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Polling Booth in Chapra Assembly Constituency

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  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Chapra Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Chapra

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chapra Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Hatishala High School Room-1748Hatisala
3Hatisala-1 Gram Panchayet Office962Hatisala
4Hatisala Upa Swasthya Kandra815Hatisala
5Hatisala Raypara Primary School Room-1756Hatisala
7Shonpukur Primary School Room-11054Sonpukar
9Shonepukur S.S.K747Sonpukar
10Shonpukur Purbapara Primary School Room-1812Sonpukar
11Maheshanagar Primary School Room-11046Mahesnagar
12Maheshnagar S.S.K.1068Mahesnagar
13Purba Maheshanagar Primary School Room-1899Mahesnagar
15Jidha Part Basic School Room-1620Jidha
17Sutiya Kalonipara Primary School Room-1338Santia
19Sutiya Part Basic School Room-11003Santia
20Fulabadi Part Basic School Room-1653Fulbari
21Fulbari S.S.K.669Fulbari
22Hridaypur Vidyasagar S.S.K.548Hridaypur
23Hridaypur Primary School Room-1606Hridaypur
24Hridaypur Vidyasagar Primary School Room-1775Hridaypur
26Betbediya S.S.K908Betbaria
28Betbediya Part Basic School Room-1. Room-21114Betbaria
30Brahmanagar Primary School Room-1831Hridaypur
32Bhatgachhiyaheda Smriti Primary School Room-1698Bhatgachhi
34Bhatagachhi Primary School Room-1699Bhatgachhi
36Natungram Pashchimpara Primary School Room-11133Bara Andulia
37Nutangram Junior Basic School Room-1560Bara Andulia
39Baraandulia Baganepara Primary School911Bara Andulia
40Bada Anduliya High School Room-1 Room-2822Bara Andulia
44Bada Aanduliya Das Para Primary School Room-1782Bara Andulia
46Bada Anduliya Junior Basic Traing College Room-1951Bara Andulia
47Baraandulia Lokseba Shibir Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya1078Bara Andulia
48Hantra Dangapara Primary School1142Hatra
49Hantra Partbesic School Room-1. Room-2882Hatra
50Hantra S.S.K1009Hatra
51Hantra Char Primary School324Hatra
52Hantra S.K.U.S762Hatra
53Alfa Junior Basic School Room-1839Alfa
55Baniakhari Samabaya Samity702Bania Khari
56Baniakhari Primary School Room-1.Room-2522Bania Khari
57Baniakhari Udayan Sangha Primary School656Bania Khari
59Pathuriya Primary SchoolRoom-1951Pathuria
61Pathuriya Bisharat Smriti Primary School Room-11096Pathuria
62Chhota Aanduliya Primary School Room-1427Chhota Andulia
64Nafaraganj Part Basic School Room-1425Chhota Andulia
66Dompukur Primary School Room-1628Dompukur
68Dompukur Matasyajibi Primary School Room-1754Dompukur
70Purbb Dompukur Primary School Room-1959Dompukur
72Gongra Mahaldar Smriti Primary School Room-1735Gongra
74Gongra Primary School Room-1559Gongra
76Rajibpur Primary School Room-1639Rajibpur
78Dukuriya Primary School Room-1495Dukria
79Ranabandh Sentmeri Highschool Room-1. Room-21064Ranabanda
82Shikra S.K.U.S.Office Room-1511Sikra
83Padmamala Matsyajibi Samabaya Samity407Sikra
84Shikra Haldarpara I.C.D.S. Center737Sikra
85Shikra Primary School Room-1546Sikra
87Shikra Colony Primary School Room-1653Sikra
89Uttar Hatkhola Primary School Room-1. Room-2460Hatkhola
93Hatkhola Samabaya Samity615Hatkhola
