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Polling Booth in Coochbehar Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Coochbehar Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Coochbehar Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Coochbehar Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Putimari Baksirboss No.2 C . S . Primary School979Putimari Baksibas
2Putimari Bakshirbosh 5Th Plan Primary School625Putimari Baksibas
3Chhat Singimari Special Kyadar Primary: School1089Putimari Baksibas
4Gandhi Smriti Primary School687Singimari Paschimpar
5Lalin Shishu Sikha Kendra (Singhimari)1139Singimari Paschimpar
6Singimari Pachunirpar C. S. Primary School629Singimari Paschimpar
8Patla Khawa High Schooll637Singimari Paschimpar
10Khagribari 5Th Plan Primary School815Khagribari
11Thakur Panchanan Primary School389Khagribari
12Khagribari Govt. Primary School848Khagribari
13Khagribari Shooting Camp Aided Primary School1004Khagribari
15Shukdhaner Kuthi High School962Sukhdhanerkuthi
16Sukhdhanerkuthi Jr. Basic School1006Sukhdhanerkuthi
17Sakunibala Lakshmihati 5Th Plan Primary School893Sakunibala
18Sakunibala Govt. Primary School868Sakunibala
19Shooting Camp High Madrasa922Kalarayerkuthi
20Uttar Kalarayer Kuthi Highmadrasa1076Kalarayerkuthi
22Daspara Shishu Shiksha Kendra492Bararangras
23Bararanras Uttar A. P. School981Sakunibala
24Baudiardanga Hichalu Barman High School799Bararangras
25Sipaitari Special Cadre Primary School727Sakunibala
26Sakunibala No. 2 A.P. School803Sakunibala
27Karalidanga 4Th Plan Primary School404Bararangras
28Kakababu Smriti Sangha Shishu Shiksha Kendra766Atialiguri
29Hatudhura 4Th Plan Primary School404Bararangras
30Shalmara Fourth Plan Primary School884Bararangras
32Uttar Shibpur Govt. Primary Schooll959Uttar Shibpur
33Gopaldas Hat 4Th Plan Primary School764Uttar Shibpur
34Atialguri 4Th Plan Primary School797Atialiguri
35Kalmandasguri Govt. Primary School886Kalmandasguri
36Bararangrash Dineswari High School898Bararangras
38Dakshin Bararangrash S.S.K.718Bararangras
39Dudumari A. P. School529Dudumari
41Daldali Primary School618Tapsikhata
42Marichbari High School1140Marichbari
43Marich Bari No -2 Aided Primary School912Marichbari
44Kumtir Ghat Aided Primary School701Kumirghat
46Marichbari No.3 Junior Basic School956Marichbari
47Khochabari Fourth Plan Primary School958Marichbari
49Marichbari No.1 Junior Basic School813Marichbari
51Marichbari Surendra Nath Roy N.S. Primary School (Kanivita)842Marichbari
52Marichbari Baburhat Fourth Plan Primary School958Marichbari
53Uttar Marichbari Anganwari Kendra730Marichbari
54Kholta Moktab Junior Basic School1085Kholta
55Viddyasagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra ( S S K ) (Kholta)494Kholta
57Kholta High School620Kholta
58Hangarkuthi 5Th Plan Primary School702Kholta
59Kholta A . P . School633Kholta
61Purba Kholta N . P School680Kholta
63Kholta Mandalpara Special Cadre Primary School1029Kholta
65Kholta Ghat Primary School1034Kholta
66Kholta Ghatpar Newly Set Up Primary School636Kholta
67Bhatlaguri Junior Basic School776Bhatlaguri
68Bhatlaguri M.S.K.778Bhatlaguri
69Mahishbathan 5Th Plan Primary School531Mahishbathan Dwitia Khanda
