktinagar S.C. Prathamik Vidhyalaya1038Siliguri (M Corp.)
202Suryasen College689Siliguri (M Corp.)
206Balmiki Bidyapith Haiskul981Siliguri (M Corp.)
208Sarada Shishutirth1010Siliguri (M Corp.)
211Balmiki Bidyapith Pra:School981Siliguri (M Corp.)
214Morebazar Primary School1077Siliguri (M Corp.)
216Lal Bahadur Shastri Hindi High School887Siliguri (M Corp.)
220Nabagram Primary School874Siliguri (M Corp.)
222St. Josep High School814Siliguri (M Corp.)
230Niujalapaigudi Relaoye Haiskul826Siliguri (M Corp.)
233Shaktigarh Vidyapith865Siliguri (M Corp.)
235Shaktigar R R One Primary School637Siliguri (M Corp.)
237Tista Shishutirth Bidyapith942Siliguri (M Corp.)
241Shaktigarh Balika Bidyapith544Siliguri (M Corp.)
250Shitalapada Pragatiprayas Pathashala1131Siliguri (M Corp.)
252Puratan Siliguri R. R.-2 Prathamik School816Siliguri (M Corp.)
254Laxmijote M. S. K.593Binnaguri (CT)
255Sarada Bidyamandir High School1223Binnaguri (CT)
257New Putimari Primary School1169Binnaguri (CT)
259Puntimari Dangapara S.P.Primary School605Binnaguri (CT)
260Purb Dhanatala Prathamik School755Binnaguri (CT)
261Purbadhantala S. S. K.824Binnaguri (CT)
262Purb Dhanatala High School973Binnaguri (CT)
264Fulabadi 2No Gramapanchayet Afis1097Binnaguri (CT)
265Pashchim Dhanatala Shishu Shiksha Kendr1082Binnaguri (CT)
267Khadi Gramodyog AfisChunabhatiFulabadi Hat690Binnaguri (CT)
268Mahananda Barrage Primary School535Binnaguri (CT)
269Mahananda Barrage Post Office730Binnaguri (CT)
270Aamaidighi Junior Basic School708Binnaguri (CT)
272Lakshisthan Primary School1168Binnaguri (CT)
273Fulabadi High School877Binnaguri (CT)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014