94Hatkhola I.C.D.S. Center613Hatkhola
95Hatkhola High Madrasa Room-11054Hatkhola
96Huda Bidyapith Primary School Room-1506Talukhuda
98Talukhuda Primary School658Talukhuda
99Laxmigachha Primary School424Lakshmigachha
100Huda Bidyapith High School Room-1693Lakshmigachha
103Charatala Primary School Room-1617Lakshmigachha
104Brittihuda G.P. Office661Lakshmigachha
106Charatala Samaj Kalyan Primary School Room-1732Lakshmigachha
108Talukhuda Primary School Room-2433Brittihuda
110Uttar Brittihuda Primary School Room-1725Brittihuda
111Dakshin Brittihuda S.S.K.454Brittihuda
112Dakshin Brittihuda Primary School Room-1716Brittihuda
113Gokhurapota M.S.K.657Brittihuda
114Arangsarisha Oriyented Basic School Room-1628Arangsarisha
116Arangsarisha Pashchim Para Primary School Room-1541Arangsarisha
117Puratan Pitambarpur Primary School707Pitambarpur
118Pitambarapur Mallikpara Primary School Room-11009Pitambarpur
119Pitambarpur Gokhurapota Samabaya Samiti496Pitambarpur
120Bilat Pada Primary School Room-1560Pitambarpur
122Gokhurapota Nadir Dhar Para Primary School Room-1496Gokhurapota
124Gokhurapota Primary School Room-1806Gokhurapota
126Padmamala Purbapara Primary School Room-1960Badelangi Padmamala
127Padmamala Primary School Room-1684Badelangi Padmamala
128Lakshmimala Primary School Room-1472Badelangi Padmamala
129Padmamala S.S.K.629Badelangi Padmamala
130Badelangi Primary School Room-1381Badelangi Padmamala
132Bad-Elangi M.S.K766Badelangi Padmamala
133Pipragachhi G.P.Office917Fulkalmi
134Fulkalmi Primary School Room-1450Fulkalmi
136Madhupur High School Room-1636Madhupur
139Goyaldanga Primary School Room-1778Goaldanga
142Nabinnagar Primary School Room-11023Badelangi Padmamala
143Kalyandaha Primary School Room-1913Kalyandaha
145Elangi Pipragachhi G.S.F..Primary School Room-1. Room-21053Pibragachhi
147Dudhkhola Karuigachhi Primary School Room-1547Charatala
149Charatala Primary School641Charatala
150Dudhkhola Primary School Room-11041Dudkhola
151Mahakhola Bidhan Vidyapith Room-1545Mahakala
154Elangi Pashchimpara Primary School Room-11001Elangi
155Elangi Primary School Room-1609Elangi
157Rangiyarpota G.S.F.Primary School Room-1945Uttar Rangiarpota
158Rangiarpota Paschimpara Primary School776Uttar Rangiarpota
159Hudapara Primary School Room-1482Dakshin Ramgiarpota
160Hudapara I.C.D.S Centre571Dakshin Ramgiarpota
161Malua Para Purba Para I.C.D.S. Centre586Maluapara
163Narayanpur Primary School Room-1654Panch Pota
165Shimulia Bamunkhali I.C.D.S Centre584Panch Pota
166Shimulia Highschool Room-11082Naeayanpur
167Narayanpur Sardarpara S.S.K.778Naeayanpur
168Maheshpur J. S. Junior High School Room-1968Maheshpur
169Maheshpur Dakshinpara Primary School416Maheshpur
171Majhidahadiya Tralakyanath Part Basic School Room-1584Najhidaha
172Chapra 1No. G.P. Office621Chapra (CT)
174Elemnagar Primary School675Chapra (CT)
175Chapra Balirmathpara Primary School720Chapra (CT)
176Chapra Subhash Pally Primary School591Chapra (CT)
177Chapra 1No G. P. Office629Chapra (CT)
178Highchapra King Eduward High School Room-1.Room-2644Chapra (CT)
182Chapra Girls Primary School654Chapra (CT)
184Chapra S.H.G. Training Centre702Chapra (CT)
186Malamgachha I.C.D.S Centre662Malam Gachha
