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Polling Booth in Coochbehar Dakshin Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Coochbehar Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Coochbehar Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Moyamari Central Sponsored Primary School891Barabhita
2Domukha Nayarhat M.S.K.908Moamari
3Moyamari A . P . School ( First Phase )561Moamari
5Kalapani Moyamari Junior Basic School876Paschim Moamari
6Barabhita G . S . F Primary School693Barabhita
7Maynaguri Moktab Aided Primary School700Mainaguri Dighalhati
8Maynaguri High School586Mainaguri Dighalhati
9Digalhati Maynaguri Govt. Primary School646Mainaguri Dighalhati
10Singijani Maynaguri 4Th Plan Pry. School714Mainaguri Dighalhati
11Bara Atharokotha Special Kedar Primary School1146Bara Atharakotha
12Chota Atharokotha A . P . School885Chhota Atharakotha
14Chilkir Hat Kanteswari Highschool762Haldimohan
16Khalishaguri Aided Primary School919Haldimohan
17Haldimohan 4Th Plan Primary School1010Haldimohan
18Morangabari A . P . School857Morangamari
20Shilkhuri No.1 Special Kyedar Primary School953Silkhuri Pratham Khanda
21Shilkhuribash 5Th Plan Primary School687Silkhuri Bas
22Shilkhuri No. 2 G.P. School741Silkhuri Bas
23Ekmukha A . P . Schoo1086Ekmukha
25Gheger Kuthi ( First Phase )Aided Primary School736Giriar Kuthi
27Dashgram 5Th Plan Primary School559Dasagram
28Bhogadabari Kesharibadi 4Th Plan Primary School474Bhogdabri Kesharibari
29Bhogdabri Kesharibari Sadhuram Jr. High School908Bhogdabri Kesharibari
31Maynaguri Kankanguri C. S . Primary School736Mainaguri Kankanguri
32Pashchim Falimari Junior Basic School607Madhya Falmari
34Madhya Falimari Bhoterhat 4Th Plan Primary School664Phalimari
36Maghpala A . P . School737Maghpala
37Voter Hat Sishu Sikha Kendra794Bhoterhat
38Petbhata Maghpala 4Th Plan Primary School892Petbhata Maghpala
39Maghpala Sishu Sikha Kendra373Maghpala
40Kuthibadi Deoyanabas Niu Primary School923Dewanbas
41No3 Kaloni Soniyar Bathan Fifth Plan Primary School511Dewanbas
42Pramad Dasgupta M.S.K.689Dewanbas
43Hadibhanga Junior Basic School524Paschim Haribhanga
44Haribhanga Beltala Shyama Prasad Primary School674Paschim Haribhanga
45Kashaladanga Gabh: Primary School1048Brahmottar Kasal Danga
46Brahmottar Kashaladanga Jay Guru Shishu Shiksha Kendr1057Brahmottar Kasal Danga
47Katamari Junior Basic School1007Katamari
48Nibedita Prathamik Vidyalaya940Elejanerkuthi
49Dharmmeshbari Junior High School722Bengdubgiriar Kuthi
50Giriyar Kuthi 5Th Plan Primary School585Giriar Kuthi
51Meen Pally S.S.K.703Chhat Elajan
52Chhat Elajan New Primary School635Chhat Elajan
53Hastabud Kashaladanga Special Kyadar Primary School534Hastabud Kasaldanga
55Balagram 5Th Plan Primary School849Balagram
56Patapishu Harimandir Aided Pry. School565Patpisu
57Kathalabadi 4Th Plan Primary School954Kanchiarkuthi
58Kashiyabadi 2 No. Fifth Plan Primary School827Bairati
59Barati A.P. School669Rajpur
61Rajapur A.P. School943Rajpur
62Barati 5Th Plan Primary School906Bairati
63Chhat Chhedarjhar 4Th Plan Primary School852Putimari
64Kanchamari C.S. Primary School802Kachamari
65Kachamari Jr. High School541Kachamari
66Chandamari A.P. School924Chandamari
67Putimari Fuleswari Jr. Basic School523Chandamari
69Chandamari Part-2 Pancham Parikalpana Primary School827Chandamari
70Prananath High School671Chandamari
72Bad Naladhondra C.S. Primary School974Bara Naldhondra
73Kharija Naladhondra 4Th Plan Primary School853Khari Analdhondra
74Kharija Naldhondra Special Cadre Primary School833Khari Analdhondra
75Sahebaganj Birobala Primary School750Tang Tangi
76Chhedar Jhar A.P. School754Shibpur
78Shitalabas Fifth Plan Primary School931Sitalbas
79Brahmattar Gadakhola New Primary School469Brahmatara Salbari
80Putimari Fuleshbari E.Pi. School634Putimari Phuleswari
81Eknath Madhyamik Siksha Kendra649Putimari Phuleswari
82Nagendr Nath Niu Primary School783Putimari Phuleswari
83Putimari Fuleswari Sukanta S.S.K.750Putimari Phuleswari
84Baro Naldhondra H.K. High Madrasa660Bara Naldhondra
86Kharija Fuleshwari G.P. School987Kharija Phuleswari
88Shalabadi Junior Basic School942Shalbari
89Salbari Saraswati Govt. Primary School767Shalbari
90Paitakapara A.P. (1St Phase) School789Hatiram Salbari