70Dhaloguri Aided Primary School812Bhatlaguri
72Bokalir Math Jhigra Orao Junior Basic School899Baraibari Pratham Khanda
73Kanailal Fifth Plan Primary School1023Baraibari Dwitia Khanda
74Bokalirmath Fifth Plan Primary School783Bokalirmath
75Baraibari Naranath High School581Bokalirmath
76North Ambari Fifth Plan Primary School727Ambari
77Ambari No. 3 Special Cadre Primary School409Ambari
78North Ambari New Primary School1064Ambari
79Ambari Dhaniram High School766Ambari
80Ambari No. 1 A.P. School584Ambari
81Karjee Para Girls Aided Primary School648Ambari
82Ambari Gadadhar Special Cadre Primary School725Ambari
83Aambari No 2 Govt. Primary School699Ambari
84Ambari Mahamaya 1St Phase Primary School633Ambari
85Boragari Aided Primary School910Kaljani
86Kaljani No.2 Special Cadre Primary School918Kaljani
87Siddheswari Kokiladebi High School874Sidheswari
89Siddheswari Harimandir Primary School775Sidheswari
90Baneswar Colony 4Th Plan Primary School720Sidheswari
91Baneswar Khabsahigh School659Baneswar (CT)
95Baneswar G . S . F Primary School663Baneswar (CT)
97Barakhata 5Th Plan Primary School775Borakhata
98Baneswar Girls High School1068Kuthipara
99Hatiduba A.P.School862Hatiduba
100Chandrakanta M.S.K. (Hatiduba)840Hatiduba
101Ichhamari No.2 A. P. School844Ichamari
103Sonari 5Th Plan Primary School880Sonari
104Sonari A.P. School717Sonari
105Sonarinikotiyar Kuthi New Primary School983Kokoabari
106Sonari Kakribari 5Th Plan Primary School803Sonari Kakribari
108Gayergari 5Th Plan Primary School487Uttar Gayergari
109Ekarchala Special Cadre Primary School812Ikarchala
110Ekarchala Anganawari Kendra988Ikarchala
111Chhagalber Junior Basic School626Chhagalber
112Barobhita Primary School970Gopalpur
113Gopalpur Govt. Primary School601Gopalpur
115Dakshin Gopalpur Anganawari Kendra966Gopalpur
116Uttar Gopalpur Primary School774Gopalpur
117Gopalpur High School859Gopalpur
118Purba Gopalpur Shishu Shiksha Kendra625Gopalpur
119Purba Gopalpur 4Th Plan Primary School767Gopalpur
120Kankanguri Special Cadre Primary School384Kakanguri
121Gopal Pur A.P. School415Gopalpur
122Gopalapur Chokaradanga 5Th Plan Primary School722Gopalpur
124Harinmara 1St Phase Aided Primary School858Harinmara
125Chhat Gopalpur State Plan Primary School676Gopalpur
127Holanger Kuthi Junior Basic School1138Hollangerkuthi
128Harimandir Anganawari Kendra634Dhang Dhingguri
129Chhotorangros Junior Basic School763Chhota Rangras
130Dhangdinguri Kachua High School804Dhang Dhingguri
131Dhangdhingguri Jr. Basik School836Dhang Dhingguri
132Maranotara 5Th Plan Primary School698Uttar Maralautara
133Nageshwarguri First Phase Aided Primary School436Uttar Maralautara
135Kakribari Govt. Primary School795Uttar Peshtarjhar
136Kachuarkuthi Vidyasagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra705Kachura Kuthi
137Konamali Special Cadre Primary School961Konamalli
138Konamalli State Plan Primary School895Konamalli
139No.2 Gouranga Asram Special Cadre Primary School530Maranadir Kuthi
140Konamalli Santoradevi Adarsha High School707Maranadir Kuthi
141Maranadir Kuthi Anganoyari Kendra766Maranadir Kuthi
142Raserkuthi Special Cadre Primary School987Raserkuthi