187Malamagachha Primary School Room-1. Room-2610Malam Gachha
189Durgapur Primary School Room-1852Dwipchandrapur
191Mandiya Primary School Room-1735Dwipchandrapur
193Hatchapra Girls Highschool-11059Bangaljhi
194Islamganj High Madrasha Room-1986Bangaljhi
196Sbami Vibekananda Bidyamandir Room-1557Bangaljhi
198Chapra 2 No. G.P. Office895Bangaljhi
199Bangaljhi Primary School Room-11001Bangaljhi
200Chhotobalidanga Primary School566Balibanga
202Chhoto Balidanga Primary School486Balibanga
204Bangaljhi Gov. Spanasard Fri Primary School Room-1818Bangaljhi
206D:Bangaljhi Primary School Room-1 Room-2683Bangaljhi
207Bangaljhi Ramkrishna School643Bangaljhi
210Lakshmipur Uttarpara Primary School Room-1561Lakshmipur
212Laxmipur Kulgachhi Primary Schooli501Lakshmipur
213Lakshmipur Primary School Room-1727Lakshmipur
214Gachha Primary School Room-1341Gachha
216Sataghata Primary School Room-1820Satghata
217Paliyanapur Primary School Room-1722Krishnaebpur
218Palianpur Ghoshpara S.S.K.656Krishnaebpur
219Chandpur Primary School Room-11055Kulgachhi
220Kalinga Primary School Room-1553Kalinga
221Katgara Primary School Room-1930Katgara
223Patia Primary School Room-1621Patia
225Kalinga Gram Panchayet Office Room-1734Ichhapur
227Ichhapur Primary School578Ichhapur
228Bahirgachhi Bagmara High School Room-11004Bahirgachhi
229Bahirgachhi Daspara Primary School Room-1624Bahirgachhi
230Bahirgachhi Nikiripara Primary School507Bahirgachhi
231Bahirgachhi Nikiribagan Oriental Primary School421Bahirgachhi
232Charuitipi Primary School Room-1506Ramnagar
233Charuitipi Upper Primary School783Ramnagar
235Kukradaha Primary School Room-1758Satghata
236Madhabapur Bagadipada Primary School Room-1841Madhabpur
237Madhabpur Mahesh Upper Primary School718Madhabpur
238Shrimant Junior Basic School (Madhabapur) Room-1761Madhabpur
239Mathurapur Primary School Room-1930Mathurapur
240Mrigipota Primary School Room-1576Mrigipota
241Dangna Bagberia G.S.F. Primary School Room-11008Bagbaria
242Gantra Bagberia Tapashili Primary School Room-11126Bagbaria
243Dangna Pashchimpara Primary School Room-1743Dangna
244Amjhupi Primary School Room-1780Amjhupi
245Kultala Primary School Room-11077Kultala
246Gantra Vidyapith(H.S)637Gatra
247Gantra High School542Gatra
249Maidanpur G.S.F. Primary School729Maidanpur
250Maidanpur Primary School Room-1776Maidanpur
251Bhatchhala Primary School Room-1455Bhatchhala
253Korshuna Primary School Room-1466Karsura
254Tangra Primary School Room-1467Tengra
256Uttar Pukhuriya Primary School.Room-1737Mahatpur
258Malipota Bagadanga Prathamik Bidyalaya Room-1753Mahatpur
260Pukhuria Primary School825Mahatpur
261Pukhuriya Highschool.Room-1490Mahatpur
263Jamiradanga Primary School Room-1532Mahatpur
264Jamredanga M.S.K.659Mahatpur
266Garuimari Primary School326Mahatpur
267Tilakpur Coloneypara Primary School697Mahatpur
268Tilakapur Primary School Room-1. Room-2432Mahatpur
270Mahatapur Gramapanchayet Afis Room-1491Mahatpur
272Mahatapur Primary SchoolRoom-1921Mahatpur
273Dayer Bajar Vidyamandir Room-1. Room-2553Mahatpur
278Bhagabanpur Primary School Room-1734Mahatpur
279Maharajpur Primary School981Mahatpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014