92Baro Nalangibari 5Th Plan Primary School593Bara Nalangibari
94Nalangibari Serajia High Madrasa1147Bara Nalangibari
95Jhaljhali A.P. School (1St Phase)827Jhal Jhali
96Chhoto Nalangibari G.P. School844Chhota Nalangibari
98Charakapara A.P. School974Charakpara
99Paschim Charakpara 5Th Plan Primary School707Charakpara
100Uttarpatchhara 5Th Plan Primary School1049Patchhara
101Patachhada Harimandir 4Th Plan Primary School779Patchhara
102Jibaramer Kuthi Aided Pry. School761Patchhara
103Patchhara Aashram G.P. School805Patchhara
105Patchhara Special Cadre Primary School690Patchhara
107Patchhara Tarakanta High School679Patchhara
109Kurshamari G.P. School623Dakshin Kursamari
111Chhoto Shimulguri A.P. School (First Phase)938Simulguri
112Nakkati Dayaler Chhara C.S. Primary School946Dayaler Chhara
114Nakkati Aided Primary School734Nakkati
116Nakkati Pushnadanga High School848Pushnadanga
118Pushnadanga A.P. School1075Nakkati
119Aatharonala G.S.F. Primary School991Atharanala
120Saheberhat Jr. Basic School1036Rasidanga Pratham Khanda
121Saheberhat Purnananda High School968Sialdaha Pratham Khanda
123Haribhanga 2No. G.P. School723Hari Bhanga
125Haribhanga Junior Basic School654Hari Bhanga
127Jongda R.R. Primary School486Jongra
128Purb Hadibhanga 4Th Plan Primary School846Hari Bhanga
129Gaurangabajar High School1080Hari Bhanga
130Sadimamud Junior Basic School693Sonakhuli
132Baro Elajan Girls S.C. Primary School571Chhota Elajan
134Kaliganj Forth Plan Primary School618Dudder Kuthi
135Kaliganj High School605Dudder Kuthi
136Bhogadabari 5Th Plan Primary School837Dudher Kuthidewanbas
137Chhatadudherakuthi Fifth Plan Primary School842Chhat Duder Kuthi
139Chhatadudherakuthi G.P. School764Gokuler Kuthi
140Sonakhuli Forth Plan Primary School851Sonakhuli
141Suktabari Ekramia High Madrasha1016Dudher Kuthidewanbas
143Dudherakuthi Deoyanabas Sishu Sikha Kendra522Dudher Kuthidewanbas
144Sutkabari State High Madrasa866Dudher Kuthidewanbas
145Karishal Ekramiya Jur High Madrasa577Kalabarighat
147Kalabari Ghat 4Th Plan Primary School705Kalabarighat
149Chhoto Ghughumari Spl. Cadre Primary School644Ghughumari
151Chhat Ghughumari R.R. Primary School914Ghughumari
152Debiganj Govt. Primary School777Gangaler Kuthi
155Hawer Gari Special Cadre Primary School913Hourgari
156Howargari Tetultala M.S.K.634Hourgari
157Hawer Gari Aided Primary School766Hourgari
158Charakerkuthi G.P. School826Charaker Kuthi
159Rishi Bankim Chandra Primary School643Chhat Gokuler Kuthi
161Chandishal 5Th Plan Primary School1105Chandisal
162Chadaker Kuthi Deoyanabas 5Th Plan Primary School806Charaker Kuthi Dewanbas
163Pashchim Ghughumari High School706Ghughumari
164No.2 Ghughumari Jr. Basic School431Ghughumari
165Bheladanga Chaturbhuj Primary School772Ghughumari
167Ghughumari A. P. School742Ghughumari
168West Ghughumari Primary School629Ghughumari
169Bharalitari 4Th Plan Primary School936Ghughumari
170Paschim Ghughumari Kalirpath S.S.K.840Ghughumari
172Cooch Behar Rambhola High School364Koch Bihar (M)
176Maharani Indiradebi Balika Vidyalaya994Koch Bihar (M)
182University B.T. And Evening College880Koch Bihar (M)
184Aanjuman-E-Isalamiya Junior Basic School479Koch Bihar (M)
187Jenkins School- Cooch Behar1024Koch Bihar (M)
188Sadar Govt. High School- Cooch Behar681Koch Bihar (M)
193Suniti Academy881Koch Bihar (M)
196Shri Shri Karunamayee High School918Koch Bihar (M)
201New Town Girls Jr. Basic School736Koch Bihar (M)
202New Town Girls Higher Secondry School590Koch Bihar (M)
208Vivekananda Vidyapith1001Koch Bihar (M)
211Rabindranagar Prathamik Vidyalaya502Koch Bihar (M)
213Cooch Behar Mahatmagandhi Girls High School1020Koch Bihar (M)
218Cooch Behar College497Koch Bihar (M)
222Cooch Behar Town High School859Koch Bihar (M)
227Swidish Mission Primary School605Koch Bihar (M)
229Netaji Vidyapith(Balak)709Koch Bihar (M)
233Umeshananda Smriti Primary School788Koch Bihar (M)
237Netaji Subhash Prathamik Vidyalaya726Koch Bihar (M)
240Thakur Panchanan Mahila Mahavidyalaya610Koch Bihar (M)
244Sadar Nagari Hindi Primary School712Koch Bihar (M)
246Nilkuthi Sistar Nibedita Girls High School595Koch Bihar (M)

Last Updated on May 27, 2020
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