143Vivekananda 5Th Plan Primary School448Khairatibari
144Kachuban Baramakhana Primary School1007Kachubanbaran Khana
145Basantapur Fast Phase Aided Primary School981Basantapur
146Paschim Dharmabarerkuthi 5Th Paln Primary School718Dharma Barerkuthi
147Dharmabarer Kuthi Govt. Primary School904Dharma Barerkuthi
148Hoglabari 4Th Plan Primary School827Hoglabari
149Hoglabari Ichhamuddin Miya S.S.K.552Hoglabari
150Pundibari Ramgopal Lakhotia Highschool1129Hoglabari
151Baghbhandar Boys Aided Primary School533Bag Bhandar
152Pundibari Girls Primary School950Kalarayerkuthi
153Aangarkata Govt. Primary School734Angrakata
154Bagbhandar Girls Primary School557Angrakata
155Gandhipally S.S.K.634Kalarayerkuthi
156Pundibari Junior Basic School989Kalarayerkuthi
159Jashomadhab Primary School582Kalarayerkuthi
162Madhya Kalarayerkuthi 5Th Plan Primary School605Kalarayerkuthi
163Pundibari G . D. L. Girls High School574Kalarayerkuthi
164Kalarayerkuthi A.P. School707Kalarayerkuthi
165Ray Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra523Kalarayerkuthi
167Kalarayer Kuthi Aadarsha Shiksha Niketan712Kalarayerkuthi
169Sajerpar Ghoramara Panchanan S.S.K.769Sajherpar Ghoramara
170Sajerpar Ghoramaradhepmia Old Scheme Junior Madrasa862Sajherpar Ghoramara
171Bahanna Ghar Coloni 5Th Plan Primary School1090Sajherpar Ghoramara
172Kalikanta M.S.K. (Sajerpar Ghoramara)959Sajherpar Ghoramara
173Bashdaha Natibari Govt. Primary School826Basdaha Natibari
174Indranath Rajendranath 4Th Plan Primary School941Basdaha Natibari
176Sajerparkanthalbari First Phase Primary School503Sajher Parkhatalbari
178Alokapuri Special Cadre Primary School620Sajher Parkhatalbari
179Kathalbari Bhagbati M.S.K.623Sajher Parkhatalbari
180Ichhamari Govt. Primary School616Aratguri
181Karibharal Primary School884Deutibari
182Petbhata Chandanchoura Special Cadre Primary School1095Petbhatta Chandanchowra
183Chandanchoura Junior Basic School629Petbhatta Chandanchowra
185Chandanchowra S.S.K.719Petbhatta Chandanchowra
186Jagnaya Narayaner Kuthi Junior Basic School994Jajna Narayanerkuthi
187Matikata C. S . Primary School869Matikata
189Haripur 5Th Plan Primary School699Haripur
190Kachuban Rajmati R R Primary School770Kachuban
191Madhupur Lakshmikanta High School1103Madhupur
192Haskhaoya Aided Primary School552Baldihati
193Purba Kalpani 4Th Plan Primary School1035Kalapani
194Pashchim Chapaguri 4Th Plan Primary School546Paschim Chapaguri
195Kalapani No.3 New Primary School616Kalapani
197Kalapani Rajmohan High School978Kalapani
198Maltiguri 5Th Plan Primary School606Jatrapur
199Rajarhat High School567Jatrapur
203Damodarpur 5Th Plan Primary School680Damodarpur
204Takagachh Special Cadre Primary School1022Takagach (CT)
206Takaganch Govt. Primary School676Takagach (CT)
208Takagachh Bandherpar S.S.K.704Takagach (CT)
209Shrishri Karunamoyee G . S . F Primary School757Takagach (CT)
210Karishal 5Th Plan Primary School931Karisal
211Karisal Jr. High School833Takagach (CT)
212Takaganch Vivekananda R . R Primary School677Takagach (CT)
216Kaminir Ghat A. P. School1131Kaminirghat
218Kaminirghat M.S.K.640Kaminirghat
219Deshbandhu Primary School659Jibdharer Kuthi
221Biraja Sundari Primary School461Chharar Kuthi
222Shishutirtha G . S . F Primary School689Tengnamari
223Rajarhat Vidyavaban High School715Tengnamari
224Mahishbathan Fifth Plan Primary School1016Mahishbathan Pratham Khanda
225Manindranath High School993Mahishbathan Pratham Khanda
228Mahishbathan R.R. Primary School715Khagrabari (CT)
229Banchukamari First Phase Aided Primary School726Paschim Bhogramguri
230Banchukamari Sarbananda Fifth Plan Primary School653Banchukumari
232Kharija Kakribari Govt. Primary School890Kharija Kakribari
234Dodeyar Par First Phase Aided Primary School796Dodearpar
236Khagrabari Modak Para Tapan Smrithi Primary School1082Khagrabari (CT)
237Khagrabari Harendra Chandra Vidyamandir619Khagrabari (CT)
240Jyotirmoy Munshi Anganwari Kendra630Khagrabari (CT)
241Khagrabari R . R . Primary School569Khagrabari (CT)
242Khagrabari Natyasangha Fourth Plan Primary School1008Khagrabari (CT)
244Khagrabari Govt. Girls Primary School846Khagrabari (CT)
247Sidhyanath Pathagar (Khagrabari)796Khagrabari (CT)
248Khagrabari Anganwari Kendra ( Shib Jangya )567Khagrabari (CT)
250Vidyasagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra- Khagrabari780Khagrabari (CT)
252Kishan Prathamik Vidyalaya ( Binpatti )1065Khagrabari (CT)
253Kalabagan High School843Khagrabari (CT)
254Balapara Khagrabari Special Cadre New Primary School812Khagrabari (CT)
256Baishguri Govt. Primary School645Baisguri (CT)
259Baishguri Anganwari Centre No. 28905Baisguri (CT)
260Chakchaka High School694Chakchaka (CT)
261Uttar Chakchaka No.3 Colony 5Th Plan Primary School789Chakchaka (CT)
262Rabindra Prathamik Vidlaya813Chakchaka (CT)
264Chakchaka Shishu Shiksha Kendra1124Chakchaka (CT)
265Chakchaka Aided Primary School551Chakchaka (CT)
268Chakchaka Anganwari Centre No. 23594Chakchaka (CT)
269Dakshin Maranaotara Shishu Shiksha Kendra765Maralautara
270Garubhasha Maranaotara 5Th Plan Primary School465Garubhasa
271Konamali Pestarzharnewly Setup Primary School989Konamali Pestharjhar
272Bargila Anganwari Kendra601Baragila
273Pestarjhar High School659Pestharjhar
275Pesterjhar R.R. Primary School797Pestharjhar
276Chapaguri Aided Primary School418Pestharjhar
277Vidyasagar S.S.K. (Chakchaka)853Pestharjhar
278Taraiguri Primary School889Taraiguri
279Bhogramguri 5Th Plan Primary School533Bhogramguri
280Harendra Smrity M.S.K.579Chapaguri
281Sonari Nikotiyar Kuthi Junior Basic School768Chapaguri
283Kharija Sonari Haribol Sutradhar Primary School499Kharijasonari
284Baikunthapur Aided Primary School729Baikunthapur
285Uttar Khapaidanga Fifth Plan Primary School656Khapaidanga
287Uttar Khapaidanga High School897Khapaidanga
288Khapaidanga Joykanta High School880Khapaidanga
290Konamali Khapaidanga Govt. Primary School577Khapaidanga
291Thakur Panchanan Jr. High School992Khapaidanga
293Chawdanga Aided Primary School713Chaudanga
295Chawdanga Shishu Shiksha Kendra481Ghargharia Prathamkhanda
296Khapaidanga Dudhkhawa G.P. School1039Khapaidanga
297Kaljani Sajahan Uddin High School732Kaljani
298Madhya Kaljani 5Th Plan Primary School729Kaljani
300Kaljani Girls Aided Primary School951Kaljani
302Shaultukni Barapak Aided Primary School768Soultukribarapak
303Kaljani R. R. Primary School ( Kurarpar)565Kaljani

Last Updated on December 26, 2014